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Rams pound packers 29-27; The Good, Bad and Ugly

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  • Rams pound packers 29-27; The Good, Bad and Ugly

    The Rams pushed their record to 8-0 for the first time since 1969 with a playoff caliber 29-27 win over Aaron Rodgers and his green bay packers. Rallying offensively after punting on their first four possessions, the Rams once again found a way to win a very close game that was undecided until the last minute. The Rams are demonstrating every week that they are a team with the capability of winning a title. It's a long way from happening at this point, but the Rams are talented, deep, well coached and have a legitimate shot if they get lucky with injuries and continue to play turnover free and virtually penalty free football. Today's game featured only one turnover, but it was a huge one, with Ramik Wilson earning his spot on the squad for the year by causing a gigantic fumble on the kickoff return with 2 minutes left after Leg's field goal put the Rams ahead. Did any of us want to see Rodgers back on the field and down by only 2? Not a chance. Kudos to Wilson for the huge play and to the Rams for running Gurley successfully when they absolutely had to in the last two drives. One thing that today's game proved definitively, Rodgers is truly sensational and can do almost anything, but he can not score from the bench and finding a way to not give him a chance to win the game was really sensational news.

    The Good

    Gurley 25-114 and 6-81 with one td and a game clinching 3rd and 13 run for a conversion that could have been another touchdown if Gurley had not wisely fallen down inside the five yard line to end the game. Huge catch down the sideline getting his feet in to get the Rams a touchdown a couple of plays later and some momentum before halftime. Gurley had any number of plays where he had no holes, but he got better as the game went on. We actually got a break when he did not get in on two runs right before half because it ran the clock all the way down before the first Reynolds td catch and prevented rodgers from getting the ball back with any time left on the clock. Gurley also had a nice catch on the 2 point conversion and a couple of nice blitz pickups. Solid overall game with nearly 200 yards of total offense and a nice looking 30 yard catch and run for the td.

    Goff. Not his best game, but he played well despite being under siege for the entire first half and a good portion of the second half. He wound up 19-35-295 3 touchdowns and no interceptions for a rating of 111. Made some really nice throws, including a beautiful long ball into the end zone to cooks that hit him in the hands but cooks could not pull down. Great looking throws on both Reynolds td's and the gurley td catch. Goff remained calm out there despite being sacked 5 times and his performance on third down was pretty good when he was not getting sacked or clobbered, completing a number of timely balls to woods and a couple to cooks. Best job he has done all year standing in against the rush, something he is going to need to do if we want to go deep into the playoffs or have a real shot at a title. I still don't love his audibles, more on that later, along with the one huge miss he had towards the end of the game. The numbers might have looked a bit better if the refs called any of the five or so holding penalties when db's were grabbing cook all game long.

    Hekker was sensational today. He pinned them inside the 5 twice and completed a 12 yard pass to sam shields for a first down. His punt down to the one foot line towards the end of the half led to the mark barron safety and was really the critical play that turned the game around for the Rams who were getting clobbered 10-0 at the time and mauled on both sides of the line of scrimmage.

    Great to have Leg back, made both field goals and kickoffs were very effective. Today was the kind of game with no room for error in the kicking game.
    Great tackle for the safety by Mark Barron
    Two sacks for Aaron Donald, held (uncalled) multiple times, and hit rodgers plenty. The first long rodgers pass featured an obvious hands to the face against donald that was once again uncalled.

    Littleton was excellent again with 8 tackles and a huge third down sack early taht knocked them out of field goal range.
    Sensational play by Ramik Wilson causing the fumble on the kickoff return that allowed us to put the game away with one first down when all of us were nervous wrecks that rodgers was getting the ball back down 2 points with 2 minutes left.

    No turnovers and only two penalties. 34-26 advantage in time of possession. Clean game, playoff caliber.
    The receivers were solid, they were open plenty and Goff couldnt always get the ball to them because of the pass rush. Cooks had one terrific key catch in the first half and wound up 3-74. Woods was 5-70, mostly big third down catches. Reynolds really stepped up with 3-42 and the 2 td's. Great to see him step in for Kupp and perform, we are obviously not the same offense without Kupp. Higbee had one catch for a first down and the nice catch everett had was called back on an illegal shift penalty against woods which could have been very costly.

