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  • 20 Random Post-Draft Thoughts

    1. At the end of the day, this draft was about Brandin Cooks and, to some extent, Marcus Peters. Provided that we ultimately sign both players to long-term deals, that's a pretty darn good use of draft capital.

    2. The two players chosen with the greatest chance of starting this year are Mikah Kiser and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo.

    3. Kiser is a pure run-stopper/tackling machine. I think he'll challenge immediately for Alec Ogletree's spot. In the end, we might see a platoon with Kiser and Littleton, depending on whether we're facing a run oriented or pass oriented team (or situation).

    4. The OLB/EDGE spot should be a battle between Okoronkwo, Ebukam and Longacre. I think all three will see the field often, and will benefit from having Brockers, Donald and Suh in front of them.

    5. By returning the entire OL, the Rams have an opportunity to do something they have not had the luxury of doing for a while - developing players for the OL. While Noteboom and Allen might not be ready to start this year, both are viewed as hard-working players who respond well to coaching. Perhaps with some seasoning and training, they can be ready in 2019-20.

    6. I fully support the trade of Tavon Austin. His value as a runner and decoy was minimal at the end of last season, and he'll never be a full-time WR.

    7. The Rams have plenty of options at the #4 WR spot, with Pharoh Cooper, Josh Reynolds and Mike Thomas all potentially having roles.

    8. Interesting that the Rams did not take a TE. Guess they like what they have.

    9. If Johnathan Franklin-Myers has a good camp, and Ethan Westbrooks legal troubles prove to be significant, don't be surprised to see the latter released before the season.

    10. I think the Niners really reached in taking Mike McGlinchey at No. 9. He is not likely to be an impact player for them, which is what you expect from a Top 10 selection.

    11. Josh Rosen may be a good QB in the long run, but I'm not too concerned about him lighting the league up as a rookie.

    12. Rashaad Penny was a surprising first round pick for the Seahawks, but it may not be a bad selection for them in the long run.

    13. While the Rams may sign a veteran or two before training camp, I don't know that they need to add anyone. I'm pretty happy with the current roster.

    14. The camp battle between John Kelly, Malcolm Brown and Justin Davis will be worth watching. As Gurley will likely get very little playing time in preseason, they will all have their chances.

    15. Avengers: Infinity War was great. That has nothing to do with the draft. Just thought I'd mention it.

    16. While I support the trades the Rams have made, I really hope they don't trade their first round pick next year. I really missed having that anticipation of the Rams selection on Thursday.

    17. The Rams depth at safety is not great, so undrafted FAs Chucky Williams (Louisville) and Steven Parker (Oklahoma) may have a chance to stick.

    18. The fact that the Giants (Saquon Barkley, Will Hernandez, Lorenzo Carter) had a good draft could help us, as it could make the Eagles' road much tougher. Yeah... I'm actually thinking about such things.

    19. Okay, Front Office... draft is over... now sign Aaron Donald!

    20. How many days until training camp?

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    Excellent as always! Now I just need MacRammer's list of 5 things wrong with the draft!
    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood


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      Good thoughts. I have to ask, is Micah spelled with a "c" or a "k"? Seen it both ways in different places. I think the Rams are content right now to have Longacre and Ekuban as the starting edge players. Okoronkwo would have to have an exceptional pre-season to start. He'll likely get some rotational play.

      5. I like that we selected a center, although since Brian Allen is undersized are we going the same route as Tim Barnes? I sense Allen is more talented. As for Noteboom, I hadn't realized that he was the 3rd rated OT (after McGlinchey and Miller) by Lance Z on Not sure of the significance of that given the weakness of this OT class.

      8. Agreed. We needed a blocking TE and I suppose that will be address via UDFA.

      10. If you think McGlinchey was a reach, what about Dante Pettis round 2? I think John Lynch was a better player and broadcaster than GM.

      11. Josh Rosen will have D. Johnson to hand off to and L. Fitz & C. Kirk to throw to, he'll be fine it's the defense that would scare me if I'm a Cards fan.

      13. Since I don't think he's been signed by anyone, I wouldn't mind if we brought Connor Barwin back for a minimal price.

