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Rams lose to philadelphia 30-23; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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  • Rams lose to philadelphia 30-23; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    For the second sunday night in a row, the Rams laid an egg on national television, losing at home to philadelphia 30-23 to drop their record to 11-3. The Rams are simply not playing like a super bowl contender and frankly have looked just lousy since coming out of the bye week. Tonight marks the first time in the mcvay era that the Rams lost two in a row, and the knee injury to Todd Gurley, along with continued subpar play from Goff and the offensive line leaves the Rams reeling at the most important point of the season. Once again, it is clear that championships can not be won in september, october and november. The Rams were 9-0 and rolling and 10-1 heading into the bye week after a huge win against Kansas City (in which they got incredibly lucky because if Skandrick catches the ball that hit him in the hands late in the 4th quarter the Rams lose that game as well). Since that point, they are 1-2 and have been effectively getting worse every week. Tonight's opponent was not a dominant chicago team playing at home in cold weather. It was a sub .500 team playing with a backup qb that had been torched for 586 yards last week by a team that got shut out earlier today. Furthermore, philadelphia is so banged up in the secondary there are no words to describe their situation. However, when your qb can not seem to throw accurately with guys in his face and your offensive line does not give your qb time, generally speaking, bad things are going to happen. Throw in no functional pass rush as Donald was once again double teamed on every play and no one else was able to get pressure along with losing the turnover battle 3-1 and going 2-6 in the red zone and you have another bad loss. I was highly confident the Rams were going to win this game and win it big, but i guess Dragoon was the only one on the board that saw this coming so kudos to him, although i am sure he would love to have been wrong. The Rams now have to beat both arizona and the whiners to clinch the #2 seed (unless chicago loses a game) and while that might seem simple on paper, with the gurley injury and the way goff is playing, nothing is a sure thing right now in any way.

    The Good

    The Rams rallied at the end and had a chance to tie it up. They also had a nice 75 yard drive on their second possession of the game for a td. Gurley had 2 td runs and caught 10 balls for 76 yards in a valiant effort playing with the injured knee. He had a really nice first half running with 49 yards, and then of course mcvay gave up on the running game as the Rams dug themselves a big hole field position and turnover wise and were forced to throw all the time.

    Johnson had a terrific game in the secondary, saving a td against ertz (who we did a nice job on) and making 14 tackles.
    Goff made one real nice throw down the field all night, the almost td to reynolds in the fourth quarter.
    The defense got some stops and kept us in the game with a chance at the huge comeback before JoJo fumbled the game away ala Az in New Orleans. the stop that led to the missed long fg after the punt was terrific. I would point out that if i was a philly fan i would want to clobber the play caller for calling the play that foles threw the int on. Run the ball, run the clock and kick the fg.
    Nice to see Talib get an INT (although he did not have a good night)
    Leg made all of his field goals.

    The Bad

    Way too many negative plays. So much tonight was really ugly, not bad, with the second loss in a row, i am going to err on the side of sticking stuff in the ugly column
    Sullivan is playing really poorly in my view as the season wears on. I doubt he is back next year as a starter.
    No one is stepping up pass rush wise with donald getting all the attention.
    Our field position was awful most of the night and when we had good field position, we really didnt take advantage of it.

    The Ugly

    So much to write about here. Let's start with Goff. 34-54-339- 2 int's and countless missed receivers. He only got sacked once and sure he was under pressure, but he just did not make the throws and looks more and more like a regressing guy who is great when he has 5 seconds to throw and not very good when under pressure. He missed gurley and everett for easy td's easy in the third quarter. the 3rd and 13 throw he had gurley wide open over the middle for the td and the throw was not even close to on target. I thought he missed reynolds on the last throw of the game. While both interceptions were ugly, the second one was abominable. Take the sack stupid! He falls down on 3rd and one, gets stepped on and cant make the handoff. Bad enough. But flinging the ball into traffic? Really? Just ugly in the extreme. He is showing no accuracy at all with any kind of pressure. It sure didnt help that mcvay did not have a very good plan for blocking fletcher cox who was in Goff's face all night. You would think he would have doubled teamed him instead of leaving blythe alone on him. Never did get the ball down the field until we were catching up at the very end. The stats actually look better than the game he played as such much of the numbers came on the last two drives. Until the last few minutes he had zero completions over 20 yards against a horrible secondary. No answers for the blitz, a 3rd and 2 was a throw away when they were obviously blitzing. Same problem as last week. I see no way the Rams are going to win in the playoffs without qb play that is ten times better than what we have seen in the last three weeks. The dominant performance against minnesota from goff seems like years ago. Why is he so focused on reynolds who is ok at best? Cooks and woods are ten times better even if they are up against better corners, but the eagles have no really good corners out there right now.