    The offense wound up with 23 first downs, 29 points, 9-19 on 3rd and 4th down and 416 total yards. That is pretty good considering we did absolutely nothing and punted four times in our first four possessions. Offensive line had some issues pass blocking today (more below), but did much better in the second half especially in the run game. Blythe was strong again in the clutch. A tremendous pickup and a very solid guy who makes no money.

    I thought the defense played well despite a very slow start in the first quarter and two torchings late in the game (peters and hill) on blitz coverage. It is Aaron Rodgers remember. Rough start against the run and we gave up the big 35 yard td run, but we held them to 106 yards rushing, don't ask me why they got so far away from the run play calling wise when they averaged five yards a carry for the game. We held them to field goals a couple of times, stopped them when we had to on the donald sack late in the fourth quarter after we could not score and had to give the ball back to rodgers when green bay had a one point lead. That was a huge stop. We gave up only 16 first downs, 359 yards and held them to 2-9 on third down and that was really a huge difference in the game. We would all love to see us not give up the big plays (see below), but i think the defense played well enough to win today against one of the very best qb's of all time.

    I did not see any injuries today, however, i will note for the group that General Counsel suffered a knee injury after the fumble and aggregated it during the post game celebration. I am limping a bit, but will be fine for next week. No reason to bring out the cart and no MRI will be needed. It is swelling up nicely however.

    The Bad

    The first quarter and a half our offense and defense was lousy as we were manhandled on both sides of the line of scrimmage. We were very lucky it was not worse than a 10-0 hole, give the defense some credit for hanging in points wise when we were getting killed yardage wise and not moving the ball on offense.
    5 sacks is way too many to give up.
    Terrible holding penalty on saffold in a key situation late in the 4th quarter (same thing on the woods illegal shift)
    Absolutely AWFUL miss by goff on an open woods on a key 2nd and 14 late in the fourth quarter. That is the kind of throw he has to make for us to win a title.
    Cooks had a couple of tough catches, including one in the end zone, that he did not make. Not really bad per se, but lost opportunities to make great plays.
    Crucial play in the game, we are up by 10, have all the momentum, 3rd and 9 and Adams torches peters for 41 yards. Longacre almost had the sack on the play but couldnt tackle rodgers. Adams killed us with 5-133. If we would have lost the game, that play would have been the real turning point.

    Troy Hill had one nice pass breakup, but he got burned badly for the long td. Peters got burned on two long balls today.
    The 35 yard td run was really bad defense.

    Some goff audibles and mcvay play calls simply have to get better. Green Bay was blitzing all game long. How did we not throw a single screen to gurley. Where are the wide receiver screens and the slants. Where are the two and three step drops or the balls out instantly of Goff's hands for short passes the way rodgers throws all the time? Sure, we were having some pass protection issues, but there are ways to deal with that. Most importantly, screens to Gurley. Get it in his hands in the flat even more often and give your wide receivers the chance to break one tackle and turn those short passes into big gains. Two many 2nd and 2's laster in the game when we had momentum in the run game, were wearing them out, were struggling to stop rodgers ad coach did not pound the ball with gurley to flatten them and keep rodgers on the bench.

    The Ugly

    By an enormous margain, the ugliest thing about this game was the ratio of green bay fans to Rams fans in the stadium. At countless times, it sounded like an away game. I don't care if the world series is in LA or what else is going on, we need a real home field advantage. I find that lack of fan support when we are undefeated embarrassing and unacceptable.

    3rd down and a foot, gurley loses three yards.
    Busted play, goff loses five yards.


