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impressions from the Rams win over houston

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  • impressions from the Rams win over houston

    I watched the entire game late last night. The following are my impressions

    -If Goff gets hurt, we are in deep trouble. I appreciate that is stating the obvious, but watching mannion again last night was really ugly until all the houston backups were in the game, and even then it wasnt great. The way we should all think about it, and this is only in the context of seeing the glass half full, is that theoretically mannion will look a lot better with the starting oline, gurley and the stud wide receivers if goff gets hurt. Unfortunately, last night the pass protection wasnt bad, even against the texans first team, and he still looked lousy, including throwing a horrific INT deep in our own zone. The pass had absolutely zero chance of being completed and was a rookie read mistake.

    -The first team defense played two series. Allowed no first downs (although there was a catchable ball that the houston guy missed that could have been a first). Kong Suh absolutely leveled Watson which resulted in an interception by joyner who made a nice play on the ball. Clean hit, great to see. Can't wait to see Kong and Donald together. The kong signing looks brilliant to me in part because the front office knew signing donald was going to be a problem. Imagine where we would be on the dline if we didnt have kong right now.
    Price was dominant rushing the passer in garbage time
    -Notebook looked pretty good to me blocking even against the houston first team defense. I am rapidly becoming a big fan of his future with the squad
    -Kelley had a very impressive 15 yard td run
    -pharoah cooper had a nice move for a td catch where he was open and mannion hit him. He also had a brutal drop earlier in the game
    -Sam Shields had an excellent jump on the ball for an INT. that signing could be outstanding.
    Nice to see longacre get a sack

    I didnt see anyone with any major injuries. Mundt the tight end rolled an ankle and Davis, the defensive lineman limped off early but it didnt appear serious.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel
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    I would say the verdict is in on Mannion, heading into his 4th season, that he is below the level of a serviceable QB that you can win games with in this league. You can tell from McVay's language and demeanor that he sees he has a serious weakness at backup QB. I will not be at all surprised to see some moves/shuffling at that position in connection with final cuts. Allen is no shooting star, but has more athleticism and upside and knows the offense. I won't be surprised to see Mannion let go, and Allen promoted to #2, for the time being. If they get a chance to sign a solid vet backup, they probably will, and when that vet has his arms around the offense, Allen could well be released too. Look for McVay to draft a prospect in 2019 that he likes for development. If he puts Perez on the practice squad, we'll know he sees developmental potential in him too.

    I totally agree with you: if Goff goes down, our prospects this season go way down.

    With the D looking solid, even second string looking like it has some players, and Suh apparently primed to terrorize opposing O linemen and QBs, it will be most interesting to see how the Donald drama plays out over the next couple weeks. The Rams appear to me to be in a strong negotiating position and I can't see them buckling (from wherever the parties currently stand), and the ball appears to be in Donald's court as to whether he wants to play (for handsome compensation) or not. If not, I can think of very good uses for that salary cap space going forward (Goff, Peters, Suh, Joyner). And the Rams may be thinking about it that way as well, at this point.


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      I honestly don't see the the dire nature in keeping Mannion. He's been inconsistent, and the pick was an absolutely horrible decision, but he showed he can move the offense when he gets into a rhythm, and didn't fall apart after the interception. With the talent on offense, he's serviceable, and IMO he'd be able to win games. Anything is possible, but I'd be very surprised if the Rams make a move to replace Mannion.

      Obviously you have to take what McVay says with a grain of salt, but here's what he said about Mannion in the post-game presser:

      ”Well, I think if the one thing that you could take away that says a lot about him is it didn’t start out great, but we always talk about how do you respond from some adversity? I thought he did an excellent job with that. A lot of times when the game starts out the way that it does, it’s easy to kind of let it snowball. He certainly didn’t do that, found some completions. Want to say that he ended the half with seven completions in a row and a couple touchdown drives. So, certainly pleased with that. We’ll go back and look at the tape and see how we can try to start fresh, start sharp right from the beginning. But, I was really pleased with the way that he responded and didn’t kind of let that snowball. I think that says a lot about (QB) Sean (Mannion).”
      Once Donald is back, the defense is going to be scary good. Talib and Peters are going to make a huge difference, and I like what I see from the LB's.

      John Kelly is a keeper.

      What were the refs smoking when they called for a review of Cooper's TD?


