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    Grant Wistrom has been a favorite since the '99 season. I fell in love with him (not like that!) after he made that interception return for a touchdown that year. I love that stuff! He didn't get much of a chance to do that this past year. They didn't have him playing the same way and a couple of bad calls took opportunities away from him. But he's a solid defensive end who plays with a lot of heart. His' was the first name given by Howie Long for his Tough Guy(?)team. All analysts had nothing but good things to say about him. The Rams were smart in keeping him as an anchor for the new defense this year.

    Being a woman, people don't believe I'm genuinely a fan and not just a groupie. Sure, Grant's a hotty, but you don't look good to me unless you first play that well, and Grant does.

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    Grant is very cool in my books, so was D'Marco Farr.


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      Grant Wistrom

      Keeping Grant on the roster was a no brainer. In a season as frustrating and demoralizing as 2000, he came to play in EVERY game. Now I can't comment on him as a person off the field because I don't know him. But as a ball player, I'll spend my hard earned money to support players like Grant Wistrom any time.
      Last year our defensive "leaders" quit on us. This year I feel the defense will be a reflection of Grant Wistrom and no matter what the results may be, they will give us an effort we can be proud of.
      Go Rams!


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        In person, Wistrom is a very pleasant person, very accommodating with his fans. His only run in with the law was from defending a woman who was being beaten by her boyfriend (no charges). How uplifting to hear about someone in the NFL coming to a woman's defense rather than being the one they need defending from.

        Grant is a natural leader as well, and I think he will do all he can to bring this defense together this season.


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          I was lucky enough to talk with Grant for a bit in Rams park and he is a cool dude And he knows about the CLANRAM :cool:

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            Demolishing 'D'...

            As favorite players go, it is of course difficult selecting one among 11+ when you're a team fan.

            I like and agree with HornedHell's comments though (as well as 98's top fan MsWistRAM). One can easily see that Grant not only plays his DE position extremely well, but he is also an HONEST and HIGH motivator. His agressive-generator-type of attitude is a much needed cohesive factor for the Rams defensive to become truly succesful this year. On top of that, Grant brings genuine enthusiasm to the huddle, to the play, and to the team. He's one of those real high performance motors!

            London Fletcher, same type of defender. And I believe that as soon as this season's first kickoff against the Eagles takes place, more players in the Rams' now powerful, overhauled defense are going to rise their own personal best to a tougher, more hard-nose and MORE EFFECTIVE D. Much more effective.

            I think the Rams D is poised to be DEMOLISHING! We now have what seems to be a finer combination of smarts, aggressiveness, experience and enthusiasm in the defense. Rookies like Adam Arch playing with strong veterans such as Wistrom, Agnew (?), Williams, Zgonina and the rest, along with a revamped Lovie staff, will bring the points- and the yards-against numbers to a long anticipated low.

            Come mid season it will be more difficult to pick a favorite defensive player too!


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              Grant is Da man

              there is no dought ... Grant is the Stud on our defense .... ill give Fletcher a good 2nd... but Grant is Da Man.........:cool:
              "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave intending on arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, martini in hand, body thoroughly used up, worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"


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                Grant Wistrom

                So did anybody catch the number of the guys who got Grant's TD called back? Those kind of mistakes just drive me crazy. 4-0 is a nice start, but I want and expect more. I like a team with some swagger but the ****y antics and bonehead mistakes I can do least until we are IN the Super Bowl..Then hoop and hollar all you want, you earned it. We stll have the Giants, Bucs, and Saints twice...Show me something there...

                Grant is the leader and I think Aeneas Williams is also huge. Tommy Polley has been great...Hell, everyone has played well...I just hope they keep things in perspective...

                Are you listening Dre Bly? Your the man but tone it down a notch or two.

                and Leonard Little is the SACK MASTER! Kevin who? Oh the fat guy in Tennessee...yeah, I remember him.


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                  Got that one right Daspeerman! Grant is a favorite of many because he's just so outstanding as a Rams defender, no doubt.
                  You will soon hear favorably from at least one friendly fan of the Wistorm here in the Clan.

                  Hey, this Rams D is really proving itself! And they're still warming up! :p // Looks like they like /respect each other, rookies and veterans alike. More importantly of course, they are making great strides cohesively: enthusiastic, enrgized, e-f-f-e-c-t-i-v-e.

                  I hope coach Lovie remains a Ram for at least three more years.

                  Go DEEEEEE! GO RAMS!!!


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                    Daspeerman, you are on my favorite poster list. Grant does not disappoint.;)


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                      Grant is DaBomb

                      Grant Winstrom has been my faveorite defencive player since he first got here. Now days he has quickly become my favorite player on the team. I'm a student at Mizzou and It's weird to root for a former CornHusker but Winstrom deserves it. I got to see Grant in Person this summer in training camp and he is a great guy. He signed lots of autographs for young kids and didn't act snotty toward anybody.


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                        Hi RamManDan. I live in Macomb, Illinois so I was there as well for training camp. Guess I missed you.;) If we're lucky enough to get them back next summer, let me know if you decide to go again and we can meet. Otherwise, welcome to the forum!


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                          All Heart

                          I know I will love The CalnRam. Finaly people who agree with me. Grant is one of my favorites because he plays every play with heart. His motor is always racing full bore. It was not a TD but his game winning pick was HUGE. I look foward to watching him in this years pro bowl.


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                            Grant seems to make plays at the most critical times.I hope the Rams will make sure that he will be a career player.I cant see Wistrom playing for anybody else but the Rams!

                            GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!


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