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Future dilemma at DT

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  • Future dilemma at DT

    This years draft produced Damione Lewis and Ryan Pickett, both slated to be eventual starters with Lewis being tabbed as starting early in camp, but someone forgot to tell 2nd year man Brian Young. All Young has done is have a break out year, leading the D Line with 64 tackles and 5 sacks. Zgonina a proven vet and Jackson with 3 sacks are playing solid football.

    Question is, with our secondary being banged up this year, especially at Safety, do the Rams have enough insurance at this position to use as trade bait? Also to consider, A. Williams IS having an outstanding season, but he isn't the youngest man in the league. He still has at least 2 good years left, maybe more. However, maybe making a trade to improve draft position and get a CB or S out of the upcoming draft would be an option.


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    i would like them to keep the DTs as is. Keep 'em young and fresh and keep rotating them. What they should do as far as the draft is draft a CB early to give some depth. I'd say no to the trade bait though.


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      We are lucky to have 3 young DT's that could develope into some really good players; but it is still too early to tell. We shouldn't trade any one of them in case something happens and they don't live up to their potential. Now if further down the road(a couple years or so) they all turn out pretty good; then we can think about trading one. But we must be thinking about another corner, because Williams is not getting any younger. Plus we want to get one here in time to learn from one of the best of all time.


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        I think we keep what we have, as I am not sure who we would trade for.

        At DL we are looking good, keep them all. This group plays as a unit every week. I think we will free up some cap space as we have proven that we do not need Cedric Jones on the roster next year at DE.

        in my opinion our need is at LB, we have four quality guys but could use some depth. That is what the draft is for.

        As for the DB's, at corner our future is McCleon and Bly when Williams decides to hang up the helmet. We keep working with Butler, it appears as if he has a future. He seems to be getting more game time with McCleon at Safety, in the nickel package.

        At safety we have some depth as well, with Herring, Archuletta and Coady. Sorenson is a rookie and who knows if he can step up and play the game only time will tell. I am still sad thay Bowen got away.

        With all of that said, unless we can trade a DL for a LB who can make a difference (which will be hard to do), keep em, develop em and ensure we have depth in the trench.

        It's sucks when you do not have any glaring weakness to improve. Even in 99 we knew Collins would have to go, but at that time I was sure Little was the man of the future (I'll take partial credit).



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          Free Agency

          Don't forget that Little, Fletcher, and Hakim are free agents in the offseason. Hopefully we will let Az go (for the few great things he does, not worth the misery of punt return fumbles) and concentrate on the defensive players, especially London, who is the heart and soul of Lovie's boys.

          That said, I'm not convinced that Ryan Pickett is an eventual starter, even next year. Let's hang on to all three for at least one more year to see how it plays out.

          I am worried at corner; Bly is inconsistent, McCleon either makes a pick or gets beat like a drum, and Aeneas can't play forever (3 more years, maybe). Shepherd showed some good play Monday, but he isn't there yet.

          Safety isn't as big a problem, Arch (assuming he can get healthy and avoid concussions) and Herring should be back there for a while.

          I'd like to see the Rams draft/acquire a corner or two in the offseason, sign London and Little, and let Az go. Only big variable is if Proehl decides to retire.


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            The stars...

            Hey, my thoughts are, "the rating for this thread should be FIVE stars!" :o
            Seriously, I really enjoyed the interesting, veritable comments. :cool: Great contents you all!

            I too believe Rams DL is VERY solid and effective as is. Next two years can only make it AWESOME as it gels further and players develop as a team --preferably w/Coaches Lovie & Kollar still in charge. I hope Little continues to mature, he's doing so well. One can only wonder about Cedric J. for now.

            Haven't seen much of rookie No. 41/Sorensen of course, but so far I like him. The obvious thinness problem has been the rash of injuries (man! -- sure glad Aeneas' scare at N.O. wasn't serious). Adam, get WELL.

            With Rich Coady, Sorensen and Butler we might have a good DB squad in the making, at the very least as reliable backups and special teams players, yes?

            LB's also look promising [funny how we are now looking for ways to pay homage to this great D as opposed to last year's]. Allen and Polley should do extremely well by next year, and I also think Cohen will develop into a stalwart type of defender, again, injuries notwithstanding.

            Yes, Aeneas should enjoy highly the satisfaction of being a SBowl champion for two more seasons, i.e., THREE SBs!!! His leadership and CB skills are truly of HOF caliber. As Sprtsmac said, our younger guys can learn from one of the best -- veterans from all over the NFL learn from him too!

            OK, back to Sq.1:
            CB Williams / McLeon CB Bly / RECRUIT
            FS, SS Arch / Herring FS, SS Coady / Sorensen
            ;) Now let's make sure we copy and e-mail all our schemes to Martz and staff by season's end.
            GO DEE!! GO RAMS!!! :lid:
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            • MauiRam
              Will we trade yet again, or, not?
              by MauiRam
              I can't help but wonder as I do every year about this time, which players our team's braintrust i.e. Jeff & Les are focused/waiting on that will be available after final cutdown. The fact that we went 2-14 last year puts us near the top of the waiver wire list (I think), so we should have a pretty good shot at any player that gets by Indy. There is also the possibility that given the recent trade with the Jets, we might use the cap money thereby gained to sign a veteran player through yet another trade.

