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Important cap question relating to potential trades

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  • Important cap question relating to potential trades

    Does anyone know exactly how much cap we have available and what we might do to create more room via restructuring if need be to make a deal or two? Janoris Jenkins is a great example. I am confident the giants would trade him for a mid round pick to dump him (ie 5th or maybe lower) but its a 15 million cap hit. they want a first round pick for landon collins allegedly. I dont think safety is the real need, as highly as i think of collins (and he is a free agent at the end of the year)

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    is 15 million his total? shouldn't we only have to pick up 7.5 million remaining as they've paid him for 1/2 the season?


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      looked it up yesterday. several sites have Rams' cap space anywhere between 2 and 4 million.


      • #4 has the Rams with $1,903,293 in cap room. has the Rams with $4,213,265 in cap space. Either way, they would likely have to do some financial reshuffling to get something done trade-wise. The easiest way to create cap room would be to extend Joyner, as his franchise tag figure of $11+ million is second on the team right now in terms of cap size, but I don't think that's an option at this point.


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        • Richbert88
          Up to date Salary Cap situation.
          by Richbert88
          Can you capologist please help me out and update the Rams cap situation as of tonight? Trying to wrap my head around all this Sam gone, Long gone, Wells gone, Kendricks resigned stuff.

          Thank You in advance.
          -03-10-2015, 05:27 PM
        • Richbert88
          What is the current Rams $ against the cap?
          by Richbert88
          I am reading that the proposed CBA has a 120m$ cap for this coming season and may or may not yet included dead money in that figure. Here's the article:

          by John Clayton

          One of the issues that helped bring the players closer to the owners in labor discussions was changing the amount of money teams must spend during a season.

          In the now-expired collective bargaining agreement, teams were required to invest about 86 percent of their salary cap in cap dollars. That was called the payroll floor in the old CBA. A few teams created phony incentives that they never planned to pay just to get over the payroll floor and then pocketed the unspent money.

          Hoping to get a deal, owners in the past few weeks upgraded a proposal that changed the formula. On March 11, owners were willing to set the floor at 90 percent of the salary cap in cash. Now, they are willing to make the floor close to 100 percent of the salary cap.

          Thus, if the salary cap is around $120 million this year, teams would have to put close to that amount of money in cash to meet the minimum payroll requirements. Using numbers from my 2011 salary database, let's look at the teams affected the most if this system went into effect.

          Overall there is more than $500 million of cap room available, and the average payroll of a team is $92 million.

          Teams affected positively:

          1. Washington Redskins: Owner Dan Snyder gave defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and cornerback DeAngelo Hall around $36 million in bonus money in 2010 to free up room to be a big spender in free agency in 2011. Snyder and Mike Shanahan will have to be creative in how they structure contracts, because the $120 million cap would give them only around $10 million of cap room. On the positive side, the Redskins' current payroll is $75.7 million, meaning Snyder would have to spend close to $45 million in cash to meet the potential minimum floor requirements. Imagine a system that forces Snyder to spend.

          2. Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals are in great position to be players in free agency and the trade market. They have $37.38 million of cap room along with a current payroll of $85.76 million. They have the fourth most cap room of any team in football, giving them plenty of incentive to trade for quarterback Kevin Kolb and give him a huge long-term contract.

          3. Seattle Seahawks: General manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll could go on a spending spree. They have $39 million of cap room and a payroll of $83 million. To meet the NFL payroll floor, the Seahawks would have to spend $37 million. They need a veteran left guard, so that leaves plenty of room to go for Raiders left guard Robert Gallery. They offered Matt Hasselbeck $7 million in a one-year deal. They could easily afford to bring him back and then make deals at other positions to upgrade their roster.

          -06-24-2011, 12:39 PM
        • Richbert88
          $39m one-time cap charge?
          by Richbert88
          ESPN is reporting "The St. Louis Rams have $39 million of one-time cap charges .......regarding Bradford, J Smith and Long.....but will still have $12m in cap space, the lowest in the NFC West."

          Can anybody clarify the "one-time cap charge" thing for me?
          -07-25-2011, 12:31 PM
        • Rip32
          06-07 cap
          by Rip32
          The salary cap will be set at $102 million for 2006 and $109 million for 2007. The increase is below some estimates, but still marks a $7.5 million increase.

          -03-09-2006, 04:36 AM
        • Barry Waller
          For those that say rams have no cap room
          by Barry Waller
          Once you understand the rules, you can see how easy it is to create a large amount of cap room, as long as you factorin future effects of course.

          The next two years, the cap will go up $17 million, which kind of takes care of a big future issue.

          Lots of confusion about what the Rams have now available, with dead money and other stuff tweaking the actual amount.

          I'll go by what Jim Thomas has said, as he has inside info from Demoff himself.

          He said they have $9.5 million available, with another $9 milion added by cutting Finnegan and Dahl.

          If they can get Wells to do something about his cap, it will be added.


          Are you aware that by just guaranteeing Wells $5.5 million SALARY for 2014, it adds &2.75 of room this year? It is added to 205, but then you have that relief from Long and Laurinaitis deals going DOWN, NINE million dollars.

          NOW, are you also aware that by guaranteeing Laurinairis $10 million salary, of which only $1 million is still guaranteed, you can lower HIS 2014 cap number by $6.75 million, which is then spred out for thr ee years at $2.25 per year. His 2015 cap would still only be $6.25 million.

          So with just two moves the player doesn't even have to approve, the Rams can add ANOTHER $9 million of cap room, without cutting Wells.

          Here are some other players, and the amount saved this year by guaranteeing their salary and turning it into pro rated bonus:

          Langford $2.5 million (added to 2015)
          Bradford $4 million (added to 2015)
          -03-05-2014, 01:55 PM