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Should the Rams release Kayvon Webster?

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  • Should the Rams release Kayvon Webster?

    Webster was obviously a guy who Phillips wanted, and he played fairly well when he was healthy in 2017, but...

    He tore his Achilles late in the season, and could very well be a PUP candidate for the start of the year, and...

    The Rams could save about $3M in cap space by releasing him/reaching an injury settlement.

    I see merit in the "keep Webster" argument, as he could be a nice mid-late season "reinforcement" as the Rams enter a playoff run, but...

    If that money would allow us to, for example, re-sign Nickel Robey-Coleman, I'd probably consider it.


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    So who plays CB #2? (Assuming Webster comes back healthy and regains his original #2 spot).

    I think releasing Webster leaves us pretty thin at CB, assuming that TruJo will no longer be a Ram in 2018.


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      Saw this "on a related note" USA Today article the other day.

      All things considered, yes, I suppose it would make sense to release Webster.


      If Trumaine Johnson leaves, Nickell Robey-Coleman becomes must-sign

      USA Today / By: Cameron DaSilva | February 18, 2018

      The Los Angeles Rams completely retooled their secondary last year with a variety of moves. In addition to pushing Lamarcus Joyner back to safety and drafting John Johnson, the Rams also signed Kayvon Webster and Nickell Robey-Coleman in free agency, giving the secondary four new starters.

      Unfortunately, the new-look secondary could once again look very different in 2018. Joyner and Robey-Coleman are both free agents, while Webster is just three months removed from a torn Achilles.

      Yet, the biggest question mark facing Los Angeles comes in the form of Trumaine Johnson, a free agent after playing the past two years on the franchise tag.

      CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reported last week that Johnson won’t return to the Rams in 2018, according to a source. That can’t be taken as fact, of course, because it’s still relatively early in the process, but it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising to see Johnson in a different uniform next season.

      He’s bound to fetch at least $11-12 million in free agency, if not more, which could be a stretch for the Rams. With about $40 million in cap space, Los Angeles will need to do some finagling this offseason to make it work, whether it’s cutting Robert Quinn and Mark Barron, or passing up a player like Sammy Watkins.

      Put simply, the Rams can’t afford to have three new starters at cornerback in 2018. Picture this: Webster isn’t back until December, Johnson signs a $60 million elsewhere and Robey-Coleman gets a lucrative offer from another team

      If the Rams do opt to let Johnson walk in free agency, one player in particular becomes must-sign: Robey-Coleman.

      In that scenario, the Rams would have three new players at cornerback in Week 1. Finding one starter at the position is difficult
      enough in free agency and the draft, let alone three. It doesn’t help that the Rams don’t have a second-round pick, giving them just two selections in the first 87 of the draft.

      Fortunately, retaining Robey-Coleman shouldn’t be too difficult. After earning less than $1 million in 2017, and given the fact that he primarily plays in the slot, his price should be relatively low – perhaps $1.5 million per year.

      Regardless of what happens, the Rams’ secondary could look vastly different in 2018. At the very least, they’ll have one new starter at the beginning of the season with Webster still recovering.



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        Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
        So who plays CB #2? (Assuming Webster comes back healthy and regains his original #2 spot).

        I think releasing Webster leaves us pretty thin at CB, assuming that TruJo will no longer be a Ram in 2018.
        When I posted this, I would have answered your question with "our first round pick" but, now that we've traded Quinn, that's not such an easy answer.


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          Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
          So who plays CB #2? (Assuming Webster comes back healthy and regains his original #2 spot).

          I think releasing Webster leaves us pretty thin at CB, assuming that TruJo will no longer be a Ram in 2018.
          Answer: Aqib Talib


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            I'm believing McVay when he says that there is interest in re-signing TruJo. With the cap space we've created we can sign both him and NCR. Given the uncertainty of our pass rush (trading Quinn and likely drafting a replacement and Barwin not getting younger or better) having a shutdown secondary may be essential. Plus we have yet to learn the impact of Peters on the team chemistry. So TruJo may be a hedge against future problems. We can probably sign him for a reasonable contract if we offer him enough years in the deal. Somewhere in the Rams org there is enough love for the guy to franchise him 2 years running.

