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Letters to Gordo: Rams fans in foul mood

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  • Letters to Gordo: Rams fans in foul mood

    Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist
    Wednesday, Jun. 01 2005

    As it turns out, not everybody is as optimistic about the Rams as your
    cyber-correspondent. Some folks still believe the sky is falling, in fact. Here
    is another sampling of opinions from Rams Nation, via electronic mail to the
    “Letters to Gordo” desk:

    * * *

    “I’m still amazed at lines like ‘the Rams will have to continue to have their
    explosive offense outscore their opponents,’ alluding to their ‘poor' defense.
    Please count up the number of games in which the ‘explosive’ offense scored 17
    or less points. SEVENTEEN!! You consider this to be ‘explosive’? And how many
    times was the ‘deplorable’ defense able to make the paltry ‘17’ hold up for a

    “Rather than casting aspersions at the different units, I subscribe to the
    reasoning that we have an offensive coordinator whom the most ardent of Rams
    fans can't name. We have a defensive coordinator who has no track record
    whatsoever. We have a defensive line coach who has been given not one, not two,
    BUT THREE NUMBER ONE DRAFT CHOICES, NONE of whom has produced anywhere near
    expectations. We have drafts that defy logic and/or explanation. Our troubles
    aren't ON the field, rather they originate OFF the field. When looking for
    areas requiring upgrades, start at the TOP, and work downward,

    -- Joseph Kurtz

    GORDO: Subtract the unfortunate Chris Chandler games and this was a very good
    offense. But your points about the coaching staff are well-taken; this is a
    make-or-break year for defensive coordinator Larry Marmie and a big year for
    the whole Mike Martz regime. Is this still one of the NFL’s elite teams or is
    it on the decline?

    * * *

    “And here are 10 reasons they won't win 8 games: Martz, Martz, Martz, Martz,
    Martz, Martz, Martz, Martz, Martz, Martz.”

    -- Williams Walker

    (Editor's note: The reader is referring to a recent Gordo column in which he
    gave 10 reasons the Rams will finish better than the 8-8 record projected by
    Vegas oddsmakers.)

    GORDO: Again, this is a big year for Martz. He’s had a productive run at head
    coach, though he drives fans and national media types crazy. Mike Holmgren
    wishes he had this sort of success in Seattle, where the players change but the
    program never gets much better. Jeff Fisher, Jim Haslett, Herman Edwards -–
    there are plenty of very good head coaches who wish they could match Martz’s

    * * *

    “While I concede that some of your points are valid, but in reference to point
    No. 5, ‘The secondary is no longer a primary concern,’ are you serious, or are
    you just being overly optimistic, or have you finally gone over the edge and
    lost your mind?

    Regardless of how many new defensive backs Martz has signed, both old and
    young, the Rams' 2005 secondary will bear no resemblance to the old Adam
    Archuleta and the departed Aeneas Williams, et al. So good luck with that. In
    reference to point No. 6, what makes you think that Anthony Hargrove and/or
    Jimmy Kennedy will, in point of fact, ‘break through,’ even with the fortuitous
    return of Leonard Little (one event really having little or no bearing on the
    other). Again, good luck with that, too. Point No. 9: You really think the
    return of Jamie Martin is good news? Yikes. And point No. 10, ‘The Rams' kick
    coverage can’t possibly be as bad as last season.’ Oh yeah? Based on what?

    “It might be time for you buy that ticket to the Gridbirds Express. I live in
    Phoenix, and like most Phoenicians, I have not been a Cardinals' fan. Until
    now. I have always been a Kurt Warner fan. My son and I are now Cardinals
    season-ticket holders, and look forward to September, when we can go cheer for
    Kurt and an exciting young football team. I will acknowledge the fact that
    there are still more Cardinals fans in St. Louis than there are in Arizona.
    Kurt Warner, with the three receivers he has to throw to, just may change that
    this season, but time will tell, and we will see.

    What I am more sure about than the Cardinals, is the Rams' fate, as they
    continue to downgrade their team and become more and more mediocre, and less
    and less recognizable. As for you, being a St. Louis sports columnist, I
    suspect that you have little choice but to try to look for an upside to the
    Rams. Good luck with that. Go Kurt!”

    -- Scott Hansen, Phoenix

    GORDO: I’m a big Warner fan and, yes, I do believe he can lead Arizona to the
    playoffs. But the Rams HAVE addressed their needs. Chandler cost the Rams two
    games last season. Martin is a big upgrade. The Rams may not have a young
    Aeneas Williams at safety, but they will definitely be sturdier than a season
    ago. When healthy, Travis Fisher and Jerametrius Butler are solid cornerbacks.

