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My Top 5 Reasons Why We WON!!!!

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  • My Top 5 Reasons Why We WON!!!!

    amazing game. Much different then I anticipated with the outcome I was so hoping for..........

    1) McVay. This offense is nothing like what we witnessed under Fisher. Just WOW
    2) Goff. He played like a seasoned veteran. He stood in tall and delivered the ball nicely.
    3) Gurley.......He took over the game when we needed him to. Did anyone see his beaming smile after the game when he was being interviewed? Not ,many smiles last year if any......
    4) Watkins......Sammy came alive today.
    5) Offensive line. much maligned in years past but not tonight...........

    Honarable mnetion.....woods.......

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    As Gurley said all the players have bought in to McVay and his offense. I'm glad I bought my shares early on. Great returns so far!


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      I also liked the way our Back Up Center came in for Sully and did a good job.... We have been thin on the OL for so long always keeps me worried good to see guys rise to the occasion as needed! Gurley seems to be really enjoying this season and his smile is bright and big for good reasons! Goff starting to live up to all my praise of him... I keep saying the lad is only going to get better with every game and season for quite a while especially with our coaching staff showing him the way! Hope he keeps working to be the best QB he can be even in the off seasons... The young man has so much potential and he is starting to fulfill it already which is more than I could have predicted! So dang proud of him!


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        The great part 10 days to rest and heal, while the Cowgirls only have 5.


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        • NJ Ramsfan1
          Tonight's loss- Revelations and Observations
          by NJ Ramsfan1
          The Rams have enjoyed two back-to-back excellent seasons resulting in two NFC West titles. They've been the deserving recipients of much praise during that time and have made football fun again. That said, some observations must be made.

          Though not unexpected by me, tonight's loss was nonetheless disappointing. Credit the Bears, a good team who tonight were better, hungrier, more disciplined and tougher- overcoming a 3 int performance by their QB, who was rusty after a two-week absence, And thumbs down to Sean McVay, who continues to bewilder with his periodic unwillingness to utilize Gurley in the running game. This infatuation with the pass when you have the game's best back is mind-boggling to me. Certainly McVay is intelligent enough to know that play action only works when you establish a running game. Otherwise, the ball fake means nothing and defenses aren't fooled. Tonight, his unwillingness to get Gurley going early hurt the offense. It's almost like McVay overthinks stuff from time to time. And the use of timeouts- including an ugly stretch where we used two of them in a three second span- continues to conjure up images of Mike Martz. We simply have to have a better handle on processing play calls.

          Goff, for all of the tremendous strides he's made, still has much work to do. He had the absolute worst game he's had in the McVay regime, looking totally lost and displaying the lack of poise shown in his rookie year. His mistakes were numerous and came in all areas of play. He misfired on numerous throws, missed open receivers, forced balls, showed poor pocket presence and threw 4 interceptions- one of which immediately followed a Rams defensive pick. Goff has regressed the past two weeks, and as we head towards the playoffs, this is a concern. It begs the question "Who is Jared Goff?" Is he a guy who needs everything to be perfect including great protection, a great back, and the weather to succeed? Or is he a guy who can succeed despite adverse conditions? Is he truly a potentially elite QB or simply the beneficiary of a lot of surrounding talent and a brilliant coach? His performance tonight feeds the stereotype of the West Coast/warm climate player: a guy who isn't tough and performs poorly in less-than-ideal weather and with some pressure in his face.

          Tonight's game also drove home a point I've made time and again- to the disagreement of some in today's fantasy-driven offensive-minded NFL: Defense is still very important. The high-flying Rams were grounded tonight. And with the big names we have on defense, we have to be able to do this to a New Orleans, a New England or a Kansas City if we see them again.

