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UPDATE: Wentz officially out vs. Rams

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  • UPDATE: Wentz officially out vs. Rams

    Carson Wentz (back) not expected to play vs. Rams

    By Kevin Patra
    Around the NFL Writer
    Published: Dec. 12, 2018 at 11:18 a.m.

    Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz won't practice Wednesday due to a back injury, and the team could ultimately shut down the starting quarterback for the rest of the 2018 season.

    NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that Wentz is not expected to play Sunday versus the Los Angeles Rams, per a source informed of the decision. Rapoport adds that given the timing of the back issue, Wentz might not play again in 2018. The Eagles are still gathering information on his health.

    Wentz dealt with a back injury earlier in the season. The team believed it was under control, but it flared up again this week. Coach Doug Pederson noted Wednesday the back soreness did not occur during Sunday's loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

    With the 6-7 Eagles still owning an outside shot at the playoffs, losing Wentz for this week is a blow. Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles will take over under center. Foles started the first two games of the season as Wentz returned from a torn ACL, completing 65 percent of his passes with one touchdown and one interception as the Eagles started 1-1.

    If the Eagles play it safe and shut down Wentz for the season, they'll need Foles to recapture his postseason magic from a year ago to keep their waning playoff hopes alive.

    The back injury is the latest in a string of issues for Wentz, who played through a rib injury early in his rookie campaign (missed preseason games) and suffered a season-ending ACL tear last December.

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    The NFL is so hard to predict. There was definitely some discussion prior to the draft about how Wentz would be a more durable pro than Goff due to his size and build, and yet it hasn’t been the case. So tough to predict injuries and the effect they’ll have on careers. Hope he has a speedy recovery and, if they shut him down for the year, he’s fully ready to go for next season.


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      Originally posted by Nick View Post
      The NFL is so hard to predict. There was definitely some discussion prior to the draft about how Wentz would be a more durable pro than Goff due to his size and build, and yet it hasn’t been the case. So tough to predict injuries and the effect they’ll have on careers. Hope he has a speedy recovery and, if they shut him down for the year, he’s fully ready to go for next season.
      Pretty much what I was going to say. I remember a poster or two in here that said Wentz was so much bigger and stronger than Goff, therefore, the better choice because of durability. Wentz missed much of his last year in college, some early games in 2016 in the NFL, a few games last year, and now this.... In the meantime, Goff has missed zero playing time in that same time frame, that I can remember. He's like Bradford Ver 2.0. LOL


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        Wentz down, Foles steps up (hopefully not too much).

        Our own defense HAS to put the stop on them. Bounce back from Bear mauling, come on!


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          Thats a shame about Wentz, I was wishing for him to play, just to see how our D coped with him.

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            he has a fractured vertebrae. How in the world does that get by the team doctors!

            ramming speed to all

            general counsel


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              I don’t know what’s worse, playing a starting QB who was picked second overall, or his back up who was MVP in the last super bowl.
              "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

              Jack Youngblood


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                Wentz is officially out.



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                  I am sooo glad the Rams draft people did not listen to me and many other Ram fans who wanted Wentz. He is such a wimp.Cant even take a hit. His first season he missed the entire pre season because of injury and last year when he missed the rest of the season after the Rams game when he took that hit,he missed the rest of the year which was half the season and he has never been the same quarterback SINCE THEN and NOW this!!! LOL Man it turns out they were brilliant in the choice of Goff.LOL


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                    Hmm, well I wouldn't say Wentz is a 'wimp' ... let's say he's injury prone so far. I was hoping we would draft him instead of Goff, but now I'm just glad Jared is our main man and successful QB for years to come. Let's help him to continue developing.

                    Both are talented, great potential.


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                    • r8rh8rmike
                      Cal QB Jared Goff has skills, NFL-ready talent to warrant being Rams' No. 1 pick
                      by r8rh8rmike
                      Cal QB Jared Goff has skills, NFL-ready talent to warrant being Rams' No. 1 pick

                      April 16, 2016

                      Updated April 17, 2016 10:43 a.m.

                      1 of 1
                      California quarterback Jared Goff looks for an open receiver against Air Force during the first half of the Armed Forces Bowl on Dec. 29. Goff's pocket presence is considered one of his strengths. RON JENKINS, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

                      As far as college quarterbacks go, Jared Goff is not among the most decorated.

                      He racked up gaudy numbers, but did so in an Air Raid-styled spread offense. He was never in serious discussion for any major national awards and had to share his All-Pac-12 first-team nod this past season. He finished with a career record of 14-23.

                      None of that, however, should prevent the Rams from drafting him No. 1 overall over North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz at the end of this month.

                      “I went into every game thinking I’m the best player on the field,” Goff said last summer. “Because I think you have to.”

                      He was reflecting on his 2013 debut at Cal, when he became the first true freshman quarterback in program history to start a season opener. That first campaign in Berkeley was miserable, with the Golden Bears winning just a single game under new coach Sonny Dykes.

                      But to those who would knock Goff for not being a “winner,” consider this: The 21-year-old is already mentally prepared for the hardships of an NFL transition. He is unlikely to see his confidence shaken by even the worst losses, unlikely to be fazed by the pressure of being anointed the savior of Los Angeles pro football.