    The Rams spent last season scrambling to fill secondary holes and that cost
    them dearly. This summer they will bring a much better group to camp.

    * * *

    “I'm curious what the status is of Kyle Turley and the other walking wounded
    offensive linemen. Is Kyle Turley coming back with a rehabbed back, or is that
    rift between him and coach Martz too wide?”

    -- Mike Lambe, Goleta, Calif.

    GORDO: That rift is too wide. Turley has been in rehab, too, and he has
    regained about half of his lost weight. But the Rams could cut him at any
    moment now, for salary cap reasons. Also, Turley DID threaten to kill Martz. So
    it was weird to hear him talk up his expectations of playing for the Rams in ’
    05. He’ll be moving on.

    * * *

    “Forgive if I missed it, but I'm still waiting to read a great article on the
    real MVP of the 2005 Rams season -- the new field turf. I can only imagine the
    psychological lift to someone like Steven Jackson, whom I believe will be much
    healthier this year based on this new field. I'm sure all the players feel
    this way, but I read some disturbing comments from Jackson last year,
    indicating he had become a little afraid of the turf and was getting hurt
    because of the turf.

    “I love what the Rams have done with free agency and the draft (maybe with the
    exception of Richie Incognito -- why do the Rams always seek out a problem
    child?), but the field turf -- and the injuries it saves -- will be the real
    MVP in 2005.”

    -- Ethan Sheple, Chicago

    GORDO: We’re big fans of the new surface, which should help the team get more
    out of Marshall Faulk and keep Isaac Bruce at the top of his game for another
    couple of years. Marc Bulger, Torry Holt, Kevin Curtis -– everybody will love
    playing on this stuff.

    The new surface is another reason why I expect this team to remain at the top
    of the NFC West.

    P.S. -– Thanks to all the nice electronic mail from Seahawks fans, who read
    some of my earlier Rams columns via links from a fan site. Remember to write
    back when you’re sipping your champagne, OK?

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    Re: Letters to Gordo: Rams fans in foul mood

    We have a defensive line coach who has been given not one, not two,
    BUT THREE NUMBER ONE DRAFT CHOICES, NONE of whom has produced anywhere near expectations.
    Ever wondered what HUbison's pet peeve is? Probably not, but I'm going to tell you anyway. Nothing gets my blood boiling like fans who point to Lewis, Pickett, & Kennedy and get mad because these three have not "played up to expectations". Let's take a closer look, shall we?

    1. All 3 have had significant injuries, and played through those injuries when possible, ie. Lewis' foot injury, Kennedy's foot injury, Pickett's ankle injury. They could have missed several games if not an entire season, but all 3 were playing when they very easily could have been home. How is that their fault or Kollar's fault for that matter?

    2. I blame Lovie for screwing up all 3 of their playing weights. In 2003, he had all 3 of these guys 20+ pounds lighter than they should have been, and it stuck out most prominently in run defense. We're telling sumo wrestlers to act like ballerinas and it was doomed from the beginning. I'm not a big Marmie fan, but at least he is letting them play at a comfortable weight.

    3. Pickett and D-Lew were both drafted too high, IMO. D-Lew could have gone in the late 1st and Pickett in the late 2nd or high 3rd. Those old projections had D-Lew ranked among DTs as anywhere from 3rd to 6th in the draft and Pickett 8th to 11th. We took both of them too high, and I still don't see how that is the fault of the players. And while I may be wrong, I don't know that Kollar has enough input on draft day to give him much responsibility for that either.

    4. Kennedy was a gift in 12th spot of the 1st round. The problem being he got some bad advice that screwed up his rookie year, then had to come back from injury last year. But I want all those naysayers out there to hide and watch this season (barring another injury) as Kennedy solidifies our interior D-line.

    5. Did it ever strike the DT-bust-monkeys of the world that maybe it is their "expectations" that are out of line, and not the performance. If you must crucify someone, I'll give you D-Lew. He has not played up to what most of the football world thought he would, but even then he's had lingering injuries, and a former DC that tried to make a lightweight as low as 280 pounds. Pickett is playing up to realistic expectations (again, not his fault we reached for him), and Kennedy will play to his level assuming no more health issues.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: Letters to Gordo: Rams fans in foul mood

      My god, people just love to MOANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! and WINGEEEEEEEE!!!

      steve :ramlogo:
      "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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