    The gurley knee injury is ugly
    Hearing all the philly fans making all that noise in our stadium just like the green bay game is ugly
    JoJo was ugly in the extreme, running back wards to the 5 yard line to kill field position on one drive and fumbling the game away in the fourth quarter when we had a great chance to score and tie the game without even getting hit. I strongly believe we would have tied the game if jojo doesnt fumble that punt. The philly pass rush was tired, goff was finally getting time and converting.

    Hodge not catching that hekker throw on the fake punt was ugly. He has to make that catch.
    Offensive line play was ugly.
    Play calling was ugly again. The Rams could have thrown 25 consecutive short passes and gotten goff into rhythm. Instead, they did the one thing that they couldnt afford to do which was let the philly dline shine and take all the pressure off their secondary. Of course, the goff int early certainly hurt badly as did the two later turnovers. Having a negative two turnover differential is going to cost you lots of games. Classic example. Rams running ball well. Fletcher Cox banged up and out of the game into the locker room. What does mcvay do? Throw. Result, INT! Slant patterns? None. Screens to gurley. Maybe one. Quick outs to get the ball out of goffs hands, none until the very end and really needed given the pass rush/protection issues and the fact that the philly db's were way off our receivers. Again, why not get it to cooks and woods more? i would rather see us put two tight ends in to block at this point and give goff more time to hit cooks and woods. We are not getting the ball down the field for chunk plays at all, even against a lousy secondary tonight.

    Gurley MUST run out of bounds on his last catch. Staying in bounds cost us two additional plays. A couple of extra yards meant nothing in that situation, he cost us 10 seconds which was two shots at the end zone at a point when the oline was finally giving goff time.


    Not sure where the Rams go from here other than to say they have two weeks to rally and secure the #2 seed and the bye. Is the situation hopeless? No. But the Rams are playing their worst football of the year at the time when the games mean the most and if that trend does not reverse itself, i dont see them winning a playoff game and they are at risk to lose the #2 seed given how well chicago is playing. The #1 seed is obviously a major long shot at this point, but seeding doesnt matter much if you are going to play and coach as poorly as the Rams have done in the last three weeks. We should not lose the perspective on how absolutely awful the philly defense had been for the last three plus weeks and that as much as anything else worries me so badly after another terrible performance by the offense. Not good enough on defense either, but not as bad as we were on offense and we all need to hold our breath with the knee injury to gurley as davis hurt his shoulder tonight and kelley is the last running back we have left.

    We were terrible on 3rd and 4th down (4-13) and ugly in the extreme in the red zone at 2-6. Just a recipe for a loss.
    The entire 3rd quarter was the ugliest rams quarter of the year. 13-13 at half and we get the defensive stop coming out of halftime and then get outscored 17-0 in a comedy of errors including a 2 play 59 yard td drive and one play where two philly receivers were 5 yards behind the defense.

    Alshon Jeffrey killed us all night. Roughly 7 catches for 153 yards including the long 50 yarder and a 35 yarder on 3rd down. Defense also gave up two td runs right up the middle and while they did better against the run at the end, not well enough

    Absolutely nothing out of fowler or ebukam pass rush wise tonight. Phillys offensive line is excellent, but once again, without anything from Donald we had no pressure. Same thing that happened against new orleans and chicago and what we are going to face in the playoffs if someone doesnt step up.

    Reynolds is a solid #4 and makes some plays but he is a biblical drop off from Kupp and that leads to some ugly results. I dont see how he didnt make a better play on the last throw in the end zone and i think he route running is often not precise and i think that bad route running by him contributed for the second week in a row to a goff int.

    Apologies for the formatting issues, i obviously have put some of the ugly into the summary section and i am too frustrated to fix it before i hit the post button.