      14. I'm looking forward to seeing the pre-season games at RB. I want to see Justin Davis make some progress and hold on to the ball. He could be really good. John Kelly keeps me thinking we've got Zac Stacey 2.0.

      16. Share your thinking here. This was the 2nd year that we weren't in round 1. I was more angry that we were out of round 2 as some good players dropped due all the QB's in round 1. We'll be out of round 2 next year as well due to M. Peters, but that may be worth it.

      18. No arguement, but I'm just as worried about the Saints. The Vikings are a question mark and the Packers with AR back will be tough as well. You aren't the only person who thinks about that stuff.

      20. Exactly!

      Go Rams!


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        Originally posted by mde8352gorams View Post
        Good thoughts. I have to ask, is Micah spelled with a "c" or a "k"? Seen it both ways in different places
        His Twitter handle:
        Micah KiserVerified account


        Kiser rolling... I like it (a fellow punster!)


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          Number 19 please ! ! ! ... DO IT!


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            Originally posted by mde8352gorams View Post

            14. I'm looking forward to seeing the pre-season games at RB. I want to see Justin Davis make some progress and hold on to the ball. He could be really good. John Kelly keeps me thinking we've got Zac Stacey 2.0.
            I would be happy with that - I liked Stacy.


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              I'd love to see the Rams notes, pre-draft as well as the Rams talent scout reports to have 2018 kickoff as it did. Part of my mind is the free agency moves played greatly in what the Rams did and didn't do...but I suspect other elements are at play that we can only guess of the thoughts I am entertaining is a lot of the moves made deal with A. Donald issue and that unresolved long term deal kept the Rams from doing more because the $$$ element via the salary cap is an uncertainty...but then again maybe not....

              As for the NFC West am thinking the following:

              The 49whiners want to see what their new(ish) QB can do for them but they want to retool their defense to march the other Ds in the division. I think 2018 will see them actually using in the role they envision him when they acquired him

              Squawks just want to get back to the same winning formula they had 2-3 seasons ago just with different faces...nothing really new just improvements

              Cards where a wreak 2016 & 2017....older QB, little change in the play book, and too few pieces to put on the field--just about everyone saw it coming. Honestly they have made a best faith start but still are missing a "core"... Its the NFL swan song with many teams, that is allowing your team to get old. Perhaps I am wrong but those teams that allowed themselves to get old take the longest to rebuild and its my guess it will take 3-to-4 seasons to get back to 2014-2015 level of play

              Rams, on paper got better at almost every aspect on offense and defense... Wonder if the Rams strategy was get good players in free agency (which the Rams did) and not worry about the daft...granted didn't see much in the latter part of the First round to shout about...and actually am betting a lot of teams are going to have buyer's remorse with their QB selections. Anyhow there yet remains picking up waived players and I do not doubt the Rams will be content with what they got and suspect the Rams will find another nugget here and there yet


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                5. IMHO, 'The Crux' of the entire Rams draft. Just can't over state the importance of the OL in today's NFL.

                19. Yeah, it's really past due. Don't want to see a replay of last preseason.

                20. A lot of Golf to be played between now and then.


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                  Good stuff Av.

                  Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post
                  1. At the end of the day, this draft was about Brandin Cooks and, to some extent, Marcus Peters. Provided that we ultimately sign both players to long-term deals, that's a pretty darn good use of draft capital.
                  Agreed. If these guys play to form and get signed long term, the 2018 draft is going to look pretty damn good.

                  Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post
                  6. I fully support the trade of Tavon Austin. His value as a runner and decoy was minimal at the end of last season, and he'll never be a full-time WR.
                  As a former big Austin fan, I don't have a problem with it either. He once showed promise, but has regressed the last few years, and clearly did not fit what McVay wanted to do, and was ultimately fazed out the offense completely. The switch never flipped for him, and the smart move by the Rams was to get what they could.

                  Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post
                  11. Josh Rosen may be a good QB in the long run, but I'm not too concerned about him lighting the league up as a rookie.
                  As a big time UCLA fan, I loved watching Rosen play. He was surgical on the field, but the problem was, he regularly needed surgery. Funny how the Cardinals have had massive injury problems the last few years with QB's, but despite that, have chosen to add two guys with a lot of injury issues.


