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Kupp vs. Watkins

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  • Kupp vs. Watkins

    To preface, I was unable to watch the game yesterday (one of the few that I have had to miss in the past decade!), so I am only basing my observations from other sources.

    Kupp was targeted 8 times yesterday, as opposed to Watkins 4 (correct me if wrong), and was targeted on that last throw to the endzone, which he narrowly missed.

    To me, Watkins had a step or two on Sherman on that play and was definitely able to make a game-winning play. However, Goff threw to Kupp instead. Judging by Sammy's twitter action post-game, it's apparent that he's a little bit frustrated. It makes sense to me since he was brought in as the #1 WR and as such, wants to make #1 WR-type plays.

    Can people who watched the game shed more light on Watkins' play yesterday? It looked like he and Goff weren't on the same page several times. It's my belief that Watkins has had sufficient time adjusting to the playbook and the scheme and should be aligned with Goff by now. Watkins has had one very effective game, but besides that, has been pretty quiet this year. I believe that we need to utilize Watkins more effectively to give Gurley more room to run as well as open up more opportunities for our other WRs. Seems to me that Watkins is being used more as a decoy than anything else right now.

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    Watkins and Goff definitely were not on the same page a couple of times. There was one play in which Watkins seemed to just stop as Goff tried to hit him deep.

    Watkins had a concussion against the Niners, and then was sick (missed practice) last Wednesday. Don't know if that is part of it, or if its slowed the chemistry between he and Goff.

    Watkins needs to show he can be productive against top CBs, as he'll often draw the coverage of the "shut-down" guys. He'll have his chance against Jacksonville (Ramsey), Arizona (Peterson) and the Giants (Jenkins).


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      It looked to me like Watkins pulled up short on one (maybe two) deep balls that were thrown his way. It does seem like he should have a few more throws his way.


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        Mixed bag in my mind. Watkins definitely didn't follow through on some of his running which cost a couple targets, but neither was Goff throwing his way accurately on some other tries. Goff threw some akward ducks yesterday.

        So I don't think all of yesterday falls on Sammy, but it's his job to make it easier for his qb. And if he's half assing (ie. being a Brian Quick), then it's no wonder that Goff isn't going to utilize him and the chemistry is stale. Good on Kupp, Woods, and Higbee for picking up the slack.


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          I sure hope there's no animosity brewing with Sammy and Jared. If so, Sean needs to get that settled PDQ. We're an evolving team and both players are essential. I'm not so sure throwing to a WR covered by Richard Sherman at the end of the game for the win would be a wise move. Ask Michael Crabtree.

          Next week v Jax isn't going to be easy as their run defense is much weaker than their pass defense.

          Go Rams!


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            Very helpful commentary, much appreciated.

            I would love to see Sammy play a bigger factor in games...but with the Jags coming up...chances aren't looking too great.


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              Its a dangerous trend to lock on to a receiver... it tells defenses whom to defend in critical situations