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Coty Sensabaugh appears on SportsCenter, sends a message to Rams fans

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  • Coty Sensabaugh appears on SportsCenter, sends a message to Rams fans

    By: Jake Elenbogen

    The Los Angeles Rams signed former Tennessee Titans cornerback Coty Sensabaugh this offseason, and since he has been creating a fair amount of buzz. First, he was thoughtful enough to actually use his honeymoon as a time to donate shoes to the needy. Now he’s recently appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter with a message for the fans.

    It hasn’t taken long for Sensabaugh to become a household name for Rams fans. Even though this is his first season with the team, he’s still doing his part in trying to develop a strong fan base in Los Angeles.

    Sensabaugh was invited to Sportscenter Face to Face segment with Hannah Storm, where he had the following to say about his arrival in L.A.:

    “You know when I was going through free agency, for some reason or another I never expected to be a part of the Rams. I remember when the owners’ meetings were going on and they announced the Rams were moving to L.A., and I was like man that has to be tough for those guys, moving cross-country from St. Louis to L.A.”

    Sensabaugh is now definitely enjoying the sunny skies and sandy beaches of Los Angeles though, and that is probably one of the main reasons he signed with the Rams. He had this to say on the aftermath of the Rams big move:

    “So a couple months later I ended up signing with the L.A. Rams and I was one of those guys picking up everything with my wife and moving. It’s been very hectic, but it’s been a blessing. I got to participate in a draft day party at L.A. Live. It was crazy, I can’t give you an estimate of how many people were there, but the streets were flooded and there was just so much love and energy. You can tell they are happy to have us back and we are going to give the city something to be proud of”

    The special part of this, is the fact that the Los Angeles fans had been going to rallies, petitioning and trying to do their part to bring their team back. This is a testament to all the hard work that the fans really put in to show the NFL and the Rams organization that they really care about the franchise.

    The 27-year old cornerback was then asked if he sensed pressure to put a winning team on the field.

    “I feel just as competitive, the Rams have been really close, following from afar the past couple of years. Now being inside the building, we’re right there. You know, like I said, we are going to give the city of L.A. something to be proud of. We will put a great product on the field and I’m just excited to be a part of it.”

    Sensabaugh is endorsing his team to do big things this year.

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    I love the enthusiasm kid. But, I figure your about #5 on the CB depth chart. You better be as good on the field as you are off the field or you may be on the move again shortly.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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    • stlramman
      Former Rams bemoan lack of identity for L.A Rams
      by stlramman
      I thought this article was interesting, how some former Ram greats feel no connection to the St.Louis Rams.

      Poor little Rams have lost their way
      Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times
      Says former Rams running back Eric Dickerson of his days in L.A.: "The history that I had here is gone."
      Dennis Harrah, Eric Dickerson and others bemoan the lack of identity of the Los Angeles Rams.
      Bill Plaschke
      November 23, 2008
      Throughout the NFL today, former players will roam their old stadium homes, shaking hands, hearing cheers, spreading history.

      In Southern California, former Los Angeles Rams guard Dennis Harrah won't even turn on the television.

      "I don't love Sundays," he said. "It's like I never even played."

      Throughout the NFL today, former players will provide living links to current ones, on sidelines, in broadcast booths, a weekly melding of past and present.

      In Southern California, former Los Angeles Rams running back Eric Dickerson doesn't really care.

      "I'm not a big NFL fan," he said. "The history that I had here is gone."

      They were once the cornerstones of Los Angeles' most popular franchise, the builders of one of the nation's most solid sporting skylines.

      Today they don't even have a working address.

      They are legends without legacy, history without memory, stars of a team that no longer exists in a town that no longer cares.

      Almost 14 years after the late Georgia Rosenbloom packed up the Rams and dragged them to St. Louis, they are the strange collection of boxes that remain.

      Alive, alert, but alone, former Rams who lost not only a team, but an identity.

      "There's no place for our memories to go, there's nothing in our past that we can touch," Harrah said. "We're lost."

      By most estimates, there are about two dozen former Rams still living in Southern California.

      Many are successful businessmen who have parlayed their football skills into marketable careers. They do not wish for special treatment, nor have any interest in pity.

      But sometimes they think, wouldn't it be nice if they could show their children who they were?

      "I would love to take my sons to the place I played, to see the team that I played for, but that's not possible," Harrah said. "This has been like a bad divorce, where you just can't go back."

      Then sometimes they think, wouldn't it be nice to occasionally feel the embrace of a sports community that they worked so hard to create?

      "I go back to New York and see Lawrence Taylor go to Giants Stadium and hear everyone shouting nice things to him, like he's come home, and I kind of wonder what that would feel like," Dickerson...
      -11-23-2008, 06:56 AM
    • RockinRam
      LA Times Bashes Rams with Headline; Results in Backlash
      by RockinRam
      As the hangover from the Superbowl loss started to seep in, the Los Angeles Times believed that a snarky, insulting front-page headline would be just the remedy for mourning Rams fans.

      And insult they did. Labeling the team the "Lambs", they essentially diminished the incredible year the team has had to reach the biggest game in football. The impact the Rams organization has had to the sports community in Los Angeles is tangible and measurable.

      However, the significance of their impact this year expanded far past the gridiron. From the incredibly tragic shooting at Borderline Bar & Grill in November to the havoc and destruction that the wildfires caused, the Rams were a pillar of support and stability in the community, with many players offering assistance and time to help the victims.

      With a year the Rams have had, both on and off the field, one would think that not only the fans would be behind them, but also the very news outlets that report them and beg for press passes.

      Unfortunately, it seems that either the LA Times are now ran by bitter Saints fans, or they are idiots and did not fully comprehend how much of an impact the Rams have had in Los Angeles.

