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Observations from Rams vs. Ravens Pre-season Game 1

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  • Observations from Rams vs. Ravens Pre-season Game 1

    1. Not the end of the world...but you'd like to see some of our veteran back-ups play better. They were thoroughly outshined by our rookies and younger players tonight.

    2. Sean Mannion sucks. I get that it's the first pre-season game, but his abysmally slow footwork, sluggish movement skills, inaccurate arm, and inability to progress through his reads quickly won't magically change in the next 3 weeks.

    3. I am excited to see Luis Perez in action.

    4. Brandon Allen played decently. He works well when he isn't faced with constant pressure. At this point, I'd keep Allen over Mannion.

    5. Darrell Williams is literally a traffic cone on the field. We might as well just put a real traffic cone at LT/RT because everyone is going to go right around him anyways. I will be shocked if he makes the final roster.

    6. Same with Cornelius Lucas. He's got great size, but that's about it. He moves like a mountain.

    7. Termarrick Hemmingway continues to blow opportunities. I used to be a big fan...but I'm starting to realize he's just not that good.

    8. Aaron Neary sucks. Cut.

    9. Noteboom played pretty well tonight and should be our back-up LT over Darrell Williams.

    10. Brian Allen was solid at center.

    11. Austin Blythe continues to look like he can be our swing guard/center. I am comfortable that if Sullivan gets injured/retires, we have two good options with Blythe and Allen to replace him.

    12. Demby had a few rough moments but seems OK.

    13. John Kelly and Justin Davis looked awesome tonight. John Kelly, although slow, has very shifty feet and makes people miss. Justin Davis has legitimate breakaway speed and is a great playmaker. I'm excited about him. Malcolm Brown was not impressive.

    14. Josh Reynolds needs to step up. He had one horrific drop.

    15. Pharaoh Cooper at this point in his career is solely a prolific special teams player.

    16. Hekker had a terrible shank that went for 8 yards. Was amusing to watch.

    17. Troy Hill looked like the old Troy Hill. He was getting beat by EVERYONE, including Lamar Jackson.

    18. Micah Kiser was impressive tonight. He was always in the right place at the right time and was a force in the run game. He will be special.

    19. Jojo Datson (think that's his name) is like the generic brand version of Tavon Austin: fraction of the price, and arguably performs just the same, and maybe even better.

    20. Ebukam and Westbrooks provided some nice pressure.

    21. Need to see Ejuan Price step up more. I want to see him have more game time. I am high on him.

    22. Our back-up DL was not very inspiring.

    23. Justin Lawler was flying around the ball. I like him.

    24. Bryce Hagar is meh.

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    I'm not all the way through the condensed version yet, but from what I see, neither Darrell Williams nor Cornelius Lucas inspire much confidence in me. Williams lost to edge speed and inside moves, Lucas looked too slow to mirror on the right side. On the defensive side, Hager and Hill stood out as guys who probably have some work to do. Hill had multiple head scratchers and Hager seems either slow to react or is taking poor angles.


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      The number one observation for me was that i didnt see anyone get hurt. I thought Kelley was indeed a bright spot. Malcolm Brown had zero blocking, i dont see how anyone can judge based on anything that happened last night when he got hit repeatedly in the backfield. I am not sure who #73 was, but he was atrocious in the extreme. Troy Hill got beat like a drum and didnt get his head around on what should have been a pick. I agree mannion looked awful, but he didnt have a lot of help either and allen is not the answer. If the Rams are going to try and make a serious run, NFL being what it is, we need a legit vet backup. If mannion isnt the guy, we are going to need to pick someone else up via trade or waiver. One other point, Billick is a horrible announcer.

      Ramming speed to all

      general counsel


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        Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
        11. Austin Blythe continues to look like he can be our swing guard/center. I am comfortable that if Sullivan gets injured/retires, we have two good options with Blythe and Allen to replace him.
        Agreed. Blythe has been steady since he arrived, and I have every confidence in his ability.

        Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
        18. Micah Kiser was impressive tonight. He was always in the right place at the right time and was a force in the run game. He will be special.
        I really liked what I saw from Kiser.

        Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
        19. Jojo Datson (think that's his name) is like the generic brand version of Tavon Austin: fraction of the price, and arguably performs just the same, and maybe even better.
        It's actually Natson, and I loved what I saw from him. He's got great burst and quickness on returns, and looks like he could contribute at receiver as well.


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          Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
          2. Sean Mannion sucks. I get that it's the first pre-season game, but his abysmally slow footwork, sluggish movement skills, inaccurate arm, and inability to progress through his reads quickly won't magically change in the next 3 weeks.
          I have to agree with you here. I have never seen Mannion play well. I am curious why he is still around, really. He rarely looked off the primary receiver....

          The team needs someone who can move around a little, IMO. If Bridgewater gets free, I would hope that the RAMS would go after him - or someone similar....

          Always a Rams Fan............

          Rex Allen Markel


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            Kudos to all that actually watched and have the ability to critique based on what they saw. Me, I turned it off after the pick by Mannion. Before that there was a lot of Fast Forwarding!


