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My Top 5 Reasons Why We WON!!!!

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  • My Top 5 Reasons Why We WON!!!!

    Rams start the 2018 season 2-0......Thrashing the Cardinals in a game that was over from the outset.......

    1) Defense pitches 2nd shutout in last 3 games against AZ/////just total dominance
    TTL Offense Rams 432 yds Cards 137
    First Downs Rams 24 Cards 5
    2) JO Jo.......Gets a high mark for stepping in and just playing smart football. Nice 60 yd return and he does not hesitate. Runs North to South.
    3) Cooks......Sammy who? So far he s the real deal 7 catches for 159....Woods and Kupp really round out a huge strength for Rams
    4) Goff 23-32 354 yds 1TD and 1 Int The maturation of this guy has been impressive...... .
    5) Hekker Again, he proves his worth. the 20 yd FG was fun to watch. His jersey will soon adorn my man cave with other Ram greats.....

    Honorable mention Gurley Not a lot of yds but 3 TD's and a few 2 pt conversion......

    Can the Rams be stopped? So far so very good

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    we also scored more points than we would normally because Zuerlein was out, the 2 pointers and a TD after converting a 4th down


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      The other was the Cardinals.

      Last week the Redskins toasted AZ pretty looked easy to beat the Cardinals. One of the games I picked wrong Redskins VS Colts--{I had over estimated the Redskins} looked like the Redskins had something that resembled a defense--the Colts dispelled that myth.

      Look the wheels where coming off the Cardinal bandwagon last season and I suspect that was the real reason why the Cardinal HC retired...nor did the Cards make any serious moves to get something to really make a difference.

      McVay came in--made some huge moves--took a pedestrian playbook and tweaked it with some motion and slide-of-hand shifts and made the Rams contenders in 2017. Now its his team, his playbook that is baring fruit