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  • glad to join a cool forum

    I stumbled across this site and can't believe it took me this long to find it. I like the format.Glad to be on and look forwards to interact with everybodies opinions!

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    Well thank you Leo

    By the way, love the cool name ;)

    I love that film "Heaven can Wait" and I wish I had thought to use that :cool:

    Glad to have you on board

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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    • RedAlice
      Thank you Avenger
      by RedAlice
      Thank you Avenger for reminding me about this forum.

      I have been reading the St. Louis forum until it became unreadable due to trolls - except for good articles and camp info. I have also enjoyed the RealRams site, but forgot about this one.

      Look forward to participating with fellow Rams' fans.
      -08-03-2013, 11:21 PM
    • thursday
      New to forum.
      by thursday
      I hail from Canada but i love the Rams. Great game today and the Defense was nothing short of amazing. Kind of reminded me of the 99 Rams D. Anyways there are some great people on this forum and they sure know alot.
      -09-10-2006, 07:05 PM
    • RamDez
      Forum Information - for the buffs out there
      by RamDez
      This Forum works in MySQL and as you can see, is blisteringly fast, considering the about of information it shifts.

      I could make it faster by not allowing searches/ signatures and the wee smiley faces but then the fun would go out of it as well.

      I am using a Unix server as well.
      -03-12-2001, 02:50 PM
    • RamDez
      Smack Forum
      by RamDez
      Do we keep it or remove it?

      I dont use it much only because the level of smack is just childlike now. I have been toying with the idea of removing it for some time, what do you think? Yes or No.

      YES - Keep it
      NO - Get rid of it
      I Dont Care
      -08-13-2006, 01:38 PM
    • Nick
      Stole this from the PD forum...
      by Nick
      ...and they stole it from another forum. Kinda entertaining.

      Nice reporting there....
      -12-05-2004, 09:04 PM