          Moving forward, I want to see improved balance from McVay with Gurley getting the opportunity to establish things early. I want continued improvement from the defense. And I want Goff to rebound from two sub-par weeks of football....
          -12-09-2018, 09:20 PM
        • NJ Ramsfan1
          Thoughts and Observations
          by NJ Ramsfan1
          The Rams picked the absolute worst time for an offensive clunker, laying an egg in the Super Bowl, and there were plenty of culprits. Start with Gurley, who showed again that he's obviously hurt, despite the repeated and ridiculous proclamations to the contrary by the organization, McVay and Gurley himself. Was a tight end's name mentioned all night? Higbee and Everett apparently went into Witness Protection, because they were totally invisible. Ditto for Robert Woods, who contributed virtually nothing. Only Reynolds and Cooks carried their weight offensively though Cooks' two drops killed us (more on this later).

          Goff could never get it going. He wasn't helped, as his offensive line played poorly for much of the night, especially Austin Blythe, who was tossed around like a salad every time I watched him. Goff nonetheless took a couple of ill-advised sacks and was skittish on throws when pressure came. He continued his pattern of making bad reads from time to time, trying to hit covered receivers while others roamed free. It's his biggest weakness, IMO, and one has to hope it's the byproduct of youth which will be improved with reps and experience.

          Three pivotal plays changed the course of this game. One was the phantom holding call on Sullivan during Gurley's 27 yard run- a call that changed the drive and forced a punt. Terrible, over-officious call. And plays two and three were the drops by Cooks- difficult catches for sure, but ones made by big time players in big time moments. The 2nd one in particular on a beautifully thrown ball by Goff REALLY hurt, as a possible 10-10 tie was replaced by an interception thrown one play later. Game over.

          McVay was outcoached. One can safely say that because when a man's bread and butter- offensive football- is reduced to a pile of trash on the biggest stage in the sport, he didn't do a good job and had no answers. Why weren't the tight ends incorporated more? Why wasn't CJ Anderson given a bigger role given Gurley's continued troubles? The Goff fake handoff and play action fooled no one. And I think if the offense is predicated too much on the success of one guy (Gurley), you're going to have problems, as evidenced tonight.

          Credit Phillips, who had the defense ready. They played well enough to win, and despite their lousy coverage of Edelman, made stops when needed and kept New England off the scoreboard. We'll certainly see some changes for next year, but couldn't have asked too much more from them- this defeat rests squarely on the offensive side of the ball. And if you had bet me this would be the way the game would go, I'd have lost my shirt.

          In time, I'll appreciate the season we had, but in sports, you must take advantage of opportunities given to you in Championship Games, because you never know if or when you'll ever get back. A bitter pill to swallow on so many levels....
          -02-04-2019, 04:29 AM
        • r8rh8rmike
          Some Observations From The Game In Oakland Last Night
          by r8rh8rmike
          Itís only a preseason win, but IMO, coming out of the gate with two in a row, lays the foundation for the culture change McVay has been preaching. There were a lot of smiles on the sideline, which after 2016, is a welcomed sight.

          Goff looked great last night. He was confident, threw with accuracy, calmly moved around the pocket to avoid pressure, made multiple reads, completed some nice throws on the run, hit receivers on short routes, intermediate routes, and made a perfect deep throw to Watkins in the end zone (which was unfortunately broken up), was smart with his decisions, spread the ball around, and was efficient. If he can carry that through to the regular season, weíve got something.

          During the broadcast, Marshall Faulk, a pretty smart guy, said the future of the Rams at QB is bright. Iím starting to agree.

          Sammy Watkins surprisingly played on nearly every down with the first team offense. So much for easing him in. He didnít light it up with a lot of big catches, but he still made a huge impact by occupying two Raider defenders on virtually every play. That opened things up for not only the other receivers, but Gurley as well.

          Speaking of Gurley, he looked like, well, Todd Gurley. Great to see him effectively running with confidence, behind a vastly improved offensive line.

          Hard to get an accurate read on the defense, or what impact Donaldís absence is having, as he, Quinn, Barron, Webster, and Robey-Coleman were all out last night. The sooner everybody gets back on the field, the better for creating a functioning unit, and continuity.

