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Reminder About Posting Expectations Going Forward

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  • Reminder About Posting Expectations Going Forward

    A recent thread was created probing possible reasons for declining activity in the forum. While a number of options were discussed, many members within the topic expressed concerns about the impact of responses which they felt were snarky, condescending, and discouraging to healthy debate.

    In an effort to address those concerns, RamsNation moderators would like to make sure everyone is on the same page in this regard.

    We have worked collaboratively over the years to try and define a set of forum rules that we’re satisfied with, that encapsulates what we and what we think our members expect the discourse on RamsNation to be. The first of those rules refers to profanity and civility, including the following sentence: “We expect all Rams Nation members to be civil at all times, even in heated discussions.”

    Individuals may have different interpretations of what constitutes civil behavior, so for the sake of consistency, we’ll reference the dictionary definition of “courteous and polite.” Personal shots at a poster, sarcasm that is meant to put another down, an intentionally condescending or patronizing tone, or responses that serve no purpose but to derail discussions do not constitute civil discourse.

    We encourage debate, and understand that fans may become heated during debates by arguing passionately in support of their opinions. However, going forward, we want to reiterate our expectation that all of these discussions and debates still remain civil and polite to ensure that members feel that their opinions have been heard, not shut down.

    RamsNation moderators will do our best to watch these discussions and act when we think the line has been crossed. As Dez has discussed, if we feel something has crossed the line, we will "soft delete" the post - temporarily putting removing it so we can discuss it as a group to determine if the post should be reinstated or fully deleted. We will do our best to communicate with you the reason behind any actions we take, and encourage you to use the Flag feature to bring any problems you see to our attention.

    We appreciate your contributions to our board, and thank you for choosing to participate here at RamsNation!

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    We might want to remember that sarcasm does not usually translate well into print? In other words, as Sheldon might ask, "Was that sarcasm?"

    GO RAMS!!


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      ClanRam is a safe space so remember to check your privilege, avoid microaggressions, and try not to trigger others.

      And use of millennial-speak is most definitely sarcastic.

      Good luck to the Mods. You’ve taken on a potentially difficult task. Hope it works out for the site.