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Goff Looking Comfortable, Confident in New Offense

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  • Goff Looking Comfortable, Confident in New Offense

    Goff Looking Comfortable, Confident in New Offense
    Posted 11 hours ago
    Myles Simmons
    Rams Insider

    The Rams made a number of organizational moves during the offseason to help develop young quarterback Jared Goff, from hiring Sean McVay as head coach to signing free agent left tackle Andrew Whitworth. And with the club’s offseason program coming to an end this week, Goff has shown signs that he can take a significant step forward in his second pro season.

    Both coaches and players have extolled Goff for his leadership off the field, and the quarterback appears to be more comfortable and confident during practice.

    “I think a lot of that has to do with the guys around me,” Goff said Tuesday. “I think we’ve done a good job offensively going from the install to on the field and being effective with it. I think that goes back to the coaches as well. Their ability to install and their ability to teach and coach us has been tremendous. It’s been a lot of fun learning with them and continuing to improve myself and the team as a whole.”

    The ease of installing the playbook has been a common refrain from members of Los Angeles’ offense since McVay’s arrival. Players have said it comes from the way the coaches have been so detail oriented in their instruction and focus on learning day-by-day.

    “I’ve enjoyed every day coming out here and learning with them,” Goff said. “All the way back from when we started meeting with them to now — it’s been awesome. I’ve had a really good time learning it. I think I’ve picked it up at a pretty good pace. I like where we’re at right now. Obviously, a lot of stuff to improve on, especially from today. But again, I like where we’re at.”

    From offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur’s vantage point, Goff has done well in making daily strides throughout the offseason program.

    “That’s been the biggest thing with him, is just get a little bit better each day, become a little more consistent on a daily basis,” LaFleur said.

    “I think when you look at trying to find your identity and what you kind of want to hang your hat on within the framework of our offense, I think he’s picked some of those things up well,” McVay said. “Again, like we always talk about, it’s going to be something where we want to do a good job as coaches figuring out our players and then we’ll adjust the system accordingly.”

    That’s particularly important for a signal-caller in McVay’s system, which the head coach often says is set up to make the quarterback’s job as easy as possible. To that end, McVay said Goff will have input into the way the offense functions just like any other player.

    “If there’s something that he feels like is going to make it an easier way for all of the players to understand and call a concept, that’s something that we’re certainly flexible with,” McVay said. “We try to make sure that as coaches we’re creating verbiage that makes sense from a teaching standpoint, as opposed to just, ‘This is just because.’ You want to always make sure there’s a ‘why.’ I think that gives you a better chance to learn if you have that.”

    Still, McVay can often be seen on the field during practice coaching up the quarterbacks to ensure plays are run to his liking. And that’s something Goff likes.

    “I think he is tough at times, I think there’s other times where he knows how to handle a situation, but I’ve been very happy with the way that he’s coached me,” Goff said. “I want him to be hard on me. I think I need it. I think that’s how I get better and continue to stay sharp.”

    And Goff has made strong throws throughout the offseason program, particularly over the last few weeks. His teammates have noticed the progress, particularly as it relates to year over year improvement.

    “There’s a lot more communicating to the receivers when he sees something,” wideout Pharoh Cooper said. “Last year, we would kind of just go about it and try to fix it the next day or something. But if we mess something up, he’ll talk to you about it on the sideline now. We’ll say, ‘Jared, you saw what I saw?’ And we’ll go from there.”

    With the Rams off until late July when training camp begins, Goff said he’ll be working out in Southern California to prepare for the season.

    “I’ve got two things planned. I’m going to have a camp at my high school coming up here soon. I’m going to play golf in Tahoe in the middle of July and that’s about it,” Goff said. “Everything else will be down here training.”

    That's training to produce quality results for 2017 and many seasons to come.

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    Really excited and happy for Jared and the team they are working hard to improve and are really putting in the time even when there is down time! I am hoping this pays off this season! In any event I expect this offense to look much much better than last season by leaps and bounds! I love the off season changes and the new coaching staff it seems to all be coming together in a very positive way with great effects on the players or so it seems from the outside looking in...


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      Say what you want about Goff, but he is the polar opposite of Greg Robinson. He might never live up to his draft position or what was given up to get him, but it won't be for lack of effort and drive. That said, I have a good feeling about him moving forward.