                      He also checks off several other boxes, having improved his passer rating by double digits in every season. CBS Sports’ Dane Brugler and NBC Sports’ Josh Norris both rank the Bay Area product as the more attractive prospect, as does Sports Illustrated’s Chris Burke. Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller said in a recent radio appearance that he would take Goff over Wentz “without a doubt.”

                      Even NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, who prefers Wentz for his tools and upside, has called Goff the “most ready-to-play quarterback in this draft.”

                      “You just don’t see very often college quarterbacks who have his ability both mentally and physically,” Brugler said. “His ability to throw guys open, that passing anticipating. You saw that a little bit with Jameis Winston, but he brings something different to the table – something that projects very well to the NFL level.”

                      Of course, it’s easy enough to find those on the other side of the aisle, too. Wentz is still the favorite to go No. 1 on a litany of mock drafts, including one from Cris Collinsworth that predicted the Rams’ blockbuster trade a month before it was finalized.

                      The case for Wentz is simple enough to understand. The Bismarck, N.D., native stands at 6-foot-5 and 235...
                      -04-18-2016, 12:21 PM
                    • r8rh8rmike
                      Wentz has advantage that could explain why he’s having more success than Goff
                      by r8rh8rmike
                      Carson Wentz has one simple advantage that could explain why he’s having more success than No. 1 pick Jared Goff
                      Cork Gaines Sep. 20, 2016, 12:26 PM

                      Mitchell Leff/Getty Images; Jae Hong/AP

                      After the Philadelphia Eagles' win on Monday night, they are now 2-0 with Carson Wentz. As a result, questions are already being raised about whether the Los Angeles Rams made a mistake passing on Wentz to draft Jared Goff with the first pick in the draft.

                      However, those questions may not be fair to Goff simply because Wentz appears to have one big advantage working in his favor: he was drafted by a team that was in a better position to help a young quarterback transition to the NFL.

                      Before the draft, the general consensus on the two quarterbacks was that Wentz had a slight advantage in ability but that Goff had a huge advantage in being better prepared for the NFL. Goff was coming from Cal and out of the Pac-12 Conference. Meanwhile, Wentz played in the FCS (college football's second division) at North Dakota State. Wentz' learning curve was supposed to be much steeper.

                      And yet, after two weeks, Wentz has not only grabbed the starting job with the Eagles much sooner than anticipated, but he already looks like a polished NFL quarterback. Meanwhile, Goff has yet to play and didn't even dress for Week 1.

                      Is Wentz just the better quarterback? It is possible, but it is still too early to know with any certainty. But his early success may be attributable to having a coaching staff that has a lot more experience working with quarterbacks.

                      Every quarterback has three important coaches that impact their play, the head coach, the offensive coordinator, and the quarterbacks coach. Check out the differences in their resumes, according to Chris Wesseling of Around the NFL:

                      Now, this is not a complete picture. Weinke is actually in his second year as a coach and was an NFL quarterback for seven seasons. He also helped develop quarterbacks at the IMG Academy in Florida.

                      But still, it appears, on the surface at least, that Wentz was put into a situation where it would be easier for a young QB to transition to the NFL. All three of Wentz's coaches have served as both offensive coordinators and as quarterbacks coaches. All three of Goff's coaches have combined for less than two seasons of coaching quarterbacks.

                      None of this means that Goff won't eventually be a star quarterback and it doesn't mean that the Rams whiffed on the pick. But it could explain why Wentz has had more success right out of the gate....
                      -09-21-2016, 05:43 PM
                    • Nick
                      Jared Goff vs. Carson Wentz: Who should Rams take with No. 1 draft pick?
                      by Nick
                      Jared Goff vs. Carson Wentz: Who should Rams take with No. 1 draft pick?
                      Published: April 15, 2016 at 04:05 p.m. Updated: April 15, 2016 at 04:54 p.m.

                      On Thursday, the Los Angeles Rams sent shockwaves through the NFL by jumping from No. 15 in this month's draft all the way up to No. 1. Of course, this move didn't come without a price: The Rams sent the Titans two first-round picks, two second-rounders and two third-rounders over the next two drafts (in exchange for No. 1, No. 113 and No. 177 in this month's event). But the trade puts the Rams in position to (presumably) draft a quarterback to build around as the franchise returns to L.A.

                      It appears that two signal callers have separated themselves from the pack: Cal's Jared Goff and North Dakota State's Carson Wentz. Saturday night at 8 p.m. ET, NFL Network will break down the biggest question heading into the 2016 draft with a special program, "Path to the Draft: Goff or Wentz?" But in the meantime, what do you think? Which of these two QBs should the Rams select at No. 1 overall?

                      Charley Casserly
                      Writer |
                      Carson Wentz has more long-term promise, but Jared Goff is the guy for L.A. in 2016

                      I like Carson Wentz over Jared Goff long term, but Goff is a better fit right now. And Los Angeles could indeed be a QB away from being a playoff team -- the Rams have a good defense and a Pro Bowl RB in Todd Gurley. Goff has very good pocket presence -- he sees things quickly and has a quick release. But he does not have a top arm.

