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What worries you the most about the upcoming season?

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  • What worries you the most about the upcoming season?

    We are coming off a sensational year, far beyond any reasonable expectations. We appear to have had a strong offseason and seem well positioned to repeat in the nfc west. Arizona and Seattle do not appear to be improving and while the whiners are obviously an improved and improving team, we appear to be ahead of them. So, what worries you the most for the upcoming season?

    Many will say pass rush, especially from the outside linebacker spots in the 3-4. Others point out the linebackers run defense issue. Both are totally valid and legit and worry me.

    However, here is what worries me the most. I read in a recent thread that last year's Rams had the least games lost to injury of any NFL team in the last 7 years. We lost ZERO games from the starters on the offensive line all year. We were the only team in the NFL that lost no games to injury on the offensive line (through 15 games).

    Injuries are generally speaking just a question of luck. I am always amused when fans think that the trainers have anything material to do with how often players get injured. These teams all have front line fitness guys and medical facilities and resources. If you turn your knee the wrong way, you are going to get hurt no matter what kind of training you have. Can the Rams remain as lucky injury wise this year as they were last year? WIll it even out over two years (ie do we get clobbered injury wise this year since we were so lucky last year?)

    My primary concern is risk of injuries to the offensive line. Whitworth and Sullivan are both older guys. Sullivan had a great year and it was a huge signing to retain him. We all know the history with Saffold. However, what kind of depth do we really have on the Oline? Blythe looked ok in really limited play last year, but we are incredibly dependent on the starting oline. If we get hit with injuries on the oline, all our shiny toys at the skill positions arent going to look so great. Was Goff miles ahead last year of his rookie season? Of course. But a big part of that was pass protection and room to run for gurley, giving goff a real ability to use play action and putting him in solid down and distance situations. If injuries on the oline put the rams back into the "drop back to pass and run for your life....and watch todd gurley run into a brick wall in the backfield again" mode, we could and likely will materially regress in terms of our record.

    I would love to see us try for some solid depth oline wise in the draft. Those players will be unproven rookies and maybe if we get lucky we can pick up a decent vet or two on the cheap at the end of free agency. But for now, what keeps me up at night is less about pass rush (which generally stresses me out during the day rather than at 3am) and more about whether we can keep the offensive line healthy for another full season.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel
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    OL for sure. I agree. That's our chink in the armor right now compared to the status of the rest of the squads.


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      The concern I have is that we are no longer a secret. Last year, we were a team with a ton of question marks coming off 13 straight losing seasons. No one reasonably expected much more than a .500 season at best. We exceeded expectations and now have the pressure of building on last year's achievement. This is no easy task. Teams will be gunning for us- and we will sneak up on no one. McVay will have to show last year wasn't an anomaly and adjust to the wrinkles opponents will throw at us. And I worry about the "Rams being loaded" talk. Peters, Suh, and Talib have won nothing in a Rams uniform yet. Many times in sports a "sure thing" turns out to be anything but. Hopefully, that's not the case with the 2018 Rams.


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        Interesting view NJ.

        By the same token, I trust that the team, as a whole, will FEEL the potential (paper) thus far prepared and yes, also the resultant fact that WE ARE LOADED, that there is a promise.

        Indeed, other teams will be looking out for us - on the crosshairs of their weapons. Again, I'd like to think that the 2018 Rams will be eager, hungry and optimistic. Still, I think we need to get our OL strengthened and deeper, that is my current concern.

        But I believe. As early as it is - two weeks before the Draft - I believe. I feel positive, optimistic.
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          I couldn't agree more GC. With the injury history of most of our O-line it was a miracle that they made it through last season the way they did. We need some depth there for sure. It would be a good time to get a rookie or two that could learn from Whit and Sullivan and be ready to step in within the next couple of years. The Rams have not been particularly good at drafting O-linemen though. At least they can't waste a number one or two overall pick on one this year.


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            My real concern is the same as last year: Whitworth. He's by far the oldest starting offensive lineman in the league (he was that 3 years ago) and if he gets hurt, the offense will take a step backwards. Saffold has been remarkably healthy compared to the history of his career.


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              I worry about fans and media talking heads trying to set up 2018 as a "win it all or its a failure" season. I think the Rams are contenders in 2018, but there are other good teams and there is no guarantee that the Rams will win it all.

              If we can't get to a Super Bowl within the next 3-4 years, I'll be disappointed, as I think we have, and can maintain, a core that will contend over that period.


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                We've got to get some better talent on the OL, ASAP. Unless there is something I don't know about the current crop of players used for depth last year. I think its high time the Rams brought in some different faces through the draft. It's a shame the team doesn't have any premium picks this year, but it's definitely possible finding some good lineman in the later rounds. I don't think the Rams drafted any of the OL in last years draft, so it'll be interesting to see who they'll take if they do take some OL.


