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    Hello fellow ramers, I'm new here and this is my first posting.I'll start by saying we kicked butt in the draft,also the changes on D are good ones.This could be our best year yet.Tell me what you think.

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    I'm a little worried about defense with all of the changes being made. They've got a few solid anchors in who they kept, especially Grant Wistrom. Hopefully they can pull it together and mesh with the newcomers before the start of the season, but this could be a trying year. I'll feel better after camp when I've had a chance to see how well they work together. Anyone coming to Macomb, IL this summer e-mail me at [email protected] Let's cheer them on together.


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      I know the Rams never got some of the players they wanted but I think our D still has to be an upgrade on what we had.
      Hey, I am not knocking the guys who played last year but they (as a group) got way to slow .... with this crow, we address that problem. We now need to worry about them working as a group and yes, Macomb will be the telling place.

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        re:Macomb tell tale

        True these guys have not played together,but there is alot of experience and speed.Someone will step up and lead them and remind them our goal is to go to the bowl again.Personally it doesn't matter who leads them,if the focus is there like the previous year,SUPER BOWL here we come.Right now without a doubt the RAMS are the odds on favorites to go to the show,but I might be a little partial to the RAMS.I won't lose faith and can't remember looking forward to a season with this much excitement.I remember the the dark times and I always cheered them on even when getting blown out.There was always something good happening,or high points you could notice.As fans I think we all should feel pretty good about what we have now and try not to over critisize we've done enough of that during the 90s.Anyway GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          well good for you joeramfan, I like your attitude. More fans like this please

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            D "Chemistry"

            I know that we are turning over a great number of players on defense but defenses tend to gel more quickly than offenses, generally.

            Also, the defensive scheme seems to be uncomplicated and relies on speed and aggressiveness.

            I am sure that there are going to be a few bumps in the road but the excitement that the defense could generate could keep the crowd in the game instead of waiting for the offense to get back on the field.

            I am betting that our season is going to be at least as exciting as our Superbowl season was. The fast and hard hitting D will be a great positive instead of us hoping we don't get out scored.

            I can hardly wait for the season to begin.


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              Just imagine what we could have done last year with an average defense...
              As a fan i was disappointed to see so many "big names" go away: Carter, Lyght and especially Mike Jones.
              But we all agree that something had to be done to revamp our defense, and both the draft and the FA signing arer really promising for a strong defense next year.
              I'm confident: we have the right staff and the right players to come back on the field and win it all again.
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                I totally agree...the staff, the players, everybody have been beefed up.

                I too was sad that the "guy who saved the Super Bowl" was asked to leave, not very nice, but that's the business.

                Anyway, the defense should be 100 times better...


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                  new d

                  Daddio,Masi and Warnerfan, Way to go.It seems were all on the same page and in a state of anxiety toward the up coming season.I can hardly wait for the season to begin,I'm going to catch the season opener in Philly,being that I live in PA.It will be great but the fans in Philly get really nasty toward opposing fans,but I'm ready bring it on.GO RAMS SUPER BOWL BABY!!!!!!!!


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                    If I seemed negative, I didn't mean to be. All I said was I was worried. I like the changes, but some of them are green still. I'm not so worried after the minicamps. Sooooooooooo looking forward to training camp. The season is so far away. Oh, wait, I've got the SuperBowl on tape, I'll watch that for a fix until the season starts. (ooh, I've got chills just thinking about it)


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                      hey, its OK to be negative ....... once in a while;)

                      I still think it may take the d a couple of games to get their feet


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                        hey pl and sam, it's ok to be negative once in a while,but I think that we are all a little ahead of ourselves.the defence will be ready by opening day,playing Philly is pretty much a playoff game in september,this will be a good test for the defence.This game will dictate what we can expect from them the rest of the season,hopefully we will all be impressed.;)


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                          I can't wait to see what happenes with the D because with all the speed that they have put togather it could be a really good one i wonder if lovie has a revision on the TB cover 2 scheme? i could see it evoleing into somthing special
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                            Rookie Ds

                            If those 3 first round draft picks don't hurry up and sign before camp, I'm gonna scream!


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                              Battle flag...


                              Thanks for your view on Rams revamped 'D' ...and thanks for the very nice battle flag! Superbleee!

                              GO RAMS!!!
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