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Jarred Goff sitting atop the Stats

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  • Jarred Goff sitting atop the Stats

    Goff is sitting at the top of the leaderboard with the following

    att 166 - comp 120 for 1,727 and 12 TDs and a top passer rating of 119.7

    Not bad for a "system" QB

    next closest is Cousins with

    att 226 - comp 161 for 1,686 and 11 TDs and a passer rating of 105.1

    other than the fumbled ball (recovered by the Rams and the 2 ints in the hawks game (one a hail mary at the end of the first half) this boy has been playing lights out football.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    One subtle thing I noticed about him yesterday that doesn't show up in stats is he is stepping up in the pocket more whens theres outside pressure. I feel like a few times a game Whitworth or havenstein gets beat around the edge and in the past he just stays deep in the pocket and gets sacked/stripped etc. Yesterday he stepped up more


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      Goff did not look completely sharp to me yesterday, but he still had a solid game and made the plays that needed to be made. The game saving first down was epic. There is no doubt though that he has arrived, and is a force to be reckoned with.


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        In a tough road environment, Goff came out and led the offense to three scoring drives in the second half to secure a victory over the Seahawks. Things came a bit harder in this game than they did against the Vikings, but Goff still stepped up and got it done when needed.


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          Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
          Goff did not look completely sharp to me yesterday, but he still had a solid game and made the plays that needed to be made. The game saving first down was epic. There is no doubt though that he has arrived, and is a force to be reckoned with.
          I didn't get to see the whole game, so when did he lose his top two WR to concussion protocol? That would impact most QB's game, especially in a loud place like Seattle.



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            Goff has made big leaps in both his 2nd and 3rd seasons, which is an immensely positive sign. He's young and talented and continuing to grow. He is so very fortunate to be in such a great environment for his development. The increase in his confidence, leadership and field presence is very visible this season. You can see his teammates' confidence and pride in him growing as well. I love his natural arm talent and height, and he's starting to display key intangibles. He is a cool customer, and wants to throw the ball when it matters most. Very exciting. Sky seems to be the limit for this young man. What a great time to be a Rams fan.

            Last year at this time, most commentators would have regarded Wentz as the superior prospect. I don't believe that's the case now. Though I'm not knocking Wentz. Also a great young prospect.


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              Originally posted by gap View Post

              I didn't get to see the whole game, so when did he lose his top two WR to concussion protocol? That would impact most QB's game, especially in a loud place like Seattle.

              I believe both of them missed the second half entirely.


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              • r8rh8rmike
                Will Jared Goff Be Active Week 1?
                Some interesting comments from Steve Wyche:

                -09-05-2016, 02:55 PM
              • Hangtime
                Why is Everyone Certain it's Goff?
                Did someone leak something I don't know about? Did the Eagles move up to #2 seal the deal as Goff going #1? One thing is sure: Snisher is a smoke blower expert, so I don't get why everyone thinks the Rams are locked in on small handed, immobile Goff?

                The only reason I think it's likey the Rasm will select Goff is because Snisher is making the pick, the two-headed clown show that has the Rams piling up non-winning season after non-winning season. Pick Wentz! Save the franchise!
                -04-27-2016, 05:02 PM
              • MauiRam
                Data dislike Goff and, thus, the Rams' 2017 prospects ..
                Seth Walder ESPN Analyt

                Expectations for Jared Goff and the Rams' offense really can't get any lower.

                One year after the former Cal quarterback was selected with the first overall pick by the Rams, Los Angeles' offense is widely anticipated to be one of the worst -- if not the worst -- in the NFL. ESPN's FPI thinks even that is generous.

                Under the hood in FPI are two offensive strength predictions for each team: one assuming the starting quarterback is playing and the other assuming the backup is playing. Both measurements incorporate expected points added per play and are derived from a combination of the team's offensive performance the year before, a version of the quarterback's
                Total QBR
                history and a team's Vegas win total.

                With 32 teams and two quarterbacks apiece, that means 64 theoretical offenses are ranked. The Rams with Jared Goff under center? They're behind the Colts with Scott Tolzien, the Jaguars with Chad Henne and the Jets with Bryce Petty. That's right: The Rams with Goff are predicted to have the 64th-best offense among the group -- dead last. That's the kind of forecast that probably leaves Rams fans yearning for the days of guaranteed mediocrity under Jeff Fisher.