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                  Originally posted by GroundDog39 View Post
                  We've got to get some better talent on the OL, ASAP. Unless there is something I don't know about the current crop of players used for depth last year. I think its high time the Rams brought in some different faces through the draft. It's a shame the team doesn't have any premium picks this year, but it's definitely possible finding some good lineman in the later rounds. I don't think the Rams drafted any of the OL in last years draft, so it'll be interesting to see who they'll take if they do take some OL.
                  If you are saying our starting OL is insufficient, I'd disagree with you. They did a very good job last year, and could get better with more time as a unit.

                  If you are saying that we need better quality depth behind the starters, I agree completely. I think Austin Blythe performed well in spot duty last year, but beyond him, the dropoff to the second unit is huge. I think the Rams will use at least 3 of their 8 picks on OL to bolster the reserves and, hopefully, find a future starter or two.


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                    I have to admit that my greatest concern about this year will be having all these moving parts (Talib, Peters, Suh and Cooks) mesh with our existing players. Not acquiring OBJ was a huge win for us as he's a very disruptive force. My confidence is that McVay is a good communicator and is able to connect with younger players who often become misguided. On the defensive side Wade is so experienced and he conveys the sense of confidence that players will hopefully trust his coaching.

                    Injuries and media hype are other areas that warrant concern. Injuries are an issue every year, but our draft selections are perfectly set to acquire depth at various spots. This year with so many QB's available that will push some other talented players down to where we are drafting. Media hype will be the job of the coaching staff to monitor. It cuts both ways as I've already heard pundits claim the Rams are spending out of control and don't know what they're doing. Well when you're 11-5 this is a way to get to an even better level, which is the goal.

                    Things have changed for all of us on this site very quickly. I'm loving it and look forward to the season starting.

                    Go Rams!


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                      To Avenger.!!
                      Yeah, I was talking about the depth on the roster. I can't see the Rams five starters from last season going the whole season without missing games through injury. The depth behind the starters is as bad as its ever been, so I'd like to see some new talented OL players found and brought to the roster. Not just for depth, but ideally for competition for the starters as well.


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                        This is easy; will Goff continue to progress as a QB? That's far and away the biggest concern not only for this year, but the entire trajectory of this franchise.

                        Secondarily - the health of Whitworth and Gurley.


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                          I have no idea how to post a poll. I do think, however, that it might be a good idea to de-escalate the tone of the current thread on why the site appears to be declining, and instead get back to talking about the actual team.

                          The Rams have a very talented team. We are not deep on the offensive line and are thin at linebacker and edge rusher. We are certainly one of the teams that have a chance to win it all if things break our way and people play to their potential.

                          So what concerns me the most? Luck with injuries. Last year the Rams starters missed the least games in the last seven years in the NFL. If we get banged up on the oline especially, goff and gurley are going to regress in my view. All the skill position players in the world dont help a ton if you dont have solid blocking up front.

                          Said another way, what bothers me most is what the rams can't control, ie injuries. Will we stay super healthy, moderately, healthy or get really unlucky? As much as anything else, i think the injury factor will play a material role in how far we go this year. The fact that the eagles won the super bowl despite losing their all pro left tackle amd their starting qb during the year is really remarkable. I dont think the Rams can afford to lose whitworth among others.

                          Ramming speed to all

                          general counsel
                          -06-09-2018, 04:37 PM
                        • general counsel
                          Single biggest reason Rams stink this year
                          by general counsel
                          A lot when wrong this year, but when you cut right to the chase, the Rams were a team built to run the ball and then be opportunistic on play action and play tough defense. We never could establish a running game, and that is really the bottom line on the season. Said another way, if i told you at the start of the year that through the first 15 weeks, gurley would be healthy and play all fifteen games and have ZERO 100 yard games, you would have had a pretty good idea that we would be an awful team. Rebuilding the offensive line is the key if we are going to have a chance to come back next year. Sure, Goff needs to develop, but if we dont get a LOT better on oline, the rest wont matter.

                          Ramming speed to all

                          general counsel
                          -01-01-2017, 12:17 PM
                        • general counsel
                          My top 4 thoughts for the upcoming season
                          by general counsel
                          Here are my four primary observations as they relate to the Rams upcoming season. None of these are especially imaginative, but i thought i would boil it down to a short list.

                          1) We MUST have greatly improved and consistent offensive line play. Sam Bradford (or Feeley for that matter) will have no chance of success without far improved pass protection. To me, this is an area of great question since we have two completely unproven guys at the tackle spots, both of whom have potential and neither of whom have done a thing at the nfl level. We of course need quality blocking to enable jackson to be successful as well.

                          2) I don't believe that we can win a single game without The Big Boy. There is nothing on our roster that remotely resembles a weapon to replace Jackson should he be hurt. Teams will pull their ears back and attack the passer without the threat of Jackson and i highly doubt we will be able to protect against that kind of assault.

