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I'll feel like its not the "same old Rams" under McVay if and when...

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  • I'll feel like its not the "same old Rams" under McVay if and when...

    What would make you feel like things are really changing?
    When faced with an equal or inferior team, particularly at home, we win going away.
    We lose because the other team really outplayed us, rather than the product of dumb mistakes.
    Opposing defenses look out of position against our offense, rather than the other way around.
    When we get a lead, we build on it, rather than waiting for the clock to run out
    Some other indicator (describe).
    Ask me again when we win our 8th game and the season isn't over.

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    I took the first option, but would also like to vote for "When we get a lead, we build on it, rather than waiting for the clock to run out". For me they are 1a and 1b, with the first option being only slightly more important than the 4th option.



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      For quite a long time now and especially since Fisher became the coach. The Rams have regularly been in close games, and sometimes they were playing really well, but they never knew how to kill the game off and more often than not would then come up short. Until I see this team consistently start putting teams away on offense, I'll know there and then.!!!


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        These are all good choices and would point to our team making huge progress from last season! I found the one that covered the most points or so it seemed to me was not waiting for the clock to run out! You need look no further than last years stupid bowl to see it in action, the Falcons blew the game the lead and the season doing just this combined with poor play and keeping the defense on the field too long! They lost their identity and then their pride! Now we have to hear how great the danged cheats are cause they took advantage of a team that for got how to win! Poor play and poor coaching lose every single time! Man I was rooting for the Falcons so hard what a huge let down. But also a great example, if you are doing the right things to win I believe the rest of the points in this thread fall into place including wins!


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          I went with "some other indicator" and to me its making the playoffs. We've seen marginal improvements under Fisher and his predecessors, but its all about contending for the Super Bowl in the NFL and until that step is achieved I'm not willing to buy-in. I agree that the outlook is more positive under McVay, but let's recall how many of us, including myself, felt this in 2012 upon the arrival of Jeff Fisher. I can only speak for myself but I felt we had a head coach who knew how to be a head coach rather than a promoted coordinator. We we all know how that worked out.

          Admittedly, we have a better roster talent-wise so the odds are in McVay's favor, but its the old Jerry McGuire line, "show me the money". Style points count for very little in the NFL, a results oriented league. Ask a Patriots fan.

          Go Rams!
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            For me it's simple. Win. Nothing else matters.


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              Went with other cause it kind of includes most of the above.

              But plainly, not only win against equal/greater competition, but consistently so AND consistently looking like a winning team.

              No way in heck last year did they actually look like a team that was legitimately 3-1, and we saw what happened afterwards.


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                Win big, win by a point, win ugly, win when a star or unit are affected by injury.....just win. The Rams have had enough talent to beat any team for years. Just do it, already.It's like England & The World Cup; more in their heads than anything.
                I went with the last option.


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                  Originally posted by mh-i View Post
                  For me it's simple. Win. Nothing else matters.
                  I did not see that option but this is where I am at.


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                    Tough one! I took build on a lead, but not losing because of dumb mistakes was a close second.
                    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

                    Jack Youngblood


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                      Starting to be able to win the games you are supposed to win against inferiror/equal talented teams is a start and an indicator in my eyes that the team has turned it around.


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                      • AvengerRam
                        24 hours later, hereís what I think...
                        by AvengerRam
                        Here it is...


                        The Rams played a bad game.

                        The Falcons played a good day.

                        Yes, the Rams have a lot of work to do to maintain their success and improve to a point where the margin of error will increase. But they have a very good young core lead by a QB and HC who will are performing at a high level and continue to improve.

                        We have several months to talk about all that.

                        For now, Iím just disappointed I said...

                        The Rams played a bad game.
                        -01-07-2018, 08:50 PM
                      • Nick
                        The Rams were a feel-good story this season; next year there's no telling
                        by Nick
                        The Rams were a feel-good story this season; next year there's no telling
                        By DAN WOIKE
                        JAN 07, 2018 | 9:00 AM

                        While the Rams and the Atlanta Falcons were fighting for the chance to advance in the NFL playoffs, the once Los Angeles, currently Oakland and soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders sent out a tweet that should've sent shivers down the spine of Sean McVay and everyone at the Coliseum on Saturday night.

                        The Raiders had officially hired Jon Gruden ó a reminder that one year after being one of the hot NFL teams on the rise, the Raiders had fallen so low, they canned their previous head coach in the guts of StubHub Center just a week ago.

                        In the moments after the Rams' 26-13 defeat, reporters filed in and out of press conferences and the locker rooms, asking so many questions about the young team's growth.

                        Certainly, even in defeat, they'd accomplished a lot.

                        "I think you're seeing a lot of things that went in the right direction," Rams coach Sean McVay said on his postgame hunt for a silver lining. "We're able to look back on this year and take some positive examples of things we can draw upon moving forward."