            The answer to the thread question is that we should keep Webster for depth at the position. His injury may make him a back-up for most of 2018. Remember what Jeff Fisher said, "you can never have too many CB's".

            Go Rams!


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              Originally posted by MDE8352gorams View Post

              The answer to the thread question is that we should keep Webster for depth at the position. His injury may make him a back-up for most of 2018...

              Go Rams!

              Agreed. Therefore...

              I take it back! I take it back! [ Post #3 ] Do not release Webster.


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                Webster will have to be replaced for most of if not all of 2018 given that Achilles injuries usually take 12 months to heal. That would make him ready sometime in December. He's a free agent at the end of the season. It would be tough for the Rams not to release him in my opinion and use the money to sign a replacement.


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                  With Peters, Talib and, to a lesser extent, Shields now on board, I guess that the Rams can afford to be patient with Webster's recovery.

                  That said, if, from a money standpoint, it came down to a choice between Webster and NRC, I'd go with NRC.


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                  • Nick
                    Bonsignore: Rams trade quickly changes complexion of their offseason
                    by Nick
                    Bonsignore: Rams trade quickly changes complexion of their offseason
                    By VINCENT BONSIGNORE | [email protected] | Daily News
                    PUBLISHED: February 23, 2018 at 4:53 pm | UPDATED: February 23, 2018 at 5:48 pm

                    As the sun quietly began rising over Los Angeles Friday morning, the Rams faced the formidable task of figuring out a way to keep intact a defense for which key defensive backs Trumaine Johnson and Lamarcus Joyner were on the brink of unrestricted free agency, and All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald sat at the doorstep of a huge pay day from a new long-term contract.

                    With roughly $50 million to work with under the NFL’s hard salary cap and other areas of need on a young, promising roster, retaining Johnson and Joyner while also hooking up Donald was certainly doable.

                    Albeit with some creative and clever number crunching, and likely at the expense of releasing or restructuring the contracts of a few veteran players, letting other free agents walk and perhaps leaving some areas of need unaddressed. The dizzying cost of doing business in the NFL can be cruel, tricky and frustrating at times.

                    That was early morning Friday. By mid morning everything had changed.

                    And for the better after General Manager Les Snead went all commando again with another aggressive move.

                    Snead is building quite reputation for stealth maneuvering, and the Rams are much better off for it. Two years ago it was trading up to the top of the draft to grab franchise quarterback Jared Goff. Last year it was the bolt of lightening at the end of training camp when he traded for dynamic wide receiver Sammy Watkins.

                    And on Friday, he was in the process of reeling in one of the best lock-down pass defenders in the NFL, in a move that makes as much sense on the field as it does on the payroll.

                    In another blockbuster, the Rams acquired Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl cornerback Marcus Peters, whose 19 interceptions over the past three seasons are the most in the NFL. Peters stands to make just $1.7 million in base salary in 2018, and will be under control for the next two years at a reasonable cost once the Rams pick up his fifth-year option for 2019.

                    The trade won’t be official until March 14, the official date the NFL trading period for 2018 begins, but sources have confirmed the deal is agreed to and in place.

                    Just like that, the Rams got younger, better and more financially flexible as they approach an offseason for which improving on last year’s surprising 11-5 finish and closing ground on the elite teams in the NFL is the singular priority.

                    Boom. What a way to kick off the offseason.

                    In one move, the Rams changed the entire complexion of their to-do list. From the draft to free agency to financial flexibility, the dynamics are dramatically altered.

                    Peters will cost the Rams a yet-to-be-disclosed package...
                    -02-24-2018, 05:11 AM
                  • r8rh8rmike
                    Report: Rams floated as landing spot for Aqib Talib
                    by r8rh8rmike
                    Report: Rams floated as landing spot for Aqib Talib

                    Talib would join former Broncos assistant Wade Phillips and teammate Kayvon Webster.

                    by Zack Kelberman @ZackKelberman
                    6h ago • 1 min read Update 4h ago

                    An old friend might come calling for Aqib Talib.