    Make no mistake about it, this was a really important win. It continues our momentum, keeps an improving chickens team three games back in the division and once again shows that the Rams can find ways to win. We showed real resilency today overcoming a lousy start and a ten point deficit, and also managed to hold off a very good team at the end in a tight game that could have gone either way. We did what we had to do and did it without suffering any material injuries and without having to rush Kupp back into the lineup. The Rams are 8-0 and their sensational season rolls on to a brutally tough road game next week in new orleans against the great drew brees. We will be tested severely in that game, a contest that may well have home field implications down the road in the playoffs. Let's hope the Rams can get Kupp back and clean up some of the pass protection issues. For tonight, we all need to be absolutely thrilled with a very high quality win and our 8-0 record for the first time since 1969!

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    No defense on the amount of Packers fans there today, they travel well and are a popular team. It was one of the loudest games I have ever been to.
    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood


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      Thanks GC, excellent.

      Marcus Peters ... he's a good[?] DB, but sometimes his play is bad and ugly!

      BTW, now we know that Green Bay, Wisconsin also has a suburb just outside L.A. ...Good grief.


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        I did not see any injuries today, however, i will note for the group that General Counsel suffered a knee injury after the fumble and aggregated it during the post game celebration. I am limping a bit, but will be fine for next week. No reason to bring out the cart and no MRI will be needed. It is swelling up nicely however.


        GO RAMS!!


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          My neck got pulled during the fumble . Am day to day

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            Battling for home field advantage in the playoff this season is totally meaningless, since the Rams apparently don't have a home field... Come on LA!

            I know fanbois only see what they want to see when it comes to officiating, but this one was over the top. How do the officials miss not one but two overturned catches in the SAME DRIVE?!!! The amazing catch Gurley made along the sideline was just a few feet away, right in front of the official and he still missed it! I saw at least four times Ram receivers were blatantly held by Packer DB's with no call. It's amassing how Cook still had his jersey on after two of them. Who the heck supper glued the ref's flag into his pocket when Goff was blatantly tripped, accounting for one sack? LB Mark Barron was literally tackled from behind by an o-lineman when he managed to still tackle the RB in the endzone for a safety, no penalty was called. He appeared to be shaken up on the play but luckily escaped serious injury. Just awful stuff.
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              Originally posted by general counsel View Post

              The Bad

              Terrible holding penalty on saffold in a key situation late in the 4th quarter

              general counsel
              To Saffold's credit, that was not holding based on how the refs were calling the game. If the refs were calling that holding the whole game, they were no less than 6 times the Packers would have gone backwards and negated big plays. One of those (the 48 yarder) could have been called hands to the face as much as OL Holding, yet the refs somehow managed to not see that.

              You could have had a complete (long) paragraph under "Ugly" for the refs. And it wasn't only calls in favor of the Packers, but they clearly got the better end of the deal from the refs.



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                What a game! That was a hard-fought win on the road in a hostile environment. Proud of them!
                The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                  That was really a thrilling game. Things looked pretty bad for us for most of the 1st half, until the safety. The Packers were beating us at both lines of scrimmage. On television, it sounded more like a Packers home game. It felt like our run was ending. But we never lost our our confidence and our will. We made the breaks fall our way at the end.

                  Our team is certainly not perfect. In particular, we've got some weak spots in the D. But the thing is the character of this team. Having suffered the frustration of so many Rams teams that just didn't have a winning personality, that found ways to lose, this McVay iteration of the Rams is a revelation. It has been amazing to watch this young guy create a team in his image, clever, resilient, confident, determined. The team's cohesion is very evident. Excellent young leaders have emerged. This is a team with a winning personality, young but maturing rapidly. Weve got to expect some adversity at some point. But, man, this is a great ride this year.


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                    Great write-up GC. Always enjoy your commentary. I must add that I too am constantly asking the same question about the short quick release passes that were a staple for our offense last year. As good as our O-Line is, I am always shouting "get rid of it" when Goff is preparing to toss a long pass usually to Cooks. Perhaps defenses are better schemed to prevent those plays from working.

