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  • RGIII Trade

    Has anyone been able to finaly work out how good or bad this all worked out?

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    Everyone lost. They made the playoffs once and we've only got Brockers left to show for it.


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      While the trade did not end up being what either side hoped for, Michael Brockers is a very good player for the Rams, and far and away the best player to result from that trade.


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        Brockers is a very solid starter in the NFL.
        Jenkins is a very solid starting CB in the league.
        Ogletree is a very solid LB in the league.

        Three starters versus a third stringer?


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          I think it's clear the Rams emerged from that deal better than the Redskins did, but it's unfortunate that the Rams got such a big haul and the only person still on the roster six seasons later is Brockers.


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          • AvengerRam_old
            Brockers is NOT being traded.
            by AvengerRam_old
            So, there you have it....
            -04-29-2015, 10:29 AM
          • mcpeepants232003
            Michael Brockers
            by mcpeepants232003
            I saw a lot of analysts give the Rams grief for trading down and missing out on Fletcher Cox and Dontari Poe but Brockers has been more effective than both(though Cox has slightly better stats but has played way more).

            Jenkins has got most of the hype but Brockers has played a huge part in our success.
            -12-02-2012, 10:41 PM
          • MauiRam
            Rams DT Brockers poised for breakthrough .. Nick Wagoner
            by MauiRam
            By Nick Wagoner |

            Halfway through St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers' rookie season he found himself wondering if he was going to be able to have the kind of impact expected of the 14th pick in the NFL draft.

            The first half of the season had essentially been a wash as Brockers dealt with the lingering effects of a high ankle sprain suffered in the preseason finale. He returned in Week 4 but the ankle injury didn’t allow him to perform the way he’d hoped.

            Things were so bad that Brockers doesn’t even like the mention of the first eight games of his career. He prefers not to watch the game film from his first five appearances.

            “I can’t put it into words from my mouth because it was just really bad,” Brockers said. “When I look at myself toward the end of the season and look at myself toward the beginning of the season, my stance has changed, I’m coming off the ball different, I’m reading plays different, everything is different when you first get into the league because everything is going fast and I had the ankle so I’m playing tentative. It really was bad tape to watch. I hate watching it but now that we moved on to different games and later in the season, I am just trying to progress off of that really.”

            Brockers’ breakthrough performance came right at the beginning of the second half of the season. Motivated by the opportunity to face San Francisco’s tough, physical offensive line, namely guard Mike Iupati, Brockers said it was in that Week 10 game that he finally put all thoughts about his ankle out of his mind.

            “The game I like to play is smashmouth football,” Brockers said. “That game really put a lot of pressure on the ankle. After that, I was like ‘this ankle can hold up’ and I can go out and play. I think that was the turning point.”

            Brockers never looked back in the second half of the season though he had his share of ups and downs, as rookies tend to do. He again gave San Francisco fits in Week 13, and put on another dominant performance against Buffalo the following week.

            That late-season performance combined with an offseason in which he has reshaped his body has many observers believing that Brockers, on a team full of young potential, is the most likely to emerge into a full blown star in 2013.

            “Mike did a great job coming back off the high ankle (injury), and really finished up strong toward the second half of the season,” coach Jeff Fisher said. “He’s worked very hard. He’s changed his body, and we think he can be a dominating player inside.”

            The changing of the body has seemed like something of a neverending process for Brockers, even dating to before he entered the league. Brockers arrived at the 2012 scouting combine around 322 pounds but dropped down to closer to 310 through the draining process of draft preparation.

            Brockers put some of that...
            -09-02-2013, 01:32 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Fear The Beard: Healthy Brockers Ready To Take Next Step
            by r8rh8rmike
            Fear the beard: Healthy Brockers ready to take next step

            11 hours ago • By Jim Thomas [email protected] 314-340-8197

            Michael Brockers’ beard can best be described as prolific, even biblical.

            “It’s coming along very well,” said Brockers, the Rams’ second-year defensive tackle. “At LSU, I just had a little chin (hair) going, but now I think the all-out beard really makes me look dominant. Beard equals sacks. And I think sacks are good for me right now.”

            Brockers was joking, but the goal definitely is to take the next step as an NFL defensive tackle, whether it’s sacks, tackles for loss — what have you — and become a force in the middle of the St. Louis front four.

            “Mike did a great job coming back off the high ankle (sprain), and really finished up strong toward the second half of the (2012) season,” coach Jeff Fisher said. “He’s worked very hard. He’s changed his body, and we think he can be a dominating player inside.”

            A high ankle sprain in the Rams’ 2012 preseason finale against Baltimore sidelined Brockers for the first three games of his rookie season. High ankle sprains can take forever to heal — just ask Sam Bradford — and Brockers felt lingering effects of the injury throughout the season.

            Even so, he came on strong over the second half of the year, playing very much like the No. 14 overall pick in the draft. At season’s end, he joined cornerback Janoris Jenkins as the first Rams since 2003 to make the NFL’s all-rookie team. Brockers’ season totals included 63 tackles, four sacks and 17 QB pressures or hits. All in all it made for a good start in the NFL, but Brockers wants more this season.

            “I can’t even see the ceiling yet,” Brockers said during practices in June. “I want to keep progressing from here on in, and I just keep doing my thing. The ankle is fine. I have no excuses now and I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to do great things.”

            The high ankle sprain, to Brockers’ right ankle, is long behind him. In addition, Brockers underwent cleanup surgery in February to remove bone chips in his left ankle. He believes that procedure corrected carryover symptoms from an injury at LSU that irritated his foot last season.

            “When I’m in my stance, it really pinched on nerves,” Brockers said after a recent training camp practice. “Now that that’s out I can just feel me being more explosive off the ball, getting in the backfield real quick.”

            Brockers now has two good wheels and has increased his overall weight and upper-body strength.

            “He’s changed his body,” Fisher said. “He’s gained some weight, but it’s good weight. He’s gained a tremendous amount of strength.”

            Brockers weighed in at 325 pounds for training camp after playing around 318 to 320 as a rookie. An extra five to seven pounds may not sound like much, but for a finely tuned pro...
            -07-30-2013, 10:47 AM
          • Rambos
            Michael Brockers having an impact
            by Rambos
            In the last two game we gave up only 45 yards on the ground to AZ and shut down the Fins who had only 19 yards on 18 carries.

            I would think he is making his Presents felt.
            -10-14-2012, 07:56 PM