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Rams' Jared Goff impressive in first pro practice with Rams

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  • Rams' Jared Goff impressive in first pro practice with Rams

    Rams' Jared Goff impressive in first pro practice with Rams
    By Rich Hammond, Orange County Register
    POSTED: 05/06/2016 08:58:59 PM PDT | UPDATED: ABOUT 8 HOURS AGO

    OXNARD -- On day one, Jared Goff appeared to conjugate all his quarterback verbs correctly.

    "The way they say it, and it's absolutely right, it's almost like learning a different language," Goff said Friday, shortly after the Rams' recent No. 1 overall draft pick completed his first (and quite informal) pro practice. "I felt like I picked it up as I went along, and it got better."

    The Rams started their two-day rookie minicamp for 27 players who either were drafted, signed or invited on tryouts. Most of the work is off the field, with introductory and informational meetings, but players also got on the field Friday for about two hours to show their wares.

    Major analysis would be pointless. There was no tackling; players ran at half speed and spent much of their time working with coaches on positional drills. Coach Jeff Fisher roamed around and took a good look.

    Mostly, the afternoon seemed to have symbolic significance. Players wore Rams uniforms on a field in Southern California for the first time since 1994, and the practice marked the start of the Goff era.

    Goff, the former Cal star, presumed to be the Rams' quarterback of the future -- if not the present -- looked the part. A basic, meat-market evaluation indicated that Goff comes as advertised, with great footwork, a quick release, a good, accurate arm and plenty of confidence. He didn't seem overwhelmed by the moment.

    "It's just a lot of fun to be able to get back out here with the guys and enjoy football again," Goff said, "and get out of the whole pre-draft process and be able to actually play again."

    Goff took snaps out of the shotgun formation, as he did almost exclusively at Cal, but he also spent significant time working with coaches on under-center snaps.

    If there's any question about Goff, this is it, whether his skills can translate to a pro-style system. But Goff looked fine in under-center snaps -- which basically is to say he didn't fumble or trip over his feet -- and said his acclimation to the Rams' playbook, which he has had for only a week, has been smooth.

    "There is a lot that translates," Goff said. "Most of the (shotgun) stuff translates, almost all of it. Then there's under-center stuff that I'm picking up as I go along."

    Goff's experience this weekend is markedly different than other mini-campers because he's essentially the only one guaranteed to be on the roster at the start of the season. For Goff, this is about learning and growing. For the other two dozen players, it's about making an impression.

    Fourth-round picks Tyler Higbee (tight end) and Pharoh Cooper (receiver) and sixth-round picks Temarrick Hemingway (tight end) and Mike Thomas (receiver) participated, as did a score of lesser-known prospects with dreams of being on the sideline for the Sept. 12 season opener against the *****.

    "I thought everyone looked fine today," Goff said. "You can't really tell until you watch it on film, but I felt good about what I did, and from what I saw on the field, it looked pretty good."

    Most of the cameras, unsurprisingly, were trained on Goff, who said he's mindful of the scrutiny. The real competition won't start until Goff joins incumbent quarterbacks Case Keenum, Nick Foles and Sean Mannion in full-team practices, but Goff said he wants to be seen as a leader immediately.

    Next month, Goff will join full-team offseason workouts. The speed, intensity and attention will increase, but Goff said he won't get caught up in "all this," as he smiled and gestured toward TV cameras.

    "You want to be the guy you are, the person you are, and be the leader of my rookie class, per se," Goff said. "I'll just work as hard as I can to make everyone buy in, and be the best player I can be."

    Goff's debut couldn't have been more picturesque. Sunlight gleamed through ominous-looking clouds, and nearby rain didn't make its way through Oxnard.

    As Goff and the rookies worked out on the field, wedged between a golf course and a hotel, a handful of veteran Rams lingered and worked out at the team's makeshift weight room as music blared. None seemed to pay much mind to the field, where their quarterback of the future took his first NFL steps.

    "I've got a bunch of texts from a bunch of (veteran) guys, and it's been really cool," Goff said. "I'm excited to finally get to work with them eventually."

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    If Goff can pick up playing under center quickly we could be ok.

    Start practicing those handoffs to Gurley.


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    • r8rh8rmike
      Cal coach Sonny Dykes: Rams 'very wise' to wait with Jared Goff
      by r8rh8rmike
      Cal coach Sonny Dykes: Rams 'very wise' to wait with Jared Goff

      Alden Gonzalez ESPN Staff Writer

      THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Cal coach Sonny Dykes learned everything he ever really needed to know about Jared Goff during Goff's freshman season as a teenage quarterback for a program that won only once in 12 tries.

      "He never blinked," Dykes said in a phone interview this week, days before Goff makes his long-awaited debut for the Los Angeles Rams. "I think we played Ohio State in Game 3 that year, and we weren’t very good, and we were playing with a ton of young players. Bunch of freshmen. Bunch of O-linemen that weren’t ready to be playing, I can promise you that. He got hit a bunch, and I learned that he was incredibly tough physically, incredibly tough mentally. He never complained one time. He just got up, dusted himself off, went back to the sideline and went back to work. And that’s the best thing about Jared Goff."