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      • Nick
        Bonsignore: Here’s why Year 2 should look much better for Rams quarterback Jared Goff
        by Nick
        Bonsignore: Here’s why Year 2 should look much better for Rams quarterback Jared Goff
        By VINCENT BONSIGNORE | [email protected] | Daily News
        May 25, 2017 at 3:39 pm

        As observations go, it probably falls more into the can’t-be-seen-without-a-microscope category. But the most astute scientists will tell you items unable to be detected by the human eye are sometimes the most critical, so the relatively casual critique Robert Woods made about Jared Goff might foretell something more significant.

        Woods, the Rams’ free agent wide receiver pickup, and Goff, the second-year quarterback on whom so much of their future success depends, have been consistent workout partners almost since the moment Woods signed last March. Woods might be only 25, but the four NFL seasons he has accrued involved five starting quarterbacks. And that’s four too many, given the timing, chemistry and comfort level required for quarterbacks and wide receivers to prosper together.

        The former USC star would like nothing better than to develop a long, monogamous working relationship with Goff over the next few years, although that is largely dependent on Goff fulfilling the promise and potential the Rams envisioned upon drafting him first overall in 2016.

        And as the early stage of their partnership evolves, Woods is on the lookout for evidence to support that conclusion.

        A small sample of which was recently presented

        A week ago, playing against a certain defensive look in practice, Goff misfired on a throw to Woods. The two hashed it out in conversation and conferred about it in the classroom. And when faced with the same defensive package against the same play this week during a Rams’ Organized Team Activity practice, the result was decidedly different.

        “This time he threw a perfect pass,” said Woods, who seemed hardly surprised by the manner in which Goff made the adjustment or the pristine throw he delivered.

        These are traits Woods has already recognized in Goff during their short time together.

        “Work ethic, arm and accuracy,” Woods said, describing Goff. “You see him coming out here, always working, first to answer the question in the meeting rooms. He’s always listening. Always asking questions.”

        That isn’t to suggest Goff will make the leap from the struggling rookie we saw in 2016 to All-Pro in 2017. Or that long-term success is guaranteed for the former Cal star. But given the natural progression from Year 1 to Year 2, the rebuilt infrastructure and support system the Rams have supplied Goff with this offseason and the more certain and confident demeanor he has presented so far during OTAs, there’s compelling reason to believe the 22-year-old will take a positive step forward this year.

        “I think he’s done a nice job just getting better every single day,” said Sean McVay, the young coach with whom the Rams have entrusted...
        -05-25-2017, 04:19 PM
      • Nick
        Jared Goff shows he's growing into role of Rams quarterback
        by Nick
        Jared Goff shows he's growing into role of Rams quarterback
        8:39 AM ET
        Alden Gonzalez
        ESPN Staff Writer

        THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Jared Goff stepped up in the pocket and fired a bullet, roughly 30 yards down the field, right into the hands of Robert Woods on a post route. Earlier, he hit Nelson Spruce for a long touchdown. And leading up to that impressive throw to Woods, he made crisp, accurate passes to Tyler Higbee and Cooper Kupp as part of a two-minute drill.

        It's only organized team activities, which means players are not in pads and live contact is not permitted, but Goff looked good on Monday.

        Rams rookie coach Sean McVay is nonetheless reserving judgement.

        "Until you’re actually live as a quarterback, that’s when you truly get challenged," McVay said. "You’re having to move with the rush, avoid guys that can really tackle you. That’s always the best evaluator. I think he has done a nice job improving every single day, and that’s what’s going to give us a chance.”

        Goff, with a 22.2 Total QBR in his brief NFL career, began his offseason by receiving instruction from noted quarterback guru Tom House. And ever since the official offseason program began, the 22-year-old has immersed himself in McVay's offense, spending almost every possible waking minute at the Rams' facility. McVay said he has been "very pleased" with what Goff has done "above the neck."

        His teammates have noticed more confidence, more conviction.

        "You can tell, especially just starting with the command of the offense, him being able to take that and control the huddle and get guys lined up, and keep that poise when things aren’t going well and when things are going well," said Higbee, Goff's roommate throughout training camp last year. "He looks good."