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        Hey guys keep this in mind....the Ravens defense got even Trent Dilfer a Super Bowl ring. And that was damn hard thing to accomplish. So if Goff gets hurt there is yet another option to making it to the big dance

        It still was a vanilla game with a few sprinkles of sugar here and there. Its still too early to tell considering Texans really didn't try to press the Rams LBs in pass defense--my guess being that will be every Ram's opponents' game plan from the start to the end of the season because that seems to be the weakest link to the Rams defense on paper. Anyone who has a TE with hands and/or a RB who can catch with a WR dragging the slot seems to be an affective solution to the Ram's D...again on paper

        On offense tis mostly last seasons playbook (maybe). Crisper rout running and familiarity with the plays being called marks an improvement, that much is evident. Of course T. Austin plays are all but absent so there has to be something new in the playbook we haven't seen yet (I hope).

        The only knock I can say about the Rams save its backup QB is it seemed McVay, knows who his core players are but is still looking for those to round out the rest of the team especially on offense. He's got a few good surprises on defense that will make the cut, but I think Mannion's inability to execute isn't giving McVay clear enough picture to evaluate the rest of the offense


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          Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
          I honestly don't see the the dire nature in keeping Mannion. He's been inconsistent, and the pick was an absolutely horrible decision, but he showed he can move the offense when he gets into a rhythm, and didn't fall apart after the interception. With the talent on offense, he's serviceable, and IMO he'd be able to win games. Anything is possible, but I'd be very surprised if the Rams make a move to replace Mannion.
          I don't disagree that jettisoning Mannion is not a "dire" matter, because it's late in the game, and at present there aren't any better options available for this season, certainly the first part of the season. He may well be kept as the #2 this season. I'm just saying it wouldn't surprise me to see it addressed at final cuts. It's a weakness, and the team should take advantage of a reasonable opportunity to upgrade for this season, if one presents itself. Otherwise, I expect the position to be targeted for upgrade next offseason.

          But hey, the good news is that right now Goff is fresh, healthy and still in the wrapper. And we're almost done having to watch the second and third string offense.


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            Originally posted by Seacone View Post
            But hey, the good news is that right now Goff is fresh, healthy and still in the wrapper. And we're almost done having to watch the second and third string offense.
            Let's just hope Goff's game instincts and feel are in tune come Monday against the Faiders.


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              One other thing to keep in mind. THere may be other qb's that are "better" than mannion that become available, but cutting mannion would mean that we would have no viable qb on the roster that actually knows the playbook and that doesnt happen over night. Hard enough for other position players to step in, but at qb, darn near impossible in the very short run. thus, lets just all pray for goff and for that matter the entire o line's health.

              I repeat my prediction. The key to this season is the health of the oline.

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel


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                I totally disagree with McVay's decision to give Goff, Gurley, and the entire receiving corps virtually zero reps in the pre-season. When you look around and see dozens of first team, established offensive players in this league that have been given meaningful playing time- especially in their 3rd pre season game- I question this philosophy, and the argument about injuries rings hollow. Eli Manning played the entire 1st half the other night. You think he needs to be out there? He's a 14 year veteran who's won two Super Bowls. If the Rams start their season playing poorly and/or have a sub par record, you can point to this as a reason. That said, it's McVay's call, and he's earned some trust off last year's success. I hope his decision proves to be a wise one.

                Hard for any fan to determine whether the 2nd or 3rd string QB is the better player to keep on the basis of performance in pre-season games. But I see nothing from Mannion that suggests he's gonna' go out there and successfully mind the store in a regular season game if Goff goes down, heaven forbid. Contrast the Rams QB situation with the Jets, who have their hopeful franchise QB Sam Darnold plus Teddy Bridgewater and Josh McCown. Or Minnesota last year with Sam Bradford and Case Keenum. Or dare I say it Carson Wentz and Nick Foles in Philly. I've said it before: you need a good back-up if your starter goes down and you wish to still have a season.


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                  Yeah as really think that if Goff goes down for 2018. It would be really very hard and must rely upon the defense. And Gurly getting it done. But really need a capable backup like Eagles with Nick Foles.
                  Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos 2/7/2016 CBS 6:30PM EST Santa Clara CA!


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                    Any NFL team that loses their starting QB for an extended period of time is in trouble. The Rams would be no different. A team that has one of the top young QBs, one of the top RBs in the league, and the reigning Defensive POY, there's not going to be a lot of room to also have a starter-caliber QB sitting on the bench. That's just football.
                    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                      Love you big bison, but the defending super bowl champion lost their starting qb for an extended period of time and won it all anyway. I dont think that would have happened with sean mannion as the backup. That being said, your point in general terms is a fair one.

                      Ramming speed to all

                      general counsel


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                        Originally posted by general counsel View Post
                        Love you big bison, but the defending super bowl champion lost their starting qb for an extended period of time and won it all anyway. I dont think that would have happened with sean mannion as the backup. That being said, your point in general terms is a fair one.

