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Mcvay play calling absolutely horrendous

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  • Mcvay play calling absolutely horrendous

    Not only does he forget about running Gurley, he calls all these 7 step drop plays that take forever to develop whike bears are getting tons of pressure. Wheres the quick slants? Quick any pass!?!.. just awful playcalling..goff was awful too

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    Two words. Screen Pass! I agree 100% kman. People note that goff is only 24 and in his third year. McVay remains very young and inexperienced for a head coach and he is costing us big time. As i said in my column, the common thread in rams losses in the mcvay era is the failure to put the ball in gurleys hands. I can not believe that mcvay forgets that our superstar is gurley. If we are going to lose, lets lose with the ball in gurleys hands. Six points and only 11 carries and three catches for gurley? Really? Throw it to gurley 15 times out of the backfield if you need to, but we need to have the ball in his hands. It can not all be deep drops especially against good playoff caliber defenses. I hear you kman, i dont think we threw a single slant all night.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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      Five first half carries for Gurley compared to 22 first half pass attempts by Goff is not the formula you want to utilize in a tough road situation where the offensive line is not playing up to snuff. I think I commented in the game thread, after Goff's first interception where he was stepped on and bumped while throwing, it was interesting to see how pass happy they became after that.

      Now, I don't think the answer was simply keep pounding it with Gurley. By and large, there was little room to run. Gurley gained 28 yards on the night, with a long rush of 12 yards. Take that out, and he ran 10 times for 16 yards. That's atrocious. The Bears did a great job shutting the running game down. When you aren't sustaining drives, it's hard to continue to call plays that have been well defended all night.

      Having said that, it's absolutely right to wonder why McVay didn't utilize other ways of getting Gurley involved in the offense or use other plays to try and open up the running lanes. We didn't see a single jet sweep to try and force the Bears laterally. We rarely used the screen play, either to the WR or to Gurley. There didn't seem to be much in terms of adjustments to the struggles of either the offensive line or the quarterback.

      The Rams didn't seem to have any answers for what Chicago was doing, and what Chicago was doing wasn't exactly exotic or new. They defended the run well and rushed the passer well. What is the Rams' answer when that happens? They didn't seem to have one last night, and that's on McVay.


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      • Nick
        Was Rams coach Sean McVay out of touch with use of Todd Gurley?
        by Nick
        Was Rams coach Sean McVay out of touch with use of Todd Gurley?
        By RICH HAMMOND | [email protected] | Orange County Register
        PUBLISHED: December 11, 2017 at 7:08 pm | UPDATED: December 11, 2017 at 7:37 pm

        THOUSAND OAKS — For all the good that Coach Sean McVay has brought to the Rams this year — an enormous amount — a persistent question remains. What’s going on with Todd Gurley’s usage?

        The Rams are 7-0 when Gurley touches the ball at least 20 times in a game, either on handoffs or receptions, and they’re 2-4 when he doesn’t reach that mark. Gurley had 16 touches for 135 yards on Sunday in the Rams’ loss to Philadelphia, which tied his lowest touch total of the season.

        That requires some context. The Rams ran only 45 offensive plays against the Eagles, so Gurley’s touches accounted for 35.6 percent of their offense, which is on par with his usage all season.
        Still, McVay’s usage of Gurley didn’t pass the eye test. Philadelphia entered the game with a superb run defense that had averaged only 3.5 yards allowed per attempt, but Gurley ran for 30 yards on the Rams’ second play and scored a touchdown on the next play. Gurley averaged 7.4 yards per rush attempt.

        Gurley and the Rams’ offensive line clearly could move the ball against the Eagles, but Gurley had only 13 carries (for 96 yards), while quarterback Jared Goff attempted 26 passes (and completed 16).

        “Any time we’re running the football like that, I’ve got to do a better job of making sure that he gets enough touches to get into the flow, especially when we’re getting some good movement,” McVay said during his Monday news conference at Cal Lutheran.

        “It is a delicate balance. At the end of the day, however you want to cut it, I’ve got to get him going and give him more opportunities, with the way he was running, and have a better feel for the flow of the game. That was something I didn’t think I did very well.”

        McVay also pointed out, correctly, quite fairly, that the low number of plays took the Rams out of sync, and credited the Eagles defense for doing a good job against the Rams’ first-down plays, particularly some of the play-action stuff that had been successful all season.

        McVay also talked about the need for run-pass balance, and at times, McVay seemed to stray too far.

        The Rams held a 35-34 lead with less than 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter when, on a first-and-10 play, McVay called a play-action pass. Eagles defensive end Chris Long sprinted around Rams tackle Darrell Williams, who had entered the game two plays earlier, and forced a Goff strip-sack fumble.

