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Tallb reacts to Marcus Peters criticism after Rams first loss!

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  • Tallb reacts to Marcus Peters criticism after Rams first loss!

    Just watched the interview in Total Access ..... and I found it embarrassing. Not his talk about coming back but about defending Peters.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    well he’s not going to throw him under the bus. i think he has to be really careful what he says in public about a fellow player, especially peters. i think the real talking gets done in the locker room and practice field.
    “Oh, 100 percent,” Donald said. “I feel like the words, ‘Thank you,’ ain’t enough. You’ve got to show it... Instead of saying thank you — show it.”


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      He is backing up his team mate and that is leadership. Like it or not, we are stuck with peters for now. The absolute last thing we need is players pointing fingers at each other. we need to have each others backs because we win as a team and lose as a team. Public criticism does not help in business or football. Coaching/feedback is a concept that is critical but its a locker room/behind closed doors concept for maximum effectiveness. Public humiliation is not helpful.

      Ramming speed to all

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        Agree with all of the above comments. The public always wants inflammatory rhetoric, but slamming a teammate not the way to maintain a good working relationship. Constructive criticism issued in private is the best approach. Even Talib has to know Peters has sucked the past couple of weeks.


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          It was more, the way it came over. Not very well imho.

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            I think some of the richest irony here is who would have thought that mid-season we’d be critiquing Peters’ acquisition, not ... because of his character, but ... because of his play ... just goes to show you cannot always anticipate how the law of unintended consequences gets enforced.


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              Great point by adarian. I am beyond shocked at peters on field performance given his history. The guy has had a ton of problems, but almost exclusively off the field. I continue to believe he is not right physically because i dont know what else makes sense!

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel


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                Peters seems like the type of guy that does not take criticism well. I think Talib knows that. The last thing we want it to have a public feud. Talib is by far our best cornerback and he knows how to be diplomatic when he has to be.


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                  They certainly wouldn't post a negative article on the Rams official website.


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                  • RamDez
                    Peters Takes Accountability for On-Field Mistakes
                    by RamDez
                    Myles Simmons RAMS INSIDER

                    NEW ORLEANS — Down 38-35 with 4:02 left in the fourth quarter, the Rams had the Saints in 3rd-and-7 on their own 28. If Los Angeles’ defense could hold quarterback Drew Brees and the prolific New Orleans offense in this situation, there would be a clear opportunity for L.A.’s offense to have an opportunity for a go-ahead score.

                    But, as we know, that didn’t happen.

                    Brees dropped back and fired a strike over the outstretched hand of cornerback Marcus Peters and into the hands of wide receiver Michael Thomas for a 72-yard touchdown.

                    Detailing the play to reporters postgame, Peters said Thomas “beat me off the line, I looked back and tried to make a play on the ball, [stuff] like that happens in football.”
                    Prior to the snap, it looked as if Peters was trying to communicate something to the rest of the defense. But then the ball was snapped and Thomas darted down the field.

                    “We were just trying to the line and we were just trying to get something out and it just happened like that — I got beat — communication, all that, regardless, I got beat,” Peters said. "Once the play starts, you got to go out there and compete and I didn’t and they got off and got a 72-yarder.”

                    One of the pillars of head coach Sean McVay’s tenure with the Rams so far has been accountability. It’s part of why he so consistently says that he will look at himself critically, and readily self-criticizes when things don’t go Los Angeles’ way.

                    Peters did the same postgame, making no excuses for his play. Not every word was fit to print, but he was frank in discussing what he sees as his recent failings.

                    I got beat on the play. I can stand up, I can play better, I’ve been playing [poorly] the last couple weeks and that’s just being honest,” Peters said. “With me, I’m going to continue to fight and that’s the type of player I am. … You’re going to get beat in football, but you go out there and you compete to the highest of your ability and [stuff] happens.”

                    Given that he suffered a calf injury against the Chargers in Week 3 and never missed a game, Peters was asked if he was fully healthy. He didn’t necessarily take kindly to the line of questioning, but eventually ceded, “I’m healthy now.”

                    “If I wasn’t healthy, the coach wouldn’t have me out there,” Peters said. “As I said, I’ve had a bad couple of weeks you feel me? I own up to that and I step up to that. I’m a top [expletive] corner in this league and I ain’t been playing like that. You can put that on me.”

                    “I get beat sometimes, but I go back and I change to go do what I’ve been doing — every week to week, day to day, grinding — I come out here and I compete my ass off,” Peters later added.

                    Despite Peters’ comments, safety Lamarcus Joyner defended his teammate when the corner’s self-criticism was brought to his attention.