                        Ramming speed to all

                        general counsel
                        Did you see Foles' performance on Saturday? Pretty dreadful. Here was the NBC Sports headline after the game: "Nick Foles closes preseason with another disasterous performance"

                        Foles had a solid regular season run, and a great game in the Super Bowl, but I'm not sure I'd be confident he could do it again. He regularly has games where he reverts to the St. Louis Rams Nick Foles.

                        As far as the Rams winning a Super Bowl with Mannion? The odds would be against him, just as they would be against most NFL backups, but if the guys out there with him played to the best of their ability, and Mannion had to merely manage the game, anything would be possible.


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                          I agree with the concerns about the back-up QB being Mannion. The reality is if McVay feels good about Allen then I'm on board. Remember we lost our QB coach (Olsen), so a developmental QB could be risky and grabbing a veteran could be too costly, especially with AD getting close to inking a $22m/year deal. Foles looked like Foles the other night so let's not fool ourselves into thinking a back-up could win the SB for us. The truth is if Goff goes down, so does the season, pretty much.

                          A player I thought stood out to me was Micah Kiser. He played against the 3's and 4's but he looked real good in the middle stopping the run and tipped a pass into an incompletion. I'm not saying he should start, but he's a keeper for the future of our LB corps.

                          What can I say about John Kelly that hasn't be said. What a gem. He will be a real threat in support of Gurley. He seems the perfect blend of Malcolm Brown (power) and Justin Davis (elusive).

                          I agree with NJ who is concerned that McVay has rested the offensive starters all pre-season. It would have been good to give Goff and the WR's some game action, especially Cooks who needs to get in sync with Goff. I would have liked to see Goff and Hodge work some plays together. Hodge is another budding talent.

                          We seem to be rounding into shape nicely after a horror show in Baltimore.

                          Go Rams!


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                            Originally posted by mde8352gorams View Post
                            The reality is if McVay feels good about Allen then I'm on board.
                            If McVay feels good about Mannion, which by all indications he does, are you on board?


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                              I agree with careful I am not a supporter of being scared. We shall see in two weeks.


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                              • RockinRam
                                Rockin's Post-Game Thoughts
                                by RockinRam
                                1) We Need to Be More Diversified Than Just the 11-Personnel

                                I get what McVay is trying to do with his 11-Personnel scheme. And obviously, it has been/can be very successful. However, with the way McVay runs the system, it heavily relies upon your 3 receivers and your 1 TE being able to consistently beat the guy in front of him, as well as a successful run game to set up the play-action.

                                And it works...if we can consistently run the ball and if our personnel can beat their personnel. But what we've seen this season is if their secondary can effectively lock down our receivers, take away the middle of the field, and can force McVay to overthink the game and shy away from the run game, we are screwed.

                                Obviously I am not an NFL coach, but I do think McVay needs to add more diversity and personnel groupings. I would love to see Goff out of the shotgun more spreading the ball around with Gurley as dump-off/short route option.

                                Goff plays well in the shotgun and he has the ability to dissect defenses when he's given that extra time to sit in the pocket.

                                2) Our Offensive Line was Ranked #1...But the Patriots Were Able to Find a Weakness

                                Our o-line may have been top-ranked this season, but the Patriots were able to find a weakness. Their first strategy was sending bull-rushes through Sullivan and Blythe's part of the line. Blythe was unable to hold his ground and Sullivan just simply looked outmatched. He's a very intelligent player but I think it's time we find an upgrade. Time and time again, the Patriots were able to effectively beat Sullivan and Blythe.

                                Our left side of the line is superb, but our weakest link right now is Sullivan-Blythe, with Sullivan being the weaker of the two. If we can get a young, sturdy, athletic center, our line can ascend to the next level.

                                3) Goff Needs to Speed up His Internal Clock

                                I am a Goff fan. I think he's a good QB. I think he's talented enough to win a Superbowl. However, he does have some very defined weaknesses.

                                Namely, he will occasionally take too much time to go through his progressions and will get himself into trouble. We saw that with him taking too much time to spot Cooks on that wide open potential TD throw. We saw that with him not being able to recognize the open man which allowed the pass rush to get to him and forcing him to rush his throwing motion, which resulted in multiple wobbly, inaccurate balls.

                                He has the arm talent to throw amazingly accurate balls, but when under pressure or when rushed, he will have the tendency to throw a very poor ball.

                                4) I'm Not Sure What's Up with Gurley, But...

