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This defense needs to start stepping up

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  • This defense needs to start stepping up

    Is anyone else frustrated with this defense? They cant seem to stop anything. The Seahags just drove up and down the field at will. Peters got torched. They kept running the same draw play over and over and we couldn't stop it..The run defense is so disappointing. I know they are 5-0 but they cant keep winning this track meets, sooner or later it will bite them ni the a$$. Barron's tackling was horrendous. He will be a goner next year for sure. And please Zeurlein come back soon, these kickers are awful..

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    It's too late this season to radically reorganize the LB corps. But maybe Littleton is best suited to OLB, with his length, speed, pursuit and nose for the ball. He originally came in as a DE. Kiser looked in preseason like a solid ILB prospect, focused on plugging up the running lanes in the middle. Based on the personnel they have available at LB at this point, a configuration like that might maximize the use of their talent at LB. Again, too late now because Littleton is such a key figure in the middle, calling plays, etc. A few months ago, they just didn't know what Kiser might be as a rookie, or how the injuries to the OLBs would stack up.

    It will be fascinating to watch Wade work to find the right formulae at LB and DB to make this defense more effective and take advantage of the dominant D line.


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      Watching the Seattle running backs run wild yesterday was extremely frustrating, as was watching Peters regularly out of position and giving up huge plays. The Rams were fortunate to win the game, and they can't continue to help opponents stay close. The defense has got to tighten things up.


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        Like I said in another thread, if we get a defense, we might be unstoppable! I realize that every team will "bring it" when playing us now, but yesterday was a sad show on their side of the ball.
        "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

        Jack Youngblood


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          i honestly did not watch Peters as a Chief. I read about him and his propensity to be top notch cover guy. I was excited the Rams got him based on that. Yesterday after watching him get burned play after play I was none too pleased! Moon and i chatted and we were both wondering if the injury is hindering his ability?

          The d is scary. i was concerned all off season about the plethora of accolades bestowed upon this unit. Yesterday was painful to watch. I have faith but wow, what a nightmare trying to stop the run and big plays yesterday. Fortunately, they got it done at end of game. But, certainly not as advertised.
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            Concerns about our D's ability to stop the run have been voiced by many here since before this season started. We had hoped Suh would make a large contribution in that area, but not so much yet. Wade P. surely wasn't thrilled with yesterday's performance by the defense - hopefully he can make some adjustments that will shore up our run defense.

            Troy Hill really screwed the team by drawing a personal foul penalty when we had Seattle stopped. We had stuffed them, and then they get 15 yards and a free first down. Terrible! Add to that seeing receivers run deep with little or no coverage was disappointing as well.

            That said, we did win the game, so maybe we can't have our cake and eat it too. So okay Dez, I'll try to relax ...


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              Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
              Watching the Seattle running backs run wild yesterday was extremely frustrating, as was watching Peters regularly out of position and giving up huge plays. The Rams were fortunate to win the game, and they can't continue to help opponents stay close. The defense has got to tighten things up.
              for how many years have we seen this type of run defense from the Rams? Nothing has changed in this regard.


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                Someone tweeted this to one of the beat writers who covers the Rams for the OCR, and I think it's worth consideration - As bad as it looks the Rams defense has only allowed 6 fourth quarter points in 5 games and has not surrendered a fourth quarter lead. They need to improve but have played their best when the game was on the line. Give them credit for that.

                It would be a lot better for my nerves and heart if it didn't look like a sieve at times prior to that, though. If Peters continues to play the way he is, the Rams won't have to worry about how to fit his contract extension in under the cap.

                We kind of figured the LBs would remain a weakness on the team particularly in run support, and it looks like that's still the case. We're lacking a thumper in the middle who can consistently get off blocks and stop a guy at the second level. Maybe Kiser becomes that guy? I dunno.


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                  I know there are sometimes a coach has to lie to protect his players. but generally I prefer honesty.

                  and honestly, McVay went for it on 4th down because our Defense sucks right now. it was 100% guaranteed Russell Wilson would have drove his team the distance needed for a FG. we can't stop anybody.

                  it doesn't do any good to lie about it when the Defense themselves know why you did it. let's address the monkey in the room and fix it.


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                    Originally posted by Macrammer View Post

                    The D is scary. I was concerned all off season about the plethora of accolades bestowed upon this unit. Yesterday was painful to watch. I have faith but wow, what a nightmare trying to stop the run and big plays yesterday. Fortunately, they got it done at end of game. But, certainly not as advertised.

                    We really are "...not as advertised". Far from it. BTW, is Peters playing hurt?

                    Again: 'Coach Phillips. Calling Coach Phillips.'


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                      The NFL is all about offense nowadays. And like I said early last season, this is a powerful Rams offense. Defense could be better, but like Nick stated they've been good enough when it has counted the most. And besides, people need things to gripe about when their team goes from perennial doormat to undefeated in less than two seasons.


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                        Rams 61 -Chiefs 60


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                          With Barron back, he should be able to help and we saw a little of that during the game.

                          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                            Perhaps Wade maybe switch to 4-3 in certain situations? I dunno, just throwing it out there, I know he did a little of this last year. They need to try something. Yes, they have been tightening things up a bit near the end of games, but its very concerning they cant stop crap early on. A few 3 and outs would be so nice. watching Sundays game, no matter what down I had no confidence the D would get off the field Seahaks almost scored on every possession.


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                              Maybe this is a good thing, Wade cant be happy and will try to fix things. I think the first 2 weeks were an anomaly giving up so few points because those offenses sucked. We have a lot of good offenses coming up the rest of the way. Make some adjustments now Wade


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                              • live4ramin
                                Could it be? Defense...
                                by live4ramin
                                My love of football is on the offensive side of the ball, particularly the offensive line. The blocking and the pride these guys have when they jel into one unit, usually without much in the way of credit.