                          3) If we don't dramatically improve our pass rush, I don't see how the defense is going to improve in any material way. I am really concerned about this. We lost our best pass rusher in Leonard Little and i see nothing to replace that production. Little was certainly an often injured and declining asset in the last couple of years, but still a guy that could provide a real push. Maybe Chris Long will step up in a huge way. Maybe James Hall will have a great year, but i will believe it when i see it. I am not giving up at all on Chris Long, just question whether he will be a dominant pass rush guy. Our secondary could be better this year, but it's nowhere good enough to make the difference if we can not get consistent pressure on the qb.

                          4) We are once again incredibly lacking in any kind of real depth at numerous positions. Injuries are part of the game for every team. If we get unlucky with injuries (ie hurt in key places or more than our fair share in terms of quantity), it's going to be another incredibly long year. I think we have some good young players who may develop, but only time will tell on that front.

                          Ramming speed to all

                          general counsel
                          -08-18-2010, 08:21 AM
                        • Nick
                          Dangerous Rams loaded up with more firepower, but should we pump the brakes?
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                          Dangerous Rams loaded up with more firepower, but should we pump the brakes?
                          Projecting Rams to win more than 9.5 games was a bit harder than we anticipated
                          ERIC EDHOLM
                          Published: June 11, 2018 — 1:07 p.m.
                          Updated: June 11, 2018 — 1:07 p.m.

                          2018 win total (via Bovada): 9.5

                          2017 ATS record: 9-7

                          Optimist view: Have you been watching what the Rams have done this offseason? It’s been a while since we’ve seen a team go for it the way they have, trading for Marcus Peters, Brandin Cooks and Aqib Talib and signing Ndamukong Suh. Wade Phillips has two of the elite interior forces in the NFL in Suh and Aaron Donald, and he has a secondary teeming with depth and talent.

                          With 10 of 11 starters returning on offense and Cooks stepping into that final spot, the Rams should be in great shape on that side of the ball, too. Jared Goff is entering Year 3, coming off a fine season. Todd Gurley turns 24 in training camp and still has fewer than 1,000 NFL touches — very much still in his prime. Everyone is another year steeped in Sean McVay’s system, the one that produced an NFL-best 478 points.

                          They were 4-3 in one-score games and won games by 37, 33, 34, 26, 16 and 35 points — and three of those came on the road. They also were 7-1 away from home and won impressive games against playoff teams such as the Jaguars, Saints and Titans. Most weeks, the Rams left little doubt about how good they were.

                          Vegas projected six wins for the Rams a year ago; only the Bears, 49ers, Jets and Browns were below them. Coming off an 11-5 campaign that shocked many, the Rams can smell a Super Bowl window opening for them.

                          Pessimist view: For all the incoming talent, we must note who left. There’s a bit of a displacement factor here — are Cooks and Peters massive improvements over Sammy Watkins and Trumaine Johnson? Can anyone step into the roles played by Alec Ogletree, Robert Quinn and Connor Barwin? Overall, the Rams might have come out with a net of higher-end talent, but the depth must be listed as a concern.

                          After all, they were extremely fortunate, injury-wise, last season. They lost a total of 148 man-games to injury last season, which placed them in the top five for best injury luck. They also didn’t lose many key players. What happens if Goff or Gurley misses time? What about left tackle Andrew Whitworth, who turns 37 this year, or center John Sullivan, who turns 33 and has a history of back injuries? The team added OL and RB depth in the draft, but with the 89th pick and lower.

                          The LB unit stands as a possible worry. With valuable reserve Morgan Fox out with a torn ACL, we’re looking at some mix of Cory Littleton, Matt Longacre, Micah Kiser, Bryce Hager, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo and Samson Ebukam vying for starting roles. Is there an effective outside pass rusher among them? What about someone to take Ogletree’s spot and help improve a bottom-five...
                          -06-11-2018, 07:07 PM
                        • sjacksonrules
                          Seriously guys?
                          by sjacksonrules
                          What did you expect out of this season?There were so many reasons why it lead to such a bad season. Here are a few I thought of.

                          Our "number one" receiver going down the first game.

                          Losing our nickel corner before the season even began then following him our two starting corners. Not to mention the other SEVEN corners that have been injured for the Rams this year. That is a stupid number of cornerbacks to have injured at one time.

                          Then there are the other 3 starters on top of the ones I have mentioned on IR. (smith, saffold, uh-oh)

                          And 3 more potential starters along with 7 more backups all on IR. With a team that didn't have a whole lot of depth it completely has killed us.

                          Add in the fact there was a lockout and we didn't have a whole lot of time to install a complex offense. We just had the perfect storm if you will.

                          Anyone that thought this was "our year" thought wrong and thus got their hopes up only to be brought down. I was one of those people early in the season and stayed in denial for awhile but I have come to terms now. The good news is it should be better next year. I would love to see the Rams win out. But I am not going to lose any sleep if they don't. Things happen for a reason. I see this bad season as a good time to get a guy opposite Brandon Lloyd.
                          -11-28-2011, 07:48 PM