    We will see what the Rams have left next week on the road against arizona in a game they should win by 30 or more points. Who knows what will happen? We are going to find out whether the Rams still have at least a chance of being contenders, rather than pretenders. A win next week guarantees nothing, but at least it puts us back on track to get the bye in the first week of the playoffs.

    So disappointing. Sure 11-3 is really good, but the way we have gotten to 11-3 is NOT GOOD and we are collapsing at the worst possible time.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Great write-up as usual. The ugly section is...very ugly.

    This is going to be an extremely controversial thing to say...but if Patrick Mahomes was our QB, we win this game. And we would have won in Chicago as well.

    Goff, for all his positives, is a great (well...he was earlier in the season) pocket QB when there is little to no pressure in his face. With pressure? His performance drops substantially.

    The reason I say we'd win tonight and last week if we had Mahomes is because a mobile, play-making QB that is accurate on the run would have saved our offense the past 3 weeks.


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      I would certainly rather have mahomes than goff, but we didnt need mahomes to win this game, we just needed goff to play better, he didnt need to play as well as mahomes plays. You have a good point on mobility rockin i agree with you completely, but as a pocket passer, you are dead on. He is not looking like a great pocket passer with pressure in his face and that is where he needs to improve massively and mcvay has to help him with some better play calling and the offensive line has to play better as well.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel


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        Trying hard not to overreact when discussing Goff, but the truth is he needs MAJOR work in terms of dealing with pressure. And it's not yet clear whether this is something that can be developed or whether this is an innate quality. We'd better hope it's the former, because if not, we'll be limited in what we can achieve. Goff was successful early in the year when he seemingly had all day to throw in numerous games. Now that some pressure is in his face, he's jittery, misfiring, and doing stupid stuff like he did on the interception/fling/fumble/whatever the hell you want to call it. Eight picks the past three games.That's not the mark of a cool, confident QB; it's the actions of a guy who is trying too hard and not staying within himself in the face of adversity while letting his fundamentals fly out the window.

        Even if able to go, Gurley should sit the remaining two games regardless of what our back-up RB situation is. The guy is too valuable to run out there if he's compromising his health.

        Suh, Talib and Peters are exhibits A,B and C for why fans cannot get caught up in the hype of signing "name" guys. And Suh ought to donate his year's salary to charity. For this guy (and to be fair, others on the line) to not be able to exert huge pressure on the QB when Donald is being double and triple teamed is a disgrace.

        Good thing the playoffs don't start tomorrow, we'd get beat by 20- no matter who our opponent is.

        Back to the drawing board. Gotta' get it fixed and quickly, or it will be another early playoff exit and another off-season of "what if's"


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          Thanks GC. That you manage to come up with some 'GOOD' here is amazing and a result of either great analysis and reporting or ... the Rams really do have a semblance of good in them as a team. Hopefully both.


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            Way too many bads and ugly moments to go into any detail

            I will mention just one: The four man rush--how the hell does a defensive front beat your 5 or 6 and allow them to harrash much less tackle your QB? Don't know myself but as the Ram's OL that question. Bet if you did you get a sheepish answer or told what might be anatomically impossible to do

            But seriously the Rams are not mentally in the last two games--break downs where this pass season none occurred. And yes other teams have figured out the Rams, and pretty much the Saints and Chiefs too. If there is enough talent on a defense and that defense plays with discipline, those defenses will make a game out it against the Rams, Saints, and Chiefs. The only problem with the Rams is to counter that problem, is that the Ram's defense has to play better then their opponents' defense and where and how many times has that occurred in 2018 this season....too damn few times considering what the Rams has on the payroll


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              Finally had time to read the post. Excellent job, as usual, but would recommend to others not reading your recap after a "stupid" loss too many days after as it only brings back bad memories (LOL).

              Your point about the missed passes to Gurley and Everett in the 3rd qtr. epitomize the problems of Goff. I mentioned this in another post, I worry that Goff may be hearing footsteps similar to Jim Everett back in the late '80's. That could involve psychotherapy and a new O-Line to resolve. Yikes!

              Here's hoping this is just a bad dream and we wake up against AZ. I have to wonder if we have won a Sunday night game in the 21st century. There haven't been too many opportunities.

              Go Rams!


