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Week 6 Rams @ Broncos predictions

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  • Week 6 Rams @ Broncos predictions

    In another AFC West match up, third in six weeks, the Rams travel to snowy Denver for week 6. Yes, 1-3 inches of snow expected earlier in day with a high of 30 degrees. The Broncos are 2-3 but do possess the top rushing attack in the NFL at 137 yds per game. At this point, it is not 100% certain Rams will have their top WR's playing. Kupp and Cooks still in concussion protocol. Ram lead this rare match up 8-5.......

    Can we overcome the weather and get to 6-0??

    We are rolling.......and will still be rolling......

    Rams 31
    Broncos 21

    What say you?
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    From what I have been seeing, I will go...

    Rams 35
    Bronc's 31
    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood


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      More worried about the altitude than the frost, but it won't be nice for our boys either way.

      If the Rams offense can put together a good few drives early, the negativity currently permeating the Broncos will fester, giving the Rams a chance to run away with it. If the Broncos defense gets some stops, then that may give their crowd and offense a chance to start lighting things up. My fear is that the cold (and perhaps WR unavailability) will make the Rams start slow...turning this one into another shootout.

      However, I'm betting my previous prediction (on another thread) of a Rams loss here is wrong, and that Peters can correct his play and limit Case from blowing up too much... and the LB's do a better job with their tackling, giving Lindsay a hard time meeting his 5+ per carry avg.

      So... here's to hoping the cold and altitude don't bite us and gives a down on their luck Broncos a chance to shine.

      Rams- 30
      Untrained horses- 20
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        I have to say that I am concerned about this one. We can't win them all (can we?), and this could be a "trap" game. Denver is desperate after losing 3 in a row, it will be cold and maybe snowy, the air is thin, and Denver has a very good running game. We don't yet know whether both Cooks and Kupp will be cleared to play.

        I'm going to chicken out and guess both scenarios. A Rams' victory has their defense playing much better against the run, and is something like 31-13.

        A Broncos' victory has the Rams slowed down by the elements and a good day for the Broncos D and Von Miller, and the Rams again unable to stop the run, and is something like 24-21.

        Again, I smell trap. So, for official purposes, consider my prediction the Broncos' victory scenario. But I obviously won't be hoping for that, and will be happy to be wrong.


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          Originally posted by Seacone View Post
          We can't win them all (can we?), .
          I suppose no, we cannot....but i would love to see a 7-0 start and think it is doable.........The weather is my concern here..........These guys can handle the altitude for one game IMO.......


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            On my prediction thread, I have this as a loss .................................... however, its now a push ;)

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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              Originally posted by RamDez View Post
              On my prediction thread, I have this as a loss .................................... however, its now a push ;)
              Right, I have it a loss also... but like you, I've backed away from that. It's gotten so bad, the Denver defense is having player only meetings... lots of problems up there. And then there's the qb controversy about whether Case Keenum is the guy for them moving forward (sound familiar?) over their late round pick from last year. That's why I believe if the Rams can play a sharp first half, they have a chance to put them away early to where the elements won't come into play. If they let the Broncos stay alive early, it could be messy all around.


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                if there is going to be some snow, I would like to see a few new running packages put in for this game. perhaps a couple designed plays for John Kelly the way we did for Tavon.

                anyway, as for a prediction, I worry that our LB's have been exposed and if you can get past the D'line you may be off to the races.

                I see a few blown plays on D keeping the Broncos in this one. 27-24 someone. hopefully it's the Rams.


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                  Injuries and weather will be our opponents this week.

                  I really hate to say this...but...

                  Rams 23
                  Broncos 21

                  Way too close.


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                    It's funny reading this topic and seeing ads for Denver fan gear.

                    If weather becomes an issue, the running game will be especially important. Rams win a squeeker 24-21.


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                      I see a blow out. After last week's close call, McVay will want to make a statement, so the offense won't let up. Cooks will be back. Regarding the weather, that won't stop Gurley. Denver in October isn't exactly the ice bowl. We will worry about the weather if we must travel to Philly or Green Bay in January in the playoffs.

                      42-27, Rams


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                        Given the state of the defense my only prediction is Rams win.


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                          I'm thinking 34-20 Rams. Sort of hoping for the snow to have an effect and Gurley goes wild.


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                            Rams have a solid running game...the bronco's have a spotty ground game--best thing for snow

                            But honestly its not going to be the snow at all--most likely it will not be snowing, the field will be under a tarp the night before so I am thinking its a snowball hype. What will be an issue is cooler air and altitude. I don't recall if the Broncos have an indoor practices field or not, so I can't say if there is a weather edge or not...but as far as a weather edge--hey its the first real snow of the season for the broncos too; thus if there is a perfect time to play in a snowy Denver, this is the time

                            Even with injured WR, what remains of the Rams offense is on par with the best the Broncos offense has to offer up. But Denver has a weak spot...Keenum...the system he is in doesn't fit him well and tis showing on the field. Would be great if the vaunted Rams defense finally makes an appearance and drops the hammer on Denver, but am not holding my breath

                            Rams 36
                            Denver 26


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                              Rams- 36
                              Broncos- 31


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