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RB Coach on Gurley, Pass Protection and Offensive Predictability

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  • RB Coach on Gurley, Pass Protection and Offensive Predictability

    Interesting comment from rams RB Coach re: Todd Gurley and pass protection (w/Rotoworld commentary):

    Rams RBs coach Skip Peete cited Todd Gurley's pass-protection ability as a skill Gurley must develop for his game to improve.

    Gurley left the field on most passing downs in favor of Benny Cunningham, a switch that telegraphed to the defense that the Rams were likelier to run with Gurley in the game. "This is going to blow your mind. ... I think the most important thing in this league, as far as a running back is concerned, is his ability to pass protect," said Peete, an 18-year RBs coach. "They think it’s easy. They’ve all come into the league comfortable as a runner." Cunningham is a free agent, setting up Gurley for an increased passing-game role and potentially improved rushing efficiency against lighter boxes if he can fine tune his pass blocking.
    In my mind, the key to this story is not that Gurley needs to improve in pass-blocking (hardly surprising, as most college RBs don't learn the skill) but, rather, the admission by Peete, a holdover from 2016, of how the Rams' offense was highly predictable. We all saw this and felt like opposing defenses were constantly one step ahead of the Rams' offense. Its nice to see Peete acknowledge this openly.

    I view Gurley as a back who can handle all 3 downs. He's big enough to pass block, and would be a valuable asset coming out of the backfield as a receiver more and more.

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    Yes, I agree, this is a very critical part of being a complete running back as we all know. I don't care how good of a runner you are, you won't be on the field for every down (especially 3rd down with longer distances) if you can't pass protect and/or pick up the blitz. Hell, at least slow them down my goodness.

    If you flashback to the Super Bowl also, you will recall that Devonte Freeman misses a key blitz/rusher that caused Matt Ryan to get sacked and fumble the ball leading to Patriots recovery and score, iirc. You can imagine how he felt after that game?! I would feel horrible myself!


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      Thing is Gurley showed real promise as a receiver in 2016, but he needs that pass blocking ability to remain on the field in those passing situations.

      Still, this team NEEDS to bring Benny Cunningham back


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        Still wonder what happened to the Zone Stretch play the Rams ran in 2015 and seldom used in 2016... In a Zone Stretch, it can be a run or a pass. Wouldn't take much for Gurley to block a pass rusher coming from the secondary

        There are just too many sub-schemes to run off the zone stretch to list. Nevertheless, having two RBs on the field would help with play possibilities with or without the zone stretch. And with the lack of draft picks this season it wouldn't be hard to get a 3rd RB who can catch the ball.

        The tone of the RB coach is spot was too easy to predict the Rams play selection


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          Originally posted by Tomahawk247 View Post

          Still, this team NEEDS to bring Benny Cunningham back.

          For sure!...


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            It's almost like it was a jr. high offense or something...
            "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

            Jack Youngblood


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