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              • general counsel
                Rams choke seachickens 33-31; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                by general counsel
                Apologies to everyone for the delay in writing my weekly summary. I was on a plane during the game and was finally able to watch the replay between midnight and 3am last night.

                The Rams battled through some severe adversity on Sunday to choke the seachickens 33-31 in a brutally hard fought division road game to push their record to 5-0 and their division lead to a full three games. Championship caliber teams win games when they are not at their best and the Rams simply found a way to win this one in part by saving their best defense for when it mattered most and in part due to some extremely bold decisions by Coach McVay. The Rams lost Cooks and Kupp in the first half, suffered through some horrific officiating, saw their stud young quarterback come back to earth a bit after his perfect performance last week against Minnesota, scored three points total on two trips to the one yard line, missed an extra point, threw an interception in the end zone, lost the turnover battle two to zero, allowed 7 conversions in 12 tries on third down, had two key sacks late in the game negated by penalties in the secondary, watched Peters get torched all game (including for two td's), gave up 190 yards rushing, allowed Wilson a passer rating of over 132, could not kick off deep, self destructed out of scoring range at the end of the first half, and still found a way to emerge victorious in just about the most hostile road environment in the NFL. This game is really a high quality win and something the squad and coaching staff should feel good about, despite all the obvious areas for improvement.

                The Good

                Overall, Goff played well, albeit not close to the vikings game. He was 23-32-321 with one td, 2 int's, 2 fumbles and a passer rating of 88.2. He also had one nice scramble for 12 yards and a big first down. A couple of drops kept the numbers from being better and the interception in the end zone to Gurley certainly hurt. The second interception was a hail mary at the end of the first half. Kupp dropped a ball at the three yard line on a low throw that could have been a td and cooks failed to hold onto the throw where he got his bell rung (more on that later). The interception in the end zone was a clear hold on Gurley, the defender had his arm completely draped around Gurley's torso, and the deflection was unlucky, but the throw could have been a lot better. He missed Woods at around the five yard line as well. His mystery fumble in the last 30 seconds of the first half effectively knocked us out of field goal range, coupled with the false start and the negative run. At the end of the day, he drove the team when he needed to and got the big go ahead field goal and let's not forget that we did score 33 points, many of which we directly related to some very nice throws. He certainly was not helped by playing the second half without kupp and cooks, although Hodge made a huge catch for 14 yards on the last drive and...
                -10-10-2018, 08:33 PM
              • general counsel
                Rams vanquish vikings 38-31; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                by general counsel
                The Rams pushed their record to 4-0 for the first time since 2001, riding a near perfect performance by Jared Goff to a 38-31 playoff caliber victory over Minnesota. The Rams had 556 yards of offense, but were unable to close it out at the end and it was their defense that held on to clinch the victory. Playing on a short week and without Talib, the defensive line finally stepped up with the game on the line with Donald and Suh both playing very well and John Franklin-Myers getting the deciding sack/fumble for the only turnover of the game for either team. It was certainly high stress level for all Rams fans in the Coliseum after the Rams went 3 and out with a little over 3 minutes left in the game and Hekker getting off a lousy punt after McVay decided not to go for it on 4th and inches from his own 35 yard line. A missed 28 yard kick by Ficken and our failure to stick in the end zone after a 1st and goal at the 6 kept the game alive far too long, but the bottom line is the Rams got it done tonight against a really good opponent in a game that has to give the Rams and their fans real confidence that they truly have a legitimate chance at a special season and a real franchise quarterback for many years to come.

                The Good

                Goff had his best game as a pro with a perfect 158.3 passer rating on 26-33-465 and 5 touchdowns. He passed for over 250 yards and 4 td's in the first half and was perfectly on target all night. Some of the throws were really spectacular and the throw into the corner of the end zone to Kupp over two defenders was absolutely perfect. He hit receivers dead in stride all night, including TD's to Kupp for 70 yards (ok zimmer, putting a linebacker on receivers might not be such a great idea), gurley, cooks 47 yards, woods and Kupp again. He made some nice audible calls at the line, including a couple of really nice screen calls. If i want to be picky in the absolute extreme, i will say that he could still do a better job checking off when he sees a run blitz, but with the game he played tonight, there is no way any sane person can complain about him, call him a system quarterback, or second guess the draft pick. Absolutely sensational, no other way to put it.