          Hate to sound like a broken record, but Cooper Kupp continues to impress, and looks like the real deal. He always seems to know how to be in the right place at the right time. You canít teach that.

          Speaking of receivers, they are doing so well as a group, Iím forgetting all about that other guy who canít stay on the field.

          Fumbles werenít eliminated, but last night was a huge improvement. IMO, thatís in big part to coaching, and teaching. How refreshing is that compared to Fisherís ďcountry clubĒ approach to problem areas that never seemed to improve.

          I got a kick out of the Rams having to call timeout on offense when it looked like Goff wasnít getting the play in a timely manner. He looked frustrated, and walked to the sideline with McVay smiling and trying to calm him down. Reminded me of the same types of situations Warner and Martz used to have. I mention it because IMO, it shows Goff has confidence, knows the offense, and is developing into a QB who knows what he wants to do, and needs to do.

          Jake McQuaide must be popular with his teammates. After he made a tackle on special teams, half the players on the bench came onto the field with huge smiles to slap him on the shoulder in congratulations.

          I really liked Benny Cunningham, but I think the Rams are in great...
          -08-20-2017, 09:11 AM
        • r8rh8rmike
          Everybody's An Expert On The Rams Woes.........
          by r8rh8rmike

          -12-21-2018, 01:25 PM
        • viper
          Bonsignore: Rams are a legitimate playoff threat
          by viper
          By Vincent Bonsignore | | Daily News

          PUBLISHED: October 23, 2017 at 12:16 pm | UPDATED: October 23, 2017 at 9:04 pm

          At the risk of getting ahead of ourselves, itís time to get ahead of ourselves.

          That means itís time to stop pretending or skirting or avoiding.

          Be it out of fear of jinxing, the other shoe falling or having been burned and hurt so many times before simply protecting yourself from getting your hearts ripped out and trampled upon again.

          Itís time to embrace and accept reality. And own it.

          The Rams are a legitimate playoff contender.

          There, that wasnít so bad now was it? But why stop there?

          The Rams are a legitimate threat to make a serious postseason run, too.

          Boom. Itís out there.

          And really, whatís to argue at this point?

          Take a look at the rest of the NFC and tell me thereís a team that has all its bases covered like the Rams do right now.

          An offense thatís generally been humming behind second-year quarterback Jared Goff, an offensive line playing as well as any in the league, a deep, versatile group of wide receivers and pass targets and running back Todd Gurley, the favorite for Comeback Player of the Year honors and the Most Valuable Player award.

          They lead the league in scoring and are ninth in total yards. They are the sixth-best rushing team in the NFL and the 12th-best passing team. On both fronts, there is ample room to get even better.

          There might be better defenses in the NFL, but after stabilizing themselves after a shaky initial transition to Wade Phillipsí 3-4 defensive scheme, the Rams have surrendered just 39 points over the past 14 quarters and, by all data and metrics, seem to be getting even better while combining an underrated back-end pass defense with the big push being generated upfront by Aaron Donald and friends.

          Thatís not all.

          The Rams special teams are as good as any in the NFL with punter Johnny Hekker, sure-footed kicker Greg Zuerlein and return and coverage units that have already scored touchdowns on a kickoff return and blocked punt, forced a critical fumbled punt and also picked up an important first down on a fake punt.

          At various times this year, the Rams have beaten opponents by outgunning them offensively, slamming the door shut defensively or generating points via special teams. Sometimes all in the same game.

          Few teams can say that. And fewer can confidently count on all three phases clicking on a game-to-game basis.

          The Rams can.

          Which means they are uniquely built to deal with whatever weather issues lay ahead. And theyíre versatile and flexible enough that, if one part of their game is struggling, they can rely on multiple others to help steady the ship or, as they already have this year, flat out be the difference...
          -10-24-2017, 01:58 PM