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Patriots, Rams in good shape for 2019 compensatory†picks

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  • Patriots, Rams in good shape for 2019 compensatory*picks

    Patriots, Rams in good shape for 2019 compensatory picks

    Posted by Michael David Smith on May 9, 2018, 5:46 AM EDT

    The deadline has passed for any free agent signings that will affect the awarding of compensatory picks in next yearís NFL draft, and the Patriots and Rams are the teams that look to be in the best shape for 2019 compensatory picks.

    Both the Patriots and the Rams are likely to be awarded two third-round picks next year, according to Thatís the best haul of any team.

    The Patriots are always smart about getting compensatory picks, which are awarded to teams that lose more free agents, and especially more expensive free agents, than they sign. Itís no surprise to see the atop the list of compensatory picks.

    But the Ramsí presence at the top may surprise a lot of people, because the Rams made offseason headlines by attracting a lot of players. How can the Rams get so many compensatory picks after an offseason dominated by headlines about the Rams bringing in big-name players?

    Because those big-name players werenít the unrestricted free agents who count toward the compensatory pick formula. Players who arrive in trades, like Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib, donít count toward the compensatory pick formula. Nor do players who were cut by their previous teams, like Ndamukong Suh. But players who leave your team as unrestricted free agents and sign big-money contracts with other teams do count toward the formula. The Rams lost two such players, Sammy Watkins and Trumaine Johnson, and thatís why theyíre expected to get two third-round picks.

    Other teams expected to get third-round compensatory picks next year include Washington (for losing Kirk Cousins), Minnesota (Case Keenum) and Carolina (Andrew Norwell).

    The NFL doesnít publish the full compensatory pick formula, and part of the formula relates to playersí performance during their first seasons with their new teams, so itís possible that some of this could change before the compensatory picks are awarded for next yearís draft. But right now, the Patriots and Rams are looking good.

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    That's very good news. Having a first and 3 third round picks will provide a good opportunity to upgrade and replenish the ranks next year.

    Now that the deadline mentioned at the start of the article has passed, it will be interesting to see if the Rams have any interest in any veteran FAs. I wouldn't expect too much movement, as I believe their priority is to get Donald and Cooks signed long term, but perhaps there could be a couple of one-year deals they could fit into the budget.


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      Getting two 3rd round picks would be huge, especially for a team in need of solid depth and starters for the future. Plus, the Rams upgraded both positions vacated by Watkins and Johnson. A win win as long as they get signed long term.