                    Amid swirling rumors, Cecil Lammey of 104.3 The Fan passed along word on Sunday that the Pro Bowl cornerback has a potential landing spot in the Los Angeles Rams, where he'd reunite with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

                    Among other teams ...

                    Talib turned in some of his best seasons (and won a ring) under the son of Bum, who ran Denver's defense from 2015-16 before joining Sean McVay's staff last offseason. Phillips and Talib remain close, and the two share a mutual respect of one another.

                    Phillips also could have a job opening at corner, with Trumaine Johnson set to become a free agent. If Johnson bolts, Talib is a no-brainer replacement to start opposite Nickell Robey-Coleman or former teammate Kayvon Webster.

                    Combine that with the requisite draft picks (eight) to acquire Talib and the cap space ($43 million, without making a single move) to take on his $11 million salary, and Los Angeles indeed is a viable trade partner for the Broncos.

                    Other possible destinations include the *****, Cowboys and Buccaneers....
                    -01-29-2018, 03:04 PM
                  • Nick
                    2018 Offseason: You Make the Call - Trumaine Johnson
                    by Nick
                    With the season officially over, it's time to start discussing what we fans think the Rams should do this offseason to continue building on the improvement they showed in 2017. The first decisions for the Rams will involve players already on their roster or scheduled to hit free agency.

                    One of the most talked about Rams players in recent years as it relates to long term contract negotiations is cornerback Trumaine Johnson. The Rams have used their franchise tag on him for two years now, and due to the whopping cost of doing so a third time, it's unlikely the Rams are able to tag him again. Contract talks did not progress last summer, and unless both sides really heat things up in the next two months, Johnson is poised to hit the free agent market, where he will be among the top cornerbacks available.

                    According to Pro Football Focus, Johnson finished the year with a solid grade of 75.8, ranking as their 67th best corner in the league. There were questions during the offseason about how well Johnson fit into Wade Phillips's defensive scheme, and one could say that question has not been definitively answered one way or another. Regardless, it's time for the Rams to make a decision about what to do with their top cornerback.

                    The questions I have for you are as follows...

                    -Do you feel resigning Trumaine Johnson is an offseason priority, or do you think the Rams are better served by letting him go elsewhere and restocking at the CB position?
                    -If the Rams lose Johnson in free agency, what do you think is the best plan to replace him? Another free agent? The draft? Players already on the roster?

                    You make the call - What would your decision be regarding Trumaine Johnson?
                    -01-07-2018, 12:11 PM
                  • Nick
                    Rams have $9 million decision to make with Marcus Peters this offseason 
                    by Nick
                    Rams have $9 million decision to make with Marcus Peters this offseason
                    By: Cameron DaSilva | February 13, 2019 2:22 pm ET

                    The Los Angeles Rams appeared to strike gold last offseason when they acquired Marcus Peters – a two-time Pro Bowler – for the low cost of a second- and fourth-round pick. Everyone wondered how Los Angeles swiped one of the best cornerbacks in football from the Chiefs without having to relinquish a first-round pick.

                    After seeing him play in 2018, it’s easier to understand how exactly that happened. Peters took a step back and struggled in coverage when not assisted by Aqib Talib on the other side, making some believe the Chiefs actually got the better end of the deal.

                    Peters’ inconsistent play this past season makes his contract situation that much more difficult to handle. He’s owed $9.069 million on the fifth-year option in 2019, which the Rams picked up last April. Exct was a no-brainer at the time, giving them one more year of control over the cornerback.

                    After all, $9 million for a supposedly elite cornerback is an absolute steal, right? Well, Peters may not be an elite corner in Wade Phillips’ system, as evidenced by the 2018 season. Phillips likes to use more man coverage than zone, but to fit Peters’ skill set, the Rams went zone-heavy down the stretch. And it worked, but are they going to stick with that plan in 2019?