      The results are telling. There is significant backlash on Twitter. People have been bashing the newspaper company, with many saying they have now canceled their subscription, some of which have lasted over 10-20 years. Several editors of the LA Times have come forward with very weak apologies, all of which have also been ridiculed.

      I think it's very telling that a team that has only been in the city for 2 years after a 20 year disappearance act can have enough support from its fans to make those fans turn off their loyalty to a newspaper that has been around since 1881.

      Los Angeles is now the Rams city. The LA Times better get with the times.

      -02-07-2019, 08:26 AM
    • r8rh8rmike
      5 Reasons Los Angeles Doesn't Deserve An NFL Team
      by r8rh8rmike
      5 Reasons Los Angeles Doesn’t Deserve an NFL Team

      By Michael C. Jones | Yahoo! Contributor Network
      Sat, May 5, 2012

      As a southern California native, this article is as painful to write as it will be for the three or so Los Angeles readers who will stumble upon it (more to come on the attention spans of southern California sports fans in a little while).

      But it has to be said - Los Angeles doesn't deserve an NFL team, and there are a host of good reasons why. Though it is the second-largest media market in the United States and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been on record as saying that he and the league want a franchise to return to the Entertainment Capital of the World, Los Angeles has several reasons not to be a host city for the most popular professional sports league in the United States.

      Note that as someone who grew up near Los Angeles, I would love for an NFL team to return to the city. I'm simply very jaded and cynical after having pro football ripped from under me during my formative years.

      Here it goes:

      Los Angeles is full of fair-weather fans. One of the most frustrating things about being a sports fanatic in southern California is the large number of fans who don't truly care about the home team. 'A'-listers don't make very good sports fans, and neither do people who have very little sports knowledge. Los Angeles is filled with both -- often times the two are mutually inclusive. Celebrities come to sporting events to be seen, not to cheer. Many fans care more about giveaways like the free tacos at Staples Center, than they do the outcome. The NFL would be no exception to this phenomenon in L.A.

      There's too much other fun stuff to do. Hollywood, great weather, amazing mountains, and the Pacific Ocean all mean that Los Angelinos and southern Californians have a lot of non-sports related distractions surrounding them. Because of this, there is just no reason for fans to go all-in on a team that it feels like it has no loyalty to. There's too much to do to live and die with the fate of a professional football team.

      Who wants another team with its own fans? The Minnesota Vikings have been rumored to make their way to L.A. if a stadium deal gets done. This franchise is nothing to get excited about for fans in California. How could the NFL expect new fans to get excited for a mediocre team with an established fan base in another region?

      L.A. is a transplant city .The thing about Los Angeles is that not many of its residents are from Los Angeles. It's a city for tourists and dreamers who hope to make it big. There's nothing wrong with transplants, in fact, it's part of what makes the city so much fun. The people that are natives, however, likely have other loyalties when it comes to the NFL (more on that in a minute). The NFL is a league where fans of regional teams are often spread throughout...
      -05-06-2012, 11:05 AM
      More NFL, the Rams and Los Angeles
      This past Wednesday, I was tuned into one of my usual local sports radio shows (KFI 830) as I was driving home and they had John Semcken on as a guest. John Sencken is, for those that do not know, the Majestic Realty Co. partner managing the NFL stadium project with Ed Roski. Majestic Realty Co. is responsible for the Staples Center in which the Lakers, Kings and Clippers play in downtown LA. The proposed NFL stadium site is about 30 minutes east of LA in the City of Industry.

      I don't have a written copy of the converstation, but some of the stuff I heard was very interesting, and encouraging. I wanted to share some of the things I heard with those that care about NFL football in LA.

      First of all, Roski and Sencken are "100%" sure that this will happen. In fact, a bond passed recently almost unanimously, and more recently, environmental issues which were thought to be a major hurdle have been approved and cleared. Now, it's just getting an NFL team to commit to coming to LA. This is where it gets interesting.

      When asked who he thought might be interested, John stated that, although he couldn't divulge all the details about any talks with teams, the teams that the media has thrown around recently are possible candidates, including: Rams, Raiders, Whiners, Chargers, Jaguars, Bills, Vikings and Saints. What really caught my ear was when a question was posed about what teams were really most likely to move, rather than just posturing and using the LA move for their own stadium deal. Semcken said that a team that is currently up for sale as being a "better candidate", but only two teams were currently "up for sale".

      The Jaquars and the Rams.

      I find it interesting that a guy with that profile would say that if it were not true.

      When asked when this would happen, Semcken said that he believes that an NFL team will be here as early as the 2010 season, playing that season and the 2011 season in either the Rose Bowl or the LA Coliseum until Roski's stadium is completed in 2012.

      According to Semcken, the NFL really wants an NFL team back in LA, and this proposal (unlike other proposals in the past) is solid and back financially and they are definitely interested and listening. They expressed the need to get more Superbowls back in Los Angeles, because the revenue in LA and Miami are still, by far, the most profitable.

      This interview, along with other articles about Roski and teams like the Rams and Chargers, that are floating around here make me finally really believe that the NFL will be back in LA very soon.
      -01-29-2009, 10:58 AM
    • Roy G. Biv
      I just want our LA contingency to know....
      by Roy G. Biv
      ....that when the dust has settled from all these business wheelings/dealings, and the St. Louis Rams are still the St. Louis Rams, that you will still have a home here. Even though, some of you have gone out of your way to alienate fellow St. Louis Rams fans, it's all going to be water under the bridge. By gones will be by gones.

      And by then, maybe the team will be winning again. We can put all this losing and ugliness behind us, and once again just be St. Louis Rams fans all under the same tent with no geographic dissension.

      It's going to be a new day soon. And I just want you to know: no hard feelings; all will be forgiven. In the end we're all just Rams fans.
      -01-31-2010, 06:36 PM