                    I was pleased to see a play that was erased by penalty. A sideline pass to Gerald Everett that he added about another 20 yards after the catch. Easily the best play I've seen from him over the past 2 seasons. I hope McVay works him into our game plan more often as the season progresses. Aikman even made a remark during the telecast that the Rams use their TE's among the fewest in the NFL for pass catching. Higbee is very key in our blocking schemes for Gurley.

                    I loved this win as I cannot remember the last time we beat GB. Perhaps during the GSOT era.

                    Go Rams!


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                      There is the formula the Rams will face for the rest of the season. Packers having to pick a poison, letting Gurley run the ball or defend against the pass, they opted for using mostly 6 DBs and defended mostly against the pass--smart and something I predicted they would do. Keep close the score, slow down the Rams offense and win the game with 4th quarter heroics. Honestly that is indeed how one should play against the Rams--and that is the disturbing part because it assumes the Rams defense will allow opponents to keep a close score

                      Its half time in the season, Rams are 8-0. Now the other half of the season is upon the Rams. And this is where the defense has to step up and close the deal going into the playoffs. Rams could easily end the season 8-8. Not going to happen


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                        Originally posted by Ram Dragoon View Post
                        ...Its half time in the season, Rams are 8-0. Now the other half of the season is upon the Rams. And this is where the defense has to step up and close the deal going into the playoffs. ...
                        I agree. I'm not taking our excellent offense for granted, but we have an excellent offense. Barring impact of injuries, it's capable of scoring points right along with anybody else in the league this season. It's on our opponents to play D at a high enough level to slow us/stop us. And we continue to play excellent special teams. The variable in our run through the rest of the regular season and (barring historical catastrophe) the playoffs will be the play of our D, particularly our play against the run, explosive pass plays and 3rd downs. In fact, considering the undeniable quality of our DL, you can drill it down even further and say that the key variable will be the play of our LBs and DBs. If it is consistently difficult for teams to score against us, I like our chances to go deep into the playoffs. Otherwise, we'll be much more vulnerable to other teams that have well-functioning offenses.

                        We won't have long to wait for this to develop, with NO and KC coming right up (that is not to say that Seattle will be an easy game).


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                          The good: Barron actually making a play at the line of scrimmage worthy of a MLB

                          The bad: Barron disappearing on the TD run up the middle, all I remember seeing was LittleTON getting semi-pancaked out of the way, doesn’t matter whether he actually was in the line-up on that play or not, one safety does not a season make.

                          The ugly: The secondary. I don’t know how long this “playing-through-injury” excuse stands up anymore. Peters has petered_out. If you stood Hill on top of Shields, maybe together they could stop the QB from going over top – if the mighty-mights were olympic-quality high-jumpers perhaps I could see keeping them around – sure is a shame we couldn’t see Talib’s influence on the field. And what else could you expect from a rookie safety – but inconsistency.

                          I can’t be more effusive on the fact that the Rams went looking for a DE, who hopefully can show some coverage skills on RBs and TEs as well. But ... I will say that it’s also time for them to admit that the 1st pick of McVay’s era is a bust (the glare must be turned on the personnel who elevated Everett to the top of the board – right now I’m holding this against Snead) – to me it further shows that drafting players is so much of a crap shoot, that if you can reasonably, go ahead and trade away the picks.

                          The Saints game should reveal a lot. This is play-off caliber football. We’re going to find out how ready they are for prime time this year. They have demonstrated resilience thus far. When you have Gurley taking a knee, it speaks volumes to leadership on the field.


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                          • general counsel
                            Rams choke seachickens 33-31; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                            by general counsel
                            Apologies to everyone for the delay in writing my weekly summary. I was on a plane during the game and was finally able to watch the replay between midnight and 3am last night.

