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My Top 5 Reasons Why We WON!!!!

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  • Ram Dragoon
    The other was the Cardinals.

    Last week the Redskins toasted AZ pretty looked easy to beat the Cardinals. One of the games I picked wrong Redskins VS Colts--{I had over estimated the Redskins} looked like the Redskins had something that resembled a defense--the Colts dispelled that myth.

    Look the wheels where coming off the Cardinal bandwagon last season and I suspect that was the real reason why the Cardinal HC retired...nor did the Cards make any serious moves to get something to really make a difference.

    McVay came in--made some huge moves--took a pedestrian playbook and tweaked it with some motion and slide-of-hand shifts and made the Rams contenders in 2017. Now its his team, his playbook that is baring fruit

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  • clive
    we also scored more points than we would normally because Zuerlein was out, the 2 pointers and a TD after converting a 4th down

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  • macrammer
    started a topic My Top 5 Reasons Why We WON!!!!

    My Top 5 Reasons Why We WON!!!!

    Rams start the 2018 season 2-0......Thrashing the Cardinals in a game that was over from the outset.......

    1) Defense pitches 2nd shutout in last 3 games against AZ/////just total dominance
    TTL Offense Rams 432 yds Cards 137
    First Downs Rams 24 Cards 5
    2) JO Jo.......Gets a high mark for stepping in and just playing smart football. Nice 60 yd return and he does not hesitate. Runs North to South.
    3) Cooks......Sammy who? So far he s the real deal 7 catches for 159....Woods and Kupp really round out a huge strength for Rams
    4) Goff 23-32 354 yds 1TD and 1 Int The maturation of this guy has been impressive...... .
    5) Hekker Again, he proves his worth. the 20 yd FG was fun to watch. His jersey will soon adorn my man cave with other Ram greats.....

    Honorable mention Gurley Not a lot of yds but 3 TD's and a few 2 pt conversion......

    Can the Rams be stopped? So far so very good

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  • Ram Dragoon
    Week2...snap shot of the NFC-West
    by Ram Dragoon
    Rams at .500 but its only week 2--but damn it felt good for a week to say "Sole Possession" of the NFC-West

    This post isn't so much about the Rams, but how the Rams are stacking up against the NFC-West:
    #1 Squawks
    #2 49whiners
    #3 Rams
    #4 Cards

    #1 Squawks
    #2 Cards
    #3 Rams
    #4 49whiners

    Its ONLY week 2 but there are trends that show the general track of teams. The Rams can't stop a blind mouse in the Running game while struggle with running the ball themselves. Thus far surprisingly the Rams are ok against the pass which I thought things would be the other way around, But a more and welcome surprise is the Rams being able to move the ball through the air and actually score touch downs--something Fisher & Co struggled to do each year.

    Rams VS...

    ...the Squawks...despite Seattle having a better ground game (more consistent) then the Rams and for now have the better QB, it seems teams are figuring out how to deal with R. Wilson...keep him inside the DE and put pressure on him in the center. Its possible Wilson's 5'11 height just might be an issue with him unable to see the whole field--its something teams where starting to do mid-season 2016 and in their last 2 games, that is how thus far he was defensed. However, its on the ground and with the Squawk defense the Rams are likely to struggle against....Washington exposed a serious weakness in the Ram's defense and until the Rams can prove its more a fluke (a one of issue) every team the Ram's will face will attempt to steamroll the Rams on the ground

    Rams VS...

    ...the 49whiners... Simply put the Rams in 2016 should have won both games...still this season the 49whiners have Hoyer as QB and hopefully by the time the Rams meet up with the 49whiners he still will be playing for them. Hoyer is the most inconsistent QB in the NFC-West and their biggest weak link. He has flashes of brilliant plays that often have idiotic plays that follow. With the 49whiners its KISS (keep it simple stupid) approach to games. Run first to set up the pass and play stout defense without taking too many chances. To get to Hoyer, the Rams must put the 49whiers at 3rd and 5+ yards and then come at Hoyer with speed blitz from every angle. With the Ram/49whiner game its is likely to be trench warfare and he who makes the least amount of mistakes wins

    Rams VS...

    ....Cards.... There just seems to be something wrong with C. Palmer--just seems slower and unable to execute the complex schemes the Cards employ. Though still affective, its my guess he will not last the year and suspect the Cards will be in turmoil generally speaking. Only the Squawks have kept some measure of their defense year in and year out but of the other 3 teams, its the Card's defense that has regressed downward the most. All the gut feelings and simple...
    -09-18-2017, 07:57 PM
  • AvengerRam_old
    At least we're not the Cardinals
    by AvengerRam_old
    When all else fails... there are the Cardinals to make us feel better.

    Can you imagine what Rams fans would be saying today if the team had lost to the Seahawks in the manner that the Cardinals lost yesterday?