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            • Nick
              Impressions from Pre-Season Game One
              by Nick
              The Rams just finished mopping the turf with the Colts, so let’s talk about some of the things we saw from the team!

              -Sam Bradford looked solid, but doesn't yet seem to be as comfortable in this offense as he may say he is. He was staring down his receivers at times, and opted for safe underneath throws and checkdowns rather than throwing downfield. His 3.75 yards per attempt average is not going to get it done, but as he gets more comfortable with the offense, that’ll likely change and things will open up. It's easy to forget he's a second year player entering his first year in this system. He showed a good rapport with rookie tight end Lance Kendricks, who looked very good in his debut and converted on a number of third downs and scored a touchdown. He looks like he’ll be a nice weapon this season for Sam, and will help open things up in the intermediate passing game.

              -The receivers did not get much of an opportunity to separate themselves from one another today. Gibson and Amendola had three combined catches with the first unit, which were all on short routes. Austin Pettis had some balls thrown his way, but was generally well covered on the night, making it tough to complete the reception. Danario Alexander had some good and bad moments; the biggest play he may have stood out for was his failure to pull in a perfectly delivered TD pass in the back of the end zone. Mardy Gilyard looked elusive in the open field, both as a receiver and on punt returns. Mike Sims-Walker was noticeably absent from the box score, and I can’t recall seeing him on the field. It’s possible he ran with the first unit and Sam just didn't look his way or he was well covered.

              -The back-up running backs looked great tonight, and that’s partially because of the good work the Rams’ offensive line did to open holes for them. Cadillac Williams churned through defenders tonight (11 carries for 40 yards and a TD), and Jerious Norwood showed the turbo boost that made him an appealing signing. But the surprise among all of them was Keith Toston, who was still fighting hard for a roster spot. Toston ran hard and gained tough yards, leading the Rams with 64 yards and a touchdown of his own.

              -The offensive line overall had a good night. To be balanced, it should be noted that the Colts were without Dwight Freeney and have been traditionally poor against the run. But having said that, Bradford was very well protected while he was on the field, and the line – first and second unit – opened up a number of holes tonight.

              -Defensively, the Rams played very well. The rushing numbers are skewed a bit by the late-game heroics of Darren Evans (and the Rams’ failure to tackle him), but early in the game, there was not much running room for Colts runners. Defensive tackle Justin Bannan made his presence felt in the middle of the line, and Robert Quinn had a solid debut...
              -08-13-2011, 08:17 PM
            • Nick
              Random Thoughts on Tonight
              by Nick
              -I'm concerned about our running game with Marshall Faulk in the backfield. I'd feel much better about the offense with Jackson in the backfield, if only because he seems to be able to pick up some yards. Marshall looks hesitant and seems to have lost any explosiveness he may have had. At least with Jackson he'll hit a hole and shed the initial tackle, plus some of his cutbacks looked great. He's really impressed me thus far in the preseason.

              -Overall, I think Marc Bulger looked good tonight. On the first drive, I thought he did well. The second drive, well, he missed three receivers completely. Not impressive. The third drive was magic, IMO. He missed Curtis on what looked like a miscommunication, but was rock solid from there. Bulger's gotta have more accuracy on those open passes. There's no excuse for not being able to hit a wide open Holt for a gain of 20+. But I think looking at the entire game, he looked good tonight.

              -Chandler's deep pass to Holt on the post... I think I shed a tear. It was like God was singing. It seems obvious that Chandler's more comfortable and accurate than Bulger is right now. Both have had their miscues, but Chandler has looked more accurate and more decisive. I have to wonder what role (1) his veteran experience and (2) the defenses he's going against play in this, though. I wasn't impressed by the deep pass that was intercepted. Way too much air under the ball, I thought. But that floater to McDonald in stride for the touchdown was a thing of beauty.

              -Speaking of McDonald, he and Curtis are really coming into their own this preseason. I'm very excited about what the two of these guys will be able to do for the offense. Both of them look pretty speedy with great sets of hands.

              -The blocking was much better this evening. Looked like the blitzes were being picked up well (I remember Goodspeed picking up a great inside rush), but I think the dreams of having Tercero at right tackle need to end NOW. The only memories I have about him for the game was whiffing on a rush that got Bulger sacked on the first drive, and a false start penalty. Move him back into the interior, I say, because he didn't look good as a tackle at all in my opinion. Furthermore, it wasn't that great to see Nutten leave the game with an injury. This was a concern when he decided to retire from the Jets, right? Not a good sign to see it so shortly after his coming back on the field.

              -Defensively, I loved what we did with our first unit. Bryce Fisher was ALL OVER THE FIELD, or so it seemed. Pisa Tinoisamoa looks like a leader on defense. He had a couple of nice tackles and a great hit early in the game. Robert Thomas had a nice play where he penetrated into the backfield and tackled Portis for a loss. I thought our run defense was improved by 200%, but I'm not convinced whether we played better pass defense or Ramsey just struggled out there. He's been unimpressive this...
              -08-27-2004, 11:38 PM
            • HUbison
              HUbison's view of the Indy game
              by HUbison
              yea, yea, I was just a pre-season game. But it's still a game, and what I saw coming out of it.

