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jamon brown suspended two games

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  • jamon brown suspended two games

    Jamon brown will miss the first two games of the season for a suspension relating to substance abuse. Depth of offensive line, injuries, suspensions, my number one concern for the year and here we go already. what an idiot.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Continuity of the OL already busted before the season begins. Potential stealing of his spot up for grabs now... maybe one of the youngsters can impress. Too much optimism? Well okay, maybe someone can do well enough for spot duty.

    All I gotta say is, I'm really really glad the Rams resigned Sullivan at the Center spot. I think that'll help a lot this season.


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      At least the Rams will have plenty of time to prep his replacement.


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        ...Here we go already. What an idiot.

        - GC


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          Geez, how stupid can Jamon be?


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            I wish the NFL handled these things in a more timely manner. His apology statement said this happened 18 months ago which was during Fisher's last season if I can read a calendar correctly.


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              Who will Brown's replacement? Blythe? Demby? Havenstein with Notebloom filling in at right tackle? Possibly Brian Allen?? Thoughts?


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                Originally posted by MauiRam View Post
                Who will Brown's replacement? Blythe? Demby? Havenstein with Notebloom filling in at right tackle? Possibly Brian Allen?? Thoughts?
                Really good question. O line depth one of our big issues, and it's front and center right off the bat. We enjoyed O line continuity all season last year, but have a break already this year. I strongly doubt Havenstein. We're not going to choose to start the season with the entire right side out of position. I also can't imagine they'll have Noteboom spending his first camp learning the guard position, when he's their top draft pick and projected as swing tackle. So my guess is Blythe rather than a rookie. But will they have enough O line roster spots for that? If not, it'll be a rookie, Allen or Quemby. This is a big issue for the first two games. Damn.


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                  On the bright least this happened to our worst starting offensive lineman. I can see Blythe filling in and I don't think the drop-off in talent is as big as we think it is. I see Allen backing up Sullivan to start the season.


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                    Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
                    On the bright least this happened to our worst starting offensive lineman. I can see Blythe filling in and I don't think the drop-off in talent is as big as we think it is. I see Allen backing up Sullivan to start the season.
                    Yes, with a little more thought, I agree they'll have to make room on the roster for Blythe at the start of the season, and will spend all of camp getting him ready, especially having drafted Allen at center.


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                      Originally posted by General Counsel View Post

                      ...And here we go already. What an idiot.

                      Ramming speed to all

                      General Counsel

                      There is some mild consolation via JB's Twitter (see ESPN for complete message with usual apology):

                      In a statement released on Twitter, Brown apologized and explained that an "isolated mistake" 18 months ago led to his suspension.


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                        Seems strange that the penalty is incurred 18 months after the incident. Did the NFL just find out about this? Did they find out at the time and were slow to respond? I would be curious to see the timeline.


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                          Blythe seems like the front runner to take that job, as an interior backup already on the team. I wouldn't sleep on Jake Eldrenkamp maybe emerging as a possibility as well.


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                          • RamWraith
                            Brown suspended without pay!!
                            FROM KFFL:

                            Rams | F. Brown suspended for four games
                            Fri, 13 Jul 2007 14:28:00 -0700

                            The St. Louis Rams have announced the NFL has suspended CB Fakhir Brown without pay for the first four games of this season for violating the league's Substance Abuse policy. Brown will be allowed to participate in the Rams' training camp and preseason games but his suspension will begin Aug. 31.
                            -07-13-2007, 03:44 PM
                          • ramsplaya16
                            Brown Hoping for Reduced Suspension
                            Brown Hoping for Reduced Suspension
                            Monday, July 30, 2007

                            By Nick Wagoner
                            Senior Writer

                            For all of his football playing life, Fakhir Brown has
                            spent his preseasons preparing for the season opener.
                            This year, things are a bit different and the
                            adjustment has been tough for the Rams’ cornerback.

                            “I had been thinking about it and I just kind of
                            prepared myself for it,” Brown said. “It’s been a long
                            time going into a camp knowing that I wasn’t going to
                            be able to play so it’s kind of difficult.”

                            Brown’s training camp difficulties stem from a July 13
                            suspension from the league for what was termed a
                            “violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.” The
                            suspension has Brown scheduled to miss the first four
                            games of the NFL season.