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                    We usually take out Cardinal QB's. Not necessarily proud of it, but one year we took out 2 of them. I am certain they remember. Might happen again with their two injury prone guys.


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                    • AvengerRam
                      20 Random "Man, the Front Office has been active" Random Thoughts
                      by AvengerRam
                      1. This offseason certainly has not been boring.

                      2. Perhaps the greatest "master strokes" pulled off by Les Snead were the trades that eliminated the big contracts of Alec Ogletree and Robert Quinn, and the restructuring of Tavon Austin's contract. Those moves have allowed us to obtain several Pro Bowl players, while putting us in great shape under the salary cap in 2019-2020. As I termed it elsewhere, they've paid the Piper in advance.

                      3. Brandin Cooks strikes me as a better fit than Sammy Watkins and Odell Beckham, Jr., to the extent that the Rams want a WR Corps., not a front-man with a backup band.

                      4. I think we have some untapped potential in the 2017 draft class. Gerald Everett showed some flashes and could emerge as a match-up nightmare on occasion. Even more significant, however, is the potential impact of Samson Ebukam. Playing behind Donald, Suh and Brockers, I would not be shocked to see a 10+ sack season from him.

                      5. I also still have hope that Ejuan Price could contribute as a situational pass rusher.

                      6. I'm still concerned about the run defense, and really hope we add a thumper in FA (Navorro Bowman?) or the draft (Micah Kiser?).

                      7. Our best run defense, though, may be getting out to early leads and forcing teams to throw the ball (which could be tough against our CBs!).

                      8. We MUST sign Aaron Donald. Duh.

                      9. We also MUST sign Brandin Cooks. Again... duh.

                      10. I think Jared Goff will be a better QB in 2018 than he was in 2017.

                      11. I really hope we get a RB in the draft who can give Todd Gurley some rest during the season.

                      12. Random prediction: we will package two of our three 4th round picks to get an additional 3rd round selection.

                      13. Random prediction #2: we will select at least 3 OL in the draft.

                      14. We could really use some more depth at the safety position.

                      15. If we can get any significant contributions from Kayvon Webster, Dominique Easley and Sam Shields, it would be a real plus.

                      16. I won't be shocked if Connor Barwin is re-signed.

                      17. I'm still a bit surprised that, with all the changes made, Mark Barron is still a Ram. I guess Wade Phillips sees him as a fit. Who am I to question him?

                      18. With all the press we're getting, I have to believe the Rams will get several national TV night games. That's a good thing for a Florida Ram fan like me!

                      19. Fun fact: Brandin Cooks is younger than Cooper Kupp.

                      20. Its been over 24 hours since a major Rams story broke. What's up with that!?!?!
                      -04-05-2018, 12:37 PM
                    • AvengerRam_old
                      20 Random Pre-Draft Thoughts
                      by AvengerRam_old
                      1. We can all narrow the Rams' first choice down to four players, but could it be any less clear which one we'll end up with?

                      2. Devaney really wants to prove himself with this, his first pick as a top personnel man on a team. Does that push him toward the more conservative approach (i.e. Jake Long if Miami takes Chris Long?). Or does he go for a home run? (Dorsey or Gholston)

                      3. How did Brian Brohm go from a sure-fire Top 10 pick to a potential second rounder? Have you looked at his stats from last year. Someone may get a real bargain there.

                      4. I can't remember a draft so devoid of big name LBs. Makes you wonder if James Laurinaitis wishes he declared.

                      5. I think this is a deep draft at the WR position, but I'm having trouble ranking the prospects. A fully healthy Limas Sweed might be at the top, but if his wrist is still a concern, he could be as low at 6 or 7 on the list. See what I mean?

                      6. Branden Albert's stock sure seems to be rising. Too bad... I was hoping he might slip to the Rams in Round 2. No chance of that happening now.

                      7. Quick... name me the top prospect from Florida State...

                      8. Glenn Dorsey worries me. If we take him, I'll worry. If we pass on him, I'll worry.

                      9. Bruce Davis is officially my top Day 2 sleeper. Sure, he's a tweener with good, but far from great, measurables... but consider this: his last 26 games (playing in the Pac 10): 92 tackles, 33 tackles for loss, 24.5 sacks. You can't tell me that this guy does not have some skills that will translate to the NFL.