                                But silently this team's defense just keeps getting a little better. If these guys can stay healthy and build a little pride in keeping the offense off the field Spags may turn this group of nobodies into something to get excited about.

                                I've never had a great defense to watch on Sundays. It was always time to grab a snack and a cold beverage. It could be a life changer for some of us.
                                -08-29-2010, 07:42 AM
                              • chiguy
                                Rams defense...we still have a ways to go
                                by chiguy
                                In a thread posted on here two weeks ago discussing the defense, I said that they were clearly improved but that we should temper our excitement because we hadn't been playing very good offenses. Yesterday, we faced a pretty good offense so I thought it would be a good time to revisit the subject.

                                Although we didn't get torched yesterday, I do think it showed that we had a way to go. First, despite shutting down the passing game, I think we can all agree that some of that has to do with the fact with the weather yesterday. The CBs played decently except for a few notable lapses (the dropped INT, e.g.), but I'd like to see them play that well in decent weather before I get *too* excited. The visions of Lenny Walls getting burned in Dallas are too recent for me to fall completely for these guys just yet. We also really need a safety who can come up and cover too.

                                Second, we have no pass rush. Although we didn't blitz a ton yesterday, the Bengals offensive line did a good job of keeping us away from Palmer. Indeed, it showed that if our blitzes get picked up right now that we can't generate much pressure on the QB. If we got more from the ends in particular, it would help the defense take that next step.

                                Finally, despite much improved play by the interior defensive line, they still have work to do. They absolutely got manhandled in the 4th quarter yesterday. Carricker is for real and Ryan is proably -- at worst -- a very good rotational player. Still, we need at least one other guy we can count on. I wonder if they've considered getting Adeyanju some reps at DT because he seems made for running downs and is a reliable tackler.

                                In short, while the defense is obviously better, we're still a couple of players away from being "good" in my opinion. I'd really love to see a playmaking defensive end, better rotational depth on the interior line, and another safety. Interestingly, linebacker is at the bottom of my list...when was the last time we weren't concerned about linebackers?
                                -12-10-2007, 06:31 AM
                              • tomahawk247
                                I was impressed by our run defense
                                by tomahawk247
                                we looked very stout against the run. i know the Niners arent a particularly strong running team but we have been gashed by them before. And seeing the RB being constantly stopped or pushed back on 3rd and short was just brilliant to see. The line looked strong, and i was impressed with Carriker. But it was just great to see the linebackers constantly making plays at the LOS. Chillar looked solid, Pisa looks bigger and stronger, and Spoon was just awesome.

                                But once again this was a game where the defense gave up big yardage in the fourth quarter. However the blame for that has to fall on the offense. After driving down the field on the opening drive, the offense floundered, and the defense spent a lot of time on the field. If the offense could have just sustained a decent drive in the second half or in the fourth quarter, then the defensive numbers would have looked so much better

                                we did lack a bit of a pass rush in the fourth quarter, but that seems to be because we were only rushing the four DL players. i know some people would have wanted to be sending some LBs at Dilfer, but that would have just left him more space to throw into.
                                -11-19-2007, 02:27 AM
                              • viper
                                What pass defense are we running?
                                by viper
                                Has anybody been able to determine just what pass defense we are running? It seems like we are running a hybrid of different schemes or situational schemes.
                                -09-24-2009, 04:19 PM
                              • Curly Horns
                                Defending the defense while offending the pessimists
                                by Curly Horns

                                Defending the defense might seem like a tough task to a lot of Rams fans these days. Why I choose to take on such a low, down, dirty task is beyond me. Maybe I'm the consummate Rams fan. The type that has always been in love with a bit of an underdog. Hey, if you have been a Rams fan for very long, you know what I'm talking about.

                                So where does one begin to defend this defense amongst all the pessimism? Since we can not predict the future, I say history is the best option.

                                Most of us remember what it was like to be a perennial basement dweller only to rise to the top after the '99 season with a shiny new Lombardi and high hopes for a repeat the following season.

                                And why not a repeat? We had the GSOT and a pretty good defense. Granted the defense was not the best, but it was no slouch. The majority of defensive starters returned, the defensive coordinator returned, the same scheme returned, and yet we all know that the bottom fell out in 2000.

                                Hmmm. Just goes to show how easily a group of players can rise and fall from season to season. Scheme, coaching, talent level are certainly factors, but ultimately it comes from within the group of players. They can rise. History has proven it.

                                So how good does this defense really need to be to win a championship? Our own Rams history and very recent history has proven they do not need to be the best defense in the league. They simply need to be good enough when it matters most.

                                Let's look a little deeper into that magical season of '99. There are those who claim that your best defense is a potent offense. I'm quite sure this is not entirely true. However, we have seen it work to our advantage. The potent offense of the '99 squad certainly helped the defense. The offense was able to score quickly and often. This put the defense in a good position against opposing offenses as they were forced to play catch-up. Our 2007 offense has the ability to be quite potent. This can help the 2007 defense. History has proven it.

                                Now Let's look at recent history. Most of us know that Baltimore had the #1 defense last season and where that got them. Did most of you also know that the Raiders had the number #3 defense in the league? I'm sure we all know where that got them. Our Rams of course came in at #23. Not good enough, some might say. Okay let's look further. Remember the Colts of last season? They finished at #21. Well, the Rams have no pass rush, some say. True, to some extent, however they were #8 in pass defense and #3 against receiving. Ah, but the Rams run defense is crap, some might add. Well that is correct. The Rams run defense finished just ahead of the last place Colts run defense.

                                Hmmm. How good does the defense need to be to win a championship? Certainly not the best. History has proven it.

                                Ultimately the best way to defend our...
                                -03-12-2007, 08:43 PM