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  • Rams v Seahags predictions.......

    The hags lead the over all-series between these two organizations, 22-16. Fisher and co actually played well against good Seattle team's during his tenure going 5-5
    This weeks match-up is big. The Rams are not just playing for pride. They can actually take control of the NFC West. Wow!

    Rams 28
    Hags 16

    What do you think?

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    Mac, I like your thinking. I think the score may be a bit closer, but the hags will be without their best rb, Carson and Cliff Avril on the d-line. This is a huge game from a mindset perspective. The Rams can make their imprint on the NFC West and the hags need to step up to get into the fray or they will begin losing momentum. The greatest concerns I have are keeping Russell Wilson contained from running for first downs and holding Doug Baldwin from causing havoc with pass receptions that go for big yardage. On defense the 2 safeties are always a concern. Sherman will also shut down his side of the field.

    My thinking is that we'll need our TE's to cause mismatches that gain yardage and find ways for Gurley to keep the chains moving on crucial downs. I do think Brockers and Donald can have good days v the hags O-line. This will be our greatest test to date. I'm hopeful we can pass the test, it could be our time.

    Go Rams!

    I forgot to mention, I really hope we get Joyner back. His experience will be essential.
    Thought I had a score predicted - Rams 28 Hags 24
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      Rams 24
      Seahawks 19


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        Rams: 27
        Seahags: 16

        I've been off lately with Rams meeting my predicted score by halftime. So I'm going to give them a little extra this week while still being mindful to Seattle's tough defense. That being said, I think Seattle has trouble against our Rams D, who finally made some adjustments and is looking a little more solid. If they can finally tighten up the run defense (which I predict they will a little bit this week), Seattle will give up some turnovers by pushing too hard to make something happen.


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          We do give the Hags a tough time with our defense and handle Wilson pretty well about one half the time... Had some all time low scoring games with these yidiots! I cannot stand the Sea Haqs and would love to motor over them keeping their score low while we continue to be over 30 pts per game! That would be my ultimate for this and we are at home! In their house we have had more trouble with them! So for these reasons I am giving out my hopeful score 31 to 13 we are the winners here! But I would be happy with any victory we can eek out then pushing these clowns down in the standings! lol


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            I see that the clan seems to feel more confident now after the Dallas road win.......


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              The Rams are favored by 1 at home. Seems they haven't won Vegas over yet. Seattle offense has been better the last few games. On paper it's close but I think the Rams will come out fired up before the home crowd and win every quarter closely but pull away at the end. Trumaine has to step it up against Graham and Ogeltree and all the linebacker crew needs to start making a contribution. This 4 game stretch will tell the tale on the Rams improvement.

              RAMS 29
              SEATTLE. 17



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                This will be a dogfight and I feel their toughest test yet. Despite the Rams 3-1 start, Seattle is still a formidable opponent and still the top dog in the NFC West based on what they've achieved the last 5-6 years. They aren't going to roll over and allow the Rams to run roughshod over them. Winning this game means the Rams are way beyond battling for simple respectability but instead ready for a season-long fight for the division.

                RAMS 23
                SEATTLE 20


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                  Rams 26
                  Seahawks 20


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                    I am not good at picking scores, and I am always afraid that I will jinx the team by picking a score, so I usually don't.

                    Unfortunately I think this game has been doomed. The talking heads are starting to jump on the RAMS bandwagon, and that usually causes the RAMS to slump. Add to this that Max (???) on First Take says the RAMS will destroy the seachickens, and this ain't lookin' good.

                    RAMS - 15
                    seachickend - 42

                    Man do I hope I am wrong.



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                      This for the Squawks is a do-or-die situation....

                      The 49whiners gave them a game and are not to worried about the they do have to take seriously the 49whiners that they might steal a game off them but the Cards are less a threat then they where last season and most especially two seasons ago...

                      But now the Rams have the lead--a loss not only puts them behind one more game but puts the Rams 2 games up in the division--so its net loss of 2 games at this point with no clear potholes ahead of the Rams to drop games to give the Squawks any help.

                      If there is a "A" game for the Squawks this early in the season--this is the time for it

                      19 Rams
                      17 Squawks