      This won't be easy for Goff, the No. 1 overall pick in this year's NFL draft.

      His own coaches have cautioned as much. Jeff Fisher, who warned against judging Goff solely on the merits of his first game Sunday at home against the Miami Dolphins, said Goff is "going to have some moments, like all young quarterbacks do." Or offensive coordinator Rob Boras, who acknowledged that taking practice snaps is "different than actually playing." And quarterbacks coach Chris Weinke, who talked about how the Rams "have to accept that there’s going to be some bumps in the road."

      Goff will be tested from Day 1 against a Dolphins team with a devastating front four and standing behind an offensive line that has not performed well this season.

      One thing that should help him, Dykes believes, is his footwork in the pocket and his willingness to absorb hits, a trait teammates have already picked up on.

      "When they sat down and looked at all the quarterbacks, I think that’s what made him stand out, made him unique and made him the first pick," Dykes said. "It was his toughness, ability to stand in there and throw the ball with somebody in his face. Also, his ability to shuffle around and create space is pretty unique. The NFL game is different than the college game. Everything has to happen much faster than it does in college, but I’m sure he’s made that adjustment. I think he’ll do a great job."

      The Rams waited to start Goff largely because he came from an offense in which he did not take a snap from under center and did not call plays from the huddle. Besides getting acclimated to NFL speed, those have been his two biggest adjustments. The system Goff ran at Cal was the pass-happy Air Raid offense that lends itself to gaudy collegiate statistics but traditionally has not produced successful NFL quarterbacks.

      Goff ran a lot of run-pass options that mostly required

      -11-18-2016, 09:42 AM
    • r8rh8rmike
      Rams QB Jared Goff set to start vs. 49ers after clearing concussion protocol
      by r8rh8rmike
      Rams QB Jared Goff set to start vs. 49ers after clearing concussion protocol

      3:53 PM PT
      Alden GonzalezESPN Staff Writer

      THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Los Angeles Rams rookie quarterback Jared Goff has cleared concussion protocol and is set to start against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday. Sean Mannion, a third-round pick in 2015, will replace Case Keenum as the backup so the Rams can get a closer look at him before the season ends, interim coach John Fassel confirmed.

      Goff, the 2016 No. 1 overall pick, entered concussion protocol after absorbing a vicious hit from Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman late in last Thursday's 24-3 loss in Seattle. But Goff practiced in full over the past two days and said he felt fine all along.

      He never wanted to come out of the game in the first place.

      "It was just a regular hit," Goff said. "I got up, went back to the huddle, and I hear the official blowing the whistle, 'You've got to get off the field.' I'm like, 'Why?' They said it was just the protocol. I don't want to go back too much to last Thursday, but I just think it's kind of tough.

      "If that's a playoff game, or if that's a bigger situation, the game's close, you take the starting quarterback off the field, it's, in my opinion -- and I know they're trying to take care of us, but in my opinion -- not really a very good reason. I don't know how fair it is."

      Goff nonetheless won't miss any time, despite absorbing way too many hits in his five-game NFL career.

      The 22-year-old has taken 14 sacks in the past four weeks alone. In Week 14, he was sandwiched on a very late touchdown run in an eventual 42-14 blowout loss against the Atlanta Falcons. In Week 15, Sherman got the best of him. With nine minutes left, Goff avoided pressure and ran 15 yards up the sidelines, getting two yards away from the pylon before Sherman knocked him out of bounds.

      "If I had seen him, I probably would've gone out of bounds," Goff said. "Didn't see him, kind of came out of nowhere. He made a hell of a play after watching it. He came from all the way on the other side of the field."

      Goff will finally get a chance to play against his hometown team, after being inactive when the Rams opened their season against the 49ers in Santa Clara, California. Goff nonetheless called it "just another game to us," saying he is merely hopeful of getting his first win and continually improving.

      Five games in, Goff sports a dreadful 24.6 Total QBR, completing 54.7 percent of his passes, averaging 5.5 yards per attempt and throwing four touchdowns to five interceptions.

      A lot of the fault lies in receivers who have dropped too many passes and an offensive line that is allowing too much pressure, but Goff himself has also missed an assortment of throws he should make and is still adjusting to the speed...
      -12-22-2016, 06:07 PM
    • Nick
      Goff Working, Patiently Waiting for His Time
      by Nick
      Goff Working, Patiently Waiting for His Time
      Posted 3 hours ago
      Myles Simmons
      Rams Insider

      For as long as he can remember, Jared Goff has been a starting quarterback.

      There was a much-shared video clip of an NFL Network training camp interview in which Goff was asked when was the last time he didn’t start. The young signal-caller paused to ponder the question before answering softly, “I’ve never not started.”

      That will change Monday night, as Case Keenum will begin the season as the Rams’ first-team quarterback. No matter the draft status, Goff still has more to learn before taking over as Los Angeles’ QB-1. It’s certainly a change for the Cal product, but he recognizes the benefits of observing and learning from fellow quarterbacks Keenum and Sean Mannion.

