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    Would appear I guess 100% correct in the matchups in WC weekend, though the Bears/Eagles game wasn't what I was thinking. My thoughts there was that the Bears would be playing catchup all game long and not be able to do so. Still as dominate a defense the Bears put on, the Bears should have won easily, so partly was right about the Bears offense.

    Eagles/Saints...interesting. Speed kills the Eagles defense in most games but more so any team with a deep reserve of talented playmakers. But how the Eagles defense is playing, they have a real chance of winning if the Saints rely too much on the running game.

    Rams/Cowboys.... this season the Cowboys didn't do too well on the road and the rams haven't all season long been able to really stop the guess what Dallas's game plan is? First the first time in a long while the Rams have something that resembles a homefield crowd. Spy Zeke with a LB and shadow Prescott with a Safety because Dallas is going in with a run first game plan. If the Rams can get 21 point lead going into half time, the run first plan goes out the window come the end of the 3rd if the Rams hold a 2 score lead and simply barring mistakes the Rams win because then Donald takes over


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      I'd rather face-off against the Cowboys because the Bears have the better pass rush. I want Goff to have protection in the pocket above all else. Of course we must crush them now, as I hate the Cowboys as much as I like the Rams.


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        Yes Rams Dragoon, you nailed it. Nice work!
        "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

        Jack Youngblood


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        • AvengerRam_old
          Who do you see making the Super Bowl?
          At this point (post-week 11), here's how I see it:

          San Diego Chargers 34
          Chicago Bears 23

          I think the Colts will fall again in the playoffs. They simply don't match up well against the Chargers, who are great running the ball, pressure the QB and don't give up a lot of sacks.

          The Bears are not a complete team, but I think they will have home field in the playoffs, and I don't see anyone in the NFC beating them in Chicago in December.

          The Chargers are going to win it all by overwhelming the Bears, who will not be able to protect Grossman well enough to stay in the game.

          That's how I see it happening.
          -11-21-2006, 10:42 AM
        • AvengerRam_old
          A Rams Fan's Preview of the Divisional Round
          Patriots @ Broncos
          How could any Rams fan root for the Patriots? I, for one hope that the Broncos blow out the Pats, and I think they might just do that. Prediction: Broncos 34 Patriots 20.

          Steelers @ Colts
          This one will be ugly. The Steelers D will not slow down the Colts offense much, and the Colts D will stop Big Ben and company. I'm torn on this one. I think that Dungy, Manning and the Colts are due, but I still have a soft spot for Jerome Bettis. Prediction: Colts 27 Steelers 10.

          Redskins @ Seahawks
          The Redskins defense will slow, but not stop, the Hawks' offense. The Skins have very little offense, though, and won't be able to score enough. Its time the Hawks end their playoff drought. Prediction: Seahawks 23 Redskins 16.

          Panthers @ Bears
          As a Ram fan, I want to root for Lovie Smith. But, if the Bears were to get eliminated, the Rams could lock up Ron Rivera sooner. In the end, though, the Bears should advance. Prediction: Bears 17 Panthers 13.
          -01-12-2006, 02:09 PM
        • RammieGirl
          Helluva Game Colts/Steelers
          I'll tell you what, that was a crazy game and I thought the Steelers took control and then the Colts came back and we were all sitting on the edge of our seats, especially the last 5 minutes of the game and neither team gave up, awesome game but you know what???? I'd hate to be Vanderjagt right now, DAYUM!!!!
          -01-15-2006, 02:45 PM
        • SwingOnDeez
          How to Beat the Colts
          What I see for Monday Night is a next-to impossible situation for the Rams:

          A solid offense and a poor defense (Rams)
          A great offense and a solid defense (Colts)

          I say "solid defense" for the Colts just to be safe. Some would say that the 29 points we've given up in 5 games means that we're far better on defense than merely "solid," but I'll be conservative.


          This game is not impossible for the Rams, just darn close.

          In my humble estimation, the following must occur for the Rams to win:

          1) The Rams must get ahead early and make the Colts come from behind. "Duh," you may say, but seriously, you can't play catch-up against the Colts. Our D is good enough to slow you down, and our running and short passing games are good enough to keep the clock running.

          Furthermore, if you're behind, you must pass. Then Mr. Freeney comes to town. (FYI, Robert Mathis, our other speed rushing end has more sacks than Freeney). Getting yourselves into obvious passing situations is dangerous, because we have the best 4-man pass rush in the game. Bulger will have some passing yards, but they can't be in a comeback effort, or there's no hope.

          2) Bring your defense up and force Peyton to beat you long. No one has done this yet, and Edge has eaten defenses alive. Everyone plays bump the WR's, then get BACK. No one seems to notice Peyton's problem of overthowing receivers on long routes. They see the Indy offense and the great WR's and think that you have to allow the short pass and the run to take away the deep ball. I'd send the house and make Peyton throw long. He can self-destruct.

          3) Don't get forced into stupid turnovers. The Colts Defense is not the stiffling, pound you into the ground, iron monster that other successful defenses have been. The Colts have speed, and they force preventable turnovers. Take the sack, throw out of bounds, get down instead of risking a fumble. Our linebackers are STILL mediocre. Cato June has 2 INTS and 2 TD's. You can't tell me he's a Pro Bowler, but yet, offenses are making him look like he is. Granted, you have to take risks to beat a better team, but if Bulger can just get through the gae without throwing a stupid interception or putting the ball on the ground, he will GREATLY increase the Ram's chances.

          4) Don't miss field goals. Enough Said.

          5) Don't onside kick. The Titans and 49'ers thought this would be a good idea. It's not. All it does is tell your players, "Well boys, we have no chance of stopping them, so let's just throw in all our chips now and get out of here early."

          6) Throw Deep. Particularly if one side of our secondary is Jason David and Mike Doss, we aren't a shut-down secondary. Why the hell haven't the 1st 5 teams thrown deep on these guys? Challenge them. They will screw...
          -10-16-2005, 07:25 PM
        • ramsbruce
          All this talk about the Colts D
          Heres the thing, everyone is talking about the Colts D and how the Rams could easily get blown out. Well the way I see it, the Colts D hasn't played ANYBODY yet. The Colts have played Baltimore's ridiculous offense, Jacksonville who are just OK on offense nothing spectacular, Cleveland nuff said there lol, Tennessee who really have lost a step or two, and the Whiners with a ROOKIE QB in his first start. So yes the Colts D have looked great but wait untill they play some offensive minded teams before calling them the 85 Bears. Until the Colts shut down some REAL offenses it's really hard to say the Colts D is for real. I would say they are improved but they haven't proved anything yet.
          -10-12-2005, 12:12 PM