                            The Rams battled through some severe adversity on Sunday to choke the seachickens 33-31 in a brutally hard fought division road game to push their record to 5-0 and their division lead to a full three games. Championship caliber teams win games when they are not at their best and the Rams simply found a way to win this one in part by saving their best defense for when it mattered most and in part due to some extremely bold decisions by Coach McVay. The Rams lost Cooks and Kupp in the first half, suffered through some horrific officiating, saw their stud young quarterback come back to earth a bit after his perfect performance last week against Minnesota, scored three points total on two trips to the one yard line, missed an extra point, threw an interception in the end zone, lost the turnover battle two to zero, allowed 7 conversions in 12 tries on third down, had two key sacks late in the game negated by penalties in the secondary, watched Peters get torched all game (including for two td's), gave up 190 yards rushing, allowed Wilson a passer rating of over 132, could not kick off deep, self destructed out of scoring range at the end of the first half, and still found a way to emerge victorious in just about the most hostile road environment in the NFL. This game is really a high quality win and something the squad and coaching staff should feel good about, despite all the obvious areas for improvement.

                            The Good

                            Overall, Goff played well, albeit not close to the vikings game. He was 23-32-321 with one td, 2 int's, 2 fumbles and a passer rating of 88.2. He also had one nice scramble for 12 yards and a big first down. A couple of drops kept the numbers from being better and the interception in the end zone to Gurley certainly hurt. The second interception was a hail mary at the end of the first half. Kupp dropped a ball at the three yard line on a low throw that could have been a td and cooks failed to hold onto the throw where he got his bell rung (more on that later). The interception in the end zone was a clear hold on Gurley, the defender had his arm completely draped around Gurley's torso, and the deflection was unlucky, but the throw could have been a lot better. He missed Woods at around the five yard line as well. His mystery fumble in the last 30 seconds of the first half effectively knocked us out of field goal range, coupled with the false start and the negative run. At the end of the day, he drove the team when he needed to and got the big go ahead field goal and let's not forget that we did score 33 points, many of which we directly related to some very nice throws. He certainly was not helped by playing the second half without kupp and cooks, although Hodge made a huge catch for 14 yards on the last drive and...
                            -10-10-2018, 08:33 PM
                          • general counsel
                            Rams crunch cowboys 30-22; The good, the bad and the ugly
                            by general counsel
                            The Rams won their first playoff game of the McVay era and advanced to the nfc championship game next sunday by thoroughly running the ball down dallas' throat on the way to a hard fought 30-22 victory. The Rams gained 273 yards rushing on 48 attempts for a 5.7 average against a dallas defense that completely shut down the #1 ranked chickens run game in their playoff win last weekend. Both Gurley (16-115) and CJ (23-123) ran for over 100 yards, the first time in Rams playoff history that two backs have done so in the same game. The Rams recorded three rushing touchdowns and the dominance by the offensive line in the trenches allowed the Rams to control the clock, leading to an almost 37-23 advantage in time of possession. When you consider that the Rams did not turn the ball over all game, punted only once, held Elliott to 47 yards rushing on 20 carries, converted 7-13 on third and fourth down while holding dallas to 1-10 on third down and recording one huge fourth down stop, you pretty much explain the Rams victory. But for some early redzone struggles and a brutal drop by Ebukam on a sure pick six, this game would have been over a lot sooner. The Rams really deserved to win this game and they now await the winner of the philadelphia vs new orleans game to see who they play for a chance to go to the big dance.

                            The Good

                            Offensive line, offensive line and offensive line. Absolute dominance both in the run game and in pass protection. 273 yards rushing!!!!! Goff was not sacked and was not hit much. The holes at the point of attack in the running game were sensational, especially when you consider the quality of the opposition. All five guys played well and they were terrific as a unit. Needless to say, if we can run the ball the way we did today, we are going to be very very very tough to beat by anyone anywhere. Just absolutely outstanding play. With the game on the line and McVay going hyper aggressive on 4th and about one and a half rather than kicking the field goal to make it a two score game, the oline did the job and created enough of a hole for CJ to plow into the end zone and make it a 15 point game. Really can't say enough about the way the Rams offensive line took over the game and imposed their will on the dallas defense. By far Sullivan's best game of the year.