        Philadelphia went on to kick a go-ahead field goal, and after the game, McVay was forthright in saying that he should have called a better play. Perhaps the Rams should have kept the ball on the ground?

        It’s not as though the Rams have been ignoring Gurley. They’ve...
        -12-11-2017, 09:09 PM
      • Nick
        ‘I don’t call the play calls, bro’ - Rams’ words about Gurley aren’t matching reality
        by Nick
        ‘I don’t call the play calls, bro’ — The Rams’ words about Todd Gurley aren’t matching reality
        By Vincent Bonsignore Sep 29, 2019 12

        LOS ANGELES — On the oddest of Rams afternoons, it wasn’t the absurdly copious 68 times Jared Goff dropped back to throw that stood out most, or his four turnovers. It wasn’t that somehow the Rams managed to make a game out of the madness that unfolded Sunday at the Coliseum.

        It wasn’t even that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, of all teams, dropped 55 points on the defending NFC champions to hand them their first loss of the season, though it was pretty weird that Jameis Winston strolled in and hung a 55-40 loss on the Rams.

        No, the strangest thing of all was the Rams’ usage of star running back Todd Gurley, and then coach Sean McVay’s reaction to it.

        McVay called only five run plays for Gurley (who totaled 16 yards and two touchdowns), and none in the first quarter when the Rams were in desperate need of establishing a level of physicality and dominance. McVay then went to the postgame podium and insisted, through gritted teeth and a clenched jaw, that there is no mandate, no plan, no concerted effort to monitor Gurley’s usage to try and preserve him (and specifically his left knee) for the length of the season.

        “There’s none of that,” McVay said. “We’re doing what we can to win games. It’s not about conserving. We’ve gotta win right now and that’s the most important thing. There’s nothing like that.”


        Be it by decree or out of protection for his star running back — who the Rams are tied to through the 2023 season at $57.5 million — or simply out of strategy, McVay has reduced the NFL’s best running back in 2017 and 2018 to little more than a bit player through the first four games of the season. McVay also is standing in front of everyone after every game and every practice and insisting there is nothing to see as it relates to Gurley’s left knee.

        When it comes to Gurley’s usage right now — or lack thereof — McVay continues to assert it’s simply a matter of the flow of the game and the manner in which he believes victories can be achieved.

        Sorry, not buying it. And for the first time all year, there was a sense of frustration from McVay while watching him speak.

        McVay deserves credit for being a good soldier in toeing the company line. He’s taking some massive public-relations hits right now by having to explain a complicated situation and by the way he’s being forced to utilize one of the most prized commodities in all of football.

        McVay is taking one for the team, obviously.

        But it doesn’t seem fair.

        The only alternative is that McVay, who built the NFL’s most explosive...
        -09-30-2019, 07:59 AM
      • r8rh8rmike
        Sean McVay says the “hope” is to get Todd Gurley 25 carries
        by r8rh8rmike
        Sean McVay says the “hope” is to get Todd Gurley 25 carries

        Posted by Mike Florio on September 25, 2019, 9:48 PM EDT
        Rams running back Todd Gurley has 44 carries this year, an average of 14.67 attempts per game. Coach Sean McVay hopes to get Gurley more.

        The objective is to get Gurley to 25 in one game.

        “That’s the hope,” McVay told reporters on Wednesday. “If you look back at our Denver game last year, it comes [to] mind when you mention that. There were some different things where what they were doing. He got into a really good rhythm and he ended up having about that many carries and 200-plus yards. [Editor’s note: Gurley had 28 carries for 208 yards.] You’d like to be able to say that because that means everything is going really well. Each game ends up representing new challenges and different responses from us, based on what we think is the best way to move the ball.”

        McVay has a simple vision for what it takes to get Gurley going.

        “I think we have to have more plays,” McVay said. “Being efficient on those early downs and being able to sustain drives. The more plays we get, the better it is for everybody because the more opportunities and the more of a rhythm that we can get in where we’re able to kind of do a handful of different things. That usually goes hand-in-hand with really everybody having good games.”

        Still, Gurley’s total snaps are 15 percent lower than they were a year ago.

        “I think it’s really, more than anything, the feel of the flow of a game, getting Malcolm [Brown] involved, too,” McVay said. “We love Todd. Todd’s been extremely important. He still is and he’s going to be as the season progresses. But Malcolm’s a guy that we want to get involved as well and we feel like the way that those guys have kind of balanced it out has worked out through the first three games. We just haven’t really gotten enough opportunities to get things going. Especially in those first halves. . . . Those touches are limited. When things are really going, you’re hitting on all cylinders, usually everybody’s getting an opportunity and you can do a handful of different things because now you’re forcing the defenses to change it up. Really, that’s what it boils down to. I think everybody ends up benefitting when we all play better collectively.”