      “I’ve never done that, yeah, so, it is different,” Goff said Thursday. “My whole life, I’ve been the starter, so I’m used to taking those reps. But at the same time, through OTAs and through training camp, I’ve learned to take mental reps and watch Case and Sean, and see what they do well, and try to replicate that.”

      Many players begin using the term “mental reps” once the regular season starts to describe how they have to prepare for possible game action. When the calendar flips to Week 1, the vast majority of practice reps go to the starters.

      “One of the challenges for the younger players this week, as I told all of them this morning, is to prepare yourself to play without getting reps,” head coach Jeff Fisher said Thursday. “They all come in here from college programs where they got all the reps and now they’ve found themselves in the positions where they don’t get reps. It’s harder to backup than it is to start. That’s the nature of the National Football League.”

      This represents another shift for Goff, who said it’s something he’s had to learn how to do effectively. But he picks up plenty from watching Keenum and Mannion.

      “Just trying to try to learn from what they do well, and then learn from their mistakes,” Goff said. “Case has been in the league form for a long time now. I just pick his brain and ask him as much as I can, and get to know as much as I can before my number is called, so I can be ready.”

      But for the physical reps, Goff has been playing quarterback for the scout-team offense. While that means he’s running San Francisco’s plays, there are aspects of them that translate.

      “There’s a lot of stuff that we’ll do in scout team that is similar to stuff we run,” Goff said. “We get out there and go, ‘Okay, this is like this,’ and that way, you can get reps as well. It’s been a good experience.”

      At this point, we know it may take at least another couple of weeks before Goff’s name gets called. Fisher told the NFL Network earlier this week that Goff will likely be inactive as the third quarterback against the 49ers.
      -09-11-2016, 02:08 PM
    • r8rh8rmike
      Rams WR: 'The game is slowing down' for Jared Goff
      by r8rh8rmike
      Rams WR: 'The game is slowing down' for Jared Goff

      12:01 AM PT
      Alden GonzalezESPN Staff Writer

      IRVINE, Calif. -- The Los Angeles Rams were emphasizing the red zone late Monday afternoon, so Jared Goff lined his offense up at around the 10-yard line and positioned himself under center. Bradley Marquez was in the slot. When Goff dropped back, the second-year wide receiver ran a corner route towards the back of the end zone. And after Goff set his feet, he delivered a perfect ball, just over the reach of two defenders and into Marquez's hands for a practice touchdown.

      "I knew pre-snap that we were going to have a chance to complete that," Marquez said. "Me and him, we both knew that."

      Marquez has spent most of his offseason working with Goff, beginning during organized team activities from late May until mid-June. In the month that followed, the two remained in Southern California and played catch up to three times a week. And since the start of training camp 17 days ago, Marquez has caught several passes from Goff while running with the second-team offense.

      "He's gotten a lot better," Marquez said of Goff, the No. 1 overall pick in this year's draft. "I feel like the game is slowing down for him a little bit."

      Goff returned to the field for the first time since suffering a sore non-throwing shoulder in Saturday's 28-24 win over the Cowboys and basically navigated through practice without restrictions. Rams coach Jeff Fisher said Goff's shoulder is "no concern" and felt the rookie quarterback "was fine" in a limited workout.

      "This was kind of ease-yourself-back-into-the-weekday," said Fisher, who will have his players practice in full pads on Tuesday and Wednesday. "But it was good for him to be able to overcome the shoulder soreness, get out there and throw the ball."

      Fisher once again touted the play of his other quarterbacks, who continue to operate under the shadows. He raved about Case Keenum, who would've gone 7-for-7 in the exhibition opener if not for a dropped pass by Tavon Austin. He was sure to mention third-string quarterback Sean Mannion, who threw for 147 yards and three touchdowns in the second half. And then he preached patience with his quarterback situation.

      "We've done this before," Fisher said. "We have a plan. And the plan basically revolves around being patient. You have to be patient. It's unfair to Jared, and to Case, and to Sean, to say, 'All right, here’s the date.' That's just not fair."

      Marquez says Goff is "getting better every day" at operating under center, but noted that his biggest improvements have come with the subtleties of relaying plays from the huddle.

      "From then to now," Marquez said, "just with him being comfortable and the confidence he portrays in the...
      -08-16-2016, 06:00 PM
    • r8rh8rmike
      Jason Cole Takes Another Swipe At Jared Goff
      by r8rh8rmike
      In his latest proclamation on Bleacher Report, Cole says former Rams coaches made the claim that "the wide receivers had little regard for rookie quarterback Jared Goff". He seems to try and rationalize the claim by saying Goff organized a workout on an off day that none of the receivers showed up for, proving they did not respect him.

      This follows Cole's pattern of putting out "buzz" that regularly demeaned and marginalized Goff.

      I'm going to take this with a BIG grain of salt.
      -02-08-2017, 03:33 PM