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McVay unhappy about Rams practice after preseason opener

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  • McVay unhappy about Rams practice after preseason opener

    Vincent Bonsignore

    #Rams Sean McVay not real happy about today’s practice. And delivered that message to team afterward. McVay said some veterans had some things to say to teammates about being better, fighting through stuff and maximizing every chance to get on field and practice.

    8:16 PM - 11 Aug 2018
    Vincent Bonsignore

    Here is #Rams Sean McVay explaining his misgivings about today's practice: "We don’t get enough opportunities to get out here and practice and we’ve got to maximize every single one. Today is going to be a good chance to look back at this tape and find a way to get better."

    8:29 PM - 11 Aug 2018
    Vincent Bonsignore

    More from #Rams Sean McVay about today's practice: "I think all the guys would agree we gotta have better urgency from the start. That’s just the bottom line. We can say what we want about what time we got back. But however you want to cut it we’ve got to be better than that."Vincent Bonsignore added,

    8:31 PM - 11 Aug 2018

    Hopefully the staff can get things back on track and the players respond. Not exactly the type of report you'd like to hear after the preseason opener.

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    The concern that is developing for me is how ready the team will be to start the season (on national tv in prime time). I hate the structure of the NFL preseason, and it is a challenge for every team to balance getting your players ready to play in real games vs. the risk of injury. But we have some special issues this preseason, such as: a lot of new vets on defense that need to mesh, another preseason without our defensive star in camp, concern for depth on O (particularly at QB), McVay skittish about putting his starters on the field in preseason. I'm confident we'll get up to speed over the course of the first couple/few weeks. But I am concerned about how we'll start. A poor performance out of the gate on MNF could injure the team psyche. And those early games are some of our most "winnable". It will be interesting to see if our young HC figures this out. I sense he's struggling to get his arms around it right now.

    There's no definitive right answer, and I understand this is debateable. But I generally favor letting your players play. You can't approach these games fearfully, and you don't win championships by not trying to win games. I didn't like the way we approached the final regular season game (SF) last year, and I can't discount that it may have caused a loss of momentum that hurt us in the playoff game. Bottom line, in our last 3 games, all losses, we chose to protect our best players in 2 of them. It's unrealistic to think you can just flip a switch, put your best players on the field, and be ready to roll. I hope McVay gives the first string guys some meaningful field time early in these next 2 preseason games.


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      It is a fine line for sure. If you play the probable starters extensively and somebody gets injured, you'll be endlessly second-guessed. If you DON'T play them, there is the very real possibility they won't be prepared when it's time to play for real. I tend to agree with your stance; that one cannot play scared. You play your guys, give them meaningful time and hope you're preparing them for when the games count. I do not agree with what the Rams did the first game of the pre-season, which was give virtually every offensive starter no time at all.

      It's a different situation, but I remember during the regular season some years back when Tom Coughlin, with nothing to really gain, played his starters vs. New England in the last game of the year. He played to win and didn't run scared. The Giants later beat the Pats in the Super Bowl.

      My fear coming into this season- which I will probably state again and again on various threads- is that the Rams will not live up to the great expectations hyped upon them by all the "experts". Assembling a veritable all-start team of name guys Suh, Talib, plus the 1000 yard receiver and a talented but tempermental d-back from KC guarantees you NOTHING. These pieces have to gel, and thinking you're just going to take the field and win games without busting your ass is the worst imaginable cheat.

      The feel-good stories and honeymoon period with Sean McVay are over. Time to go to work. Hopefully, his message was received loud and clear.
      Last edited by NJ Ramsfan1; -08-12-2018, 02:29 PM.


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        Though I'm with you that I would have like to see the starters at the beginning of the Balt. game, I can see a rationale for not giving the starters any time in that game, as they practiced against them for a couple of days prior to the game. But I think it will be a real mistake to hold them out entirely in the next two.

        I agree that this season is a much different test for McVay than last, when there were few expectations. It's definitely time for him to knuckle down and put some pressure on his team to get their energy up. I think giving the starters some time on the field has got to be part of that.


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          He has already put pressure on the team to get their energy up.

          I think also that McVay will examine himself and his staff to see if there is more they need to do to increase the teams intensity.
          “Oh, 100 percent,” Donald said. “I feel like the words, ‘Thank you,’ ain’t enough. You’ve got to show it... Instead of saying thank you — show it.”


