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Week 13 Rams @ Bears Predictions

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  • Week 13 Rams @ Bears Predictions

    This week the 11-1, NFC West Champs, LA Rams take on the 8-4 Chicago Bears. The Bears lead this long running series 53-36-3

    Key match-up.......The Bears sport a rather stingy 4th ranked defense. The Rams are ranked number 2 in offense. The weather should be clear and in the 20's. Can our boys do it this week?

    Rams 24
    Bears 20

    What say you?

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    Game is important for the Rams to maintain hold on playoff home field, but are already assured of a playoff berth and divisional title. Game even more important for the Bears, who have wrapped up nothing and need to hold onto the division. I think the key is whether or not Mitchell Trubisky plays, as there is an obvious dropoff between him and Daniel. I'm gonna hedge my bet:

    If Trubisky plays, Bears pull the home upset 27-24 on a last minute field goal.
    If Daniel plays, Rams win the hard-fought contest 27-20


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      This is the game I have the Rams down for a loss BUT considering everything they have to play for, I am changing to push

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        I think the Rams will go with a ground game and lean on the defense... its a better defense the Rams face and the weather doesn't look like it will favor a passing game for the Rams

        Rams 23
        Bears 17


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          The remorseless NFL TV Schedulers did the Rams no favors by flexing this game into the evening slot. The absence of the Sun will be a factor, and it will be cold. That may exhilarate some of the linemen and bangers on the team, but definitely adds to the challenge for the offensive skill guys. (I.e., Goff grew up in Marin County, played college ball at Berkeley, and now plays in L.A. I doubt he owns a heavy sweater.) And, letís face it, offensive skill guys and scoring is what this team has been about. So, I respect the objectiveness of those picking the Bears in this one, and I see why. But, at this point of the season, regardless the weather, the Rams must show up like the big dog in the NFC, if thatís what they are. Thatís the big intangible in this game. I believe McVay and his team believe they are the big dog, and understand this is a night it must be demonstrated. So, I believe them too, until proven wrong. I say our defense and ground game grinds it out in the cold Chicago night.

          Rams 27
          Bears 17


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            This game does appear to be potential throwback of sorts. No dome, game will be in the 20 ish degree, the bears have strong defense and an offense that is not as worthy as their defense, The Rams are built on speed and aggressiveness on the offensive side of the ball. The d for the Rams had a good showing last week but is usually overshadowed by the offense. Last week's game I think will be closer to how this game goes then other contests for the Rams. Whereby the d takes more control and offense does just enough. Trubisky likes to scramble, historically not a strong match-up for Rams D. Chicago, from what I am reading is all pumped about playing the Rams and delivering a message. This is why they play the game


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              I along with Dez had this game as a loss for the Rams as we are on the road and all the other environmental stuff. BUT, given the ability to salt away a week 1 bye and having the ad over NO to play at home the whole way I think this game has a different agenda. The Bears defense is pretty stout up front however their back end with the exception of Eddie Jackson isn't as strong. Hopefully Jared will return to form this week. The Lions game was a good warm-up IMO. With Talib back and our defense no slouch, I'm picking the Rams 28-19. Trubisky or not.

              I am not as concerned about the cold as I'm sure the coaching staff has the team getting acclimated. These are tough people who can overcome a cold night. Let's not make this out to be Green Bay. As long as its not snowing or raining we should be fine.

              Go Rams!


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                As an East Coast fan, I hate these Sunday night games. I see a grind it out win, maybe something like 24-17.


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                • laram0
                  Bears @ RAMS (predictions)
                  by laram0
                  I'm surprised no one started this type of thread earlier. C'mon people we are in the playoff hunt whether you like it or not. This is a big game for our RAMS!!!!

                  This is a game we should and must win...

                  I'm going with:

                  RAMS 27
                  BEARS 17

                  If our offense can get going this could be a blowout!!!
                  -11-13-2015, 11:26 AM
                • RamDez
                  Tie Breaker Vs Bears
                  by RamDez
                  If the Bears win out, and the Rams lose to an NFC team, the Bears would
                  win the tiebreaker, as they would have a 10-2 conference record to 9-3 for
                  the Rams.

                  If the Rams lose only to Indy, then they tie with the Bears in conference
                  record and then it goes to common games, where again the Bears would win the
                  tiebreaker 6-0 to 5-1.
                  -12-14-2001, 03:33 PM
                • RamWraith
                  Kirwan: Bears should have their way with Rams
                  by RamWraith
                  By Pat Kirwan
         Senior Analyst

                  The Rams have seven games this season when they scored less than 21 points in a game. What happened to the 'Greatest Show on Turf'? Well, their running back, Steven Jackson, is leading the team in receptions. This could be the first time Torry Holt has not led the team in receptions since 2001. The Rams defense is suspect and All-Pro offensive left tackle Orlando Pace is done for the year. In the four games played since Pace went down with an injury, the Rams offense has averaged 15.5 points per game while going 1-3. Rams QB Marc Bulger has thrown just three touchdown passes, sacked 17 times and thrown six interceptions without Pace on the field. The Bears on the other hand, have the best record in the NFC. Yet no one, except Lovie Smith, believe QB Rex Grossman is playing well enough to keep his job. Grossman has just 19 career starts, but the patience is wearing thin. With the four remaining teams on the Bears schedule combining for a 14-24 record, it is time for Grossman to regain the confidence of all concerned.

                  1. The Bears are No. 1 in the NFL in punt return average.
                  2. The Bears are undefeated in the NFC (8-0).
                  3. Chicago is the top team in the NFL in field goal percentage (21 of 22 from over 30 yards).
                  4. Chicago has 39 takeaways this season, tops in the league averaging three per game.
                  5. The Bears have the No. 2 defense in the NFL and No. 1 in average gain per pass.
                  6. Grossman has thrown more TD passes than any Bears QB in 11 years.
                  7. Chicago has allowed the fewest points per game with 12.5.
                  8. St. Louis is only averaging 16 points per game in its last five games.
                  9. The Rams are last in yards given up per play and the Bears are No. 1.
                  10. The Bears only give up 12.6 points per game on the road.

                  1. St. Louis has won its last five home games played on Monday night.
                  2. The Rams have won four straight games against the Bears.
                  3. Grossman has thrown 14 picks in the last seven games.
                  4. The Bears allowed 192 yards rushing last week against Minnesota.
                  5. In three of the last five games, the Bears defense has given up plus-150 yards rushing per game.
                  6. St. Louis has averaged 27 points per game in its last five games Monday Night Football.
                  7. The Bears only average 3.57 yards per rush.
                  8. The Rams are the best offense in the NFL in giving up interceptions.
                  9. Chicago has lost seven straight on MNF and 1-10 all time.

                  WHEN THE BEARS HAVE THE BALL

                  The Rams will have a tough time battling Brian Urlacher's top-ranked defense.
                  Chicago has had an interesting offense all season. The defense is so tough and so capable of creating turnovers that it would have been understandable for the team to just grind...
                  -12-11-2006, 05:02 AM
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                  Cards Shocking Da Bears..
                  by bruce4life
                  Wow Linehert Is Balling It Up Out There... This Kid Is For Real
                  -10-16-2006, 06:35 PM
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                  Bears Are Leaders Of The Pack
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