              I don't know if there is a disgruntled OT or two somewhere out there in the league, but every year, a few young players step up and allow older and more expensive players to become expendable. (Johnny Hekker and Greg the Leg come to mind.) Given that we have arguably one of the most experienced coaching staffs in the NFL, the many collective "connections/friendships" developed over years might prove beneficial before or immediately after the cut to 53.

              Anyone here know of good veteran lineman or two that could become expendable, or is Wayne Hunter going to be as good as it gets for us?
              -08-28-2012, 11:02 AM
            • RamsSB99
              Trade for Interior DL help?
              by RamsSB99
              With Little, Hall, and Adeyanju at DE I would like to see us get a big run stuffer in the middle. I am concerned as Tex pointed out in another thread about counting on a rookie coming out of the Draft helping solve our DL problems in his first year. It took Pickett a while to grow into being a decent DL. I also think our options are as some others have pointed out broke down as follows.

              Okoye - Maybe same type player as Wrotten. May not turn out to be a better player. Not the true runstuffer type.

              Carricker - see okoye above.

              Branch - Maybe same type player as Kennedy. Same concerns as Kennedy and again may not turn out any better.

              I wonder who might be available if we decided to trade our 1st or 2nd round pick. I know this may sound crazy at first but it may not be so crazy as waiting around for another DL to develop in the meantime committing nearly the same money as what it would cost for a proven or known commodity.
              -04-05-2007, 08:54 PM
            • Rip32
              Rams Draft 06 and future D
              by Rip32
              I dont know wat u guys think but I think we should
              get Jimmy williams in the draft even if we have to trade up to get him,Hes the best corner in the draft and will
              be a shut down corner.
              Then hopefully we can get someone like Michael Huff
              out of texas in the second round if this happened our future secondary would be talented and deep.

              The Future:
              CB1:Jimmy Williams
              CB2:Jerametrius Butler
              Nickleon Bartell
              Dime:Fisher or Ivy and Johnson

              SS-Michael Huff (Backup):Jerome Carter
              FS-O.J Atogwe (Backup):Mike Furrey

              Archuleta should be moved back to linebacker if we are
              going to keep him(Hes a good safety he would be an excellent Linebacker)

              What do all of you think?
              -11-04-2005, 09:32 AM
            • Guest's Avatar
              Back from Hols - what a disaster
              by Guest
              Just got back from 2 weeks in Turkey without TV, radio and mobile phone prohibited by my wife..

              We loose to the Saints at home.... C'MON.... heads need to roll

              During the offseason i tried to remain positive about the rams but looking at whats developed so far i can't help but cast a bleak eye over it all.

              To start with, I have to take my hat off to the niners. They have taken the tough decision to 'lose' their season in order to retool for the future. They are not going to win many games this season i.e.i wouldn't be surprised to see them drafting #1 overall.

              The reason i mention this is because its clear that we have a number of busts on this team and perhaps its time we take the difficult decision to retool also... As an example.. I won't be surprised to see both the OL and DL rebuilt this offseason. Lets face it, these units now effectively represent the cellar of the league !!!

              Key to rebuilding these units is Pace, we need to trade him away in order to have the room to rebuild this unit. Pinkett, DLewis and Little need to go and we need some solid FA's in there.. The draft should go to the OL and DB.

              Lastly, we need to find ourselves a winning Defensive coordinator not afraid to change schemes.
              -10-05-2004, 01:01 AM
            • RamsFanSam
              The needs are now obvious
              by RamsFanSam
              After seeing the game against Arizona today, the needs of the Rams are clearly obvious. Some of you may scream about the order I put these in. Too bad....this is MY opinion. I don't think anyone can argue with the positions, but you might disagree with the order of need.

              1. Wide reciever. Amendola and Avery are good. We need spectacular. We need a WR who can make plays like Torry and Issac did in their prime. We need a WR who HAS to be double covered, but still makes the plays.

              2. Defensive Tackle. There has got to be someone who can stop the run, somebody who can push an entire O-line back to the stone age. OK, maybe that's too much, but you get the picture.

              3. Quarterback. Marc's been doing OK this season. Just OK. I had hopes that he would improve as the season rolled along, but he seems to have hit a plateau. During the last minute of the game, he got hit. Right then I knew he was out for the last few seconds of the game, whether they pulled him or not. The Rams cannot afford this any longer. We need a young, tough QB. Marc would make a heck of a great tutor, and a fantastic backup, but he's getting old enough that those hits of the past are adding up.

              4. Running back. Steven's a beast. I want him to stay that way, but the way he's had to pound opposing defenses this season, he's going to be hurting in the near future. We need another starting quality running back, not to replace him, but to "enhance" him.

              Well....that's the front four. Have fun discussing this.
              -11-22-2009, 04:22 PM