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Ban the Smack?

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  • Ban the Smack?

    I have had people asking that the site becomes Smack free

    I will post this as a poll.

    Just vote, thanks
    Yes .... Get rid of it now
    No .... Keep the Smack Forum open

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Re: Ban the Smack?

    I say no. As long as the smack forum doesn't leak into the Ram Talk forum, I don't see the problem. If we eliminate the smack forum, I fear it will be increasingly difficult to moderate the Ram Talk forum as successfully as we have in the past.


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      Re: Ban the Smack?

      I have never visited the smack forum. It does not interest me at all. Therefore I did not vote as it would not be fair. However, Zig makes a very good point! For those who wish to engage in smack, having a place to vent will likely keep it out of the regular Ram football forum. I exercise my freedom of choice by simply not going there. For folks who have different inclinations, why not have a place where they can let loose?


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        Re: Ban the Smack?

        I like the Smack forum. It can be childish plenty of times, but there can be some decent debate going on in there.

        A suggestion Dez would be to put a big warning on the section and show the new posts for the smack forum seperate from the regular posts so that unsuspecting users don't wander into the smack forum by accident.


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          Re: Ban the Smack?

          No mate, I'm like MauiRam I don't use the Smack forum, if people want to go and talk smack let them, it keeps it clean in the Ram talk forum!!

          steve :helmet:
          "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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            Re: Ban the Smack?

            now of course ive had a war of words with a few people who were talking smack against our team for most part its been quite enjoyable...smack will be there as long as there is organized competition. i say leave it...and not to worry when someone comes here talking smack about our team or certain members i respect(well ok most memebers) ill be here with my golden pen of retribution to smite them down.


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              Re: Ban the Smack?

              I don't go there much however I think every forum should have a dungeon for trolls. I say keep it. Besides we don't want other team fans to believe we think we are better then them even though we are. :<>


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                Re: Ban the Smack?

                I say keep it. Although, I don't personally throw myself into the smack forum ring cuz I'd be dead in a heartbeat but it's fun to watch others rip each other apart. We have some pretty good "rippers" here!! It can be quite entertaining at times!!! It's all in good fun (I think)!!


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                  Re: Ban the Smack?

                  I agree we should keep it. The trolls are going to come and spew their drival in one forum or another. We might as well put them where they belong.

                  Originally posted by UtterBlitz
                  A suggestion Dez would be to put a big warning on the section and show the new posts for the smack forum seperate from the regular posts so that unsuspecting users don't wander into the smack forum by accident.
                  This makes sense to me. Although, I wonder if the trolls may not just post in the ram talk forum as they crave the limelight.


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                    Re: Ban the Smack?

                    'Smack' has apparently become quite popular and sought after by experts. To me, it is a waste of time but I can see where many in cyberspace enjoy it as a game or a hobby.

                    I would vote to keep it for the sake of adding a paradoxical "value" to ClanRam. :phone:


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                      Re: Ban the Smack?

                      If you keep it...

                      ...He will come.


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                        Re: Ban the Smack?

                        LOL The Jolley Green Smacker! No doubt, he WILL come and feed on smack.


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                          Re: Ban the Smack?

                          I hope it's okay to ask this question ?? I'm new to this site and was noticing under the
                          user name on messages posted there are words like, mod,regular,warrior,veteran,rookie and a badge or shield that says clanram 2005 on it.
                          What do these titles stand for ??

                          thanks in advance
                          sigpic :ram::helmet:


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                            Re: Ban the Smack?

                            Mod means Moderator.

                            Rookie, Regular, Veteran and Pro Bowl are based upon post totals.

                            The shield denotes a winner of this year's "Clannie" awards, which are given annually to various posters (MVP, funniest, most knowledgeable, etc) by vote of the members.


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                              Re: Ban the Smack?

                              If we we"re to get rid of the smack forum we would look like french surrender monkeys.It would tell all the Nfl fans that we cant take it.Look we are the Ram Clan we can smack with the best."bring it on we dont give in".

                              :mask: :mask: :mask: :mask: :mask: :mask: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet:
                              Last edited by psycho9985; -07-21-2005, 08:42 PM.


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