                      10. Donnie Avery is still a prominent player on my radar. He apparently had a great Pro Day.

                      11. I like reading the scouting reports on the prospects. Still, every time I read a player's "pros" I think "wow, I'd like to have this guy" and then when I read his "cons" I think "oh... guess we should pass." I also love it when they write "great motor" in the "pros" and then contradict themselves by writing "sometimes takes plays off" in the "cons." Huh?

                      12. If the Rams are still thinking about Lito Sheppard as a trade target on or before draft day, I'd be okay with that, but I'd hate to give up one of our top 3 choices this year. I would offer a 2009 2nd round pick (maybe with a late round 2008 pick as a throw in).

                      13. I'm surprised that the Rams have not been more aggressive in pursuing a FA center given what they have and the lack of top prospects at center in this year's draft.

                      14. Unless Josh Barrett or Craig Steltz drops to the 4th round, I don't see the Rams taking a SS. More Chavous...? Ugh.

                      15. If the Rams trade out of the second selection (which I doubt they will do) it will be because someone really wants Dorsey.

                      16. One of the Rams 4...
                      -04-01-2008, 08:08 PM
                    • Nick
                      Evaluating the 2017 Rams Draft
                      by Nick
                      Just like every year, it didnít take long after the draft ended for the ďgradingĒ articles to come out. You know the ones Ė where analysts try to evaluate every teamís decisions before the prospects even show up on the field to show what theyíre going to do in the league.

                      I get the cynicism that emerges as a reaction to these articles, but I do think itís interesting to some degree to reflect on what the team was able to do and provide some opinion about the draft class as a whole.

                      Please note that my opinions here are certainly not final evaluations of a prospect, but rather just early impressions based upon what I already knew/read about them as well as my own amateur opinion about the team, its needs, and its personnel. I welcome anyone else to respond and provide similar impressions, comments, questions, and concerns.

                      But because no post-draft article is apparently complete with some kind of grade, I will be rating each pick based on my overall satisfaction with the selection using the following scale:

                      = Not a fan of the selection at all
                      = Okay but could have done better
                      = Solid all around pick
                      = Very satisfied with the selection
                      = Jumping off the couch excited

                      FULL RAMS DRAFT RESULTS
                      My Thoughts: Entering Day Two, Everett was not the top player on my Rams board, but he was the top pass catcher. I was disappointed that the Rams missed out on Evan Engram and David Njoku, but it was clear they werenít going to last to the Ramsí pick in the second round, and I didnít like the idea of the Rams trading up and losing more picks this year. After the top three tight ends in this class, Everett represented the top of the second tier and still a very good prospect in his own right. He is a better blocker than some of the other receiving/joker tight ends available in this class, and I think heís in the best spot to maximize his potential. The fact that the Rams were able to trade down and still get him was a great maneuver.
                      My Rating:

                      My Thoughts: Kupp was a prospect some had pegged as a potential pick for the Rams in the second round, so he offers good value as their third round selection. He offers a very intriguing combination of size and technical ability at the position. Heíll join the team and immediately become one of the best set of hands available to Jared Goff. He understands the finer points of the position, which allows him to make up for shortcomings in other areas. Unlike some, I donít think heís limited to just the slot at the NFL level, but heís going to need to perfect his craft to excel on the perimeter. The good news is heís extremely competitive and will meet that challenge...
                      -04-30-2017, 09:06 AM
                    • AvengerRam
                      20 Halfway Through Preseason Random Thoughts, by RFE
                      by AvengerRam
                      1. 2-0 is nice.

                      2. The fact that the starting offense has played fairly well is nicer.

                      3. The fact that the Rams have not suffered any major injuries in the 2 games is nicest.

                      4. Man, I hope I didn't just jinx the team.

                      5. The Aaron Donald situation concerns me, but I'm not overly worried. I still expect him to be there on opening day, one way or another. I've been wrong before, though.