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            best thing McVay could have done was cut a few players immediately to drive home the point just how fleeting a chance at the pros and the big money the NFL can be...had McVay cut 10 players that would have waken up everyone just how slim their chances are of playing in the NFL


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            • r8rh8rmike
              Rams veteran lineman Andrew Whitworth says missing preseason games is no big deal
              by r8rh8rmike
              Rams veteran lineman Andrew Whitworth says missing preseason games is no big deal

              By Rich Hammond | | Orange County Register
              PUBLISHED: August 27, 2018 at 5:39 pm | UPDATED: August 27, 2018 at 8:08 pm

              THOUSAND OAKS – No preseason? So what? A few years ago, Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth basically climbed off the trainer’s table and walked into regular-season action.

              The Rams decided against playing offensive starters in any of their four preseason games this month. That schedule concludes Thursday at New Orleans, and defensive starters also will sit. Much of that decision was influenced by Whitworth and center John Sullivan, and the Rams’ desire to keep them healthy.

              Whitworth, 36, and Sullivan, 33, are the Rams’ oldest starters, and frequently are rested. The Rams even gave Whitworth the afternoon off as they practiced at Cal Lutheran on Monday. Even though neither Whitworth nor Sullivan missed a game because of injury last season, the Rams remain cautious.

              “I don’t think it bothers me, one way or the other,” Whitworth said of not playing. “For a lineman specifically, there’s really nothing that I’m looking for in a (preseason) game to be ready to play. As long as I’m practicing and feel like I’m getting a lot of competition, I feel great about it.” Because the recent trend, among every NFL team, has been to sit all starters for the final preseason game, all Rams offensive starters will make their 2018 debut during the Sept. 10 season opener at Oakland. That’s a gap of nine months between full-contact games, and while much of the focus has been on the readiness of quarterback Jared Goff and running back Todd Gurley, the offensive line is just as important.

              Coach Sean McVay has further reason to keep Whitworth and Sullivan upright. Right guard Jamon Brown must serve a two-game suspension to start the season, so an injury to another starting lineman would be disastrous. The Rams already need to call upon their most talented backup, Austin Blythe.

              Blythe, a third-year lineman, remains on track to start at right guard during the first two weeks. McVay said Blythe will not play Thursday, a clear indication that the Rams consider him to be a starter.

              Young players such as Blythe and rookie tackle Joe Noteboom, who also has been taking extensive snaps at guard, can find immense value in the preseason, but for a player such as Whitworth, who is preparing for his 13th NFL season, there isn’t much left to learn.

              “I’ve done everything I need to do, practice-wise,” Whitworth said. “If you’re really looking for situational stuff that comes up, there’s really nothing (in preseason) that I experience that is any kind of situational thing. A couple first downs, a couple third downs, and that’s it.”

              Still, it’s new for two guys with a combined total of 22 years in the NFL. Sullivan never has gone a full preseason...
              -08-29-2018, 04:14 PM
            • Nick
              Rams might sit starters for another preseason game
              by Nick
              Rams might sit starters for another preseason game
              Lopsided loss to Ravens isn't likely to change cautious approach to exhibitions
              By RICH HAMMOND | | Orange County Register
              PUBLISHED: August 10, 2018 at 6:30 pm | UPDATED: August 10, 2018 at 6:38 pm

              The game is football, but there’s some poker involved. Rams coach Sean McVay doesn’t want to tip his hand in the preseason, and he also wants to weigh the odds that, for some teams, end in disaster.

              The Rams lost 33-7 to Baltimore in Thursday’s exhibition, a score of no consequence. The preseason is about examining young players and giving starters just enough work to get in game shape. Given the injury risk and intensity of training camp, it’s fair to ask whether veterans need the preseason at all.

              McVay said he hasn’t yet considered nixing the entire preseason for his starters. Emphasis should be placed on the word “yet.”

              “It’s a really delicate balance,” McVay said in a Friday conference call with reporters, “of measuring the value of getting some experience before that game, but also making sure that you don’t put guys in harm’s way and add the risk of losing them for the season. We don’t ever want to play scared, but you want to balance. How can you do it in a smart way and get guys ready to go?”

              It’s clear that McVay is leaning toward pragmatism in the preseason, and not just because of injuries, but if he needed a reminder, Washington running back Derrius Guice tore an ACL in a game Thursday.

              Meanwhile, Rams star back Todd Gurley stood on the sideline in casual wear, knee ligaments intact. The Rams chose to keep all but two of their regular starters out of the game, and it showed in the results, as the Rams’ backups got throttled in the first quarter, when the Ravens gave their starters some work.