        "More confident, more relaxed, more poised in the pocket" is how second-year receiver Mike Thomas compared this year's Goff to last year's Goff. "Letting the game come to him and taking his time, being patient on the field."

        Goff is benefiting from having an entire NFL season under his belt and knowing from the start that he will be the starting quarterback -- but he must perform in order to keep his job.

        McVay wasn't around when the Rams moved up 14 spots to draft Goff No. 1 overall last spring, and thus has no real loyalty to Goff, who struggled mightily over the course of seven rookie starts, all of them losses. If Goff doesn't show signs that he is making significant strides toward at least becoming a reliable starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, McVay probably won't have a hard time turning to his backup, Sean Mannion, a third-round pick in 2015 who hasn't seen much playing time yet.

        McVay often has said he and his staff will "constantly evaluate guys."

        -06-06-2017, 09:16 AM
      • RockinRam
        Jared Goff says Rams can run Redskins' deep passing offense under Sean McVay
        by RockinRam
        Eric Edholm
        Shutdown CornerJan 21, 2017, 12:55 PM

        Jared Goff has had time to rest up from a trying first season, let his body heal, spend a little time in Mexico with his friends … but now he’s ready to go back to work. He has a new head coach, a new offensive system and new perspective heading into his first full offseason of work in the NFL.

        The Los Angeles Rams quarterback spent much of last season waiting his turn (for much of it as the team’s third quarterback) before starting the final seven games of the season and still seeking his first victory in the league. He’ll be doing it under his third head coach following the firing of Jeff Fisher, and with interim coach John Fassel being replaced by 30-year-old, first-time head coach Sean McVay.

        Goff is now back in Los Angeles (more on that below), and he’s excited to get working with McVay on a new direction offensively.

        “He’s ready, ready to get this thing turned around, as am I,” Goff told Shutdown Corner Friday night. “We’ve talked now a few times since he’s been hired, and it’s a great start.”

        Goff met with McVay before and after the new coach was hired, and he was the only coach Goff met with during the Rams’ interview process — which might say a lot about how impressive McVay with the team’s brass.

        “I thought after that first meeting, if he gets the job I am completely on board,” Goff said. “I was very, very pleased. Now the hard work begins.”

        Goff believes the Rams’ offense can have the same type of feel as the system McVay ran with the Washington Redskins.

        “I think we’re going to do a lot of what they did last year: a lot of downfield passing stuff,” Goff said of the Redskins’ offense, which ranked second in the NFL in yards per pass play and passing yards per game. “I think that’s obviously transferable here.”

        Goff had no idea at the time, but starting early last season he would be watching tape of opposing defenses, and he said it seemed that every other week he was getting a look at what the Redskins and quarterback Kirk Cousins did offensively.

        “I kept saying, either to myself or to the other quarterbacks in the room, ‘Hey, man, I really like this. I like what they do.’ I had no idea [McVay] would be bringing that here at the time,” Goff said. “Great concepts, lots of variety, great execution. It’s all there.

        “Now I get to run that. You could see Kirk making tough throws, but they were scheming stuff up to get guys open. That’s one thing I noticed, a lot of guys running free, which is obviously appealing to me.”

        As far as McVay’s age, Goff says he is not worried at all. The Rams were the youngest team in the NFL last season and likely will be one of the youngest again this season.

        “If there’s a team it’s not going to be a problem with, it’s us,” he said. “But I don’t think it would be a problem regardless,...
        -01-23-2017, 08:42 AM
      • Nick
        Bonsignore: The ‘perfect throw’ that showed how much progress Jared Goff has made
        by Nick
        The ‘perfect throw’ that showed how much progress Jared Goff has made
        By Vincent Bonsignore Aug 7, 2019 5

        NAPA, Calif. — On a day when Jared Goff shredded the Oakland Raiders in the first of two joint practices, the Rams quarterback’s very best play wasn’t scripted, programmed or relayed to him. And it wasn’t part of Sean McVay’s deep and creative play call sheet.

        In fact, the situation called for Goff to go off script and tap into his footwork, vision and improvisational skills to create a big play when it appeared there was no play available.

