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Takeaway/Giveaway ratio for 2001

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  • Takeaway/Giveaway ratio for 2001

    Going into the Saints game this week, the Rams currently have 8 more turnovers than takeaways. Being somewhat of a math wiz (I can cipher) this means we have had 8 less attempts at the end zone.

    So, what does this mean? Well, I believe we must take our shots a little more realistically, and play the offensive side of the ball similar to the Whiner game. Keeping the ball close to the vest, almost 50/50 run pass, dumps over the middle, ball control essentially, will make it difficult for opponents to defeat the Rams.

    I know I am not saying anything new, but I just thought I would bring to light a couple of things as to why this should work throughout the playoffs:

    1. Warners Thumb. Haven't been real successful this year with the long ball as in the past. Either the ball is underthrown or the touch isn't there. We have WR's who are setting the pace this year in YACs (Yards After Catch) and even with a bumb thumb, Warner can make a dead eye 10 yard pass all day.

    2. The Defense. The Rams no longer need the big play on every offensive possession. The one thing this defense does is keep folks out of the endzone. The D this year is only yielding 15.8 pts a game, with the New Orleans game in St. Louis skewing that number high. The turnovers in that game field position wise put the defense in quicksand.

    Point being, if the Rams only turn the ball over 3 times or less, it should always turn up a W for the :lid:

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  • Randy
    Martz-Players coach
    by Randy
    Listening to Mike Martz's press conference on Tuesday 12/18 the players have to love this guy. He stood up for Hakim, stating that he is coached to look in front of him to view where the oncoming defenders are at, and the problem lies in his feet positioning. I don't know if I buy that but that's his statement, how can you catch a ball if you are not concentrating on it. Praising Kurt & Grant on the best games of their short NFL careers. Standing up for his players when they wanted challenges. That may burn us in the playoffs but you got to like the aggressive offense. All the other teams in the league except us and San Fran are BORING. RUN-RUN-PASS-PUNT. LOOK FOR RAMS TO GO 14-2, huge blowouts againest Indy and Falcons. Once playoffs start, What do the Bears have? we beat SF consistantly finally, Philly nothing, watch the Pack.
    -12-19-2001, 11:33 AM
  • AJD45
    Need more vertical!
    by AJD45
    Anyone know how often the Rams have thrown the ball deep this year? Dunno if this qualifies as a "criticism", but I wish the Rams would throw deep more. To me, what makes Warner special in a league of mediocre dink-pass "West Coast offense" passers is his ability to throw the bomb, and it's frustrating that he rarely showcases his talent in this area.

    His numbers the past two seasons in passes 30+ yards:

    1999: 7 of 24, 341 yds, 5 TD, 1 INT, 101.4 PRS
    2000: 9 of 18, 510 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT, 112.3 PRS

    And of course, going deep got us our fame and glory (Proehl v. Bucs in NFC Championship, Ike in SB). So why is Warner only throwing deep only 1.5 times per game?

    I can see the argument that throwing it only when it's available is what makes it so effective, but I would like to see him open it up more and take more chances deep. I think the deep pass is utterly devasting to defenses in terms of demoralizing and it opens things up underneath even more (which might help cut down on INTs). I think it would have been especially effective against the ***** to go deep a lot more with those very poor corners hovering on the shorter to intermediate routes.

    Anyway, that's my only "complaint" with the Rams right now. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with only 35 points per game. ;)
    -10-10-2001, 05:40 PM
  • Guest's Avatar
    This Offense Would Be Better If We Actually Threw The Ball
    by Guest
    I mean, here we were 0-2 going into Seattle. I THOUGHT we'd open up the offense and pass more. That was why I originally posted that we'd pull out a close one. Then I saw Saunders tell everyone "were gonna run Jackson more". SO I then turned that game into a huge loss. See, you and I, we see what everyone else see's. That this team has little defense so your offense better be moving the ball and scoring to stand a chance. Just a chance.

    However this coaching staff still insists on forcing the run on early downs with lame-ass toss sweeps repeatedly. Forcing 3rd down after 3rd down. Why would you want to force an ever struggling offense into more and more 3rd downs!? This is Linehan ball, pure and simple. It's the same insanity we saw last year, and were seeing it again regardless of the offensive coordinator. This is the kind of offense you might run with a great offensive line, stable of running backs and a great defense. However we have none of those things.