                But being 64th means something else, too. It shows that FPI thinks the Rams, at this moment, would have a better chance of winning with backup Sean Mannion-- he of 13 career pass attempts -- instead of Goff. While FPI doesn't project the Rams' offense with recently signed veteran Dan Orlovsky because he is the third-string quarterback, it's safe to assume that FPI would also predict Los Angeles to have a better chance with the 33-year-old manning the offense, based on the Lions' predicted EPA/P with him as their backup last year and how little the metric thinks of Goff.

                This, of course, comes on the heels of a disastrous rookie season in which Goff couldn't even beat Case Keenumfor the top spot on the depth chart until the 10th game of the season and then posted a QBR of 22.2 in his seven starts.

                Optimists will point out that the situation Goff walked into wasn't ideal. It's true -- his teammates did not ease his transition to the pros.

                Goff was constantly under duress during his seven weeks as a starter. He was sacked a league-high 26 times in that span and dealt with pressure on 35.6 percent of his dropbacks, third-most in the NFL. Opponents blitzed him like crazy -- more than anyone else in the league during those weeks. Interestingly, despite his offensive line allowing pressure on 53.8 percent of dropbacks when blitzed (the second-highest rate in the NFL during that span), Goff was actually better when opponents brought five or more pass-rushers. When he wasn't blitzed, Goff's protection was better, though, as the Rams allowed him to be pressured at only the 10th-highest rate in the league.

                Once/if Goff got rid of the ball, his teammates still...
                -07-28-2017, 02:13 AM
              • AvengerRam
                Case Keenum vs. Jared Goff
                Now that we've got a check in the win column, I thought I'd take the pulse of the Clan...oh, sorry... Rams Nation regarding who you think should be out there at QB....
                Stick with Keenum. He's the best option.
                Stick with Keenum. Until the OL starts protecting better, we should not put Goff at risk.
                Stick with Keenum - but with a quick hook if he falters.
                Goff needs to play. Start him now.
                -09-19-2016, 10:59 AM
              • MauiRam
                Jared Goff should begin on bench
                • By Bucky Brooks
                • NFL Media analyst
                • Published: Aug. 5, 2016

                Patience is a virtue -- in virtually all aspects of life. But it is rarely found in NFL locker rooms.

                In a league where production and performance are paramount, general managers and scouts frequently fall prey to the outside noise and rush players onto the field to justify lofty selections on draft day. This happens with most top picks, but quarterbacks are especially susceptible to microwave treatment when they are selected in the first round -- and even more so when they're taken within first 10 picks.

                That's why I'm paying close attention to how the Los Angeles Rams are bringing along Jared Goff.

                The football world will be clamoring to see the No. 1 overall pick when the Rams open their season in front of a national television audience at San Francisco in the final game of Week 1 on Monday, Sept. 12. While I've heard all of the rhetoric from Jeff Fisher and his staff on resisting the urge to put the rookie out on the field before he is ready, we've seen nearly every quarterback selected within the top five over the past five years take the ball as the team's starter very early in the season. Thus, I traveled to Rams' camp fully expecting to see Goff primed and ready to supplant Case Keenum as the team's starter.

                I mean, on paper this shouldn't be a fair fight: Goff boasts prototypical physical dimensions (6-foot-4, 215 pounds), A+ arm talent and a polished game, while Keenum has a smallish stature (6-1, 205 pounds), an average arm and a lack of cache as a former undrafted free agent and current NFL journeyman. Sure, Keenum led theRams to a 3-2 record as the team's part-time starter a season ago, but Fisher wouldn't seriously consider using the fifth-year pro as a legitimate starter this season. Right?

                To my surprise, Goff isn't anywhere close to being ready to play as a starting quarterback at this stage of training camp. Now, this isn't a direct knock on him or his future potential. It can be a process. Having been around some of the best quarterback developers in the game (Mike Holmgren, Andy Reid, Jon Gruden, Steve Mariucci, Dan Henning, Kevin Gilbride, Mike McCarthy and Mike McCoy), I know that young signal callers must the check the boxes in three key areas before being ready to step on the field as a starter:

                Coverage identification

                Watching Goff over a full workout, I sensed that -- despite widely reported improvement since the end of OTAs and minicamps -- the Cal product still has a long way to go before he reaches the standard needed to wrestle the starting job from Keenum.

                After spending his formative years directing a spread offense (Sonny Dykes' "Bear Raid"), Goff is still mastering the verbiage and communication skills to own the huddle. The lengthy play calls and at-the-line adjustments require far more...
                -08-06-2016, 01:19 PM