                Donald finally showed tonight why he gets the huge money with five tackles and two big sacks. The Rams had four sacks, one by Suh and the game winner by Myers (the fumble was recovered by Suh) in addition to the two from Donald. I thought Suh played pretty well, as did Johnson with 11 tackles, littleton with 9 and sam shields, who had a huge pass break up that saved a td. The run defense was good, 54 yards allowed on 17 carries, 20 plus of which came on one run and 10 plus of which came on a scramble by Cousins. Peters played a gutsy game, he certainly didnt look 100 percent to me but he was out there and will now have ten days to rest.

                Gurley was excellent with 17-83 and 4-73 receiving. The offensive line was great...
                -09-27-2018, 09:49 PM
              • general counsel
                Rams lose 45-35 to new orleans: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
                by general counsel
                Despite a valiant comeback to overcome a 21 point deficit and pull even in the fourth quarter, the Rams fell short today on the road against a very tough Drew Brees led new orleans team, suffering their first loss of the season by the score of 45-35 in what could prove to be a preview of the NFC championship game. The offense certainly played well enough to win, but subpar red zone play, failure to take advantage of a crucial turnover in the first half, the weekly torching of Marcus Peters, lousy 3rd down play on both sides of the ball, and most importantly a horrific first half defensively were our our undoing today. The Rams were not going undefeated in any event and this game was likely the toughest one on the entire schedule, but the Rams will fly home for a really important division battle next week against the seachickens with a bad taste in their mouth of opportunities lost to win this game. The key will be what the squad learns from this and how they bounce back next week.

                The Good

                Jared Goff and the offense scored 35 points and gave 483 yards, punting only once. Gurley scored a td for the 12th straight game, although new orleans did a great job of keeping him in check (65 yards rushing and 11 yards receiving). The offensive line allowed zero sacks despite 40 passing attempts by Goff. Goff was 28-40-391-3 td's and one interception for a rating of 115.7. Unfortunately, he made one of his two horrible throws of the game with the outcome on the line late in the fourth quarter when the Rams had a chance to take the lead (see below in bad section on the miss to an open Woods). Goff made several terrific throws, including a couple that were not caught, such as the perfect throw that Higbee dropped in the end zone. The long ball to cooks was terrific and the out pattern to kupp was sensational. The 4th and 2 at the end hit Cooks in the hands. Sure, he got outplayed by Brees, but there is no shame in that. To take the next step, and if realistically we want to win the superbowl or for that matter get to the super bowl, goff is going to have to play his best with the game on the line, something he has not done in the last two weeks. Great catch and run for Malcolm Brown along the sideline for the td.

                It was nice to see the tight ends involved today (collectively 5-88 plus the two point conversion to Everett). Cooks played well with 6-114, Kupp was 5-89 with the 41 yard td catch and run and woods was very strong again with 5-71 including any number of really big catches.

                No injuries that i saw.
                Leg kicked a 56 yard field goal.
                The defense recovered nicely in the 2nd half holding new orleans to 10 points. Not spectacular, but potentially good enough to win if the offense hadn't died with the game on the line.
                Fowler showed a pulse with a couple of nice pressures and a rare hit on brees along with one tackle for loss. Can't wait for him to play more.
                Donald had...
                -11-04-2018, 06:00 PM
              • general counsel
                Rams lose 15-6 to chicago; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
                by general counsel
                The Rams dropped to 11-2 tonight with an ugly 15-6 road loss to the chicago bears. Tonight's loss had nothing to do with the extremely loud bears home crowd and nothing to do with the 29 degree weather, and everything to do with a dominant bears defense and a horrible night for Goff. The Rams were unable to find any method of getting Gurley to be a factor in this game, and that, more than anything else, is the common factor in games the Rams have lost in the McVay era. The Rams offensive woes wasted a solid effort by the defense which intercepted the bears 3 times, gave the offense some solid field position and every chance to win the game with even a mediocre performance. The bears played great defensively and deserve a ton of credit, but there is plenty to be seriously concerned about if the Rams really want to make a run at the super bowl as they are going to face other tough defenses ahead. In fact, tonight's game had many common elements to last week's showing against detroit, with the difference being that the bears are a really good team and the lions are lousy.