                    The Rams have a huge decision to make this offseason regarding Peters, his fifth-year option and his long-term future with the team. That decision will be made sooner rather than later, too. When March 13 hits, the Rams will be on the hook for that $9.069 million owed to Peters. They can rescind the fifth-year option, if they so choose, before that date and allow him to hit free agency.

                    The fifth-year option is only guaranteed for injury, so if the Rams don’t want to keep Peters around in 2019 and save $9 million, they can very easily do that. It might not be very likely, but it’s at least on the table.

                    The likelier scenario when it comes to parting ways with Peters is Los Angeles shopping him on the trade market – either before March 13 or after. They can trade him and not be hit with any dead money, while also recouping assets in return.

                    What will Peters be worth, though? Certainly not more than he was last year when the Rams landed him for a second- and fourth-rounder. He regressed in 2018 and now has one fewer year left on his contract. Would the Rams part ways with him for a single fourth-round selection? Unlikely, but if they truly didn’t like the way last season’s experiment went, it’s not out of the question.

                    What the Rams do with Peters this offseason will go a long way toward showing exactly how they feel about the cornerback. If they stand pat and have him play out next season on the fifth-year option, it’ll suggest they’re hesitant to keep him around long-term, potentially...
                    -02-16-2019, 06:11 AM
                  • Nick
                    Winners and Losers from Blockbuster NFL Trade: Marcus Peters to Rams
                    by Nick
                    Winners and Losers from Blockbuster NFL Trade: Marcus Peters to Rams
                    BRENT SOBLESKI
                    FEBRUARY 23, 2018

                    Well, that escalated quickly.

                    Less than a week after Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio brought up the possibility of the Kansas City Chiefs trading cornerback Marcus Peters, the organization agreed to a deal Friday to send the two-time Pro Bowler to the Los Angeles Rams, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

                    The Washington Huskies product has flashes of brilliance and exceptional coverage skills offset by attitude concerns, which caused UW to dismiss him from its program his junior year following run-ins with the coaching staff.

                    "I spoke on his behalf multiple times. He just had issues articulating himself properly with coaches during disagreements," former Washington teammate Hau'oli Kikaha told Bleacher Report prior to the 2015 NFL draft.

                    Nothing has really changed.

                    After similar issues in Kansas City, the team traded him while he still held value. (The deal can become official when the new league year begins March 14.)

                    Chiefs head coach Andy Reid suspended Peters for Week 14's game against the Oakland Raiders last season, and the organization wasn't willing to discuss a long-term contract extension, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

                    The Rams are taking a chance—Peters may be a difference-maker during the 2018 campaign or flame out in his new situation—but it's worth it considering the franchise's trajectory.

                    Either way, the Chiefs and Rams made bold moves creating ripple effects that will be felt around the league.

                    Winner: Marcus Peters
                    There's no place like home. Marcus Peters is a California native. Granted, he's from Oakland, and he's going to Los Angeles. But a change of scenery—particularly to a preferred area—can be beneficial for anyone who experienced trouble at a previous stop(s).

                    The standout cornerback wore out his welcome in Kansas City.

                    According to NFL Network's Bucky Brooks, Peters needs a strong-willed coach. A veteran defensive backs coach told him, "It takes a wolf to coach a wolf."

                    Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is one of the best in the business and has dealt with multiple personalities throughout his 35 seasons as an NFL head coach, coordinator and assistant. He dealt with alpha dogs such as Aqib Talib, Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware and Chris Harris Jr. during his last stop with the Denver Broncos, and Peters shouldn't be a problem for the 70-year-old guru.

                    Furthermore, the 2015 first-round pick appears to have a future in Los Angeles. Kansas City's unwillingness to entertain long-term options became advantageous for the Rams, who can pick up the 25-year-old's fifth-year option for 2019 before negotiating a more lucrative contract next offseason or the year after....
                    -02-24-2018, 05:00 AM