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Did the Rams make the wrong pick when they drafted Torry Holt?

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  • Did the Rams make the wrong pick when they drafted Torry Holt?

    Torry Holt had a sensational Rams career. No knock on him. However, i have always believed that the Rams made the wrong pick in that spot. Holt was pick #6. Pick #7 in the 1999 draft was Champ Bailey, who had as good a career as Holt at what i would say is a tougher position to replace (especially for a team that already had Isaac Bruce).

    Let's discuss!

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    The Rams selected a CB - Dre Bly - in the second round, so if their goal was to end up with a WR and a CB with their first two picks, they could have selected Holt/Bly or Bailey and Donald Driver (who was the most productive WR taken after the first round). Of course, Driver was a sleeper who outplayed his draft status (7th round pick), so there's no guarantee that the Rams would have taken him.

    Given all that, and considering how exceptional Holt was for several years, I think the Rams made the right call.


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      Hard to second guess a guy who was as productive as Holt and a quality individual to boot. And the fact we didn't have a quality WR for any length of time after Holt retired should perfectly illustrate why drafting him should be validated- despite Champ Bailey's impressive career.


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        Really don't see the need to second guess - considering how well things worked out. Be thankful !!

        Besides, had the Rams drafted Champ, I'm sure lovie smith would have determined that Champ was not cut out to be a cover 2 corner. Just as he determined London Fletcher was not cut out to be a cover 2 Mike. It would be goodbye Champ just as it was goodbye London.


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          NO WAY. Even as a rookie, I always remember the amount of energy Holt brought to the offense. Even as a rookie, Holt was the teams RAH RAH guy and extremely instrumental in leading us to our SuperBowl win.


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            Originally posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
            Hard to second guess a guy who was as productive as Holt and a quality individual to boot. And the fact we didn't have a quality WR for any length of time after Holt retired should perfectly illustrate why drafting him should be validated- despite Champ Bailey's impressive career.
            Succinct - spot on!!


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              I'm not sure there was a GSOT without Holt. He was the perfect counterpart to Ike, and a vital piece of the puzzle on offense.


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                There may well have not been as good an offense, gsot or otherwise without holt, but i think we might have been a better overall team with an absolute stop corner for 10 years. All good points by everyone on the thread, but i think some people might be underestimating how great champ bailey was an how many problems we had with that position for so long, especially after todd lyght dropped off the face of the earth on us.

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                  I don't think Torry was the guy who made that offense go, and we still would have won if we had picked Champ. But, I don't think picking Champ wins us more games/championships on his own because our later problems started higher up in the food chain imo


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                  • general counsel
                    Tory Holt- A lousy draft pick?
                    general counsel
                    I thought it might be nice to post something that takes the debate away from the unmitigated travesty of a sham of a mockery of a debacle that has become the 2011 Rams season.

                    I thought at the time, and i think now, that the Holt pick was awful. The Rams passed on Champ Bailey to take Holt. This is not intended as a knock on Holt, who had a great Rams career, but the Rams were already loaded at receiver at the time and the stop corner (and Bailey was certainly a phenomenal prospect coming out of school) was a greater need for the Rams. Bailey is still going strong and Holt is long gone (and in my view, was extremely successful early in his career in material part because of Ike's prowess on the other side).

                    I appreciate that this is a controversial topic, but i thought it might be fun. Besides, as a HUGE Isaac Bruce fan, i can never get over the ball that "Big Game" failed to catch against Carolina in the playoff game. Ike makes that grab.

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                    general counsel
                    -12-05-2011, 12:26 PM
                  • Guest's Avatar
                    Torry Holt and Champ Bailey
                    My memory is a little fuzzy on this, but given our issues in the secondary, i was just wondering...

                    When we picked holt in the draft, did we pass on champ bailey to do so?

                    If we did, as much as I love torry holt, i think we took the wrong guy.

                    general counsel
                    -11-11-2004, 02:54 PM
                  • Nick
                    PFT: Holt unhappy in Jacksonville?
                    Torry Holt unhappy with playcalling in Jacksonville?
                    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on September 21, 2009 1:43 PM ET

                    In last dark days of the Scott Linehan era in St. Louis, wide receiver Torry Holt often voiced his displeasure about the team's play-calling; sometimes right to Linehan's face.

                    Holt has a new team this year in Jacksonville, but he's reportedly still not happy.

                    Michael C. Wright of the Florida Times-Union tweeted Sunday night that Holt was "screaming about some [play] calls" Sunday as if he was talking to himself, but clearly loud enough for everyone to hear.

                    Wright credits multiple sources that Holt was on the "verge of going off" about the Jaguars struggles. Wright told PFT Monday that his sources believe Holt is too savvy to complain about the issues publicly. (Good for Holt. And the Jaguars. It does not appear that they are worried about him being a malcontent.)

                    With that said, it's clear there is already some frustration bubbling underneath the surface of Jacksonville's 0-2 start. The passing game has been inept, due to poor pass protection, some inaccurate David Garrard throws, drops, and a lack of quality receivers.

                    Holt was a franchise legend in St. Louis, but it's questionable whether he is in the position to gripe in Jacksonville. The 11-year pro has nine catches for 112 yards in two games -- not bad -- but he doesn't scare defenses any more. Holt didn't create a lot of separation on his routes in his Week One performance. (Haven't watched the Cardinals game yet.)

                    Two of Jacksonville's top four receivers Sunday won't play again with the team this season, so Holt is going to be relied upon heavily the rest of the way.
                    -09-25-2009, 08:26 AM
                  • Return To Glory
                    Torry Holt stil overlooked
                    Return To Glory

                    how is he not at the top of that list, steve smith had ONE good year, while torry has put up numbers that no widereciever has ever done, It bothere me that no one even really knows who he is because, they would rather watch a showoff rather than a player who had done more in the nfl, I don't know about you guys but I would go to battle with torry holt anyday, over any other WR in Nfl History.
                    -08-13-2006, 02:34 PM
                  • Mooselini
                    Torry Holt
                    Should he stay or should he go?

                    Personally, I think that Holt should be in Horns next year. He gives the kids his praise when they make that big play. He's still a consistent player. He's got the heart that we need on this team.

                    Avery and Burton are still young. Stanley is included also. I think Holt should be a Ram for sure. He teaches these kids so much. As said in another post, Holt pulled Burton aside and talked to him about something. Torry cares about these kids futures.

                    I would really hate this game to be Holt's last as a Ram. If you thought losing Bruce was bad, losing Holt will be just as bad.

                    We won't get a good draft pick for him.

                    Not sure about you guys, but we could use him for a few more years if his body allows him to keep going.

                    -12-29-2008, 12:01 AM