                The Good

                The defense had three interceptions (Peters, Robey-Coleman and Johnson) and twice those interceptions gave the Rams the ball in the red zone or close to it on strong runbacks. The rams held chicago to 19 first downs, less than 300 yards of total offense and 110 yards of passing. Nice sack for Fowler/Franklin-Myers early in the game. The defense also played well in the red zone for the most part keeping the bears from getting way ahead while the offense was doing absolutely nothing and hung in there despite the time of possession problems caused by the pathetic offense. This included a stop after the first goff int where the bears had a first and goal at the four and only managed a field goal. In short, while the defense could have done better against the run, the defense absolutely played well enough to win if the top offense in the league had even remotely showed up.

                The fake punt was effective, although it took a review to prevent the Rams from getting screwed on the spot for the second time this year.
                Saffold and Sullivan both made it back into the game after injuries knocked them out for a play or two each.
                Leg made two field goals, including a 50 yarder (but see below on the costly miss)

                The Bad

                Hard to say where to start. The Rams had 14 first downs and only 23 minutes time of possession. Only 214 yards of total offense, about 230 below our average. Four turnovers on interceptions plus a fumble by goff that we recovered. No room at all for gurley to run the entire game and we gave up way too soon on the running game. Gurley wound up with 11-28 and 3 catches for 30 yards. We had 93 yards of offense in the first half and zero first downs in the third quarter. We were also an awful 3-12 on third down.

                9 penalties for 57 yards including some terrible pre snap...
                -12-09-2018, 10:50 PM
              • general counsel
                Rams clobber Arizona 33-0; The Good, Bad and Ugly
                by general counsel
                The first place Rams trounced Arizona today 33-0 in front of countless of our Ramsbros in London, moving to 5-2 heading into the bye week. Disclaimer, i missed the first quarter today as i was at my daughter's 16th birthday party, but from what i saw, this was the most complete Rams performance in years. The Rams were workmanlike on the offensive side of the ball, wearing down the Arizona defense as the game wore on and controlling the clock, running well and efficient in the passing game. They were absolutely dominant on defense, holding Peterson to 21 yards on 11 carries, knocking Palmer out of the game in the second quarter on a hit by Tree, holding Rams killer Larry fitzgerald to 3 catches for 29 yards and pounding drew stanton the entire second half, while recording 2 interceptions and garnering three sacks. The Rams almost doubled the Arizona time of possession (39-21) and that is going to result in lots of wins if the Rams can continue to play like they played today. After a bit of a slow start converting offensively, they capitalized, got ahead, and never let Arizona get even close to into the game.

                The Good

                Start with the defense. I laid most of it out in the introductory paragraph. Sacks for Donald (along with a number of hits, generally disruptive play and a near INT), Longacre (#4 for the year) and Westbrooks. Countless QB pressures. Held arizona to 10 first downs, 193 yards, and 3-12 on third down. The defense essentially ended the game once Tree knocked out Palmer. Shutting down Fitz and Peterson was outstanding. Solid tackling, disciplined play, about the only negative i could come up with and its really picking nits is that we werent ready and had no one lined up over the ball on their 4th and 1 from their own 35 in the second corner when arians rolled the dice and they picked up the first on the qb sneak. INTS for Joyner (great to see him back) and Barron (ball hit him in the hands right before half). Dominating performance, no other way to say it. Shutouts are rare in the nfl, backup qb or not.

                Special teams. Leg 4-4 including a big 53 yarder right before half. Hekker only punted twice! 59.5 average. Cooper had a nice punt return (called back for holding of course)

                Offensive line. Goff had time to throw, Gurley and Brown had room to run. We really wore them down. When the oline plays this well, there is really no limit to what we can achieve. No question that if we have a healthy oline playing at this level, we are a legitimate playoff contender. We only allowed one sack i believe and on that play goff held the ball a bit too long i thought. Blythe appeared to play reasonably well again when he came in for sullivan

                Gurley was excellent again, terrific burst on the td run, 5 catches about 50 yards and 22-107 on ground with no fumbles. Brown was terrific running hard in relief with 11-48.

                Goff (and the offense generally) 22-37-234...
                -10-22-2017, 01:58 PM