                    -11-05-2018, 07:16 AM
                  • SavageRam
                    Is Marcus Peters the wrong fit for this team?
                    by SavageRam
                    If you look at the replay of the Brees-to-Thomas 72 yd TD today, the Rams were doubling Kamara in the slot. The Saints also ran Ingram outside in motion, resulting in an empty backfield, further indicating Kamara was going to be the primary target over the middle. Based on Marcus Peters' position on the play, his responsibility was to cover Thomas in close man-to-man. This was critical because the Brees-to-Thomas connection has been lighting up the NFL all season, and it had been murdering the Rams defense all day.

                    One problem, Marcus Peters was communicating with his teammates right before the snap allowing Thomas to zip to the outside and easily run by him with no over the top help.

                    This one play made it a two possession game with 3:52 left, pretty much sealing the game for the Saints and ending the Rams eight game winning steak.

                    In a vacuum, you could give Peters the benefit of the doubt by saying if he had more experienced teammates in the backfield with him, he would have been less distracted and would have been able to better cover his man. But, based on the amount of times Peters has been beaten this season, you would then have to conclude he must be distracted an awful lot. AFAIR, wasn't he beaten many many times while with the Chiefs? His big MO when arriving in LA was his quick instincts and aggressive corner coverage, which would result in a good amount of turnovers, some pick-6's, and a little look-a-me swagger coming along for the ride. With the exception of the season opener pick-6, and accompanying jewel grab, his contribution in this area over the last eight games has been very little. Like exactly 0. Are the Rams trying to fit a round peg into a square hole by trying to insert a look-at-me player onto an all-for-one team?

                    I'm hoping this game is a wake up call to the D, particularly Marcus Peters, to whom I'm particularly growing impatient.
                    -11-04-2018, 07:23 PM
                  • Nick
                    CBS: Here's why the Rams aren't worried about trading for Marcus Peters
                    by Nick
                    Here's why the Rams aren't worried about trading for Marcus Peters
                    Second-year coach Sean McVay says his players know exactly what the expectations are
                    By Ryan Wilson
                    18h ago • 2 min read

                    Last week, the Chiefs agreed to trade cornerback Marcus Peters to the Rams. The deal can't be finalized until March 14 -- the first day of the new NFL year -- though questions were immediately raised about why Kansas City would part ways with one of its best players.

                    The team suspended him for a game in December after a bizarre episode that included Peters chucking an official's penalty flag into the stands and then leaving the field after wrongly thinking he was ejected. When he returned to the sidelines, he wasn't in full uniform. There were also reports that he got into shouting matches with assistant coaches and angered team chairman Clark Hunt by refusing to stand for the national anthem. But Andy Reid is also known as a players' coach -- the Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger notes that Reid has suspended exactly two players during his 19-year coaching career: Peters and Terrell Owens -- and Peters was one of the NFL's brightest young defensive talents playing in a secondary that was among the league's worst.

                    But for the Rams, Peters' skills superseded his baggage and they seem unconcerned that he could be a problem in Los Angeles -- especially since he's in the final year of a rookie deal that will pay him $1.7 million in 2018. And while second-year coach Sean McVay wouldn't speak in particulars about Peters so as not to violate the league's rules on tampering, he was happy to speak more generally about the culture he and his staff created in Los Angeles last year when the Rams improved to 11-5 after 4-12 in 2016.

                    "These are grown men, and it starts with the mutual respect that exists, where they know it's about developing and building relationships," McVay said, via the Star. "If we're going to ask our players to be coachable, we've got to be coachable as coaches as well. That displays an ownership and an accountability that we try to all have and makes the players more receptive to the messages we try to implement."

                    McVay continued: "[The players] know exactly what the expectations are, what our standards are, and they know what it is to do it the right way."

                    Peters, who grew up in Oakland, never seemed comfortable in the Midwest and perhaps a return to California will make the "maybe a change of scenery will be good for him" cliche a reality. The truth, of course, is that Peters' ability on the field makes it worth putting up with everything else.

                    "Anytime you have guys that can cover and do different things as far as matching up with receivers like Antonio Brown," McVay said, "that gives you a chance to be versatile and maybe mix some things up in terms of the pressures...
                    -02-26-2018, 04:45 AM
                  • HUbison
                    Bradley accuses Kent of racism, lack of leadership
                    by HUbison
                    Bradley accuses Kent of racism, lack of leadership

                    August 24, 2005
                    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Milton Bradley and Jeff Kent are still at odds. Los Angeles Dodgers manager Jim Tracy and general manager Paul DePodesta wish they weren't -- especially now that Bradley has injected race into the equation.