        That area of Goff’s game has been knocked by critics over his first three seasons. It’s the source of the backhanded compliment often paid to him as a “system quarterback” who is capable of carrying out orders when the pocket is clean and everything is perfectly flowing on schedule. However, the unsaid implication of that label is that Goff is much more compromised the second things go awry and he has to become a playmaker.

        It’s not an entirely unfounded complaint; it’s just a bit overplayed. In a league in which quarterbacking under duress is a way of life, Goff has stacked up the necessary numbers and victories to undisputedly solidify his place among the elite quarterbacks in the game.

        He will never be Patrick Mahomes when it comes to using athletic ability and one of the great throwing arms in all of football to make Houdini-like plays. But Goff’s precise footwork, feel for a pocket and ability to keep his eyes focused downfield — even on the move — allow him to make things happen when he has to make a play.

        Three years into his partnership with McVay, Goff’s command of the offense is fueling the rising confidence in that part of his game. So far in training camp, he is taking more chances. And instead of simply throwing the ball away or taking a sack when under pressure, Goff has been a bit more daring in being a playmaker.

        “It just continues to keep growing like I always talk about,” he said. “I can’t specifically say anything in particular, but just me and Sean continue to get on the same page, I think it’s continuing to grow. And then, just my understanding of everything will always continue to grow with Sean as well.”

        Which brings us back to the play Goff made in Wednesday’s practice with the Raiders that quickly turned into a highlight reel for the 24-year-old.

        Maybe it was the fact that his parents were in attendance. Or perhaps it was the comfort of being home in the Bay Area. Whatever the reason, the former Cal star had his strongest day of training camp.

        In a spectacular 11-on-11 red zone period, Goff came up with multiple scoring throws, the best of which was the laser beam that split two Raiders defensive backs for a touchdown pass to tight end Gerald Everett in the back of the end zone. With so much going into the play, not the least of which was the mutual...
        -08-08-2019, 02:06 PM
      • Nick
        How good, or bad, will Jared Goff be in Year 2? It's anybody's guess
        by Nick
        How good, or bad, will Jared Goff be in Year 2? It's anybody's guess
        2:09 PM ET
        Alden Gonzalez
        ESPN Staff Writer

        THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano witnessed the proverbial "Year 2 Leap" firsthand with Andrew Luck, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 draft. The game started to slow down; third-down blitz packages and safety rotations became easier to pick up.

        By the end of it, Luck had cut his interceptions in half over the course of his second NFL season, his quarterback rating jumping from 76.5 to 87.0 from 2012 to 2013.

        And that brings us to Jared Goff, a downright mystery in the build-up to the 2017 regular season.

        Goff should be better as a second-year player, but by how much?

        The Los Angeles Rams knew he needed work when they made him the No. 1 overall pick in 2016, but they probably didn't anticipate him needing that much. Goff wasn't named the starter until Week 11, then lost all seven of his starts and finished with a Total QBR of 22.2, the lowest among quarterbacks who played in at least five games.

        But that was under dire circumstances. His offensive line was bad, his running game nonexistent, his receivers inferior and his coaching staff generally lacking in experience with his position. Now Goff is in a system that has proven to get the most out of quarterbacks, while operating behind an improved offensive line and throwing to a deeper, more talented group of receivers. And it's hard to really know what to expect.

        Asked in what ways he believes he is better since the end of his rookie season, Goff said: "I think just understanding the intent of stuff that we do and understanding what the defense is trying to do and what the intent of their calls are, and different ways to attack it. With that, the game just begins to slow down a little bit. I think that's what you ultimately feel. I felt it from Year 1 to Year 2. At every level you're at, you get that slowdown effect a little bit from those two years. And I think it continues to slow down as time goes on."

        The Rams have done their best not to put too much pressure on Goff, at least publicly. First-year head coach Sean McVay, who worked wonders with Kirk Cousins in Washington, has talked mostly about the need for Goff to limit turnovers and distribute the ball in an effort to open holes for his star running back, Todd Gurley, who didn't see many holes last season.

        The expectations remain basic.

        "We expect him to make good decisions, throw with accuracy and rhythm," McVay said. "If he does that, then I think he'll give himself a chance to play good football for us."

        Goff is at a point in his career where he will frequently flash his potential and also make critical mistakes, reminding you that he is still only 22 years old. He threw six interceptions during a three-day...
        -09-07-2017, 01:31 PM