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Goff Learning From Mistakes, Impressing Teammates

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  • Goff Learning From Mistakes, Impressing Teammates

    Goff Learning From Mistakes, Impressing Teammates
    Posted 22 hours ago
    Myles Simmons
    Rams Insider

    There’s a learning process for each rookie as he makes his way to the NFL, no matter if you’re the No. 1 overall pick or a college free agent.

    By all accounts, quarterback Jared Goff has made substantial progress on that front from the time he was drafted to the Rams’ second OTA practice on Wednesday afternoon.

    “He’s done a great job,” head coach Jeff Fisher said after the session. “There’s a lot involved and it takes time. But he’s way ahead of where he was even a week ago. And that’s only going to get better as we move through the next couple weeks.”

    “I feel like every day I come out here, I get a little bit better — a little bit better every day. I learn a little bit more,” Goff said. “It’s gone really well so far.”

    As Fisher’s explained, the Rams go through three playbook-installation processes prior to the season — in Phases I and II, in Phase III with OTAs, and then once again in training camp. Given Goff arrived after the first installation process had already begun, he had plenty to catch up on.

    Offensive coordinator Rob Boras and quarterbacks coach Chris Weinke have mentioned how they’re giving Goff a lot to process, and he’s handled everything well. At this point, the quarterback said he’s feeling pretty far along with the playbook and hasn’t been overwhelmed at all.

    “I wouldn’t know any other way, I guess,” Goff said. “I’m picking it up at a pretty good pace, I think, and feel really good as far as how fast I pick it up. And I’m able to apply most of it out here. Again, there’s mistakes, but that happens. I’m young and learning. So when there is a mistake, just learn from it, and try not to let it happen again.”

    Goff’s attitude toward mistakes makes sense. After all, he did just complete his second practice with an opposing NFL defense.

    “I think right now in my second OTA in my rookie year, mistakes aren’t the worst thing in the world,” Goff said. “Coach Weinke has been great, coach Boras has been great. And I’m getting a lot of support for those guys.”

    But what the top pick has not been doing is participating in team drills with the starting offense. According to Fisher, that will come in due time — almost surely before the end of OTAs.

    “He’s going to get more and more reps,” the head coach said. “There may be a day where he gets all the No. 1 reps before we’re done with camp. And that certainly doesn’t mean to say he’s won a job. But it means he’s developing in the offense and you want to give him that opportunity.

    “It’s different when you’re under center and you’re working with the starting tight ends and the starting receivers,” Fisher continued, “as opposed to an undrafted receiver who doesn’t have the complete understanding of the offense and breaks a route off short and [the quarterback] ends up throwing an interception. And then you go, ‘Oh, that’s the quarterback’s fault,’ [even though it isn’t.] So it’s a progression. That’s the best way to describe it.”

    Goff, however, did participate in the Rams’ four-on-three drill with a few of the offensive starters on Wednesday. In that practice period, the quarterback and three interior offensive receivers have to complete a pass against four defenders.

    “He was working against our starting defense and they made a couple plays,” Fisher said. “And, hey, there’s no receivers outside to throw to. And he’s never done that before — it was his first time in the four-on-three drill. So nothing to be alarmed about.”

    Conversely, there’s plenty to be positive about when it comes to the rookie quarterback. Fellow signal-caller Case Keenum — who has been taking the first-team reps — mentioned just how far along Goff seems to be for just his second OTA.

    “We were sitting there talking about my first OTA and I don’t think I could get out of the huddle — I don’t think I could get a play call out,” Keenum said. “So the fact that he’s doing that has got me impressed. But he’s not only doing that, he’s making some really good throws. And he’s smart with the football.”

    Goff said he’s been proud of the ability to get in and out of the huddle.

    “I think just, overall, being able to functionally operate out there and just be able to understand what they’re putting in my ear, and then being able to spit it back out, and then run the play, and operate it,” Goff said. “At base form, that’s just what you want to do right now. And I feel like, so far, I’ve done a decent job with that.”

    Those are just some of the factors that have impressed Goff’s teammates in the short time he’s been a Ram.

    “He’s a young kid who’s eager to learn,” Keenum said. “And he’s talented — he can sling the football. And he’s done some great things.”

    “He can sing it, man,” running back Todd Gurley said. “The guy has a quick release. I’m not a quarterback guru, but that’s all I see — he’s got a quick release.”

    The way Goff throws the ball will pay dividends down the road. But for now, the quarterback is just happy to be wearing a helmet to practice football again after the long pre-draft process.

    “It’s awesome,” Goff said. “I think yesterday it kind of hit me, like, ‘Finally, I can get my first play in, my first completion.’ We’re back to playing football. We’re back to doing what I’ve done my whole life and, hopefully, what I can do for a career for a long time.”

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