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Rams clobber Arizona 33-0; The Good, Bad and Ugly

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  • Rams clobber Arizona 33-0; The Good, Bad and Ugly

    The first place Rams trounced Arizona today 33-0 in front of countless of our Ramsbros in London, moving to 5-2 heading into the bye week. Disclaimer, i missed the first quarter today as i was at my daughter's 16th birthday party, but from what i saw, this was the most complete Rams performance in years. The Rams were workmanlike on the offensive side of the ball, wearing down the Arizona defense as the game wore on and controlling the clock, running well and efficient in the passing game. They were absolutely dominant on defense, holding Peterson to 21 yards on 11 carries, knocking Palmer out of the game in the second quarter on a hit by Tree, holding Rams killer Larry fitzgerald to 3 catches for 29 yards and pounding drew stanton the entire second half, while recording 2 interceptions and garnering three sacks. The Rams almost doubled the Arizona time of possession (39-21) and that is going to result in lots of wins if the Rams can continue to play like they played today. After a bit of a slow start converting offensively, they capitalized, got ahead, and never let Arizona get even close to into the game.

    The Good

    Start with the defense. I laid most of it out in the introductory paragraph. Sacks for Donald (along with a number of hits, generally disruptive play and a near INT), Longacre (#4 for the year) and Westbrooks. Countless QB pressures. Held arizona to 10 first downs, 193 yards, and 3-12 on third down. The defense essentially ended the game once Tree knocked out Palmer. Shutting down Fitz and Peterson was outstanding. Solid tackling, disciplined play, about the only negative i could come up with and its really picking nits is that we werent ready and had no one lined up over the ball on their 4th and 1 from their own 35 in the second corner when arians rolled the dice and they picked up the first on the qb sneak. INTS for Joyner (great to see him back) and Barron (ball hit him in the hands right before half). Dominating performance, no other way to say it. Shutouts are rare in the nfl, backup qb or not.

    Special teams. Leg 4-4 including a big 53 yarder right before half. Hekker only punted twice! 59.5 average. Cooper had a nice punt return (called back for holding of course)

    Offensive line. Goff had time to throw, Gurley and Brown had room to run. We really wore them down. When the oline plays this well, there is really no limit to what we can achieve. No question that if we have a healthy oline playing at this level, we are a legitimate playoff contender. We only allowed one sack i believe and on that play goff held the ball a bit too long i thought. Blythe appeared to play reasonably well again when he came in for sullivan

    Gurley was excellent again, terrific burst on the td run, 5 catches about 50 yards and 22-107 on ground with no fumbles. Brown was terrific running hard in relief with 11-48.

    Goff (and the offense generally) 22-37-234 a td, an int and a nice td run off the read option that pushed the score to 20-0. He continues to show poise and improvement. He also continues to make some throws we would like back. Remember he just turned 23. He threw a bad INT, although gurley was interfered with on the play and it might not have been picked if that was not the case. he threw another bad ball in the red zone that should have been picked. However, on the whole, another solid performance with some nice third down medium throws to woods (5 catches), kupp (5 and a td), sammy 3-42 and gurley. THe Rams had 28 first downs today and 425 yards, pretty impressive and again, a lot of that is on the oline and gurley, but goff is keeping people honest and his future is very very bright. The rams were 13-19 on third down. A fantastic stat.

    The Bad

    Goff INT (although note the pass interference on gurley on the play that wasnt called). The other goff throw that should have been picked in the red zone.
    Still too many penalties 6-45 but we seem to be improving a bit. I dont like the false starts on brown and havenstein.
    We allowed a 3rd and 16 conversion
    The 4th and 1 qb sneak where we werent ready and not lined up over the center
    Sam Rosen, while not as bad as Dick Stockton, is still really lousy and needs to be removed from the booth. I do like rhonde barber however.
    We could have converted more td's in the red zone
    I didnt love the play calling before the INT, including the INT itself. Pound the ball and run the clock. We were solidly in FG range, no reason to throw at all. In this game it wasnt going to matter, but i saw the same thing last week and i think the play calling needs to be better recognizing game situations, especially with gurley getting stronger as the game wears on and remembering that we still have a young qb. I dont mind some safe throws and we dont have to be too conservative, but when you have enough points to win, you need to focus on running out the clock and not giving the other team a chance to make a big play and get back in the game.