              1. We're all healthy......everything else is just icing.

              2. The difference between Marmie and Haslett is like brussel sprouts and chocolate cake.

              3. Incognito looked like a manimal. He finished off every block like the DT just slapped his mom. Don't tell that kid it was "just a pre-season game".

              4. We got some good lookin' rookies on the D side......Hill, Wroten, Adeyanju...all looked pretty sharp tonight.

              5. Tonight Tony Fisher was better than advertised. Can he continue that during the year?

              6. Who is most excited about the switch from zone blocking to man blocking? Steven Jackson!!!

              7. Ragone better hope he steps it up in the next game, because Fitz out-played him tonight.

              8. Where was this run D last year.....the last several years for that matter?

              9. I think the early pressure masked our secondary. I'm just not convinced they're that good right now.

              10. Who is Jamaal Brooks, and where has he been hiding. He stood out tonight.

              11. I predict some clamoring to move Matthew Rice up the chart, but IMO his 2 sacks were more about going against a camp body OT than his own abilities.

              12. It's nice having Ferrotte around. A solid #2 to say the least, but....

              13.'s even better having Marc Bulger around.

              14. On some level, I'm embarassed. The fans got what they wanted this offseason......tossed Martz, brought in Linehan, new attitude, new defense.....and how did St. Louis repay the Rams? By bringing in a crowd from the local library. That place was dead.
              -08-10-2006, 08:39 PM
            • HornIt
              HornIt's preseason game observations - Rams vs. Vikings
              by HornIt
              I watched it on-line last night and then against this morning. Nice that the NFL Network is showing these preseason games in HD now. I appreciated that.

              Offense first:

              First thing that was notable was that Romberg started at C. So the starting unit was Pace, Setterstrom, Romberg, Incognito and Barron. McCollum started with the 2nd unit, which was Steussie, Terrell, McCollum, Brown and Goldberg.

              Both the 1st and 2nd units played very well I thought. Neither allowed a sack. Both did a good job in the running game. It seems to me the Rams 2nd unit is as good as some team's 1st units. Yes, this group for the Rams has come a LONG way in a short time. The trap blocking by Steussie, and pulling Brown and Terrell with some help from Hedgecock, that opened the hole for Leonard on that TD run was a thing of beauty. Picture perfect. That was the 2nd unit and many of the Vikings starters were still in there.

              The interior starting group of Setterstrom, Romberg and Incognito once again did a great job of neutralizing the William's Bros for the Vikings, proving last year was no fluke. Pace got beat once, which has been happening more and more it seems, but it didn't result in a sack. Barron didn't have any false starts and looked very good actually. Good news.

              I thought it was interesting that Brown played almost the entire game at RG. He came in for Incognito after the first couple series and then never left. He played with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th groups, so they must be taking a good, long look at him. And Brown played well with the 2nd unit but not as well with the 3rd unit once Fry came in and replaced McCollum and Strojny replaced Steussie. This is where things all went bad actually. The 3rd unit consisted of Strojny, Terrell, Fry, Brown and Goldberg. Strojny was the main culprit here. He was just embarrassing. Ray Edwards and Brian Robinson took their turns abusing him. I can't imagine he makes it through the first cuts after that performance. But the Rams also started getting pressure up the middle at this point too and I seemed that Brown started cheating to the A gap to help out Fry for some reason, even thought I'm not sure Fry really needed the help. This allowed blitzing LB's and DB's to come up through the B gap pretty much untouched and the Rams RB's at the time (Minor, Alexis) did not do a good of picking them up.

              The 4th unit saw Fry move to RG and Pearson came in at C and Parquet took over at RT. Again, Brown was at LG and Strojny stayed at LT. This unit actually played better than the 3rd unit and was the unit that helped lead the game winning drive, though it started out that drive with a false start on Parquet and then allowed a sack on consecutive plays. But after those first 2 plays, it came together and got the job done. I noticed them helping out Strojny quite a bit at this point with both a TE and RB.

              -08-11-2007, 10:18 PM
            • RAMMAN68
              Game Thoughts
              by RAMMAN68
              I thought the team played good as a whole considering it was the first pre-season game.

              The defense made some nice plays especially the first play of the game. I thought Carriker was as advertised, and will only get better. I saw solid tackling, and better coverage. Todd Johnson is a solid addition, he had a couple of nice hits.

              I was very impressed with Brian Leonard, he is going to make some clutch plays this season. He kind of reminds me of Mike Guman; (Guuuuuu!). The starting O line looked solid, it was good to see McCollum back and holding his own. Bennett looked faster than I thought and made some nice catches.

              The special teams looked a lot better than it has, they still need some work, but it was refreshing to see some solid hits on coverage, and a few positive returns.

              There is still a long way to go, but I feel very positive going into the season. Hopefully, things well continue to improve. :l
              -08-10-2007, 08:51 PM