                                Is TG injured? Is he in McVay's dog house for some unknown reason? At this point, no one really knows what the truth is besides McVay and Gurley. There are a ton of speculations floating around, and even Bleacher Report published...
                                -02-06-2019, 09:40 AM
                              • NJ Ramsfan1
                                Just What the Doctor Ordered
                                by NJ Ramsfan1
                                Certainly Sunday's win must be kept in perspective, as it came against a 3-11 Arizona team, but it certainly came at a time where it was most needed. It stopped a two game losing streak and restored some confidence in a team that looked disjointed the past two weeks. Goff looked comfortable in the pocket (after an early awful fumble) and made some nice throws. And the game wasn't really ever in doubt after the opening turnover and resulting FG for Arizona.

                                Enough can't be said about the performance of CJ Anderson, who was spectacular. The guy was basically signed off the street days earlier with no ability to really learn the playbook and responded by rushing for 167 yards. Just a phenomenal effort, and it made all the difference in the world in allowing Goff to effectively direct the passing game. It also allows us to easily rest Gurley another week if he's less than 100%.

                                Donald was Donald- another tremendous performance with 3 sacks and an outside chance at braking the official single-season sack record. That it could be done by a defensive tackle speaks volumes about this guy's ability. He is in the conversation with Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen, Jack Youngblood and other past Ram greats who've anchored the defensive line.

                                Still would like to see more from Suh, who once again did little, but at this point I don't think we're going to see a sudden epiphany.

                                We need to follow this up with a solid effort vs. a SF team that is better than its record indicates and gave the Bears all they could handle.
                                -12-24-2018, 07:07 AM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                Some Observations From The Game In Oakland Last Night
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                It’s only a preseason win, but IMO, coming out of the gate with two in a row, lays the foundation for the culture change McVay has been preaching. There were a lot of smiles on the sideline, which after 2016, is a welcomed sight.

                                Goff looked great last night. He was confident, threw with accuracy, calmly moved around the pocket to avoid pressure, made multiple reads, completed some nice throws on the run, hit receivers on short routes, intermediate routes, and made a perfect deep throw to Watkins in the end zone (which was unfortunately broken up), was smart with his decisions, spread the ball around, and was efficient. If he can carry that through to the regular season, we’ve got something.

                                During the broadcast, Marshall Faulk, a pretty smart guy, said the future of the Rams at QB is bright. I’m starting to agree.

                                Sammy Watkins surprisingly played on nearly every down with the first team offense. So much for easing him in. He didn’t light it up with a lot of big catches, but he still made a huge impact by occupying two Raider defenders on virtually every play. That opened things up for not only the other receivers, but Gurley as well.

                                Speaking of Gurley, he looked like, well, Todd Gurley. Great to see him effectively running with confidence, behind a vastly improved offensive line.

                                Hard to get an accurate read on the defense, or what impact Donald’s absence is having, as he, Quinn, Barron, Webster, and Robey-Coleman were all out last night. The sooner everybody gets back on the field, the better for creating a functioning unit, and continuity.

                                Hate to sound like a broken record, but Cooper Kupp continues to impress, and looks like the real deal. He always seems to know how to be in the right place at the right time. You can’t teach that.

                                Speaking of receivers, they are doing so well as a group, I’m forgetting all about that other guy who can’t stay on the field.

                                Fumbles weren’t eliminated, but last night was a huge improvement. IMO, that’s in big part to coaching, and teaching. How refreshing is that compared to Fisher’s “country club” approach to problem areas that never seemed to improve.

                                I got a kick out of the Rams having to call timeout on offense when it looked like Goff wasn’t getting the play in a timely manner. He looked frustrated, and walked to the sideline with McVay smiling and trying to calm him down. Reminded me of the same types of situations Warner and Martz used to have. I mention it because IMO, it shows Goff has confidence, knows the offense, and is developing into a QB who knows what he wants to do, and needs to do.

                                Jake McQuaide must be popular with his teammates. After he made a tackle on special teams, half the players on the bench came onto the field with huge smiles to slap him on the shoulder in congratulations.