                            But Brown has appealed the suspension and is hopeful
                            that his side of the story will be enough to get it
                            reduced or, best case scenario, eliminated altogether.
                            At the time of the suspension, the league did not give
                            details on the suspension, but Brown says he did not
                            fail any kind of drug test.

                            Rather, Brown says a miscommunication between he and
                            the NFL’s testing services led to a missed test which
                            in turn resulted in a suspension.

                            “I was out of town and things get mixed up, there’s
                            new guys working and they are just doing what they are
                            told,” Brown said. “It’s just a misunderstanding.”

                            The NFL drug testing policy allows the testers to come
                            to a player’s home and administer a test to players in
                            the program without warning or notice. If a player is
                            out on vacation or somewhere other than the address he
                            has given the testing service, he must call and tell
                            the testers at what address he can be found.

                            In Brown’s case, he says he informed the testers he
                            would be out of town for the Fakhir Brown Football
                            Camp in his hometown of Mansfield, Louisiana. Brown
                            says he gave an address in Shreveport, where he was
                            staying while the camp was in Mansfield.

                            When the testers came, Brown was nowhere to be found
                            and says he was suspended for missing the test.
                            Because Brown was already in the program, the missed
                            test is a suspendable offense.

                            “It’s tough,” Brown said. “But that’s just how life
                            is. Sometimes when you are in the right you get
                            accused of doing something wrong and there are times
                            when you are wrong and you get away with it. That’s
                            life. You just have to deal with it.”

                            While the Rams are moving forward as though they will
                            be without Brown for the first four games, he is
                            maintaining hope that he will be allowed back. He is
                            practicing with the team during training camp, but his
                            -07-30-2007, 09:15 PM
                          • Guest's Avatar
                            Fakhir Brown
                            Has anyone heard anything about Brown because after listening to Jim Thomas on the radio to me it seems like the rams feel like he might not be available to them at the beginning of this season if not longer just like last year. He never comes out and says that but he alludes that they know something they can't really talk about.

                            I listened to it on STL Sports Insider - St. Louis Rams
                            -03-23-2008, 12:40 PM
                          • RockinRam
                            Jason Brown
                            I remember last year Jason Brown was having a very solid year in St. Louis, giving us fans hope that we finally have a mauler in the middle to help Jackson out, unlike the past journeymen we had at center (Leckey, Romberg). We finally had faith that we found a center who could handle bigger tackles like Kris Jenkins and Haynesworth, unlike Mr. 270lb Nick Leckey.

                            However, is it just me or is he regressing? I understand he gets little help from his guards, especially right guard Adam "Why am I still starting" Goldberg, which might be putting some pressure on him. However, he still contributes to a part of our interior line woes, especially when run blocking. I don't see our interior line getting any push, and when I go back and watch Brown, he really isn't getting much push either....

                            In my opinion, he's having an off year. We draft or sign a big mauler and insert him at RG, and Brown and the interior suddenly becomes much better.

                            Discuss. :ram:
                            -12-20-2010, 11:26 PM
                          • RamWraith
                            Fakhir Brown wins appeal
                            By Jim Thomas
                            ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                            There has been much speculation recently that Rams cornerback Fakhir Brown was facing a possible suspension for failing to meet the standards of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

                            But league sources told the Post-Dispatch on Monday that Brown has won his appeal for a failed drug test, and will not be suspended. After missing the first four weeks of the Rams’ offseason conditioning program, Brown was at Rams Park on Monday, working out with the rest of the team.

                            Brown declined to comment Monday, but said he would address the topic at a later date. Brown’s agent, Ted Marchibroda, also declined comment Monday, as did Rams officials.

                            Brown, a two-year starter for the Rams at cornerback, missed the first four games of the 2007 season for failing to meet standards of the league’s substance abuse policy. Brown said at the start of training camp that he was suspended because he wasn’t at home for a drug test _ he said he was in a nearby town running a summer football camp.

                            After a player receives a four-game suspension, another failed test normally results in a one-year suspension.

                            It is uncertain how Brown’s successful appeal affects the Rams draft needs. Four cornerbacks were among the draft prospects brought into Rams Park last week for pre-draft visits with the team.
                            -04-21-2008, 05:03 PM