        McVay eventually was asked the question that the other questions danced around: After two years of the offense running through Gurley, is his load being managed in 2019?

        “A lot of the looks are predicated on do we want to run, or do we want to pass?” McVay replied. “You want to get Todd Gurley involved as much as possible but sometimes I’m not going to force the run versus certain looks. As much as you want to get him involved, I think the big underlying...
        -09-26-2019, 09:32 AM
      • r8rh8rmike
        Gurley takes issue with Goff quote, has no comment on Sean McVay being an 'idiot'
        by r8rh8rmike
        Todd Gurley takes issue with Jared Goff quote, has no comment on Sean McVay being an 'idiot'

        The Rams running back seems to be offering a few hints that he's been mismanaged in Los Angeles

        by Cody Benjamin​​​​​​​@CodyJBenjamin
        3 hrs ago • 1 min read

        Todd Gurley has arguably been the centerpiece of the Los Angeles Rams offense during the team's 3-1 stretch to keep playoff hopes alive, but if you ask the star running back whether he should've been more involved earlier in the season, he won't mince his words.

        "You don't really have to explain too much," Gurley told reporters Thursday, when asked if a bigger role for him leads to more production for the Rams. "You see the results over the last couple of years, when you're running the ball, stuff is going well, stuff is opening up, so it's like, not too much really to explain."

        According to Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke, Gurley's tone indicated the three-time Pro Bowler actually believes his team has a lot to explain. More than that, Gurley's own words throughout the rest of his weekly media conference painted him as the victim of a gamble gone wrong -- the Rams' unofficial plan, Plaschke speculated, to preserve Gurley's health early in the year.

        Told that Rams coach Sean McVay recently cited himself "not being an idiot" as the reason for an increased Gurley workload toward the end of the year, the big-name back didn't exactly go out of his way to defend McVay.

        "He said it, I didn't," Gurley said, as Plaschke noted. "That's all I've got to say. I don't have anything else to say."

        He did, however, also have something to say about a comment by one of his $100 million teammates. Quarterback Jared Goff recently remarked about Gurley's seven-yard touchdown run against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 14 by calling the play "vintage Todd." The running back apparently took issue with the phrasing, saying it "sounds like I suck and then made a good play."

        Gurley, of course, entered 2019 with plenty of durability concerns after seeing a stark decrease in touches during L.A.'s 2018 playoff run. His trainer then revealed the former first-round draft pick was dealing with an "arthritic component to his knee." Despite back-to-back 1,200-yard rushing seasons coming into this year, he took more than 15 carries just twice in the Rams' first eight games. Since then, however, he's topped 20 touches three times and scored three touchdowns as the club's lead back....
        -12-13-2019, 11:40 AM
      • Curly Horns
        Sean McVay made right call riding hot hand in C.J. Anderson over Todd Gurley
        by Curly Horns
        By: Andrew Ortenberg | 12 hours ago Follow @AndrewOball

        Sean McVay rightfully gets a ton of praise for his innovative offense and play design, as well as his gutsy situational calls like going for it on certain fourth downs. But the best decision he made Saturday night to help lead the Rams to their first playoff win in 14 years was keeping running back C.J. Anderson in the game ahead of Todd Gurley.

        Even though Gurley was healthy and running well in his own right, Anderson deserved all of the touches and playing time that he got. It’s not like many other positions, where being forced to split time could affect a player’s mentality. And running back is the one position where the hot hand should always be played.

        Anderson finished with 123 yards and two touchdowns, and ended up with 23 carries to Gurley’s 16. While the thought of giving a free agent who just signed weeks ago nearly even playing time with a multiple-time All-Pro who was recently given the largest contract for a running back in NFL history might seem absurd, it’s the latest in a long line of bold decisions McVay has made that turned out right.

        Anderson is competent in pass protection and picked up chunk yardage the entire night. His longest run went for 15 yards, which tells you all you need to know about how consistent he was to still average over 5 yards a carry. McVay also left him in during some of the most crucial situations, showing the confidence he has in the 27-year-old back after just a few weeks.

        It was Anderson who got the carry on fourth-and-goal with seven minutes left in the game, and he ran through contact at the line of scrimmage for the score that proved to be the difference in the game. It was also Anderson taking the final three handoffs of the game, and picking up the first down with just over a minute left that sealed the victory.

        If someone had told you a month ago that Anderson would be carrying the ball 23 times in a playoff game, you’d have thought something must have gone disastrously wrong. You’d probably have thought Gurley suffered a season-ending injury.

        Instead, everything has gone perfectly for the Rams backfield, and McVay handled the situation just as he should’ve. If Anderson continues his fantastic play next week in the NFC championship game, he should receive plenty of run in that one as well.
        -01-13-2019, 10:53 AM