              McVay had no regrets. After the game, he indicated that he might again hold out starters for the Aug. 18 game against Oakland. One with an ear for coach-speak might think the decision already has been made.

              “There’s definitely going to be good dialogue between our coaching staff,” McVay said, “with regard to how we want to handle this next week.”

              There’s another tricky thing. Two of the Rams’ three final preseason opponents – Oakland and New Orleans – also are regular-season opponents. The gap between the two games against the Raiders is only 23 days, which makes one wonder what the league office was thinking.

              Why should McVay – or Oakland coach Jon Gruden – show anything to a soon-to-be opponent? McVay’s play-calling against the Ravens on Thursday was very bland, no doubt by design, and he certainly won’t be apt to open things up against the Raiders.

              There is a flip side. While teams practice on a near-daily basis during training camp, most – like the Rams – do not tackle. There is some value in getting players that contact,...
              -08-11-2018, 09:05 AM
            • chucknbob
              No game day thread?
              by chucknbob
              i know it’s preseason, but I need a place to vent about Mannion in real time....
              -08-09-2018, 06:50 PM
            • Nick
              Rams won't show much in preseason game vs Raiders since teams meet in season opener
              by Nick
              Rams won't show much in next preseason game, against Raiders, since teams meet in season opener
              By GARY KLEIN
              AUG 10, 2018 | 8:30 PM

              The Rams play host to the Oakland Raiders next week, so fans finally will get a chance to see new and returning Rams star players in action at the Coliseum.

              Not so fast.

              Only two of the Rams’ projected 22 starters played in Thursday night’s defeat by the Baltimore Ravens.

              In light of several serious injuries suffered by NFL players in preseason openers, Rams coach Sean McVay was asked Friday if there was a possible scenario in which stars such as quarterback Jared Goff, running back Todd Gurley and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh would not play a preseason snap.

              “I wouldn’t go that far, yet,” McVay said during a teleconference with reporters, adding, “It’s not, certainly, out of the question how we would approach the Oakland game.”

              The Rams participated in two joint practices with the Ravens before McVay held out nearly all starters during the 33-7 defeat at M&T Bank Stadium. McVay said after the game that had been the plan all along.

              He also indicated that he might deploy a similar strategy against the Raiders, especially with his team playing at Oakland in a Sept. 10 season opener on “Monday Night Football.”

              If McVay had any doubts, they probably were confirmed by news out of San Francisco and Washington.

              Tight end George Kittle and running back Matt Breida suffered shoulder injuries in the 49ers’ preseason opener. Redskins running back Derrius Guice suffered a season-ending knee injury.

              Guice, a rookie, had six carries for 19 yards when he was injured.

              “It’s a really delicate balance of measuring the importance of getting some experience” before the regular-season opener, McVay said, “but then also making sure that you don’t put guys in harm’s way and at the risk of losing them for the season.”

              In a rush
              Samson Ebukam came off the left edge and chased Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco as he scrambled to the right. The second-year linebacker was bearing down on his target when Flacco dropped to the ground in a slide.

              “He was a little bit faster than I thought,” Ebukam said after the game. “It’s a good thing I didn’t dive or I would have looked really slow.”

              Ebukam and offensive lineman Jamon Brown were the only starters who played against the Ravens, and McVay said Friday that Ebukam was among the players that performed especially well.

              Ebukam said the game action was a welcome change from practices that do not include live tackling.

              “I’m always getting next to the quarterback and I’m always having to slow down,” he said. “It felt good just to be able to pull the trigger.

              “I got to work out all the kinks and come back next week strong.”

              Another test passed
              -08-11-2018, 09:07 AM
            • AvengerRam
              We know so little at this point...
              by AvengerRam
              How much do we really know about the 2017 Rams?

              Not much.

              On offense, we've seen some good moments from Jared Goff and Todd Gurley, but not enough to say that last year's disappointment is behind us.

              We've seen the positive impact of Andrew Whitworth and John Sullivan, but the right side of the OL is still suspect.

              The offensive system and receiving corps are undoubtedly improved, but will that translate to significantly higher point production?

              As for the defense, we haven't seen anything resembling our starting lineup, so Wade's impact is a complete mystery.

              The last preseason game will tell us virtually nothing, so the uncertainty will continue until opening day.

              I remain hopeful, but really...who knows what kind of team this will be?
              -08-27-2017, 12:56 PM