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    I just spent a little time on the Aint's site. For the most part it is amazing how much time they are spending worried about us, whereas we have not spent hardly a moment worried about them.

    Why is that?

    My guess is that we know that we will not turn the ball over eight times again this season. We know that we suffered from our game seven jinx. The last time I looked there is no game thirteen jinx. We know our team is superior!

    It is my Christmas wish that we not only win, but do it playing smash mouth football, just like we beat the Whiners last weekend. Not to play into Haslett's hand, but we can beat them by running the ball and controlled passing.


    :ram: :shield: :helmet:

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    good point, can't really argue with a man surrounded by hooters (the girls and the anatomy ;) )

    i'm hopin' and a-prayin' for a rams smackdown show, should be nice...


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      Yes, those turnovers last game was a fluke. They know we wont do that again, so they are sweeting and biting their nails :evil:


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        O-Line protection needs to be at MaxQ

        This week, as it is every week, a different set of Rams must step up and play at MaxQ. This is the week for the O-Line. The Aints bring everyone and a bag of chips on every down against Warner. I believe they had 8 sacks last game along with 8 turnovers.

        Our old buddy Clemons is having a great year down on the Bayou, and it will be up to Timmerman to keep him in check. Also, our friend Orlando will have his hands full also. I believe he matches up against Glover.

        Maybe running the ball early and often will get the O-Line into the game.


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          Nuclear Nütten...

          Sounds like Nütten is still having to walk gingerly on that bad ankle of his. Tom is a very good guard. Let's get García then all fire up!

          You're right TXram, the key word for Monday night's game IS protection! Pace, García, McCollum, Timmerman, Tucker, and blocking support from Ernie, Jeff or Marshall (etc.)*... let's get that shield strong and solid!

          GO RAMS!!! :shield:

          *. Plus whatever Hannifan/Martzinian strategies are designed there


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            Protecting Warner and the football will be keys to a Rams victory Monday night.Another key will be running the football.Marshall should see a lot of work.My main concern is our situation at the safety position.Coady should be able to go,but if he cant Herring would play strong safety and Mcleon would play free safety.That would be interesting to say the least.Our defense has stepped up to every challenge so far.SO WHY WORRY,RIGHT?;)
            This should be one heck of a game!

            :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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              How can they lose??

              Think about the Rams losses to the Aints. All of them have come of something.....strange. Last year it was the TrINT Green thing. Then in the playoffs it was the well known Hakim fumble (though you can't say they lost the entire game b/c of that one play). Then this year it was 8 turnovers (also it just happened to be game 7). What's up with that game 7 stuff anyway? Monday night the Rams are gonna slam it down their throat. No way are they gonna turn the ball over 8 times, Warner isn't coming back off a concussion, and it's not week 7! Gonna take it all the way!


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                To not just the Aints, but to Aints fans this is THE GAME. I truely believe they put way too much into this, and if we don't turn the ball over, we could crush their season with a blowout.


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                  I think that our relationship with the whiners gave us a nice little rivalry all those years back. Aints fans are still looking for a rivalry so they want us, they neeeeeed us, not after tonight when we pop their bubble and hand them their bags...:angryram: