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Some Quick Hits On The Game

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  • Some Quick Hits On The Game

    Great win today. It wasnít always perfect, and the Cardinals are a bad team, but it was a dominating performance on both sides of the ball.

    Is there anything Hekker canít do? I mean really.

    Goff had a very good game, but had some hiccups and isnít quite where he needs to be. The overthrow to Woods for a sure TD was a big miss. He needs to make those plays. I can only imagine what heíll do when he puts it all together.

    Jo Jo Natson is the real deal. Explosive, decisive, dependable, and fearless.

    The LB's haven't really been tested, but so far, so good, and I like what I see.

    Is there a better WR Corps in the NFL?

    The DL gets all the headlines, but man, how about that secondary, from top to bottom.

    Malcolm Brown was outstanding in relief of Gurley.

    Speaking of Gurley, he didnít light it up as a runner, but still showed why heís so valuable.

    Good to see the TEís get involved for the first time and make some substantial plays.

    The only real negative was Zuerlein's injury. Hope it isn't too serious.

    Looking forward to the battle of LA next week.