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What will we be arguing about this year?

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  • What will we be arguing about this year?

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    With the Rams entering 2018 with a loaded roster and hope for a championship run, I have to wonder...

    What will we argue about this year?

    After all, ClanRam was built on arguments. Warnerites vs. Bulgerites... Fire Martz debates... SLOP proponents vs. opponents... Draft Bradford vs. Draft Suh (that one's pretty ironic now, isn't it?), etc., etc., etc...

    So what will the big debate be in 2018?

    Seems like the biggest one right now is the "who's to blame for Aaron Donald not receiving a new contract" debate. Other contract issues may likewise result in disagreement.

    I'm thinking that things are most likely to get heated when (as is inevitable) the Rams stumble. As I'm not expecting a 16-0 campaign, its likely to happen at some point. My guess is that some will overreact (the "here we go again" type of comment), while others will be more like Kevin Bacon in Animal House ("Remain calm! All is well!").

    Hopefully, things will go smoothly enough that there will be little need for these types of arguments.

    I also hope that we don't experience the phenomenon in which success reduces activity on the board.

    Guess we'll see in a couple of months.

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    I hope we argue over how soon we should substitute backups for starters after building up a big lead early on. One can dream right?

    I am somewhat apprehensive about our D stumbling early out of the gate. We added two big name corners plus Suh. Even without Donald, expectations are going to be high. If Donald somehow suits up for the opener against the Raiders, and we were to get shredded by the run, there would be much gnashing of teeth/hand wringing and so on.

    I do wonder about all the shiny new pieces on both sides of the ball translating into success on the field. Why? Because Iíve been kicked in the teeth as a Ram fan for so long, Iím trying to protect the few I have left. Conversely Iíll admit this year is the first time since GSOT era that deep down, I am expecting us to be good.

    If all else fails, and the Rams prove to be really good & are winning, we can always argue over uniforms ...


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      It's gonna wind up being contract issues. Who to extend, who to let walk, how much to pay guys, why did we keep this guy, should have kept that guy, overpaid this guy, didn't offer enough to that guy, etc. Kevin Demoff has some work to do


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        I think the argument will be why we aren't utilizing our wide receivers.

        Many of us grew used to seeing Bruce, Holt, and Faulk being consistent big-yardage targets for several years in a row, and when we see the 5-10 yard short gains, the passing attempts being set aside for a short run, or a stagnant offensive game plan, it gets us a little bit riled up...


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          Brandin Cooks might not agree with you - at least not for now. I just hope we don't end up arguing over why our D can't stop the run.


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            Originally posted by MrOrange View Post
            It's gonna wind up being contract issues. Who to extend, who to let walk, how much to pay guys, why did we keep this guy, should have kept that guy, overpaid this guy, didn't offer enough to that guy, etc. Kevin Demoff has some work to do
            I think you're exactly right. The contract issue starts in the FO but eventually creeps into the locker room as guys feel abused by not getting paid and those who deserve it can infect the upbeat attitude. The Rams were first in many NFL historical issues and paying a non-QB over $20 million may be the next one.

            There is a huge war brewing as we approach the next CBA. The league and the owners are scared s***less about lawsuits over CTE and the players are pissed that there are huge TV deals fattening the owner's wallets while they are being underpaid in many instances while their careers are in danger of ending on any particular play.

            Go Rams!


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              The key topic for debate this year will be the following: Are we better off losing a game right at the end of the season and before the playoffs to avoid the added pressure of trying to go undefeated and break the record set by the 1972 dolphins.

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel


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                If we're arguing about anything else besides run defense, it will mean it's an extremely successful season. Then again, it could also mean that there is nothing to discuss about the run D besides "it sucks!" and not much can be added. Here's hoping it's more along the lines of contracts and cap discussion instead.


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                  We don't argue on this site and anyone who says we do is just plain wrong!