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Tweets from Today's Press Conference w/ HC Sean McVay

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  • Tweets from Today's Press Conference w/ HC Sean McVay

    All of these are from Alden Gonzalez, an ESPN staff writer...

    Sean McVay, whose parents and brother flew in from Atlanta, thanked Jon and Jay Gruden for helping him get here.

    "We're going to be a team that's built on character," Sean McVay said.

    Sean McVay: "I will call the plays."

    The moment Les Snead knew Sean McVay was ready to be a head coach: when his phone was blowing up, and some of the calls were from key Redskins players, including DeSean Jackson and Josh Norman. The moment Kevin Demoff knew: when they were out at dinner and he watched McVay and Marshall Faulk banter back and forth about football.

    Demoff, on McVay: "There are times when I close my eyes and see Jon Gruden." Jared Goff and Aaron Donald spoke to him before he was hired.

    Sean McVay sees "great players in key spots" with the Rams. Mentioned Aaron Donald, Alec Ogletree, Mark Barron, Robert Quinn, Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin; said he sees "exciting traits" in Jared Goff" and that he has "a lot of respect" for Lance Kendricks. "I see a lot of key pieces in place that gives us a chance to compete."

    Fassel will return as special teams coordinator, Snead confirmed. Hiring of OC could take a bit. Not much urgency because McVay calls plays.

    (This one from Shelly Smith @ ESPN) Kroenke, Demoff, Marshall Faulk and Sean McVay had dinner at Spago. Wolfgang Puck came over 3 times to say, "We need a coach."

    Rams had interview scheduled w/ Shanahan Sunday, but Kroenke offered McVay job over breakfast THU. "We knew we had our guy," Demoff said.

    Agent Bob LaMonte first met Sean McVay over lunch four years ago. He left thinking, "This guy is the next Jon Gruden."

    Sean McVay spoke to Eric Dickerson on the phone yesterday and said he's looking forward to forging that relationship. Smart.

    Rams QB Jared Goff spent two hours breaking down film with Sean McVay last week and was blown away. "Right off the bat you could tell that his knowledge is extremely high. Far higher than a lot of guys."

    Demoff: "You were always worried about making sure that Jared had continuity." Demoff brought up the relationship between Sean Payton and Drew Brees, and Jon Gruden with Rich Gannon. "Getting that right pair with the quarterback was imperative."

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    Yeah I watched it and the kid has high energy and I was waiting for him to say... "I will call the plays."

    He does sound like Jon Gruden.

    Rams QB Jared Goff spent two hours breaking down film with Sean McVay last week and was blown away. "Right off the bat you could tell that his knowledge is extremely high. Far higher than a lot of guys." Anyone that's thinking we need an OC is missing the point of hiring McVay.


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    • r8rh8rmike
      Demoff on McVay: I close my eyes and hear Jon Gruden
      by r8rh8rmike
      Demoff on McVay: I close my eyes and hear Jon Gruden

      By Kevin Patra Around the NFL writer
      Published: Jan. 13, 2017 at 04:49 p.m.

      The Los Angeles Rams believe they've hired the next Jon Gruden.

      While introducing Sean McVay on Friday, Rams COO Kevin Demoff gushed about his new coach's excitement, intelligence and maturity.

      "... There are times when I close my eyes you hear Jon Gruden -- whether it's the cadence, whether it's the hand movement..." Demoff said.

      McVay began his NFL career under Gruden in Tampa Bay in 2008 before moving to Washington in 2010. He then worked under Jay Gruden as offensive coordinator the past three years. The new Rams coach noted his roots with the Gruden family run deep -- to Jim Gruden Sr. recruiting his father.

      The 30-year-old McVay became the youngest coach in NFL history on Thursday in a league that is rough on green coaches. Lane Kiffin (31 years old) Raheem Morris (32), David Shula (32), and Josh McDaniels (32) were all young first-time head coaches. None came close to earning a .500 record.

      The Rams don't fear handing over the reins to a youthful McVay.

      "You saw (his) maturity," Demoff said of the interview process. "There is a difference between youth and maturity, Sean is very mature. All of these coaches are going to go through experiences for the first time as head coaches that will challenge them. It's their mental makeup and their fortitude that will determine their success."

      Demoff pointed to several factors that showed McVay was ready to make a leap even at a young age: His ability to call plays for a potent offense in Washington; the ability to relate to the youthful players on his roster (the Rams own the youngest team in the NFL); and the respect he earned from previous players he coached -- Demoff noted many of them called to congratulate McVay on getting the new job.