    This team could be better if the gameplan were openned up more, I have no doubt about that. They'd at least be more competitive and our opponents would not have it so easy out there to just load up the box on early downs and wait for the inevitable pass on 3rd and 6.

    The commentators during the Seattle game kept using the phrase "baffling" when referencing why we kept running the ball so much when were down that much. What alternate universe are we in, where a coach can have such a lame gameplan of defeat and still remain coach?

    Putting Trent Green in, will only help if he is able to actually throw the ball to SETUP THE RUN. Otherwise we'll continue to get blown out.

    If we try that 50/50 run balance, we'll get killed. We should be running about 40% of the time to open the run game up more and spread teams out with the pass. That would work, that's why were not doing it.

    I am simply amazed at how bad our playcalling/gameplan is. So what difference does it make who our qb is, if he's going to be put in the same ridiculous 3rd down's continuously?
    -09-23-2008, 12:23 PM
  • Coach_Largent
    Tuesday Edition... Saints @ Rams.........(long)
    by Coach_Largent
    Rams fans.... this is the first in my weekly posts that I do for the upcomong weekend. This is just to offer the game from another perspective. I always enjoy going to the enemy forums and checking out the different takes on the game. It is not intended as smack, that is what smack boards are for. I watch tapes of just about every game that I can get my hands on, and between myself and 2 other coaching friends we usually tape 8-10 games a week. Take it as it is.

    So, here we are as little as 3 weeks ago this looked like a possible clash between NFC elite. The battle for NFC West ( and NFC ) supremacy. It has turned into a wild-card hopeful vs. a Super Bowl expectant. Is this realistic ?
    Yes and no. The season is still very early, the inevitable injury bug is starting to hit every team in the league and many team fortunes will be won or lost by undrafted or unheralded young back-ups and grizzled veterans hanging on for one more season as back-ups. That being said, the Rams are playing very well. The improvement in speed on D is evident and they force teams out of their normal gameplans early, in effect, not having defend near as much field or scheme, think of it as defensive offense.

    So what can we expect ? Depends on what New Orleans team shows up and how big the loss of both Willie Roaf, to injury, and Aaron Brooks missing confidence are.

    Let's take a look at the Rams. The first question is, "Are they vulnerable and where ?" The answer came in the most suprising tape of all. The Detroit Lion game. I watched this Monday night tilt live and remember James Stewart taking the Lions straight down the field only to have Batch throw that pass to I don't even know who , for an INT. When watching on tape, I found something WAY more interesting. Stewart got almost all of his yardage (6.8 ypc ) straight up the middle. A-gap.When the Lions ran the stretch or slide plays off-tackle, the Rams swarmed them with LB's and Little off of the backside. Lots of speed. So, my objective was clear, watch the other 5 games and see where guys got yards. Lo and behold the Jets blowout gave me these numbers ( Curtis Martin 4.5, LaMont Jordan 8.5, and Richie Anderson 6.5 ypc ) 9 (of 24) rushes inside the OG's and a 74 % of their rushing yardage on these carries. LaMont Jordan had good success up the gut. The Dolphins and Chan Gailey never went away from the stretch and Smith was bottled up all day by a fast, aggresive defense that was unconcerned with Fiedler.
    So, what does this give the Saints? A liltte hope. The Saints can be effective running the football UP THE GUT. The Rams D is fast and it does hit, and it is improved, so the running game will have to come right up the middle, although I am interested in seeing a team run the counter tre' right at L.Little. Seems like you could take his upfield speed and the pursuit of the LB's and use it against them by trapping him upfield. So, why haven't we seen...
    -10-23-2001, 06:55 AM
  • Bulldog
    Saints Fans
    by Bulldog
    I just spent a little time on the Aint's site. For the most part it is amazing how much time they are spending worried about us, whereas we have not spent hardly a moment worried about them.

    Why is that?

    My guess is that we know that we will not turn the ball over eight times again this season. We know that we suffered from our game seven jinx. The last time I looked there is no game thirteen jinx. We know our team is superior!

    It is my Christmas wish that we not only win, but do it playing smash mouth football, just like we beat the Whiners last weekend. Not to play into Haslett's hand, but we can beat them by running the ball and controlled passing.


    :ram: :shield: :helmet:
    -12-12-2001, 10:31 PM