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For those if you who love irony....

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  • For those if you who love irony....

    There is an article about Albert Connells improved attitude on the front page of

    Isn't irony beautiful...:-D

    Go Rams!


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    Hey dude, I work two jobs and I've got three kids. I do what I can to run my site ... unfortunately, in order to support my family, I have to work at night, which is when I used to work on my site. Since I don't get paid for maintaining the Saints site, and I get paid for working at night, which do you think takes priority? My wife stays at home to take care of the kids while I work a day job and do freelance design at night.

    I'm glad you found a whole lot of humor in that. Nice.


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      Hey David...

      Unless I am wrong, I think Hogg saw humor in the article about Connell's new and improved attitude, especially since he just got fired from the team for "alledgedly" (sp) stealing from Deuce's wallet (thought I heard them say that on MNF last night). I really don't think Hogg was making a comment about your site.

      Keep up the good work...

      This space for rent...


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        I saw the articole about this site in yesturday's post dispatch. I like this site a lot.

        Anyway, I am real happy we won, but my biggest concern right now is all the injurys. I believe there were four. Archy, Az, Lewis, and .......i can't remember off hand the other one.

        Hopefully, they ain't anything long term, Archy should be back, he made the mistake of putting his head down and just got his bell rung.

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