                      6. If you're not optimistic about Cooper Kupp at this point, you must REALLY think 40 times are important.

                      7. Gerald Everett is also looking like he'll be a real weapon in this offense.

                      8. How nice was it to see Todd Gurley with a bit of running room?

                      9. Tavon Austin is really falling behind due to injury, but if he does finally get healthy, I'm intrigued by the idea of McVay finding a way to get him the ball in open space.

                      10. At least on paper, the Rams suddenly have a nice collection of skill position players.

                      11. I'm trying not to get too caught up in Jared Goff's preseason success, but he certainly looks more like a starting QB than he did a year ago.

                      12. We really have not seen the starting defense yet, so its hard to evaluate.

                      13. Still, I sure would like to see us register a few sacks in the next preseason game.

                      14. Looks like CBS will be broadcasting the Rams next preseason game!

                      15. Still trying to decide who the "go-to" person is among the Rams' beat reporters. I'm thinking it might be Vinny Bonsignore, but I'm not sure yet.

                      16. I wonder if "VinnyB" might post here some day...

                      17. Its looking less and less like the Rams will be seeing Andrew Luck in Week 1.

                      18. Yesterday afternoon, Connor Barwin saw the sun disappear and the world go dark. No, it wasn't the eclipse. It was Andrew Whitworth blocking him.

                      19. Justin Davis will make this team. At least, he should.

                      20. Opening day is rapidly approaching!
                      -08-22-2017, 12:23 PM
                    • AvengerRam_old
                      20 Post-Draft Random Thoughts
                      by AvengerRam_old
                      1. I am thrilled to have Tavon Austin. While I didn't want to have to trade up to get him, by making a second trade in the first round, the Rams were able to keep the same number of Day 1/2 selections. Great work by Snead and Co.

                      2. One role that people have not been talking about for Austin that I think could be key: decoy. Defenses will worry about him every time he's near the ball. A fake reverse, for example, could open up the deep ball to Givens, or a counter play to Pead, or... Schott is going to have fun drawing these plays up.

                      3. I am really pumped about the possibilities for the Rams special teams. With Legatron, a top punter, guys like Brandon McGee on coverage, and Austin returning kicks... the special teams may win us a game or two.

                      4. I still worry about depth at safety. A lot rides on Darian Stewart, who I thought was an up and coming player at the end of 2011.

                      5. I like the idea of Ray Ray Armstrong at OLB (and yes, that will be the last UM plug in this post).

                      6. I loved the selection of Barrett Jones. If he had not had his foot injury, he probably would have been selected on Friday.

                      7. I feel pretty good about our OL depth.

                      8. The Rams' D was getting a reputation last year of being tough and nasty. With the addtion of Ogletree and McDonald, it should become scary.

                      9. As a 5'7 guy, I like the idea of countering the Jumbo CBs in the NFC West with smaller, quicker, WRs.

                      10. Zac Stacy wasn't the RB I had in mind, but he is exactly the type of RB I had in mind.

                      11. Will the Rams ever make a first round selection without a trade? (Mock Drafters want to know!)

                      12. While I would never suggest that Steven Jackson was not a great player for the Rams, the one advantage of his departure is that the Rams' offense will be far less predictable.

                      13. While I'm not a fan of "draft grades," and I recognize that the "experts" are often wrong, its still nice to see all the positive reviews of the Rams' draft.

                      14. I've even seen some comments by Niner and Seahawk fans praising (and expressing a bit of concern) regarding the Rams' selections.

                      15. I ordered a Tavon Austin jersey (is anyone surprised?)

                      16. Top 5 fastest current Rams: (1) Austin, (2) McGee, (3) Chris Givens, (4) Janoris Jenkins, (5) Isaiah Pead. All added in the last two years.

                      17. I think the rest of the NFC West had good drafts as well, but each team made a move that cause me to scratch my head. Niners: was Eric Reid worth trading up for? Seahawks: is Christine Michael the kind of guy who will accept a reserve role? Cardinals: was Tyrann Mathiew worth a third round pick?

                      18. Anyone who questioned the hiring of Jeff Fisher and Les Snead: please send your apology note to Rams Park.

                      19. Yes, I know the Rams...
                      -05-02-2013, 10:02 AM