    I think this board would spontaneously combust.
    -10-17-2006, 08:26 AM
  • general counsel
    Rams cream hapless Cardinals 34-0; The good, bad and ugly
    by general counsel
    In a game that was nowhere near as close as the final score indicated, the Rams pushed their record to 2-0 by clobbering the hopeless and hapless Cardinals 34-0 in our home opener. A dominating victory marred only by the pregame groin injury that knocked Greg the Leg out of action (prognosis uncertain), the Rams defense was in complete control the entire way, holding Arizona to 5 first downs and 137 total yards, 2 first downs and 50 yards of which occurred on the very last drive of garbage time against the Rams backups. The Arizona offense crossed midfield for the first time with 30 seconds left in the game, hard to believe the Rams could be some overpowering on defense despite having only one sack (Ebukam). Todd Gurley led the way with three running touchdowns, and perhaps most impressively, the Rams knocked Arizona out of the game completely with a 4th and goal touchdown as time expired in the first half on a tremendous block by Blythe. Not suggesting that Arizona was going to win anyway, but there was a big difference between 19-0 and 11-0 at half, especially with Arizona getting the ball to start the second half. Good teams knock teams they are supposed to beat out of the game and don't let them hang around, and that is what the Rams did today.

    The Good

    The defense, despite the one sack by Ebukam, allowed only 5 first downs and 138 total yards. Zero separation by the Arizona wide receivers and when Fitzgerald got hurt, they had no one to get to down the field. Kudos to Fitzgerald (3-28) one of the greatest all-time Rams opponents. Johnson led the way with 7 tackles, Donald looked strong in the first half, Talib broke up a couple of passes, you rarely hear Peters name called because no one seems to want to throw the ball in the same area code where he is covering. Some nice stops in short yardage and just no rhthym at all for the Arizona offense. If we keep our starters in for that last drive, Arizona may well have finished the game with 3 first downs and under 100 yards of offense, something you don't see very often in the NFL. I get it, Arizona's offense is just terrible, but its still great to see solid tackling and absolute domination by the defense. Great to see sam shields get the INT in the fourth quarter. Arizona was only 3-12 on third down, which included conversions on the garbage time drive at the end of the game.

    JOJO!!! They Egyptian may be on IR for a while, but JoJo Matson looked terrific averaging 22.2 yards per punt return on 6 tries including a 60 yarder. Quick, fast and elusive.

    Three TD's and 2 two point conversions was nice for the Gurley fantasy fans (including an 11 yard td run), but he was bottled up pretty well today before leaving with cramps and giving me a near stroke when he ran into the locker room in the middle of the third quarter with the game over. He was smiling, so my first thought was maybe he had to take a dump, but he was gone for a while and...
    -09-16-2018, 04:52 PM
  • laram0
    Late Hits
    by laram0
    Last night via Satellite Radio on a broadcast called Late Hits/NFL Radio. Carl Banks (retired linebacker/NY Giants) a supposed expert on the show stated that the AZ Cardinals will without fail finish at least second in their division.
    They went through the Cardinals upcoming schedule including the 2 games vs our RAMS. Banks response was that the Cards would handle the Rams and sweep the series. Also stated that the Cards had a great chance of making it as a wild card. What is he basing this on ? Yeah so they have a top 10 defense from last year, they have top line receivers, added Edge, still have KW. What about the rest ? O-line ? TE position ? OC ? DC ? Bench ? Special teams ? As we all know there's alot more to football than the supposed strengths the Cards presently have.

    This obviously caught my interest, All I can say is that we have been hearing about the Cinderella Cards since Dennis Green became the Headcoach, Well, I still don't see it. I would like to see KW do well but not at our expense.

    -08-17-2006, 05:46 AM
  • aasimon
    Washington Redskins vs. STL Rams Week 2 Scouting Reports - A Proposal
    by aasimon
    Before I get into the meat of this thread, I wanted to provide full disclosure; I'm a Washington Redskins fan/blogger. I know that everyone here is focused on STL vs. DET (as a fan, clearly I can't wait for the Redskins to wallop the Saints tomorrow...), but part of what I do for my readership is to provide a detailed scouting report for upcoming games.

    I like to do my research before providing content, and a major part of this research involves actually scouting teams on the schedule. It's been my experience that the fans of any given NFL franchise have the pulse of their team much better than the national media, who consistently provide the same recycled drivel over and over again. I want to be able to offer actual insight from people that know what they are talking about, not just talking heads looking for ratings.

    That's what led me to this forum...

    I'd like to offer a proposal; I will provide the great fans of the St. Louis Rams with in-depth and detailed scouting report on the Washington Redskins (strengths, weaknesses, the schemes and philosophies that the Redskins run, where and how teams should attack, who might surprise, etc.) in exchange for the same type of information about the Rams, so that I can relay that information to the Redskins fanbase in anticipation for week 2.

    If anybody would be interested in exchanging this information (we can even use this thread), please let me know. If anybody knows of well-respected bloggers/local analysts that I can research from, please let me know. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
    -09-08-2012, 09:24 PM