                                I really liked Benny Cunningham, but I think the Rams are in great...
                                -08-20-2017, 10:11 AM
                              • general counsel
                                Rams lose to philadelphia 30-23; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
                                by general counsel
                                For the second sunday night in a row, the Rams laid an egg on national television, losing at home to philadelphia 30-23 to drop their record to 11-3. The Rams are simply not playing like a super bowl contender and frankly have looked just lousy since coming out of the bye week. Tonight marks the first time in the mcvay era that the Rams lost two in a row, and the knee injury to Todd Gurley, along with continued subpar play from Goff and the offensive line leaves the Rams reeling at the most important point of the season. Once again, it is clear that championships can not be won in september, october and november. The Rams were 9-0 and rolling and 10-1 heading into the bye week after a huge win against Kansas City (in which they got incredibly lucky because if Skandrick catches the ball that hit him in the hands late in the 4th quarter the Rams lose that game as well). Since that point, they are 1-2 and have been effectively getting worse every week. Tonight's opponent was not a dominant chicago team playing at home in cold weather. It was a sub .500 team playing with a backup qb that had been torched for 586 yards last week by a team that got shut out earlier today. Furthermore, philadelphia is so banged up in the secondary there are no words to describe their situation. However, when your qb can not seem to throw accurately with guys in his face and your offensive line does not give your qb time, generally speaking, bad things are going to happen. Throw in no functional pass rush as Donald was once again double teamed on every play and no one else was able to get pressure along with losing the turnover battle 3-1 and going 2-6 in the red zone and you have another bad loss. I was highly confident the Rams were going to win this game and win it big, but i guess Dragoon was the only one on the board that saw this coming so kudos to him, although i am sure he would love to have been wrong. The Rams now have to beat both arizona and the whiners to clinch the #2 seed (unless chicago loses a game) and while that might seem simple on paper, with the gurley injury and the way goff is playing, nothing is a sure thing right now in any way.

                                The Good

                                The Rams rallied at the end and had a chance to tie it up. They also had a nice 75 yard drive on their second possession of the game for a td. Gurley had 2 td runs and caught 10 balls for 76 yards in a valiant effort playing with the injured knee. He had a really nice first half running with 49 yards, and then of course mcvay gave up on the running game as the Rams dug themselves a big hole field position and turnover wise and were forced to throw all the time.

                                Johnson had a terrific game in the secondary, saving a td against ertz (who we did a nice job on) and making 14 tackles.
                                Goff made one real nice throw down the field all night, the almost td to reynolds in the fourth quarter.
                                The defense got some stops and kept us in the game with a chance at...
                                -12-16-2018, 10:41 PM
                              • Nick
                                La Canfora: Keeping Jared Goff healthy a priority for Rams, who lack QB depth
                                by Nick
                                2018 NFL Training Camps: Keeping Jared Goff healthy a priority for Rams, who lack QB depth
                                By Jason La Canfora 12h ago • 7 min read

                                OWINGS MILLS, Md. – A year ago at this time, entering their preseason opener, the chore for Rams then-rookie head coach Sean McVay was pretty simple: Get Jared Goff as many reps as humanly possible to immerse him in this offense, rebuild his confidence and make him forget about his shaky rookie season.

                                Now, well, the situation is quite different.

                                Goff had a strong 2017 season – just the latest young quarterback to blossom under McVay's tutelage and play calling – and he appears at ease in this offense as the Rams have suddenly gone from playoff afterthoughts to potential Super Bowl hopefuls with a reloaded roster and heavy expectations. And it just so happens that one of the few roster spots not teaming with experience and depth is at backup quarterback, where the assembled group of three passers behind Goff have combined for 50 career NFL attempts, one start, and zero touchdowns. It's not exactly teaming with options should Goff miss a few games, and McVay is now charged with protecting Goff through the preseason – where he undoubtedly will end up playing less than last summer – and cultivating something from the group of backups (Sean Mannion, Brandon Allen and Luis Perez) in case of emergency.

                                McVay and his staff are going over that mental calculus this week, with their joint practices with Baltimore over at the Ravens' practice facility and the preseason opener at M&T Bank Stadium looming Thursday night. With Goff now established in this offense, the days of him taking expanded reps with the second-string offensive line are probably over, while Mannion (a fourth-year pro who has accounted for all 50 of those NFL pass attempts I mentioned) is now an injury away from trying to prop up a team with Super Bowl aspirations

                                "The thing that is tricky, especially with some of the starters is," McVay told me, "when you are talking about a guy like (left tackle) Andrew Whitworth, who is going into year 13, now if you don't play him then how comfortable do you feel with putting Jared out there? So it's a lot of layers to it, to where when you want to rest somebody else then it affects how you operate …

                                "I'm really having a tough time – and we've talked about this as a staff – at how do you balance the dynamic between getting those preseason reps, and then, what the risk that potential could come from if something happens. And you can't do that – you can't be scared – but you also want to be smart and mindful of, those couple snaps, does it make a difference in how sharp he can be and can you try to mimic and emulate those game-like situations and limit the risk? And those are things that, I'll be honest, I struggle with and continue to learn. And as you get more experience you maybe have a more clear-cut philosophy."...
                                -08-08-2018, 09:04 PM