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McVay unhappy about Rams practice after preseason opener

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  • McVay unhappy about Rams practice after preseason opener

    Vincent Bonsignore

    #Rams Sean McVay not real happy about today’s practice. And delivered that message to team afterward. McVay said some veterans had some things to say to teammates about being better, fighting through stuff and maximizing every chance to get on field and practice.

    8:16 PM - 11 Aug 2018
    Vincent Bonsignore

    Here is #Rams Sean McVay explaining his misgivings about today's practice: "We don’t get enough opportunities to get out here and practice and we’ve got to maximize every single one. Today is going to be a good chance to look back at this tape and find a way to get better."

    8:29 PM - 11 Aug 2018
    Vincent Bonsignore

    More from #Rams Sean McVay about today's practice: "I think all the guys would agree we gotta have better urgency from the start. That’s just the bottom line. We can say what we want about what time we got back. But however you want to cut it we’ve got to be better than that."Vincent Bonsignore added,

    8:31 PM - 11 Aug 2018

    Hopefully the staff can get things back on track and the players respond. Not exactly the type of report you'd like to hear after the preseason opener.

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    The concern that is developing for me is how ready the team will be to start the season (on national tv in prime time). I hate the structure of the NFL preseason, and it is a challenge for every team to balance getting your players ready to play in real games vs. the risk of injury. But we have some special issues this preseason, such as: a lot of new vets on defense that need to mesh, another preseason without our defensive star in camp, concern for depth on O (particularly at QB), McVay skittish about putting his starters on the field in preseason. I'm confident we'll get up to speed over the course of the first couple/few weeks. But I am concerned about how we'll start. A poor performance out of the gate on MNF could injure the team psyche. And those early games are some of our most "winnable". It will be interesting to see if our young HC figures this out. I sense he's struggling to get his arms around it right now.

    There's no definitive right answer, and I understand this is debateable. But I generally favor letting your players play. You can't approach these games fearfully, and you don't win championships by not trying to win games. I didn't like the way we approached the final regular season game (SF) last year, and I can't discount that it may have caused a loss of momentum that hurt us in the playoff game. Bottom line, in our last 3 games, all losses, we chose to protect our best players in 2 of them. It's unrealistic to think you can just flip a switch, put your best players on the field, and be ready to roll. I hope McVay gives the first string guys some meaningful field time early in these next 2 preseason games.


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      It is a fine line for sure. If you play the probable starters extensively and somebody gets injured, you'll be endlessly second-guessed. If you DON'T play them, there is the very real possibility they won't be prepared when it's time to play for real. I tend to agree with your stance; that one cannot play scared. You play your guys, give them meaningful time and hope you're preparing them for when the games count. I do not agree with what the Rams did the first game of the pre-season, which was give virtually every offensive starter no time at all.

      It's a different situation, but I remember during the regular season some years back when Tom Coughlin, with nothing to really gain, played his starters vs. New England in the last game of the year. He played to win and didn't run scared. The Giants later beat the Pats in the Super Bowl.

      My fear coming into this season- which I will probably state again and again on various threads- is that the Rams will not live up to the great expectations hyped upon them by all the "experts". Assembling a veritable all-start team of name guys Suh, Talib, plus the 1000 yard receiver and a talented but tempermental d-back from KC guarantees you NOTHING. These pieces have to gel, and thinking you're just going to take the field and win games without busting your ass is the worst imaginable cheat.

      The feel-good stories and honeymoon period with Sean McVay are over. Time to go to work. Hopefully, his message was received loud and clear.
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        Though I'm with you that I would have like to see the starters at the beginning of the Balt. game, I can see a rationale for not giving the starters any time in that game, as they practiced against them for a couple of days prior to the game. But I think it will be a real mistake to hold them out entirely in the next two.

        I agree that this season is a much different test for McVay than last, when there were few expectations. It's definitely time for him to knuckle down and put some pressure on his team to get their energy up. I think giving the starters some time on the field has got to be part of that.


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          He has already put pressure on the team to get their energy up.

          I think also that McVay will examine himself and his staff to see if there is more they need to do to increase the teams intensity.


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            best thing McVay could have done was cut a few players immediately to drive home the point just how fleeting a chance at the pros and the big money the NFL can be...had McVay cut 10 players that would have waken up everyone just how slim their chances are of playing in the NFL