      "We knew Sean could be special. But I would say the final check point for me was when Sean came back on Tuesday night and he had dinner with myself and Marshall Faulk," Demoff said. "It was listening to him and Marshall banter back and forth about football and what they had to say, look at each other, watching them walk away and Marshall saying, 'That person can absolutely be your next head coach.' That it was not just about the age of the players he was with, it was about earning the respect of people who are very smart people in the NFL. Marshall is one of the brightest players we have ever come across, certainly in our team's history and in the NFL when you look at what he was able to accomplish. And for us that was the final check mark. Age is not a factor here. This is really about Sean's talents and his ability to lead and communicate and what we think that would do for the Los Angeles Rams."

      McVay brushed aside multiple questions about his age, saying...
      -01-13-2017, 07:32 PM
    • OmahaJason
      McVay is OVERPAID
      by OmahaJason
      $100 k on an ENGAGEMENT RING! OMFG. That is insane.
      -06-25-2019, 12:30 PM
    • MauiRam
      24 hours ... With Sean McVay
      by MauiRam
      He may be the youngest coach in NFL history, but the Rams’ new head man is in unquestioned command of his team. Word for the wise—no daydreaming in meetings!

      June 8th by Andy Benoit (MMQB)

      24 Hours … with Sean McVay
      We spent a day with first-year Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay as the youngest coach in the NFL attempts to make his mark on his team at a recent minicamp.

      This is the fourth installment of The MMQB’s “24 Hours” series, inside-inside, multimedia stories for the 2017 NFL season, chronicling a day in the life of an important figure in pro football. After seven years in Washington, the last three as Jay Gruden’s offensive coordinator, a soon-to-be 31-year-old Sean McVay took over the Los Angeles Rams in January, becoming the youngest head coach in NFL history (modern era). It’s been a whirlwind first off-season, though if you observe McVay running the team, you’d think he’s been at it for a decade. In May, during the Rams’ third OTA session (which meant full days with the players and live practices), McVay welcomed us behind the curtain.
      * * *
      Los Angeles, Calif.
      May 24, 2017
      9:43 p.m. PT
      Sean McVay answers the door to his contemporary-style house in Encino Hills, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley northwest of downtown L.A. He moved in a few weeks earlier. His mother, an interior designer in Atlanta, has been furnishing the place. She’s off to a strong—and, to McVay’s occasional astonishment, expensive—start. But her work is far from done. About half of the home’s 4,660 square feet remain bare. McVay lives here with his girlfriend, Veronica, who moved with him from Virginia.
      After McVay, the former offensive coordinator in Washington, got the Rams job on Jan. 12, he planned on returning to his Reston, Va., townhouse to gather his things. But there was too much to do in California. So Veronica and a few friends took care of clearing the townhouse, and it sold in a day. McVay never made it back.
      He’s wearing his usual: shorts, t-shirt and running shoes. “Come in, make yourself at home,” he says.
      * * *
      10:01 p.m.
      McVay toured six houses when he got to L.A. The fourth felt like the winner. But then he saw this one. It overlooks Burbank and has an enormous open patio. The bells and whistles abound: a gas fire table near the edge of the balcony; a miniature balcony overlooking the pool; floodlights—remarkably powerful floodlights; surround sound inside and outside; an Alexa system that controls the lights on command. (“Alexa, turn all off.”) And a glass wall that slides open at the push of a button, converting the living room into essentially a fancy covered patio.
      “Pretty cool, huh?” McVay says as he reveals each nook and cranny. He’s too earnestly impressed to be bragging. He grabs a beer and takes a seat near the gas fire table, only to discover that the cushions of his new patio furniture are damp. Oh well. He’s calling...
      -06-11-2017, 04:06 PM
    • OmahaJason
      We HAVE to talk about McVay.
      by OmahaJason
      I like McVay. But, what most people see a a 'Boy Genius', I see a talented Stage Magician, capable of dizzying feats of sleight-of-hand and gifted with great strategic vision, but he struggles with managing the tactics of offensive play ON THE FIELD. The more you watch a stage magicain, the easier it becomes to predict their tricks, and even if you don't know exactly how they are fooling you, you can anticipate their next move.

      McVay NEEDS a tough, stubborn O.C., empowered to challenge McVay in real time. If McVay just wants to call plays, he could make the same salary as the Ram's OC, but if he truly wants to be a Head Coach in the NFL, he needs to be humble enough to surround himself with coaches able to help him manage the game.
      -09-29-2019, 04:35 PM
    • Nick
      Rams reach out to Redskins OC Sean McVay for head coaching vacancy
      by Nick
      Rotoworld's take......
      -01-02-2017, 06:19 AM