                            Gurley and CJ were both terrific, showing power, speed and ball security. Gurley showed great burst on his 35 yard touchdown run to put the Rams ahead 20-7 late in the second quarter. Great run. CJ was critical today because Gurley obviously needed to be spelled because of his month off on the cardio side. You have to give Snead huge credit for finding CJ after Malcolm Brown went out for the year with the shoulder injury. We are not here in my view without CJ and he will likely remain an important part of our title run because he can keep Gurley fresh and provide very hard running between the tackles.

                            -01-12-2019, 11:12 PM
                          • general counsel
                            Rams lampoon lions 30-16; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
                            by general counsel
                            The Rams overcame a subpar performance by Jared Goff, pushing their record to 11-1 with a 30-16 road win against detroit by riding Todd Gurley, outstanding red zone defense, and an another otherworldly performance by Aaron Donald. The Rams win today clinched the NFC west title for the second year in a row and gave the Rams a one game lead over new orleans in the race for home field in the nfc with four games remaining. The giants win over chicago in overtime (aided by huge defense plays by former Rams Tree and Janoris) gives the Rams a three game lead over chicago in terms of the week one bye in the playoffs. Today was far from the Rams best game, but keep in mind that detroit has been strong defensively under patricia, especially of late against the run, and beat new england at home earlier in the year. The performance of the defense today was encouraging, albeit against a detroit team that is offensively challenged at the skill positions. To state the obvious, there are no style points in the NFL and the win is what counts. This was a game that could have gone either way in the fourth quarter, and once again the Rams found a way to get it done.

                            The Good

                            There are no words any longer to describe the impact that Aaron Donald is having on a weekly basis. He had two sacks today, one of which was a strip sack fumble recovered by Ebukam that was the critical play in the game when the Rams had a three point fourth quarter lead and detroit had the momentum. He had a third sack called back for a penalty. He had 5 overall tackles which included four tackles for loss. He drew three holding penalties and was held another ten or more times. I have watched 50 years of football and i have never seen an interior lineman play the way Donald is playing week in week out and while he is surrounded by other first round draft picks, he is not surrounded by other linemen who are exactly lighting it up. Just another incredible performance and he was as or more responsible for this win today as anyone.

                            Red zone play. The Rams were 3-4 in the red zone today offensively and held detroit to 1-5. The one time the Rams were stopped in the red zone, Reynolds was clearly held in the end zone on the third down play. The td pass to woods on 3rd and goal from the 8 before half gave us a 10-3 lead and was huge.

                            Todd Gurley had an excellent game with 23-132 and 2 td's rushing along with 3 catches for 33 yards. It was tough going most of the day for gurley, especially with malcolm brown out early with the shoulder injury and Gurley being the only active back on the roster. Very tough for him to get any room up the middle with snacks harrison clogging things up. He had two huge runs, the td run from the 13 with great blocking and the game clinching long run where he alertly fell down on the one yard line forcing detroit to use the rest of their time outs and putting the Rams into a position where even if they don't...
                            -12-02-2018, 05:47 PM
                          • general counsel
                            Rams beat Jacksonville 27-17; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                            by general counsel
                            The Rams rode dominating special teams play today to defeat Jacksonville 27-17 on the road, moving to 4-2 for the first time since 2006. Two special teams td's and a 56 yard bomb by The Leg were instrumental in achieving a hard fought victory which gives the Rams their first 3-0 road start since 2001. Todd Gurley averaged 5 yards a carry rushing for 116 yards and the Rams overcame a number of missed opportunities on offense and some shaky play calling to win a game that really could have gone either way. After a horrific start defensively, the Rams settled down to tighten up and hold Jacksonville to nothing more than a field goal over the last three quarters of the game. A ton of room to improve, but this is EXACTLY the kind of game the Rams have been finding a way to lose for years and today, despite not playing anywhere near their best, they found a way to get the victory against a quality opponent. Can the Rams make a playoff run this year? Still too early to tell, but for sure, we are dramatically improved and the future looks bright, especially if whitworth never gets any older!

