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If you could ask "ONE" Question....

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  • If you could ask "ONE" Question....

    Clan if you could ask 'ONE' question to ANY ram through the ages ...what would it be and WHY??????

    steve :helmet:
    "The breakfast Club":helmet:

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    Re: If you could ask "ONE" Question....

    Thanks, Major!

    Q. Eric [Dickerson], was it really that "hard" to remain with the Rams, 1987? :helmet:

    W. Despite the big turnaround of players involved in the trade (Indianapolis, Buffalo), we could have had a few more successful seasons and at least another favoring shot at the playoffs with ED in the Rams backfield!



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      Re: If you could ask "ONE" Question....

      To Marshall Faulk: Are you REALLY 100%? Tell me about all the injuries you actually have and how old you actually feel... you keep saying that you feel 100% but clearly dropped off massively after the 2002 season.

      Or I would just say anything to OP and whatever answer he gave would be cool because he's my hero.



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        Re: If you could ask "ONE" Question....

        To Isaac Bruce:

        What is your bank account number?


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          Re: If you could ask "ONE" Question....

          I'd ask Leonard Little what really happened so I can prove to all my friends that he was innocent. i'm sick of people slandering Big LL. He was proven innocent. why can't everybody besides rams fans understand that?!


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            Re: If you could ask "ONE" Question....

            Question for Mad Mike: What really happened to sour your relationship with Kurt?


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              Re: If you could ask "ONE" Question....

              Arch: Does your girl-friend have a sister?
              The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                Re: If you could ask "ONE" Question....

                To Fred Dryer

                Did You Ever Spend Any "ouality" Time With Stephanie Kramer Off The Set Of Hunter ?


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                  Re: If you could ask "ONE" Question....

                  Originally posted by HUbison
                  Arch: Does your girl-friend have a sister?
                  Combine my question with HU's and you could have a pretty nice weekend at a luxury beach resort somewhere.


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                    Re: If you could ask "ONE" Question....

                    To Torry Holt....

                    Do you REALLY need glasses or is that just a fashion statement?


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                      Re: If you could ask "ONE" Question....

                      To Flipper Anderson...

                      "How'd it feel running into that tunnel?"


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