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NFC-West week 3

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  • NFC-West week 3

    Again we all can say... NFC-W Division Leader... How many years have we fans been able to say that even once let alone twice in a season

    What is going on with the Cards? Still can't put a finger on it but for Dallas to rush 3 at Palmer and getting sacks and pressure...? No ground game worth mentioning in either of the Cards meetings with the Colts or Cowboys and brilliant pass plays to only sputter and stall...? It looked like the Cards where alright during the 1st Quarter in their match up with Dallas but after that it was not all down hill but off a cliff. Ok maybe in large part its the Cards OL but despite some great throws from Palmer, his read/recognize/react is off. There one bright spot is they still have a reasonable defense but not near the forum they shown in 2016

    49whiners are still the whiners, though as expected they are not the 2016 pushovers Still 0-3 at least in their losses the 49whiners had a shot to pull it out in the end. In some small part Its my belief they are over achieving based on what they have at key positions. Certainly the 49whiners greatest opponent is their constant break downs in disciple. Its 3rd week on the books but for them they will start winning games. Even though, the Ram's defense made Hoyer look like a Hall of Fame QB, looking at Hoyer's other games against the Squawks and Panthers demonstrated he is not the future for any team in the NFL, no matter how much the 49whiner FO and Coaches put lipstick on that pig. Hoyer needs perhaps one of the best QB Coaches there is in the game to get Hoyer to be an average QB...For not for the 49whiner defense their losses would look far worst. I had predicted the Rams would lose the first matchup and that it would be a trench war--damn if I wasn't completely wrong....and so happy to be wrong

    NO ground game, no Seahawk formula for success in 2017... its back to the drawing board for the Squawks when finding a way to win. They are capable of remaking themselves at this stage where it pass first then run. But the Squawk way for the last 5 years has been Run, run, and then pass playing behind a solid defensive secondary...seems most of the NFL has figured that one out. Its the same scheme on defense that other teams are attempting to use against the Squawks--set the edge with DEs to contain Wilson keeping him in the pocket, while bringing pressure up the middle. Absent of a ground game, this formula seems to be working against the Squawk's offense. When Wilson can see the field he is pretty good at delivering the ball on target, but that pressure up the middle seems to be restricting his view of the field

    What a happy surprise to see the Rams with an offense--and a concerning thought how easily other teams have scored on the Rams. More to the point how easy it is to run the ball on the Rams. Said it once and will say it again, teams will continue to rely on the ground game against the Rams till the Rams prove that is a non-working strategy. Its a sobering thought when down the road the Rams will face teams with a good ground game. My guess is right now the brain trust in the Ram's war rooms are looking at just that...stopping the run!! Oddly with the success of opposing teams steamrolling the Rams on the ground, the skies are friendly to those same opponents .

    Still only week 3 done and gone, its a better feeling then this same time last year

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    Umm, weren't we able to say that last year between week 2 through week 4 when the Rams went 3-1 ? (I recall Rams held the tie breaker over the seachickens because we beat them week 2 or week 3).


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      Originally posted by KoaKoi View Post
      Umm, weren't we able to say that last year between week 2 through week 4 when the Rams went 3-1 ? (I recall Rams held the tie breaker over the seachickens because we beat them week 2 or week 3).
      Even if that was accurate would you rather the Rams be in the same situation this year as they where last year? At this moment its uncontested the Rams are division leaders. But the point of this post is the NFC-W and trends... thus far it things are trending well for the Rams...

      The just seems to be something of a glitch with the Cards that isn't getting any better...
      Without a ground game the Squawks' just don't seem to get on track...
      Then there is this QB called Hoyer for the 49whiners and a few other holes...

      It is just wonderful to get out of the shoots and able to ball.... something the Rams for years have struggled with...


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        It is accurate. I was answering the question you posed in your first line.
        Things definitely feel brighter this time around though.


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