                        But even the youngest coach in modern NFL history knows that too many lessons learned like this get you fired in this league.

                        While there are reasons to be excited about the Rams' future, no one was Saturday night. The players who play, the coaches who coach should know there's no league where things change faster than the NFL.

                        After all, last year the Rams had the third worst record in the NFC. A coaching change and some shrewd personnel moves helped the team finish 2017 with the third best record in the conference.

                        Things, they change quickly.

                        "This team was good enough, really, to compete with anyone," veteran offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth said.

                        And next year's team? Who knows?

                        The Oakland Raiders entered this season with a lot of people believing they were good enough, really, to compete with anyone. They weren't. The Dallas Cowboys thought they were good enough too. The suspension of Ezekiel Elliott, among other things, changed that thinking awfully quick.

                        A wrong step or a bad fall, that can change everything too. The Miami Dolphins lost their quarterback in the summer, and with him, their chances for making the postseason were seriously injured as well. Same for the Green Bay Packers, who lost Aaron Rodgers because of a broken collarbone.

                        In total, eight teams that made the playoffs last season didn't make them this year. And of those eight, three teams axed their coaches after 2017's failures.

                        But Saturday wasn't the time to think about that. If players were going to dwell on anything other than loss on the field, it would be the hope this past season provides for the future.

                        -01-07-2018, 11:49 AM
                      • AvengerRam
                        A calculated risk that is... and isn't (yet)... paying off
                        by AvengerRam
                        When McVay took over, and Les Snead was advised he was staying, they apparently hatched a two part plan:

                        1. Focus the bulk of the available resources on fixing the offense from an OL and receiving corps standpoint.
                        2. Stand pat with the defensive personnel and see if Wade Phillips can work his magic.

                        Part 1 is working out extremely well. This is an entirely new offense with the addition of Andrew Whitworth, John Sullivan, Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, Gerald Everett and Cooper Kupp. What was a "middle school" embarrassment is now a dynamic, balanced and diverse attack that is scoring points (in 3 games, they've score 48% of the points total achieved in 16 games last year). Just how good this offense is, and can be, remains to be seen. However, the improvement is undeniable.

                        The flip side is the defense. Other than Kayvon Webster (who has missed 2 of the 3 games played,) and Connor Barwin, the personnel consists primarily of holdovers who are trying to adjust to a 3-4. At this point, it would be fair to say that the defense is struggling. Indeed, that's an understatement. While this is not the desired outcome, perhaps its not a surprise either. You simply can't (particularly w/out a first round pick) address every aspect of the team in one offseason. The hope is that Wade can figure out the right mix with the parts he now has.

                        Time will tell.

                        With 2 wins in 3 weeks, though, I'd say the plan is (mostly) working.

                        Hopefully, that trend will continue....
                        -09-22-2017, 12:31 PM
                      • macrammer
                        My Top 5 Reasons Why We WON!!!!
                        by macrammer
                        IMO the biggest Ram game in over a decade and the team put all of my anxiety to rest quickly. outstanding team win today. Still, unfinished business to wrap up division BUT I LIKE our chances
                        10-4! Wow........

                        My top 5 reasons:

                        o Defense. Aaron, 3 sacks, two holding calls.....Qunnn 2 sacks and blew up Wilson for fumble 7 sacks one point in mid 3rd qtr. Seattle had less then 100 yds offense. Yes, In Seattle
                        o Pharoh. His punt returns were consistently scintillating.......and a string of returns with NO PENALTIES
                        o Todd G What can you say about him. Light years away from sophomore season How cool was that 57 yd scamper on 3rd and 20 for a TD?
                        o Early field position......our Special teams ko coverage is amazing and they really helped team out by stingy returns.......
                        o Smarter, more disciplined football in a less then friendly environment!

                        Kudos to coaching staff getting team ready for this one!...
                        -12-17-2017, 04:34 PM
                      • r8rh8rmike
                        A Coaching Staff That Can Make Adjustments, What A Concept
                        by r8rh8rmike
                        After years of watching a coaching staff that had no clue how to make any type of effective adjustments, especially at halftime, it's so encouraging to see a staff that can make decisions to right the ship, and actually win games as a result. McVay and Phillips have time and time again, shown an ability to alter the plan when things are not going right. The Dallas game is a perfect example, most notably on defense. Dallas ran wild in the first half with over 130 yards, but less than 60 in the second half. They scored 24 points in the first half, but only 6 in the second. And they finally figured out a way to shut down an opposing TE, holding Jason Witten to a single catch.

                        If the trend is any indication, things will only improve. This Sunday will be a big test, but I finally have faith in the coaching staff to do what it takes to make adjustments, and win games.
                        -10-06-2017, 10:04 AM