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Week 10 Rams v Seahawks Predictions

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  • Week 10 Rams v Seahawks Predictions

    Wow...already week 10! Our 8-1 Rams coming off their first loss of the season, come home to play the only team in the NFC Division that is alive in the playoff hunt. The Hags lead the series 23-18. The Rams in week 5 held on to eek out victory in Seattle 33-31. I watched a replay of that game last night. Stopping the run up the middle will be a great thing to see the Rams adjust to Seattle had 190 rushing yards last game.....

    We have the Leg, Cooper and Cooks back. Let's put these guy's out of their remote playoff hopes misery!

    Rams bounce back big

    Rams 37
    Hags 20

    What say you?


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    I expect the defense to be extra fired up for this one. I do want to see us have a strong first half.

    Rams 35
    Squawks 17
    “Oh, 100 percent,” Donald said. “I feel like the words, ‘Thank you,’ ain’t enough. You’ve got to show it... Instead of saying thank you — show it.”


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      Rams- 37
      Shehawks- 24


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        Rams 31
        Seahags 20
        "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

        Jack Youngblood


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          Good guys: 34
          Bad guys 17


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            This is a VERY important game for both teams. The squawks have not only something to prove but must stay in the playoff hunt. The Rams need/ must have a bounce back from last weeks game and to keep pace for the home field.
            If the Rams come up short ....................................... then it might very well be on the road for the playoffs.

            Rams win.

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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              Will the Seahawks have home field advantage like the Peckers did?
              Rams over 30 points
              Seahawks under 30 points


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                I am not the first to say...this is a very important game. In my view, it is the most critical of the current 4 game "gauntlet" that we are running. For Seattle, this is essentially a playoff game. They are just hanging in the division and wild card races. If they beat us, they advance in both (though the wild card remains their most likely scenario). If they lose, they are pretty much done in the division race and in poor shape in the wild card race, with 5 or 6 wins being the current pace for a wild card spot. For us, it is critical for us to administer the coup de grace and terminate Seattle's hopes to catch us in the division, and it is critical for us to continue to assert and develop a home field advantage, particularly in division contests. All this work to get a top playoff seed is for naught, if our home field does not provide us a true advantage in big NFC games. The fact is, without a real home field advantage, it will be extremely difficult (even more than it is already is) to win a conference championship. And of course, it is critical for us to respond positively after a loss, especially with our next game being another very difficult "road" game. If you look at NO's remaining schedule, I still like our chances to win the #1 seed in the NFC.
                But if you told me that we would go 2-2 in this 4 game gauntlet and I could pick the 2 wins, I would have to pick the GB and Seattle games. Two NFC games (one a division game) at home. I'd love to go to Mexico City nice and loose, to let it hang out in a shootout with the Chiefs, rather than tight and desperate for a win on foreign soil.

                I believe in the "McVay Way", and I believe this team will respond very well:

                Rams 38
                Seattle 20


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                  It is said a team can learn a lot about itself from a loss, especially if it isn't used to losing. How do you re-focus? How do you respond?

                  I expect if this team is anything like I think it is, they will respond favorably. Despite the 8-1 record, there are a number of individuals for whom it is gut-check time- especially on defense, and none more so than Peters who has been raked over the coals all week by everyone from fans to reporters to Sean Payton. If THAT doesn't motivate you, nothing will.

                  As important a game as one could be for a team sitting atop its division with tough opponents ahead. Look for the Rams to re-establish themselves.

                  Rams 37
                  Seattle 27


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                    prayers for Ram family and friends that have had to evacuate due to the fires.
                    “Oh, 100 percent,” Donald said. “I feel like the words, ‘Thank you,’ ain’t enough. You’ve got to show it... Instead of saying thank you — show it.”


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                      Me am hoping the defense realizes there is more to play for then just getting into the playoffs. With Squawks a comfortable -4 games behind the Rams, its almost a lock for the Rams to make the playoffs--ALMOST

                      Squawks got to win this game PERIOD! They Lose they are -5 games back of the Rams and they can forget about a wild card spot. Simply because for the Rams this is week 10 with 6 left and all the Rams have to do is win 2 more and its pretty much over because then the Squawks are forced to win all their remaining games. And this time there is no noisy stadium so the field is neutral (considering how many Ram fans actually show up for a game).

                      Based on all that, I think it will be a tough game...simply because math stands against them. Still only the Rams can beat themselves because the Squawks game plan is simple, keep their offense on the field--its trench warfare...they have to play the short game and grind out the clock. The last thing they want is a shootout

                      Rams 30
                      Squawks 20


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                        I've been going home, so there is no reason to stop now.

                        Rams 28
                        Hawks 12


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                          The Rams can't afford to drop this game in order to keep themselves in the hunt for homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. The Hawks are pretty banged up again this week, but seem to always bring their best when people are counting them out.

                          Seahawks 24 Rams 34


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