                      To be frank, though, I don't think either one of these QBs is an elite prospect.

                      Daniel Jeremiah
                      Writer |
                      Wentz is the superior prospect -- in fact, he's better than Blake Bortles was coming out of UCF

                      They should take Carson Wentz. He's bigger, more athletic, has a stronger arm and gained experience in an NFL system while at North Dakota State. He's proven to play his best in big moments, and he's done nothing but win his entire athletic career.

                      Wentz's toughness, competitiveness and football intelligence are off the charts. He's a better player than Blake Bortles was coming out of Central Florida.

                      Gil Brandt
                      Writer |
                      I have Wentz rated slightly higher, but I think Goff is a better fit in Los Angeles

                      In my rankings -- which will be released on on Monday -- I have Carson Wentz one spot ahead of Jared Goff. But, if I were the Rams, I would go with Goff because of the fact the he was raised in California. He would be much more familiar with the difficulty of movement in Los Angeles, mainly traffic and the pace of living. Goff would have an easier time adapting to the high-intensity way of life in the L.A. area. Moving to California would be a culture shock for anybody who has lived their entire life in North Dakota.

                      Lance Zierlein
                      Writer |...
                      -04-16-2016, 01:21 PM
                    • Nick
                      Eagles QB Wentz says his personality ‘ain’t going to change,’ and it shouldn’t
                      by Nick
                      Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz says his personality ‘ain’t going to change,’ and it shouldn’t | Jeff McLane
                      by Jeff McLane, Updated: February 4, 2019- 6:00 AM

                      Carson Wentz shouldn’t change. He shouldn’t alter his Type-A personality even if it rankles a few teammates. The Eagles quarterback has already proved in just three seasons that he has what it takes to thrive in the NFL.

                      Are there minor modifications he can make? Absolutely. The room for improvement is one of mankind’s largest. But having a competitive disposition is vital for athletes, especially quarterbacks. Most elite ones have it in doses. And above all, to thine own self should Wentz be true, because authenticity is what resonates most in the locker room and on the field.

                      “I’m 26 years old; my personality, to some extent, ain’t going to change,” Wentz said during a recent interview. It’s “what’s gotten me here, what’s gotten me successful. I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, now I’m going to have this free-spirited, Cali-guy vibe.’ That’s just not going to change.”

                      Wentz’s character previously never came into question until a recent painted him as “selfish,” “uncompromising,” and “egotistical.” There weren’t names behind any of the quotes cited in the story, however. And conspicuously missing was Wentz’s voice or a fair attempt to allow him to respond to the charges.

                      On Thursday, Wentz sat down with a half-dozen reporters at the NovaCare Complex to address the accusations made in the article. While he didn’t counter some of the general characterizations culled together from “more than a half dozen players, plus other sources close to the team,” according to the story, he rebutted some of the specific claims:

                      On “a highly respected teammate” calling him out for not being “a team guy,” Wentz said, “I didn’t know what that was about.”

                      On that he “bullied” offensive coordinator Mike Groh, Wentz said, “Groh and I talked to each other that day when it came out, and I think we all know that never took place.”

                      On that he didn’t want to run Nick “Foles’ stuff,” Wentz said, “to say I was resistant to running his stuff … there’s so many things to the X’s and O’s of the game, to just say a blanket statement like that just doesn’t necessarily do it justice.”

                      But the charges made against Wentz’s character were the ones that seemed to hit home the hardest and that he seemed to contemplate the most.

                      “I know who I am, first of all. I know how I carry myself. I know I’m not perfect. I know I have flaws,” Wentz said. “So I’m not going to sit here and say it was inaccurate and completely made up. I’m not going to do that.”

                      Wentz said that he wished whichever teammate(s) it was who felt the need to air grievances would have come to him first. He said that he did briefly “play detective,” and that he and some teammates considered the “why,” but Wentz said...
                      -02-04-2019, 09:03 PM
                    • renrawtruk
                      Rams/Eagles Goff/Wentz.
                      by renrawtruk
                      Ok, Rams are ballin, probably safe to say Rams and Eagles are the two best teams in the NFC. I think we are going to have a great showdown on Dec. 10th in the Collesium, perhaps for home field advantage.

                      But if any of you watched the Eagles play tonight on MNF, Carson Wentz is in a league of his own. He is a beast. His vertical throws are just dialed in. He escapes pressure, and is an accurate gunslinger.

                      Of course time will tell if he throws picks at crucial times, or if Goff somehow grows into the overall better player, wins more Super bowls, etc... But we have to compare at times.

                      I just don't see what our scouts saw in Goff that would make you pick the skinny kid from the typical college spread "air raid" offense vs. a tough athletic kid with a cannon who ran an NFL style offense.

                      Small college? Ok, I guess that was it.

                      I'm not complaining. I like our guy. I hope he and McVay become the next system like Billichick and Brady for 10 years.

                      But just sheer talent wise, Wentz is a freak....
                      -10-23-2017, 11:01 PM