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Rams Allowing us to Vote For new Pants on Uniforms!

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  • Rams Allowing us to Vote For new Pants on Uniforms!

    Here's the link, it allows us to decide whether the pants will feature a double or single blue line.

    Just for the record, I think the single blue line looks better!

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    Being a USC fan...I'm clearly biased toward the double stripe. lol

    But the solid stripe looks great also.

    I also like that they're inverted designs.


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      meh. tomato tomahto


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        As long as they're staying with the white jersey and blue/gold accents, I'd prefer the gold pants with no stripe. Since I can't have that, I think the single stripe is the best look.


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          I agree with those that like the blue on white. As citr92 says (I think), it really looks like it is a solid white with blue accents or solid blue with white accents. Because the white accents blend into the white pants, it seems like a single blue stripe. If they ever went to a gold pant, I think I'd like the white on blue instead of blue on white.



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          • AlphaRam
            The Blue Pants and the White Pants Have To Go!
            by AlphaRam
            I cannot recall winning a game in the white pants. We have a severe losing record when wearing the blue pants. We need to go back to gold pants all of the time.

            BTW, I hate San Fransucko!
            -11-14-2010, 05:25 PM
          • rNemesis
            Best and worst rams uniforms from the last three seasons
            by rNemesis
            I think we had a similar thread before, but I will ask again. What were, IYHO, were the best and worst uniforms we have worn for the last three years or so?

            For sure, 100%, the worst ones to me were the white on white followed by the blue on white, which was slightly better than the white on white, but ANYTHING with WHITE PANTS is tacky!

            The best to me were (in order of appearance):

            1) The navy blue on navy blue, at home: These were just so bad a**
            2) The white tops with navy blue pants, on the road: These were just swaggerishly nice.
            3) The retro blue and yellow, at home: I LOVE seeing the great memories, but lets always remember that we are navy blue and gold generation now, not blue and yellow.
            4) The blue with gold pants.

            Here are some combinations I WOULD LIKE to see:

            White with gold bottoms
            Gold with gold bottoms
            Some black with gold and blue highlights

            Mix it up, you know?

            What do you guys think ?
            -04-14-2011, 01:13 PM
          • Fettmaster
            Gold pants?
            by Fettmaster
            I absolutly hate that all-white uniform the Rams wore against NY, it looks boring and bland, and it really lacks the color of the previous uniform. I just don't like those pants or the blue pants in general I guess, the solid color of gold really contrasted the jerseys and the uniform was uniqiue and stood out.

            With that said, I thought Spags would bring the solid gold pants back (I'm not sure why), but I guess not. I miss that uniform scheme and hope the Rams wear them this year.

            Anyone else agree, disagree or can anyone offer any insight as to why the gold pants are still gone?

            p.s. I know I'm nit-picking ;)
            -08-18-2009, 03:45 PM
          • dgr828
            Once again the Rams go Alternative
            by dgr828
            Last week in Philadelphia, the Rams sported their blue jerseys with white pants which didn't bring much luck. This week the Rams once again go with the alternative attire, this time the team will wear Blue on Blue (Blue jerseys, Blue pants). Hopefully the Rams are dressed for success!
            -09-14-2008, 09:37 AM
          • Rip32
            by Rip32
            I guess we cant blame the pants for our losing anymore and seeing as they are not cursed we should keep them,they look a lot better than those gold pants anyday.
            -01-02-2006, 10:03 AM