    The Ugly

    Looked like a knee injury to Sullivan. He walked off but did not return. Let's hope the bye weak allows him to play at full strength vs. the giants.


    A complete team win. If Sullivan is fine, you really have to work hard to find anything truly bad let alone ugly about this game. The Rams are 5-2 heading into the bye week. The next four weeks of the season will determine our playoff chances in material part. THe Giants on the road is a winnable game for sure, followed by Houston at home, Minnesota on the road, New Orleans at home. At Arizona, at Seattle, at Tennessee. The schedule is tough before we end with the whiners at home. Can we continue to improve, stay healthy on the oline and on the rest of the team for that matter, play into the 3-4 defense while maintaining a pass rush? These factors will all weigh heavily on whether the Rams are simply a massively improved young team or a team ready to contend for a division title and make a playoff run right now. I think we are in about as good a shape as we could ever have hoped to be in at this point of the season. Again, assuming sullivan is ok, we are pretty healthy heading into the bye and the back part of the season. We are showing poise and confidence and starting to show some consistency. We are going to be a really tough out the rest of the way if the defense continues to improve and our young players, especially goff, get more and more comfortable with experience. Let's all take a minute to really enjoy the excitement of having a real football team to cheer for at this point of the season. It's been a long time since we looked this good at this point, regardless of what happens from here. The bye week is going to be a pleasure for once! We have a tough stretch of games ahead and we will see what this team is made of, but right now, it is certainly time for cautious optimism. THe real key is to maintain consistency, starting with a strong two weeks of practice, hopefully carrying over todays performance into the game in two weeks against the giants.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    And ah was there to see it, sitting in my seat and surrounded by Card fans ah had a great time getting under their skin

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      I had guessed a wild one in London...nope I was wrong. It was just a beat down put on the Cards.

      Had figured AP would have at least made it a game because without AP the Cards had no chance... Wrong again on my part.

      OK Palmer these last two seasons has been off...not sure if its diminished skills, the system he is in, players around him; whatever, he just isn't getting it done and perhaps the Rams did the Cards a favor, like when the Rams ended Smith's career in San Fran--who knows.

      But lack of consistent discipline avoiding stupid penalties will eventually catchup to the Rams. With 7 games in and almost at the half way point there is still a lot of football left. Come week 10 the road just gets tougher with teams in desperation mode to stay viable for the playoffs. Those gaffs will haunt the Rams if penalties remain an issue.

      All in all I think we are all just beginning to sniff the Payoffs... Its half over within the division games left. A tough matchup in Seattle being the toughest left on the calendar within the division and certainly a speed bump in the road. Last week the Squawks got a gimme with the DOLTS (they don't deserve to be called Colts at this point) and should role the Giants....SHOULD. Again nearly every defense has the scheme to defense W. Wilson and the Squawks offense so its not a gimme least Manning gives away the game gift wrapped; the only solid hope the Giants have against the Giants is their defense and field position coming off defense


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        In fairness, i should have included a shout out to tavon for the terrific down field block on the gurley td run. Just saw it on the replay, didnt identify it live.

        Ramming speed to all

        general counsel


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          It just hit me that we already surpassed last season's win total in only seven games. RAM IT!


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            Thumbs up for GC's report. Thumbs up for the Rams' V I C T O R Y.

            There's definite room for improvement.

            PS: I so wanted the Gmen to win today. BAH!


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              Originally posted by RealRam View Post
              Thumbs up for GC's report. Thumbs up for the Rams' V I C T O R Y.

              There's definite room for improvement.

              PS: I so wanted the Gmen to win today. BAH!
              Tell me about it. Russell Wilson must be a nightmare to play on defense. I lost count of the amount of times the Giants had Wilson dead to rights in the pocket and he still managed to get a pass off and a completion at the last second. The Rams game in Seattle is looking more and more like a game which will decide the division.