                            The Good

                            Special Teams. The Egyptian returns the opening kickoff 103 yards for a td on a run that showed speed, balance and moves. We blocked a punt (Littleton) for a td when Brown recovered and the pile pushed him into the end zone. Leg bombed a 56 yarder straight through and hit the game clinching 29 yard field goal. Hekker launched multiple projectiles, including 4 of 6 punts inside the 20 and a 67 yarder. Meanwhile, Jacksonsville kicker missed two long field goals and would have missed a third if not for a stupid penalty on the Rams. They also had a number of shanked punts. No question that the difference today was special teams.

                            Todd Gurley was excellent in the running game with 23-116. He had some holes and capitalized. Dont ask me why he only had one catch for 4 yards. Give the offensive line credit for the run blocking (see play calling comments below). Gurley effectively clinched the game with a huge 3rd and 4 first down conversion just under the 4 minute remaining mark. Running with power and speed, he needs more carries when he is running well like today.

                            We had four sacks today and defensively, we made enough plays to keep them from scoring despite the lousy start. 3 points allowed in 3 quarters is going to result in wins almost every week. Nice interception by robey-coleman. 5 sacks (barron, who had 8 tackles, donald, fox, barwin and brockers (who is having a pro bowl year). We allowed 19 first downs and 389 total yards, which when you consider that they gained 75 yards for a td on their first play and 75 yards in 2 minutes on 4 plays on their second drive) is pretty good.

                            While the stats didnt look great (11-21-124-a td and arating of 86.2), i thought goff was basically good, and he made some throws that could easily have been caught and changed the game. He had a huge...
                            -10-15-2017, 05:08 PM
                          • general counsel
                            Rams lose 27-20 to redskins; The Good, bad and ugly
                            by general counsel
                            The Rams fell to 1-1 today, dropping a tough but winnable game at home to the Redskins. The Rams dug themselves a 20-10 halftime hole with some horrific first half defense and despite rallying in the second half, were unable to overcome a couple of turnovers. overall lousy run defense and some really stupid penalties in the disappointing loss. With the game on the line, the defense was unable to get off the field on a number of critical third downs and a last ditch effort to tie went nowhere on Goff's one really horrible throw of the day, an interception where his eyes never left his receiver. Does it reflect well that the Rams fought back? Sure. But the point is the same, more inconsistent play. An improved offense and a strong second half running performance from gurley, but still too much shooting themselves in the foot to win a close game that playoff caliber teams find a way to win.

                            The Good

                            Strong day for gurley despite his fumble that cost us three points. Two td's, 88 yards rushing on 16 carries (mostly in second half) and a spectacular catch and run for a td with a nice leap over the defender.
                            Goff played well. Not spectacular, but well. 15-25-224-1-1 for a rating above 86. Can he play better? Absolutely, but we didnt lose this game today because of goff and i continue to believe that he is showing all the signs of a developing qb who will get where we need him to be if we can pass protect and establish a consistent running game. Great throw for what should have been a td that woods dropped in the end zone (and would have come back anyway because of the havenstein holding penalty). He stood in the pocket in traffic and made some accurate throws.

                            Great 69 yard catch and run for everett along with a super tough catch over the middle where he got killed and held the ball. Left game with thigh injury
                            Two sacks, quinn and tree (but see issues later on pass rush, especially with game on line)

                            Loved the fake punt first down throw by hekker to reynolds. Nice call and nice execution.
                            Kupp had one sensational catch at the goal line. He also dropped another one this week.
                            Tree (11 tackles), barron (10), alexander and joyner (9 each) show how many tackles were getting made at the second level after our d line was mandhanlded in the run game. This is some good tackling by these guys, but also demonstrates the key bad that cost us the game (inability to stop the run).
                            Nice to see aaron donald back on the field, he made a couple of plays. To me, he did not look like the best non qb player in the nfl, not even remotely the case.

                            The bad

                            The penalties are just stupid (7-75) and our young developing offense doesnt have the ability to make up for 40 yards in penalties on one drive with the game on the line. Woods was a one man wrecking crew penalty wise, including what may have been the key play of the game, a stupid interference on...
                            -09-17-2017, 05:10 PM