                    Bradley accused Kent of a lack of leadership and an inability to deal with black players in a 15-minute session with reporters at his locker before Tuesday night's 8-3 victory over the Colorado Rockies.

                    The remarks came only a couple of minutes after he said that the feud between the two that became public last weekend in Florida was a ``dead issue.''

                    ``The problem is, he doesn't know how to deal with African-American people,'' Bradley said. ``I think that's what's causing everything. It's a pattern of things that have been said -- things said off the cuff that I don't interpret as funny. It may be funny to him, but it's not funny to Milton Bradley. But I don't take offense to that because we all joke about race in here. Race is an issue with everything we do in here.

                    ``Me being an African-American is the most important thing to me -- more important than baseball,'' said the 27-year-old center fielder, whose voice never went beyond his normal speaking level. ``White people never want to see race -- with anything. But there's race involved in baseball. That's why there's less than 9 percent African-American representation in the game. I'm one of the few African-Americans that starts here.''

                    Bradley did not like what Kent said to him after he failed to score from first base on a double in Saturday's victory over the Florida Marlins. Bradley initiated a 25-minute closed-door meeting with Tracy after that game.

                    ``I was told in spring training I was the team leader -- by Paul DePodesta. By Jim Tracy. By (team owner) Frank McCourt,'' Bradley said. ``Growing up in L.A., I know how to deal with all types of people, and I do it on an everyday basis. But some people don't deal with all different types of people every day, and therefore don't know how to handle situations when they arise.''

                    DePodesta issued a statement after Tuesday's game, saying: ``Everyone at the Los Angeles Dodgers is committed to winning. It has been a frustrating season for all of us and our fans, as we have dealt with plenty of adversity.

                    ``We have a talented team of passionate players who take their performance -- as well as the team's performance -- personally. Under the circumstances, it is not unusual for players' emotions to run high. However, if and when any issue arises that runs contrary to the goals and values of the organization, there should be no question that we address it.''

                    Kent hadn't yet arrived at his locker when Bradley began his criticism of him, but Bradley accused the media of coming to his locker first Tuesday...
                    -08-25-2005, 05:58 AM
                  • Nick
                    Washington dismisses Marcus Peters
                    by Nick
                    Washington dismisses Marcus Peters
                    Updated: November 6, 2014, 2:33 PM ET
           news services

                    SEATTLE -- Washington cornerback Marcus Peters, a potential first-round draft pick, has been dismissed from the team after another argument with assistant coaches in practice Wednesday, coach Chris Petersen announced Thursday.

                    "These are not decisions that are taken lightly," Petersen said. "We have high standards for players in our program and they are held accountable when those standards are not met. I wish Marcus the best in the completion of his education and in achieving his football goals."

                    The school will still provide Peters' scholarship through the completion of his education.

                    The Seattle Times earlier reported Peters' dismissal, citing multiple sources.

                    Petersen later spoke after the Huskies' morning practice, saying, "I don't think anybody on either side was happy with the whole situation."

                    Peters has clashed several times this season with Washington's new coaching staff. The third-year starter was suspended one game earlier this year after committing what Petersen called a "stupid" personal foul followed by a sideline tantrum in a game against Eastern Washington.

                    According to the report, Peters also argued with coaches in Saturday's win over Colorado and did not practice Tuesday.

                    The 6-foot, 190-pound defensive back from Oakland has posted 30 tackles, four for losses, and led the Huskies with three interceptions. ESPN's Mel Kiper has Peters as the No. 22 prospect on his most recent Big Board.

                    With Peters gone, Washington will start freshmen Sidney Jones and Naijiel Hale at cornerback against the Bruins with freshman Budda Baker and sophomore Kevin King at safeties. Washington has been experimenting with wide receiver John Ross at cornerback.

                    "It's never one thing. We're not going to dismiss a guy because it's one thing," Petersen said. "That's not what we're in this business [to be] about. But when you feel like it just can't work, you've got to do what you've got to do."

                    Peters is the eighth player to be suspended or dismissed since Petersen took over the Huskies program last December. The most noteworthy was the suspension of quarterback Cyler Miles during spring practice for his involvement in a Super Bowl night altercation last February. Miles was reinstated following spring practice but was suspended for the season opener at Hawaii.

                    Peters was a stabilizing part of the Huskies' inexperienced defensive backfield. He was a second-team all-Pac-12 selection last season as a sophomore.

                    It almost seems a certainty now that Peters will enter the draft, but will now be tasked with proving he can avoid being a problem. Petersen said he would give Peters a positive recommendation.

                    "Marcus [has]...
                    -11-08-2014, 09:09 AM